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Free Energy and its Political Economic Reality

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by RogerT

It's Perendev, here's the website:

German company, based in Munich, and parented in Switzerland by the look of it. Might make a trip there at some point, not that far away.

This product is designed for use in the home environment or small industry
Can be used in other applications such as boats and city cars, with a specially designed generator and electric motor.

The 100 Kw unit is the smaller brother of the 300kw unit and was designed to be used in light aircraft and automobiles.
We have now due to demand produced this unit as a static power unit.

Power output : 100Kw 263.157 amps@ 380 volt 3 phase.
Continuous power output is 90KW Synchronous generator.
4 or 8 pole
Temperature rating is 30-40c normal load
100 Kw emm generator

SKU/Item Number: 0091098

Weight 250kg
Dimensions: 1.2m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1.4m High

batteries 1 for starting
Replaces diesel or fuel powered units
No blackouts
Light weight (250kg)
Durable construction
5 year conditional guarantee.

19,000 Euro for a 5 year lease, and then 100 Euro per month - wow, that's not cheap, but hell, if someone has succeeded in getting a free energy device on the market, it's a start.

Also, continuous power at 90kW, 260A, this would be enough for 5-10 homes in my neck of the woods, so actually, 10-20 Euro per month is pretty awesome for a local power supply.

Still, if it's been done, then that's very exciting.

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 05:59 PM
weird, first post didn't show, then showed when posted again.

so this was duplicate

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 06:14 PM
there's a good write up here:

A German company has licensed the manufacturing and marketing rights for all of Europe and Russia, excluding the U.K., and is in process of tooling up to begin mass production. Two other groups are in process of negotiating licensing terms with from Perendev. One is in the U.K., for rights to manufacture and market in the U.K., and the other is in Australia, for rights down under.

Brady brought a prototype to the Germans in mid March, and said they have been testing it since that time. The prototype has been undergoing testing by TÜV, a German consumer quality control agency.

The name of the German company will be revealed when they have finished tooling up and are ready to begin production, which Brady estimates will take place in a month or two. He said that these units will be consumer ready for application in home use, pending the stamp of approval from TUFF. Brady also plans to allow German television crews to document the device for public view.

ah, now this article was from 2004, the promised walk round video is still not on the website, but still promised.

the 20kw unit is not advertised, instead 100kW - seems a bit strange

time to dig a bit deeper ....

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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 06:20 PM
debunk here:

I'm posting these as I find them and only giving them a cursory read through, so bear with me, and the edits

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by RogerT

Hi Roger, That was my thread. They removed it because it was advertising for the company.. pretty strange! But you found the website. If you email them they will send more info. They are soliciting for investers and distributors. Apparently, they did what the Irish company could not!
It would be cool if you could go to Munich and give us a report. Maybe they have a demo.
The numbers don't look bad on paper. I would think a small town or factory would be the place to try one. Replace the existing grid source with it and see how it goes.

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by plumranch

Yes, I might just do that. But always a bit nervous when people with this kind of breakthrough technology are soliciting for investment.

Surely if it works and they can prove it, Branson and people like him would be beating a path to their door?

I'd have to do quite a bit more homework before making the drive though. It's a 2 day trip there and back and I need a bit of bull# protection knowledge

that starts with an email, so I'll get onto that tomorrow (bedtime now)

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 08:26 PM
For the people telling me about how dark matter exists and is just a battery waiting to be hooked up, you may be interested in this thread. It's within this website but a different forum that deals with news or real science. It's a new thread so you shouldn't have to wade through too many posts. Yeah, pun intended...

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by RogerT

Here is the new thread for the Perendev electromagnetic motor slated for production in Europe this year. It's in the science forum so should get some good discussion.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 05:28 AM
A blast from the past...

Originally posted by hinky
This is a long and tedious post much like many others posted within this thread. I looked at some info provided, you can read my comments.


Originally posted by StellarX
I not defending anyone. Just show me the technical aspect of the device. Keep the silly crap out of the conversation, keep it civil and technical.

That's what i do until the normal disruptions flare up. Since he has since been banned i think we can more safely continue the discussion.

Show me were to plug it in. You're doing just fine proving the point.

I made a reference to dark energy being a accepted 'norm' in science despite the fact that there is very little evidence and a great gap to fill. Please clarify your views on dark energy and why you feel there is more merit to it's discussion than for instance over-unity technologies.

Not free energy requires electricity to run a pump to cavitation. You actually lose heat in the process so it wastes more energy than you put in.

But according to the observers over-unity is achieved thus 'free energy' questions dose seem to arise. The reason why electricity is required is supposedly due to the fact that it's very inefficient to convert steam to electricity and that the machine would require a over unity of nearing 200% to enable any kind of self powering. As things stand they are able to achieve a far higher heat output per watt input than formerly so:

Griggs has been working with a number of physicists and engineers to try to get to the bottom of just how his device works. As well as Jed Rothwell's consulting engineering firm in Atlanta he has worked with Professor Keizios, dean emeritus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and past president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Professor Keizos supervised the design of the instrumentation that measures the energy input and output of the Griggs Gadget.

In a second test, during which the over-unity effect was measured, the adjusted co-efficient of power was a remarkable 168 per cent -- the machine produced 1.68 times the energy that was input. A third test did nearly as well with a Co-efficient of power of 157 per cent.

The customers include the Atlanta Police Department, a fire station, a dry cleaning plant, and a gymnasium. Interestingly, the Hydrosonic pump was installed in the public buildings by the county engineer after evaluating the device. The buildings are using the device mainly for heating purposes, and they have been running for more than a year. The customers have bills from their local electric utility company showing a year on year decrease in bills equivalent to 30 per cent.

Great Scott...these are new and improved electric motors...big deal they still require a source , not free, energy. They conserve energy while running without a load.

Do you understand the notion of over-unity at all and if so why are motors that achieve a higher watt output than input not something worth talking about? What led you to the conclusion that these are simply improved electric motors?

Your kidding right. You attach this to a vehicle or another electric motor to operate. The guy that wrote this actually said using the electromagnetic radiation energy from the Earth's magnosphere... no idea how to do this but lets just make the connection. This is the crap I am talking about.

So not understanding it is enough reason to just dismiss it then? Do you have any more legitimate reason for rejecting the notion of tapping into a radiant energy of sorts?

This one was promising but it's nothing more than a phased transformer. I find it interesting that all the demo units have been destroyed. It requires an energy input even from permanent magnets and would produce only very low DC power. Big magnets ,more power. Oh well... just changing one form of energy into another form. Nothing free here, just efficiency.

Phased transformer it may be but what about the over unity? Why do you say that it will produce only low DC power? If they are in fact only 'chaning one form of energy into another' doesn't the question arise why you can do that with magnets? What allows magnets to radiate away like that and why are they in fact 'permanent'?

Blank screen maybe a bad link.

Also a dead end for now as that link was for something very different. Since i can't find a patent number for the 'Hubbard coil' i will just let that one go for now.

Magnets seem popular. This guy also invented the spark plug. Once again, nothing free here. You just converting a magnet into a low power source but you lose energy in the transformation.

It's the same device, the one i can't find a patent number for, but i am still wondering about the conversion 'low power source' when the claims are certainly far more grandiose than that. Why exactly are magnets involved in every generator on the planet? What do you think they 'do' that is so important?

Look at a heat pump. Work the same way but the heat pump is much more efficient. It needs an outside power source other than the heat from the air. It has a compressor, ran by....not free energy.

Yup, since on closer inspection i can't identify either his actual claims or what principles he may be using i'll be dropping this one from my list.

This is magnets and zinc bars. Why zinc bars.. I'll leave that one to someone here that is much smarter than me to explain. But I do want this answered. Basically static electricity and magnets... nothing free here. Converting one form of energy to another at a tremendous waste of energy. Losses would exceed results, but you already knew that.

And yet those who observe these devices say that over-unity can be observed. I can't say that i understand how zinc would feature in this but i do think i have can offer some understanding as to how and why magnets features so strongly in over-unity devices. Maybe i can start to clarify when you explain why magnets are in every generator?

The diagrams told me everything I needed to see. Transformers and vacuum tubes. Have you ever been around vacuum tubes? They produce heat, tons of heat. There is a reason it was destroyed....IT WAS BOGUS. you'd need several amps of any electrical power to operate this.

And yet a massive over-unity effect was achieved as acknowledge by observers at the time. Do you care nothing for first hand witnesses in the absence of laws that actually forbids that type of thing? Do you think that someone like Moray would have been unaware of the effects of vacuum tubes having been working with them for so many years? Why must all these inventors be complete idiots when so many of them held positions of esteem in formal scientific institutions?

A decent magnetic bearing. You will find these in high efficiency pumps that need low noise.

And the over-unity effect is just a lie according to you?

You did it... Dielectric current from dis-similar metals creating an electric charge into a bank of capacitors. Not free energy, chemical energy into DC electricity for a one shot deal. Capacitor is dead until recharged.

Not according to many of the observers and yes, i should do away with using the term 'free energy' as i am beginning to understand that most would be scientist/scientist seem to have a hard time understand the conservation of energy laws sufficiently well to formally acknowledge the fact that we don't know much about energy or how it might or might not be conserved.

This one I found interesting for about 2 minutes. It took me that long to see why it doesn't work. Noticed one of the links refers to an international patent. Wonder why. It could be that this falls under the perpetual motion machines that are not allowed for patents. There are technical reason for this, but all the FE people in this forum are smart and already know this. It won't work, great idea on paper, no field results.

According to you, yes. Thanks....

This will be the only time I go to different web sites to see "proof". Keep the discussion only within this forum. If I want to look at a zillion web pages, I know a site I can go waste time at. No I won't paste it here, we all know it by heart.

I will do what i think is required to present the evidence and you may ignore or address it as you see fit.

You really tried hard, I applaud your effort.

Not at all as i am no engineer and would rather discuss the supposed laws that makes these devices' impossible.

You need to get a real education in hard sciences so you can see the folly in this.

That does not seem to have helped 'real scientist' from telling is what energy IS or what actually powers our modern economy. These mysteries remains unexplained to this day and until they are i am not going to feel too terribly embarrassed by my lack of a 'formal' Tertiary scientific education. If it pleases you can obviously keep point this out but since it's not pride , or a lack of it, that brings me here that wont discourage me...

[edit on 7-7-2008 by StellarX]

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 05:29 AM

I'm not saying that there will be no breakthrough in electrical engineering that allow some type of energy to made into a usable form of energy suited to our society and the mechanical devices our society uses.

You mean like the breakthroughs that enabled the last hundred years of development that were formerly thought could impossible? The only consistent thing about the scientific establishments is that they overestimate their knowledge while making up stupidly restrictive laws to protect their own interest.

More efficient uses yes, happens all the time. Free energy to just waste for whatever, it will never happen.

And i mean' free' in terms of what we currently pay for energy. I most certainly do not presume that there will be NO cost to anyone or anything involved and am only suggesting that the cost will be exceedingly small to both humans and our environment.

I won't hammer you because you just don't know what your talking about.

So a good few have said. Luckily you don't have to talk to me, or 'hammer me', if you don't like, or more likely can not, but it really is up to you to try do whatever you may please.


posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by StellarX

Hi Stellar,

Is anything new happening in the free energy field on your side of the pond?

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by plumranch

I really don't know as these claims about free energy devices seem to go as fast as they came on the scene. Progress is being made in getting the ideas out but as with most other struggles humanity engages in things are proceeding ever so slowly....

Things would go better but since people like Eugene Mallove are still being killed for achieving some measure of success too many legitimate ( and there are so many scams) researchers will either go underground or sell out the moment they are offered the bribe they will be smart enough not to refuse.


posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 07:45 PM
The company i belong too has a device that can dim street lighting only three to five percent to the naked eye and really dim them in half which would save both the consumer and energy.

Good read.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:41 PM

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