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Aloha is our intelligence. *Great Video*

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Listen to what this lady says in this video. What she is saying is very important. She talks about our schools, epistemology, our lust for monetary and physical wealth.

Much of what she says falls in line with what some others here probably believe. I certainly do.

The Hawaiian culture is truly beautiful, and their beliefs and culture may be the only hope for present society to exist.

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 02:32 PM
She said "view your car as a houseplant."
We can always hope, eh?

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 04:05 PM
Cool video.

This woman, professor actually...Manulani Aluli Meyer PhD knows what she's talking about. I agree with pretty much if not everything she had to say.

She's an Associate Professor of Education at the University of Hawaii in Hilo (Big Island).

Speaker, great great find. I wish I could give you a WATS just for finding it brother

Epistemology- the study of knowledge. 'We value the relationship with the land.'

I've been to Hawaii twice. It is probably my favorite place in the whole world.

It is a very sacred place.

'Stop talking about land as property and real estate.'

I want to change the land, but only in terms of planting crops/trees and building natural homes...Not stone structures and cutting vast amounts of forest like I believe she is talking about.

We are a part of the land...Without the Earth being healthy we're all dead.

'I wouldn't call what we're living a lie...That would assume consciousness.' Hahah, good point!

'A lot of our really smart kids are resisting because schools are killing us.' Resistance theory...If only they had that word when I was in high school

'The no child left behind law is killing us.' That's what happens when you institutionalize ignorance...I could have told you that when I was five.

Hey teacher, I'm being killed by your thoughts. I can't do it anymore, its called resistance theory :0.

'Resist purposefully...Start a club on farming.' (Glad I'm taking agroecology in the fall, I don't need to do that

'We don't just want to resist, we want to thrive!'

'Aloha is our Intelligence.' Great thread topic speaker

'Its a relationship, its an energy to learn from.' (Speaking of the planet)

'Aloha is the intelligence with which we meet life.'

I loved visiting these beautiful islands and as soon as I get off the plane be greeted by beautiful hula girls and given a lay...I loved getting layd.

And then she brings up quantum physics, I love this woman hahaha. She's awesome.

(Sorry I am writing this as I watch, she's just really amazing). She thought she was 'dumb' in school, but as soon as she gave herself self-esteem she learned some great things.

'Post quantum reality is an introduction to what our people have known all along'...Not to mention anyone with half a working brain, unfortunately that is a small percentage of our population.

'Thoughts actually create reality..The fact that we don't practice it is that we've been trained wrong.'

'In our voice is life, in our voice is death.'

Then she gets into self-rule and how each place should govern itself...Which we don't do very well in the West. There is no 'one size fits all.'

'When you have policies that come down to you from another place, you're not inspired. Its about what is our definition of soverignty. How do I respond to freedom? It doesn't happen when I'm told what to do.'

I've learned that as well...Its easier to have someone tell you what to do, but that doesn't make it the right way. I'd rather make a million mistakes in life and learn a million lessons on my own than read a book about everything and not learn a damn thing.

'We need to develop a different style of how to meet with each other.' UN anyone?

Has that worked so far?

When I did a two month backpacking trip in the Utah desert, we had a daily 'circle.' In that circle anyone from the group could say what they wanted about the day, complain about something, whatever...Everyone though had to say something. Something from the heart. It was more or less a daily reflection to share with the whole group. I never really understood the point until the end, but now I really do know what it was for.

Without reflection and counterperspective, our own reality can be tainted with darkness. We must be able to be open and honest with ourselves and others in order to grow.

'The vibration of truth in oracy is a real and tangible idea. Literacy is something else...Doesn't have that rigor and vibrance of what oracy is. Oracy was never lost. The question now is, what are we saying? It is the quality of our message.'

The next line I think is one of the most important messages in the whole video so I bolded it:

'We have orators, now we have to encourage them to be who they have always been and not to fear consequences that are negative as there will always be negative consequences when you speak your truth...But there will be more positive'

'I value this time cuz we are living in mythic times. All indicators of all societies: environmental, social, political point to the fact that we have literally years left. And if you do not believe this, go to any city in any part of the world and see what you are experiencing, it will change your life.'

On a side note, one of my best friend's backpacked in New Zealand and met with some of the Maori. He said they have one of the most amazing cultures in the world. He came back changed for sure, and for the better.

'When you intentionalize an idea, it occurs. It will not occur if you do not envision it.'

'There is no time for fear, there is only time for courage. Courage begins consciousness and we need to be conscious in our society today. We need to find each other at a different level and frequency of truth. We need to heal. We need to love. We need to laugh more! Everybody can make a difference.'

'You must be the change you wish to see in the world.' She even quotes Gandhi

'When you get yourselves stronger, then you help your family.'

'We are going to wake up together.'

'We are here and we care about this place, now we just have to care about ourselves.'

'Your mana is wonderful, you're a phenomenal being.'

He's not far from the truth.

I feel truly better after watching this video, I hope others feel the same way.

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 04:18 PM
One of the things that she pointed out is that we are reaching the "end of an age." I think that it is very important that someone that has such a high standing in society understands this. So few do, in my opinion.

Actually, there are several videos posted by this "voiceoftruth" character on youtube. I plan on watching them all eventually.

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 09:14 PM
As growing up in hawaii from childhood and being from Hawaiian decent, i learned one important thing.

"Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono" Which means "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness"

This is our state motto.

I'm so glad to see this video and i'm happy to see people enjoy it aswell. A lot of people, believe it or not, still think Hawaiians drive horse n carriage and eat coconuts and pineapple and live in grass huts. Nice to finally see that they show intelligence of our Hawaiian community.

Malama 'aina ( Love the Land, and it will Love you back)

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 01:30 AM
The Dead Sea of Israel is a body of water into which rivers flow and become trapped. This unusual landlocked lake takes but never gives. And because it never gives, its waters cannot sustain any form of life.

[edit on 7-7-2007 by LooseLipsSinkShips]

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 02:14 PM
Loose, perhaps that is why it is referred to as the "Dead sea." Also, I know this is going way out in left field, if you look at all of the problems that the Middle East region has had over the centuries, one has to wonder if there is an energy imbalance in that part of the world.

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