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Free Energy and its Political Economic Reality

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 01:21 PM

I have recently been receiving comments at ATS and through other correspondence on the nature of energy, the economy and the human journey. I am regularly informed that people have too many “interests” to focus on the energy issue, in anything like an informed and enlightened manner. What that says to me is that people are indulging their delusions at the expense of comprehending reality. Energy is the root of the human journey on earth. It always has been and always will be.

For people to say they are too busy with their “interests,” while human civilization is threatened with its very survival today over the energy issue, is like fiddling while Rome burns. That is one of many examples of what I call “forgetting the basics.”

It is like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Until people’s survival needs are met, the rest does not matter. There are no starving philosophers. Humanity is currently using up fossil fuels about a million times faster than they were created:

We are heading for the brick wall at warp 1. Those who have studied collapsed civilizations understand that running out of energy is the primary reason why they collapsed, and unless humanity begins using a renewable energy supply, and soon, it will be “game over” for industrialized civilization.

At least THAT is something that the neo-Malthusians comprehend:

If the energy issue gets much more dire, all those “interests” that people putter about at will soon come to a screeching halt, and the game will be survival, for everybody. Again, a hundred people could permanently solve the primary survival issue for humanity, but there may not be a hundred to find, with more than six billion of us on the planet today. What a damning thing that says about our species.

Even Dennis’ latest attempt at bringing an energy product to market, if fully implemented, would mean that we are heading toward the brick wall at warp 0.98. Everything but implementing truly renewable, abundant energy is just rearranging the Titanic’s deck chairs. The only promise Dennis’ efforts have is giving a leg up to an effort that could create a nucleus that may overcome the Big Boys’ suppression and the masses’ inertia, to make free energy happen.

In that future world that Michael Roads briefly visited,

every child by age six knew more about how the human body functioned than anybody on earth does today. By age ten, they all knew how their world worked, in detail. Today, not one in a hundred Americans has any idea how the world works. They flip on light switches, push their foot on the gas pedal, turn on the water, wear sweatshop-made apparel and eat food raised by poor Mexicans, but have almost no idea what makes it all happen. Humanity’s collective ignorance, complacency and pursuit of its “interests” may doom us.

I am attempting to begin a conversation that raises the bar beyond “conspiracies,” “sword-fighting,” intellectual posturing and all the hacking at branches that “activists” do. There is no more pressing issue on earth today than how humanity generates and uses energy. I am hoping that I can find more people interested in beginning a conversation on a subject with paramount significance to each one of us. I have experience to share, experience gained at a level that few humans have ever played at. Nobody is immune from the energy issue. I regularly hear from people who think they can hole up someplace when it all comes crashing down. What are they going to do when the starving urban masses come their way, looking for food (energy)? Machine-gun them? I pray it does not come to that, but humanity is teetering on the brink, in more ways than one, but energy is the root issue and always has been. Everything else is of minor importance.

So far, this thread has shown some promise. I await more responses.

Thank you,


posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 09:01 PM
Mr Frazier!

I've been trying -- unsuccessfully -- to contact you, for over a year.
You are a very difficult man to reach.

I was the one who sent you, a few weeks ago, a (physical) letter
to your (physical) address, or at least what appeared to be your
address. I asked you to please send me an email. So far, no
email. (Did you get that letter?)

I hereby ask once again that you send me an email:
aelewis AT provide DOT net

I had some rather extensive comments drafted-up back in spring
of 2006, in response to some articles on your (fascinating!) website.
I sent them to an email address of yours that turned out
to be bad. I have not been able to find you since.

Frankly, at this point my own ideas might have changed such that
my material from over a year ago might not reflect my current
thinking. I'll have to review it. But I would like to know HOW in the
hell I can reach you, if it is possible at all. Once I know that I CAN
reach you, then I'll decide if I want to undertake detailed
communication, starting with a dusting-off of what I already wrote.


Alan Lewis

PS: I'm not a spammer, a secret agent, a nuisance, a malevolent
alien, or etc. I am just a guy who is interested in everything and
who does a lot of reading and thinking.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:55 AM
Hi Alan:

Yes, I am a hard man to reach, and me “going public” on ATS is the first public profile I have had since 2002, as far as the public being able to communicate with me. No, I have never received any emails or physical mail from you that I can recall. I’ll send you an email one day soon.

Sorry it has been so hard for you to contact me, but I had to pull in my horns several years ago, for a few reasons, which I briefly touch on here:

and here:

I am still recovering from my traumas, but am well enough to begin engaging the public again in limited ways such as at ATS, but it is always a hard slog with a message like mine. Partly why I joined ATS and created this public profile is that I have been aware of readers trying to contact me over the years. So, I am happy you found me.

Be well,


posted on Jul, 21 2007 @ 10:21 AM
Admriker444 posed an important question in another thread,

and my slightly edited response (so it fits in one post) seems appropriate here…

Your observation on the hyper-elites is important. A natural reaction to their shenanigans is “who put them in charge?” I have been on the receiving end of the big carrots and sticks that they use to keep free energy and related technologies from the public. Everybody playing at the high levels has encountered them, or knows people who have:

They exist, and their agenda is not savory. Most of the public denies that they even exist, Hinky being a recent example. That is a key aspect of the conundrum.

But acknowledging their existence and games is merely one hurdle of many to negotiate before full comprehension of the issue is attained. The Big Boys’ carrots usually work because those pursuing alternative energy are in it for the money. The Big Boys rarely have to use the big stick. Only obstinate “fools” like Dennis do not bite on the big carrot. Their strategy on the recalcitrant is to increase the carrot’s size, as they also bring the stick into play, as Bearden says:

But their existence and methods were not my journey’s big surprises. My big surprise was how easily humanity plays into their hands:

Personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity, and THAT is why we find ourselves in this predicament, not because of the hyper elite’s shenanigans. The right wing is often obsessed with the hyper-elite’s machinations, and quite a few of their “conspiracy theories” are in large measure true. However, many are also the result of disinfo efforts, paranoia, sloppy research, etc. It is not easy to research activities that occur in the shadows. That is why accounts of the hyper-elites’ activities ARE “conspiracy theories.” Just as the greatest physicists had a mystical orientation:

as well as all the free energy activists that I know and know of:

a spiritual orientation is needed, I believe, to see the big picture. The hyper-elites are largely on the spiritual dark path, and have made self-service a science:

However, they play their games only because the masses refuse to accept responsibility for the world that they live in. It is a dysfunctional symbiosis. The big challenge to truly comprehending my message, or beginning to make a difference in humanity’s energy paradigm, is to walk the razor’s edge of acknowledging that the Big Boys exist and play their games, but to also refuse to view them as the SOURCE of our problems. The Blade-Runnerish world that Michael Roads visited had similar manipulators in the “penthouse,”

and as Roads’ mentor stated, they could only play their games with a humanity that already existed in a degenerate spiritual condition. The Big Boys are parasites. However, they cannot be beaten at their game, and it is foolish to try to:

Most of the “right” falls into that pitfall. The good news and bad news is that the predicament that we are in is OUR creation, which also means that we can DO SOMETHING about it. But the key is to begin acting like the creators that we are, and stop playing the victim game. I admit that it is not an easy trick. If anybody could play the victim card, my pals and I qualify, but we refuse to. If we did, we would have ceased our efforts long ago. Because humanity has been mired in scarcity so long, as Fuller observed:

the scarcity paradigm and victim game is almost hardwired into human consciousness. That is not pleasant to realize, but it explains a great deal. Life on earth is not easy, but the only way out that I can see is love. Love the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and forgive them for their transgressions. Love each other and ourselves. Gentle methods are the only ones that will work, IMO. The masters are right. If enough of us woke up, the hyper-elite games would quickly end. That is my purpose behind writing my web site and making posts to ATS. But as I have stated many times, finding people who can put the victim game behind them, and begin looking at the world through sentient eyes, is like looking for needles in haystacks.

Nearly all the free energy activists I know of are trying the populist route to free energy. Maybe that will work. Maybe Dennis will herd the couch potatoes toward free energy, as they try to save on their fuel bills:

However, people whose primary motivation is serving themselves are easily manipulated by somebody dangling a bigger carrot or wielding the stick. The Big Boys really do not have to work all that hard to derail people like Dennis. The public’s inertia and the daggers that Dennis’ “allies” put into his back do most of the Big Boys’ work for them.

A core of people with sufficient integrity, who can see the issues clearly, who have laid aside their scarcity-based indoctrination:

is what I am trying to help build with my efforts. It may be as futile as all other avenues I have seen, but I had never seen anybody try it before, not in the way that I have, so I had to make the attempt. I spent 12,000 hours or so doing it for free, but I also cannot afford to do it full time anymore. I now do it in my “spare time” before I go work my twelve-hour days at my day job.

That is a long way of answering the question: “who put them in charge?”

We did. And we can “retire” them too, but I believe it can only be accomplished by making them obsolete and replacing the scarcity paradigm with an abundance paradigm.

Some call that heaven on earth or paradise restored. I call it a healed planet. Seems like a worthwhile pursuit, doesn’t it? : - )

Thanks again for asking that very important question.

Be well,


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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 09:54 PM
Wade: thanks much for the reply.

Ive read most of your site pretty carefully
including the URLs you gave.

I sympathize with the trauma and the time it takes to recover.

Looking forward to the email.


posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 11:16 PM
I sent it days ago. I'll try again. U2U me the email address, so I make sure I get it right. Maybe I mucked it up.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 11:55 PM
i have just finished watching a video on google about ufo's their history, and the secret government that hides the truth. its titled ufo: the greatest story ever denied
[gvid][/ gvid]

i hope that link worked im new at this site. but at the very end they show a clip about a man who uses water to run his car, metal cutting torch, and other things that run on fossil fuels. The most ironic thing i noticed is it was a clip from Fox news. however the mans name is Denny Klien and he states that he can take a 100 mile trip on 4 ounces of water. the reporter shows the car lifts the hood and says its currently under testing as a hybrid engine still using gas. Here is a car that CAN run on WATER and its being tested as a frigin HYBRID! We may never get the oil monkey off our back.they also told of his legal journey with car companies and the government. i'm sure that will be a brick wall.
their are people better suited to finance an all new car company to use this engine and others like it to put out in the market and save the environment then myself but why havn't they. millionairs are iin the movie crying about "who killed the electric car?" . well put them all together with a small investment and start building. The knowledge is out the ability is in us the money is waiting yet nothing is done.
i will definitely look into what you have posted indepth tomorrow for it has been a long day for me and it looks like you have a great deal of info for us all and i hope we all open some time to read up on your hard work. thanks for posting.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 08:06 AM
Hi mrRviewer:

That guy is using Brown’s Gas. We used to work with Brown:

and I spoke at DOE hearings about it:

One of the primary messages in my work is that technology is not really the issue. The prevailing political-economic reality is why we are mired in the fossil fuel/scarcity paradigm.

Overcoming denial that the suppression activities exist (they are the very ESSENCE of capitalism, even admitted by Adam Smith: ) is an early hurdle that needs to be overcome to begin understanding the reality. There are also the Vulture Capitalists who will not fund any R&D in these areas:

and if the rich poke their noses into it, they get a horses head in their bed:

So, the few pioneers of this stuff have very rough rides, if they survive them:

This issue is multifaceted:

Happy reading,


posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 02:44 PM

address is aelewis AT provide DOT net

please put WADE FRAZIER in all caps in the subject line
(be sure to grab my attention, and i.d. YOUR email as distinct
from spam)



posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 08:56 PM
Mr. Wade Frazier,

Buddy after reading "My adventures" i was scared for our world and the future for our country. i noticed you have responded to my reply and i thank you but i have not yet had the time to read your links. i've been quite busy reading other bits of info you have written. i feel worried about just being online reading it. every link of yours i feel my name is coming up all over Washington.
so be it sooner or later it was bound to happen. i have come to this site seeking answerers to unusual topics and something drew me to your post. i'm somewhat happy i never tried to apply my theories into working mechanical reality, but at the same time i'm angry that if i did i would be subjected to such an evil force. How you held your own without snapping and becoming Vigilantly towards your suppressors under such pressure is beyond my comprehension . Personally i know i would not have been able to go as far and long as you have.i would not have followed your friend to Boston. You have quite a story on your hands, i just hope many who are about to step in those waters know what they are getting into. If you were to do it all over again what would you do differently? Do you have any hope in the possibility of some inventor getting this science to the masses?
i wish the best for you and hope your dreams of a simple life are realized for it sounds like you deserve it. i'll continue to read your literature and waist computer space in Washington... may their hard drives melt.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 09:35 AM

Originally posted by American Madman
Free energy doesn't mean being on the same level as 3rd world nations...

In a way it does as there soon wont be third world nations if all nations had the same access to resources as most western citizens does.

3rd world nations are such because its people can't or won't cooperate.

The vast majority of people in third world nations are part of such nations because they failed to resist the forces ( normally the poor&angry well armed citizens of western colonialism) that were arrayed against the. Americans and most westerners are today rather well off because in willing&unwilling aiding their governments in exporting violence and theft, and their own democratic and revolutionary actions, they managed a small slice of the now far greater pie for themselves. It may be helpful if you consider that just a hundred years ago the USA itself was a third world nation a good half century before we even started using the term and it's the lack of cooperation with their corporate masters that ensured that America ever reached the declining prosperity achieved in the 50's and 60's.

You'll notice most 3rd world nations are tribal with no sense of a national character.

Hence the willingness of so many hundreds of millions to die resisting imperial forces in so many dozens of places? Maybe it's the fanatical tribalism/nationalism of the imperial soldiers that were simply too much to overcome by most societies in most countries?

Which is why nothing gets done in those countries.

The truth is that poor people generally work harder and far more hours than rich/wealthy people, beside say the very rich who have to think trough the night to come up with more scams to get more money while keeping what they stole, but lack the societal cohesion ( which in achieving might get them bombed into oblivion) to hold on the the product and wealth created?

So they might get free energy but they will still be backwards and divided.

For sure as it's clear that great wealth and general prosperity did not ensure that western society became far more humane, organized or resistant to abuse by their masters.


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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 10:28 AM
Hi mrRviewer:

Thanks for the post. I doubt that you need to worry about somebody tracking you because you read material on my site. About 4,000 people will spend at least a half hour on my site this year, out of about 100,000 visitors, and I have had a nearly continual Internet presence since 1996.

Also, while I am sure that I am being kept track of at some level, it is not the government that I am concerned about; it is the private interests. But they rarely seem to bother with people who are simply publishing accounts of their experiences at their hands. As you read about, they already wrecked my life and the lives of those around me. My ride was far rougher than I let on in that “Adventures” essay.

I appreciate your reaction, but the person I have a hard time comprehending is Dennis. I have watched him go at it time and again after getting his clock cleaned, twice after getting out of jail/prison. That was mind-boggling to witness. I have never met or heard of another quite like him, and he is going for it again:

The Big Boys watch Dennis, and they watch me. The CIA, FBI, Justice Department and other agencies have also looked in over the years, but I think the private interests are the ones with a deep, abiding interest in Dennis’ efforts (and to a far lesser extent, mine). They are not all “bad guys,” either. Some are waiting for SOMEBODY to get over the hump before they come in from the shadows:

Again, I am trying to help create a support effort for those who really make a run at it. Time after time, I have seen efforts build some momentum, but most of the “support” has been from people whose primary motivation is profiting from the situation, and they either flee or help destroy the effort when times become difficult, and they always do in those arenas. I am trying to help build a nucleus of selfless, sentient awareness that can provide long-term support to those kinds of efforts, but it is like finding needles in haystacks. If you look at the threads that I have contributed to and started at ATS, I get denial, derision and attacks nearly as often as responses of approval (sometimes it is MORE often, particularly in other Internet forums). Not one of the attackers has ever provided anything like an honest, reasoned and informed critique.

I have fielded literally hundreds of negative responses over the years, and the attackers never do their homework, but spew their delusions and dysfunction at me. They are helping out the Big Boys by attacking me. While a few of my attackers have been on the payroll of a government agency or a private interest who wants to keep humanity in chains, most have been just John Q. Public playing the scarcity/delusional game.

It really does not take many people to make free energy happen. On this thread, you will see sb2012’s responses to my work, and some were critical. I respect THOSE kinds of critiques, even if I do not necessarily agree with their perspectives. I don’t get many of those. He was trying to help make my work better and higher profile. He actually made my entire site into a PDF and sent it to me, which I plan to post to my site one day soon. Those kinds of activities help out. I still have some hope for ATS, and responses like yours help get me through another day of making these kinds of posts. There have been days when I wanted to throw in the towel, but humanity’s trajectory is aiming toward global catastrophe, and I am doing what I can to help forestall it. Nothing would make me happier than watching somebody make it over the hump, and then I can get on with my life. I want to play and have fun, not document the darkness and get attacked by the delusional and the trolls. Until the darkness is truly understood, at least well enough to know it exists:

pursuing free energy and a healed planet is a fool’s errand and sometimes fatal.

To your questions on what I would have done differently and if an lone inventor has a chance, I will answer those in the next post.

Thanks again,


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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 10:29 AM
Hi mrRviewer:

Thanks for your questions about what I would do differently if I could replay my life’s journey, and if a scientist has a prayer of getting free energy to the masses.

As the dust was settling in Ventura, I asked myself many times what we could have done differently. As I write about:

I lost my naïveté honestly, and it is quite possible that experience is the ONLY teacher. When we just got going in Boston, one of my advisors said that America was too “fascist” for us to succeed, and that nobody in America really cared, either. Dennis has an incredibly influential personality, and he influenced me when I lived with him. Dennis’ response to the “nobody cares” observation was that people really cared, but were frightened and did not have anything to care about. He was trying to give people something to care about. That perspective partly came from his research during his college days:

I held with Dennis’ perspective, for awhile. After the mayhem subsided in Ventura, I realized that my advisor’s “dour” observation about where America’s heart was was far more accurate than Dennis’, at least as far as making anything worthwhile happen. Dennis, however, still sees that divine spark in all people, and he still seeks to activate it. That may be the most difficult task on earth today. Dennis is still trying to go the populist route. With as many times as he has been betrayed by his “allies” (I saw quite a few first-hand. See, for instance, and ), it has been nothing short of incredible to watch him continue to go after it, continuing to trust people who will put a dagger in his back at the first opportunity (he keeps looking for people who care and are trustworthy, but they virtually do not exist on earth today – Dennis has likened it to looking for nuggets in mine tailings, and my experience confirms his metaphor). He has admitted that part of the reason he is still at it is so that all the deaths and ruined lives that has attended his journey are not the end of the story, but that there can be a happy ending for everybody (at least those still alive), even the “bad guys.” Many are turned off by Dennis’ overt religiosity, and I sympathize with them. I am not religious myself, at least in an organized way. Dennis, however, has truly lived his faith, in ways that I have difficulty comprehending.

I realized long ago that we did the best that we could, and that I lived my integrity to the best that I could, and have no regrets (if I had to do it over, about the only thing I would not have been is very critical of those who failed to make the grade, integrity-wise – very few do, and those who do not do not need to be reminded of how they failed, at least by me – call it growing older and wiser….maybe : - ) ).

I realize that I was led on my journey:

and on my good days, I believe that the inspiration was divine one, but that does not make it easy to live with the wreckage of all the ruined lives. As you read, I do not want to hear from that voice again, not if it is going to send me on more missions like that one:

It can find some other fool to do its bidding, even if it was God herself. I have had SOME compensation for the rigors of my journey, and I am getting better, but I do not want to get patched up so I can just go back into the game, to get whacked around some more. I do not want to play the martyr. Dennis, Brian O and Greer are willing to play that role:

and my hat goes off to them, but I rescued Dennis once from being burned at the stake while the mob cheered,

and I don’t want to do that again. I cannot AFFORD to do that again.

Making free energy happen IS a conundrum, as I write about:

Nothing has worked yet. That is a long way of saying that I cannot really think of anything that we should have done much differently. Again, we were being manipulated by forces beyond our comprehension, and could only deal with what was in front of us. It can be argued that Dennis should have just sold heat pumps after leaving Seattle and not have played the “free energy” game, but that is also a Monday Morning Quarterback observation. However, I think that what Dennis is trying right now may be the best chance he has had since the 1980s. Saving 80% on America’s gasoline bill may seem like big stuff, but it is going after far smaller fry than what we tried landing in our free energy days, and Dennis probably has a better chance avoiding the sledgehammer with that approach than the one we tried in the late 1980s.

On the lone inventor getting his stuff out there. I doubt they have a prayer. The Big Boys are very vigilant, and picking them off one at a time is their specialty. There IS strength in numbers, but inventors usually play lone wolf and thereby become very vulnerable to many dark forces, the Big Boys only one of them. What Bearden described, I have lived through:

I have seen the Sparky Sweets:

and others:

try the lone scientist/inventor route, and they get their teeth knocked in very early in the game. Yes, to your observation, I am trying to warn would-be free energy inventors/activists that the water is pretty deep. When I received Mallove’s “skepticism” about what we lived through, to only see him get murdered a few months later:

that was hard to swallow. I hope that shed some light on the important issues that you brought up. Thanks for asking them. I do not often get asked questions like those, and answering ones like those are why I post at ATS.

Be well,


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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 05:02 PM

Originally posted by sb2012
What kind of a society it is, when intellectuals and inventors need to run for their lives?

Why assume that it's got much to do with society when the society is mostly completely ignorant of these issues?

What's wrong with all you people who read stuff like this and do nothing?

What do you want them to do? Why do you assume people do 'nothing'? How do you think the current average member of western society arrived at his current relatively prosperous state?

Yes, i know what's wrong, you are pathetic dead zombies who will march to the next camp when instructed to do so. Full of fear all the time.

To not fear those who have proved so well able to direct the course of history can not be described as anything but stupendous stupidity based in arrogance and ignorance of human affairs.

This was for readers who don't even bother to register and just lurk around the forum.

And my last comment was specifically aimed at you.

Well, i am glad site is receiving traffic and some people decide to actually read it, which is a rare event today. Not only that, a lot of people don't even bother to watch videos longer than 15 min and God forbid you show them 2 hours video.

And why would they when they persons we are discussing have access to the internet and could spend that time entertaining themselves after a day listening to a boss who they would rather not work for? Why should people who KNOW they are doing far better than the majority of the world be so overly concerned with the plight of those they have been convinced are creating their own problems? Why should a educated , and thus massively misinformed, member of western society care at all what happens to his fellow human beings? You should be marveling at the reality that so many still cares but instead you would rather right off western civilization entirely?

Sad, i am starting to think like most of you who tried and saw no great effect, even when technology could save us from modern day slavery and suffering. You see, they don't need brainwashing machines, people are already brainwashed and i wonder how much sanity is left in them.

Looks to me as if you have already made up your mind. If that's not the case feel free to keep posting as i am sure i can explain to you who people who have gained so much and at such a high cost are normally so unwilling to stick our their necks and risk getting it chopped off. Why self preservation is frowned upon i don't know but i suppose some of us imagines that if people were more selfless we would somehow better avoid getting used and abused? For obvious reasons i don't see why self interested behaviour is any worse than the type of selfless behaviour tyrants can abuse for their own goals.

Maybe it's too late for anything, except for some idiotic riot-like "revolution" on the streets which will help government to push martial law.

It's never too late for progressive change but the sacrifices required does tend to increase exponentially. When some American states of counties eventually decides to attempt breaking away from dictatorial federal rule they will likely get crushed but the governments willingness to use overwhelming force will probably ensure that the rebellion grows. We should not write off violence and terrorism against state infrastructure and functionaries and in fact focus our efforts to show those, who refuse to act in self interested ways, that there is no safety in visiting violence and terrorism on others in the states name; if we could convince all of humanity to act in self interested ways and to serve no centralized power structures we would all be better off for it.

Thanks to most of the conspiracy "leaders". They "expose" but just enough to make you angry or put you into apathy, but they will never expose everything or make you do something except upset you and suggest "not to be afraid to use guns" (Alex Jones said that in 2006).

This is simply not the truth and people such as Alex Jones offers very real solutions to our current problems; something which would be obvious if you spent more than a few hours listening to his broadcasts or interviews. There are obviously many 'leaders' who offer no real solutions but there are many more who risk life and limb to bring you the information that you could in fact apply to change the world for the better.

You said good luck with my approach, well thanks but i am not going to mass market free energy. Maybe steam engines, i think people don't need electricity anyway, TV they can watch at public places and at home you don't need electricity to fart on the couch and open the next six-pack.

It's always interesting how humanities greatest critics also have very low , and almost always entirely unsubstantiated beliefs and 'facts' to support it, opinions of it's average constituent and i wonder why the vast majority of them, as Wade accurately observed, seem to be wealthy white males. Why such hatred must be displayed towards the people who create the majority of the wealth you consume is quite the contradiction but it's well known that guilt does strange things to the human mind.


posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:33 PM
Over-unity is impossible, period. So, there's no such thing as “free energy,” only “free to me” energy, i.e. using readily available sources of energy around you that require little or no work on your part to harness.

That's exactly what oil is.

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 07:56 PM
Hi Nren2K5:

“Over-unity” is a meaningless concept, IMO, or people get their underwear in a bunch playing semantics games. I have never mentioned over-unity in this thread or anywhere in my work, so it is a mystery why you mention it. A windmill is “over-unity” if we mean that we get more energy out of it than we put in. Humanity produces zero energy on its own, in the classic sense of physics and biology. Humanity only harnesses it. All the so-called “over-unity” devices that I am aware of purport to be harnessing an energy source that is not currently recognized by science. What we today call “science” denied that manned flight was happening or was even possible, for several years after the Wright Brothers first flew.

That same kind of idiocy happens today in the halls of science:

If you want to argue that the only energy sources that exist are those that “white” science says exist, you can, but I am not interested in that discussion, because I know better:

This is ATS, where many of its members have some idea of how the “black” science world works.

Whether it is called “free energy,” “new energy,” “over-unity,” “vortex energy” and the like is generally referring to an energy source that is currently being prevented from benefiting humanity, because the people calling the shots globally will not relinquish their power trip:

That is the political-economic aspect of “free energy” that this thread was designed to address, not “over-unity” devices. My journey was mostly involved with pretty tame alternative energy. The political economic reality that prevails on earth today (which has always relied primarily on energy ) is very comprehensible without having to acknowledge “free” energy or “over-unity.”


posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 03:16 AM
interesting site here about a dvd discussing free energy...

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by wadefrazier3
Hi Nren2K5:

“Over-unity” is a meaningless concept, IMO, or people get their underwear in a bunch playing semantics games. I have never mentioned over-unity in this thread or anywhere in my work, so it is a mystery why you mention it. A windmill is “over-unity” if we mean that we get more energy out of it than we put in. Humanity produces zero energy on its own, in the classic sense of physics and biology. Humanity only harnesses it. All the so-called “over-unity” devices that I am aware of purport to be harnessing an energy source that is not currently recognized by science. What we today call “science” denied that manned flight was happening or was even possible, for several years after the Wright Brothers first flew.


That same kind of idiocy happens today in the halls of science:


If you want to argue that the only energy sources that exist are those that “white” science says exist, you can, but I am not interested in that discussion, because I know better

Great, what degrees have you earned?

This is ATS, where many of its members have some idea of how the “black” science world works.

No, this is ATS, where conspiracy theories abound, some of which are patently absurd.

Whether it is called “free energy,” “new energy,” “over-unity,” “vortex energy” and the like is generally referring to an energy source that is currently being prevented from benefiting humanity, because the people calling the shots globally will not relinquish their power trip


And who’s “calling the shots globally”? And why haven’t actual, educated physicists stumbled upon any of the sources of energy know-nothings like Joe Newman claim to have?

That is the political-economic aspect of “free energy” that this thread was designed to address, not “over-unity” devices. My journey was mostly involved with pretty tame alternative energy. The political economic reality that prevails on earth today (which has always relied primarily on energy ) is very comprehensible without having to acknowledge “free” energy or “over-unity.”

And this is all moot when you accept the fact that free energy is impossible.

The best you can do is find sources of energy that can be exploited with the best returns, and exploit them. Which is exactly what Big Oil and governments do.

They aren’t worried about anybody supplanting them, because to harness energy on a large scale requires facilities built on a large scale, something which they would be the first to do when a new viable source of energy comes along.

There are some promising leads as to alternative energy sources right now, for example solar power and ethanol. Still, it’ll take time for the associated technologies to mature and for solid production and distribution infrastructures to be put in place.

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Thx admriker444. I may have to get it. Sweet was very real. Some of the other people involved in that production I have my doubts about, but it is probably worth a look.

One of the featured speakers did this:

That is part of the conundrum. Diogenes’ quest would be as difficult today as it was thousands of years ago.

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 12:36 PM
Hi Nrenk5:

I have the benefit of real-world experience. If you want to credit the academic “degrees” (non-real-world) that the establishment confers, you will have to look elsewhere. Many accredited scientists have “stumbled” into the sources that you deride, and then they are quickly removed from circulation or otherwise thwarted. This is well known by anybody in the field,

so, it appears that you do not have any experience in it. Do you want to LEARN something, or is spouting your uninformed opinions what you prefer?

My experiences are not theories, although I run into that irrational observation all the time, especially from the scientifically trained, which is quite ironic. When you disregard my work as spam, and then ask questions that are answered in that very “spam,” you have engaged in circular logic that is guaranteed to keep you in ignorance. My recommendation is to seek EXPERIENCE in the pursuit of genuine alternative energy (and not the tame windmill, biofuel, etc, so-called “alternative energy”), then you might find out something about how the world really works. Heck, go watch UFOs fly over, and get your doors blown off.

Then your eyes might open a little.

Good luck,


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