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Free Energy and its Political Economic Reality

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:01 PM
Hi sb2012:

There are a few problems with pdf-ing my work. One is that it is not something for the general public, not today. I am truly looking for a small, high quality audience. My “peers” – white, educated, American men are by far the most irrational and vicious of my assailants.

I have watched friendships end over my work, as my “peers” blew gaskets after only reading a few pages of it, such as my introductory essay:

My hip pals who watched their friendships end over my work were far more surprised than I was. I would not suggest handing out my work to the general public, and two blow-ups that I readily recall were when my hip friends tried turning other “hip” friends on to my work, to only watch them go off like Roman candles. The human ego often has a hard time with work like mine, no matter how open-minded and hip people might seem.

I would rather not kill trees to get my message out, and the interlinking of my work is designed for an Internet reading experience. I realize that it limits my audience, but I am not going for a large one, anyway. And, as I will get to below, young people have a better chance of understanding than older people do. Very few people have demonstrated that they understand the body of my work. Most will grasp the part that they came looking for, but very few even WANT to see the big picture. For instance, my American Empire



and medical racket

essays are by far my site’s most popular. My energy-related essays lag far behind those in popularity.

People have printed my fluoridation essay, for instance:

and have handed it out at health food stores. I am not sure how much good that did. I am not all that opposed to making my site into something easily printable, but I am also not enthused about it. Many have asked me to make my work into a book or try to get an advanced degree from it. No thanks. I think printing it is something that might work somewhat for the shorter, introductory essays to my work, such as these:

They are easily read introductions, but the meat is in the longer essays, the kind of meat that can help initiate a personal paradigm shift in the reader. My career may hit a hiatus in a couple of years, and if it does, I plan to re-edit my site and then maybe I will put some of it in an easier-to-read format. People are welcome to do whatever they want with my work, except plagiarize it and misrepresent it with selective editing, without referring directly to the essay that it was lifted from. Generally, people have honored that request. I gave the “rights” to my work away on my home page:

Hi American Madman:

Tribalism is just another scarcity-based ideology (anybody not in my “group” is “them” and can be accorded lesser treatment than members of my group), like nationalism (tribalism over a larger geographic area), racism, sexism, organized religion (“Hey, Christian Brother”), capitalism, etc.

Mammals, birds and other animals became territorial for energy reasons (food). Humans are descended from herd animals that lived in trees. Monkeys can form territorial “tribes” of about two hundred individuals, and beyond that the social cohesion begins disintegrating (grooming is a primary method of social interaction). A tribal village is about the same size for the same reason (gossip is considered analogous to grooming by today’s anthropologists, and I will not challenge it). Achieving social cohesion over larger groups has increasingly relied on ideology. American flag worship is an example:

Free energy by itself will not solve much and can be dangerous. Free energy, implemented in an enlightened way, CAN initiate a global paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. If you are arguing that tribal people cannot overcome their tribal indoctrination, you may be right. Less than 1% of Americans have overcome their indoctrination. Scientists rarely do:

So, it can be argued that humans are really not all that sentient a species, which I have slowly been coming to understand:

However, that seeming inability to overcome indoctrination could well be because the people have invested their economic survival strategies and egos into their ideologies (that is why they were attractive in the first place – they appealed to people’s self-serving nature in a world of scarcity ). There is a large body of evidence that supports that notion.

To say that tribal people cannot overcome their tribalism is to make another “people are mired in scarcity and cannot change” argument, IMO. What if they had it demonstrated that they no longer had to adhere to their scarcity-based indoctrination in order to survive? Some think that people would unravel, and some might, but I am ready for abundance, and I hope that others are, too. I may be a little more optimistic than most regarding human ability to adapt to new situations, such as one where economic scarcity was eliminated.

Again, maybe people are not ready for abundance, which is, as I stated earlier in this thread, partly why I do not “push” these ideas like a Dennis Lee or Steven Greer does. However, humanity is perched on the edge of the abyss, so I cannot really bring myself to criticize them much, either. The world may ride on their shoulders. I would not inflict free energy on people who truly did not want it. If they want to say mired in scarcity, that would be their choice.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 01:00 AM
People are "not interested" because they are uninformed and too busy with everyday errands, jobs and family. This is why people need to know about this in first place in order to want it or be interested. I think one site won't make much difference, no matter how comprehensive it is, unless you get millions of visitors and they rave about it.

Steven Greer and others who care more about $800 seminar fees than anything else. And when people pay them, they receive few fairy tales about angelic aliens. That way he is doing more harm than good. Also, he is talking same nonsense for past 10 years already. I saw 2 videos, one from 1997 and one recent -- same stuff, almost identical speech. Thanks, but no thanks.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 08:10 AM
Hi sb2012:

You are highlighting a key aspect of the conundrum. The only thing that millions of people are going to rave about, in today’s environment, is the latest episode of Survivor. Americans are increasingly post-literate, with attention spans measured in seconds. My work is not for the masses. Dennis, Greer, Brian – they are going for the mass audience, not me, and I wish them the best. I am looking for thinking people who can envision something different than what is served up on TV. People have regularly made the mistake of trying to get my work before a mass audience. It has not been pretty when they tried. Some have become pretty bitter. If I were going for a mass audience, I would not be doing it on ATS.

I sympathize with people who do not like the approach that Dennis, Greer or Brian are using. Their approach is not mine. On Greer, I doubt that Gordon Cooper was a fairy-tale teller, nor were most of Greer’s Disclosure Project witnesses. And when key members of your team die right after your biggest event, and you barely survive the experience yourself:

it can take the wind out of your sails. The game those men are playing is very dangerous. They have all survived murder attempts and other outrages, while some in their circles did not:

Credible criticisms of their approaches come from people who have been there themselves. Greer has his problems, for sure. The message and approach of Dennis, Greer and Brian is the same one I have seen each of them use for many years. Maybe that is partly why I am not with any of them these days.

If you are looking for something to reach the masses with, as far as free energy and abundance goes, only a fully functioning free energy device, publicly-demonstrated, will have a chance. But how do you do that, when five minutes after getting one running, you get a men-in-black treatment?

or are made the offer you cannot refuse?

Again, the issue is a conundrum.

Again, a hundred people of high integrity and unity of purpose could have brought free energy to the world long ago.

But after searching high and low, I doubt those people exist, and what a depressing realization that was.

On UFO fairy tales, once you go see one for yourself, they become real:

Be well,


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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 10:34 AM
So in short, what do you want to do besides talking about your own web site?

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by sb2012
So in short, what do you want to do besides talking about your own web site?

What's wrong with that? He could just as easily post walls of text here, but chooses to direct our attention to his website to view the information in full. Seems fine to me. It's not like he's selling anything. It's free information, take it or leave it.

I think what you're doing is great Wade. You've obviously put a lot of effort into bringing this to the attention of those who would listen. You can't change the world on your own, but it's a step in the right direction.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 03:28 PM
To the OP, I cant find the place on your website where I read this but had a question on it.

Your site mentioned someone being abducted and taken to a location. There the abductors proceeded to show this person various technologies and stated why it was withheld and when it would come out.

If possible, could you answer a few follow-up questions...

1. Did he mention seeing the device that created free energy ? I was curious to the size of the device. After reading Dr. Greer's books and seeing a few google videos, I believe the zero sum device he described was no larger than a shoebox.

2. What was the reason behind withholding the technologies ?

3. When and why will these technologies be released ? I personally fear they wont release these devices until after a great war. Then these folks in control of these technologies will swoop in and offer salvation. From what Ive read, they want a serious reduction in global population. Hopefully Im wrong and they plan on acting before ?

4. Was there any other technologies shown besides anti-gravity and free energy ? Im curious about their communication abilities and rumors about time travel technology (if it exists)


posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 09:00 AM
Hi sb2012:

Discussing the MATERIAL on my web site is what I am qualified to do. Since it covers history, science (particularly its political-economic aspects), economics, the media, warfare, medicine, ”conspiracies,” (JFK, moon landings, free energy suppression, etc.) UFOs, spirituality AND my adventures and those of my fellow travelers, there may be something for everybody. If I had a hand in helping to resurrect Fuller’s neglected work, that would be a happy outcome for me. Fuller’s work was very important:

and highlights what I am attempting to do. The West’s indoctrination and propaganda systems, in particular America’s, are very good at focusing people’s attention toward or away from what the controllers desire. As somebody once said, the mass media does not tell us what to think, but it tells us what to think ABOUT. Fuller was one of the early prophets of abundance. His observation of people’s addiction to failure and scarcity was revelatory to me, as I had seen it a thousand times before, but had not articulated in the way that he did:

Not long after I read Fuller, I encountered the Peak Oil crowd and was astounded when somebody like Richard Heinberg

would semi-ridicule free energy, refuse to learn any more about it after receiving a very friendly invitation from me, when I could have educated him on the very situations he was writing about, and his “solution” is to rid earth of about six billion people because there is not enough energy to go around. If that seems like circular logic, it did to me too. Heinberg is symptomatic of humanity’s refusal to even IMAGINE abundance. Again, people like him are hung up on the “free energy violates the laws of physics,” myth:

the “the suppression of free energy is an unbelievable conspiracy theory” myth:

and he staunchly believes that even if free energy was possible and became available, humanity would quickly destroy the planet with it. And he has a large and growing audience as the Peak Oil prophet in progressive circles. It blows my mind. And I have approached the rad left, the very rad lefties who give Heinberg a platform, and they will not give my fellow travelers or me the time of day. That has been awesome to witness.

I am attempting to reach people who are CAPABLE of understanding how today’s world works, who can begin to imagine abundance in a comprehensive way, so the IDEA begins to take root. I was a comprehensivist before I ever heard the word. My pal Steve Meyers introduced it to me after I finished my site in 2002:

Maybe people do not need a comprehensivist orientation to imagine abundance, but I think it helps a great deal, because their minds will not be easily sidetracked by all the pitfalls and dead ends that await the naïve, uninformed and unwary. In the end, nothing teaches like experience, which is something that I have in the free energy field and others. I have tried to only write about things that are in my realm of experience.

Energy is the root of the human journey on earth and always has been.

Unfortunately, very few people realize that today (at least that is something that Heinberg and friends DO understand). Until that is understood, free energy is seen as just one more fad or a way to save on the gasoline bills (people in other forums made those exact observations to me just last month). That is such a myopic view, but is typical. Free energy can bring about a world that is truly difficult to imagine from where we stand today:

What I hope that my work and these efforts on ATS can help bring about is a high quality and comprehensive conversation about free energy, abundance, how to heal the planet and related topics. I have yet to see an intelligent, honest conversation about those issues, anywhere on earth, that more than a few people have joined. I am trying to get a conversation going that grows to perhaps a few thousand people. If that happens, then maybe it can “spill” into a larger audience. At ATS, very few of my respondents have begun seeing the bigger picture. I am hoping there will be more. I doubt that ATS will become the Big Top to discuss these issues, but it might. When I have watched Dennis, for instance, go for the large audience, it becomes a lowest-common-denominator attempt that barely glimpses the bigger picture, and his audience wants a free energy machine so they can either get rich or go live in the woods. Audiences like that are little help in bringing about what I am envisioning, and actually harms the effort quite often, as they are easily manipulated by slicker counter-presentations. (this is going to spill over into two posts…..)

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 09:00 AM
Not long ago, a well-meaning friend suggested that I create a cartoon character called “Captain Abundance” to help educate children on the possibility of abundance. I have received many such suggestions over the years (including movies, books, speaking tours – I will probably never be a public speaker, partly due to my own limitations). All I can say is good luck on those approaches, and maybe they will do some good, but I am aiming for something different: a comprehensivist core of sentient understanding of how the world works, how energy, economics, politics and other dynamics interplay, and if enough of a nugget of understanding can be developed, it can survive the disinformation, apathy, short-sightedness, hacking-at-the-branches-mentality and other dynamics that derail such conversations almost before they begin.

To your observation that people are just too busy to read stuff like mine, I sympathize with that perspective, but that is only part of the dynamic. Unfortunately, of the thousands of interactions that I have had with Americans, the most common response to my tale is a naïve one:

The below article is difficult reading, but still stands as one of the best summaries of the present American mentality that I have seen:

as is this one:

That is the America I have come to know, particularly since 9/11. The challenge is loving people who are in those dismal states. Just last month, a survey was published that showed that more than 40% of Americans STILL BELIEVE that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11. Are their brains incapable of functioning, or is something else happening? Again, very few Americans have proven to be open to messages like mine (as a group, the most welcoming reactions to my work have been by women and non-Americans, and the most hostile has been from my “peers” – white, educated American men). If thousands of people began singing the abundance song, and in tune, it might begin to make a difference. Maybe my approach is as unworkable and futile as all the other approaches that I have seen, but I had to try. I have spent nearly ten years of my life making the attempt, without pay. A number of people want me to let it go and get on with my life. If I did not see humanity hurtling toward the abyss these days, with George W. Bush seemingly driving this train to oblivion, I might be able to, although once I tasted WHAT COULD BE, it has been hard to entirely let it go. I do not want to become a hero/martyr like Dennis, Brian and Greer have. I am playing at a lower level, but one that I hope can help out.

If you want to continue this conversation, that is fine by me. If you want to try other avenues in your efforts, I wish you the best.

Hi Kruel:

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am not asking anybody to do anything else other than THINK about these issues.

Hi admriker444:

It is here:

I did not say the person was “abducted,” and I cannot relate all of the particulars publicly, not unless that person chooses to go public with the show that was received, which that person has not yet done. Not long ago, I talked with that person about the show again, many years after the first conversation about it. That person never knew who gave the show, and I cannot reveal much about what was seen, but free energy and anti-gravity were part of the show. That person would not volunteer everything about what was seen, and I cannot be more forthcoming on the time travel at this time. Just let me say that there are plenty of people talking about it (Philadelphia Experiment, etc.). It can be done mystically, too.

My opinion is that the people giving the show were the “good guy” faction of the global cabal that Greer has interacted with:

The not-so-benevolent half is most likely who offered us a billion dollars to go away in 1988:

While I cannot go into the details publicly at this time, I will say that whoever put on the show said that those technologies would stay underground until the time was right. They were trying to encourage my friend that they would be there to help if enough free energy awareness and effort had manifested publicly, enough to make free energy “safe” to appear. I believe that they were probably afraid the dark half’s wrath if they tried taking those technologies public in today’s world. I doubt that their reluctances was because of fears of what an unenlightened public would do with free energy (but I also respect that argument), but what the dark half would do to keep the lid on free energy, anti-gravity, etc. I also doubt that they were planning on releasing those technologies after Armageddon. That is something more in line with how the “dark half” thinks, and religious fanatics who also refuse to imagine abundance:

Some of the people in my circles have played at the high levels, and they have entered a world that the movies only hint at. Just last year, I was invited by one of them to Washington D.C., via a Bush administration invitation, for an alternative energy demonstration (an election-year ploy that did not happen, for reasons unknown but I have my guesses, but am really not all that interested in what went down). It is a long story that I cannot divulge the details of today, but let me say that George W. Bush definitely does not run the show. I declined the invitation, for several reasons.

Yes, the free energy device that my friend saw was probably very much like Sparky Sweet’s device:

The best ones are solid state, with no moving parts, and are pretty small. A home or neighborhood could easily go energy independent in short order with that technology.

When Dennis had an audience with the most powerful electric executive in New England twenty years ago,

that executive called the electric company power line to a home an “umbilicus.” That is not too far from how the Big Boys see the energy lifeline, I think.

(spilling over again)

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 09:02 AM
I believe that if a high quality conversation about free energy, abundance, and the like was begun in cyberspace, the disinfo types would do their best to disrupt it, but as you can see from the threads that I been involved in at ATS, the “general public” does most of their work for them. I doubt that any of my attackers was a disinfo agent. Even Mr. Skeptic, my dishonest Internet stalker:

is probably a free-lance dinsinfo agent, somehow thinking that lying about Dennis and me is helping the planet, so deeply held are his delusions. He probably has not posted anything to ATS yet because there are too many people at ATS hip to people like him, and if he came here, I would make him an example of a disinfo agent at work, either free lance or otherwise.

Again, I have some hope for ATS as a place where that high quality conversation can begin. This thread is going well, so far. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks again for the posts,


posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by wadefrazier3
I believe that if a high quality conversation about free energy, abundance, and the like was begun in cyberspace, the disinfo types would do their best to disrupt it, but as you can see from the threads that I been involved in at ATS, the “general public” does most of their work for them. I doubt that any of my attackers was a disinfo agent. Even Mr. Skeptic, my dishonest Internet stalker:

is probably a free-lance dinsinfo agent, somehow thinking that lying about Dennis and me is helping the planet, so deeply held are his delusions. He probably has not posted anything to ATS yet because there are too many people at ATS hip to people like him, and if he came here, I would make him an example of a disinfo agent at work, either free lance or otherwise.

Again, I have some hope for ATS as a place where that high quality conversation can begin. This thread is going well, so far. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks again for the posts,


People are slow to absorb information on topics like this.

I equate it to learning a second language as an adult. As a child, the mind isnt completely wired yet. Information is much easier to learn, absorb, and comprehend.

Telling someone the soda they drink, the gas they buy, the car they own, the company they work for, etc are invariably evil is a tough pill to swallow.

From reading your wonderful website, I can see you understand the struggle to make people understand but allow me to give you my experience....

My mother is a brilliant woman. Her IQ score is 168 (4 points higher than mine). She has the ability to instantly absorb and understand facts quite easily. She was very determined to succeed. She cleaned office buildings for 12 years while attending school at night. Eventually she received her MBA in Accounting and her CPA. She is now a partner at a firm in a building she used to clean. By all accounts she is a very smart woman who epitomizes the american dream. And yet ironically she is very ignorant of the very world in which she works in.

I wont go into great details but needless to say my mother has little knowledge of the tax system beyond what she learned from her books. Over the course of several years she and I would debate the legitimancy of taxes on personal income.

I was stunned to hear her repeat word for word classic goverment responses to questions I would ask such as " where does all tax revenue from personal income go" She of course thought that income taxes paid for civic services. I showed her the Grace Commission report which proved otherwise.

It took immense effort to overcome her objections over many years. She wanted to see the actual documents as a website could be lying (her words).

She refused to believe that anyone had ever won a case against the IRS for tax evasion. As she stated, "if anyone had ever won by arguing the 16th amendment didnt allow the govt to tax our personal income, then all her clients would follow suit." Even after I showed her case law, she looked for proof elsewhere to show me those cases were taken out of context or was simply a person getting off on a technicality.

It shocked me that I even had to teach my brilliant mother that the Federal Reserve Bank was a privately owned corporation.

In the end, my mother finally acknowledged that banks and corporations in general are probably evil. She still refuses to believe most of my other points but her mind did accept that some of the painful evidence Ive shown her as real.

The way I see it, you face a major obstacle in trying to convince others.

Getting someone to sit down and read your site is the biggest obstacle. From the research Ive seen in advertising, 90% of readers dont read past the 1st paragraph in an ad. Additionally, of the remaining 10% only half of them will even recall what they read and understand it.

blame it on short attention spans, the lack of being able to critically think, horrible saturation of Paris Hilton type television that passes for news, etc and you'd be lucky to get 0.0000000001% of the population with internet access to read and understand what youve stated.

I would offer a suggestion to get your message across a bit easier. Video video video video video.

As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words"

Maybe you could convince Alex Jones or Aaron Russo to make a documentary-drama type film. I would suggest showing what you went through trying to get that free energy device to market. It reads like a great novel and would surely wake up some folks to the brutal reality we live in.

Great website by the way. Very informative. Im currently showing my wife the stuff about the AMA and supressed medical breakthroughs. She's a pediatrician so its fun asking her for opinions on the subject

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 01:38 AM
Situation is really simple, if you want intellectual debate, forget about masses of people participating. Some are too busy with all life has to offer, some are too scared of terrorists or NWO to even think clearly and some are just not interested. Nothing new really, it was like that since the time of the first Monoliths.

In order to draw more intellectuals to the debate or web site, you need to let them know about the project and make some forum, so ideas are exchanged. Again, (e)book would help greatly in that regard. External forums help too, but not much when site is not on-topic.

No promotion, no sales. It's always about selling, either your idea, or belief system or next shiny material object nobody can live without. This is a common problem with inventors and scientists in general, they have almost no clue about selling and this is why you have marketing gurus driving around in a new Ferrari while others are sweating in a lab.

Masses of people can be powerful too, but you need to direct them. In order to do that you need to organize them first, or start something which is viral in nature, IE. someone uses free-energy and others see it and later demand it. Well, i think this is not what you want, but it can be very powerful when done right. All politicians talk to the masses, not to the intellectuals, but in the end intellectuals work for the politicians, because masses want them to.

It's a lot of possibilities and not even hard to implement them. Public would be *very* interested virtually overnight if something working is introduced, but until then you can promote idea about abundance, still to a limited degree since people want to see things not just talk about them.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 09:41 AM
Hi admriker444 and sb2012:

I understand your points. As you know, I have encountered the kind of reluctance to acknowledge reality that admriker444’s mother has manifested a zillion times. Video and mass marketing is what Dennis, Greer and Brian have been trying. I have been right in the middle of all that before, more than once. Back in 1988, we were selling videotapes like hotcakes, and then they brought the sledgehammer down on us.

Dennis tried getting a PR campaign going after his first stint behind bars, and then had national speaking tours after he got out the second time, culminating with putting 5,000 people into a sports stadium to talk about free energy (the largest such gathering in world history), and then it was off to the White House to meet with Al Gore.

Clinton pondered using our nuclear waste neutralization technology as a PR stunt just before the 1996 elections, just as I saw Bush do last year with another pal’s stuff. The Big Boys know my work well, as well as the efforts of the people around me. It is the public that is asleep, and Big Boys want to keep them that way, and to a large degree the public obliges them, as long as they get their bread and circuses. I am definitely NOT trying to engage the bread-and-circus crowd. I have watched them, time and again, be easily seduced by somebody throwing out more bread. The very same people who gave Dennis a standing ovation one day cheered as he was burned at the stake the next, because that was a good show too. Such people are more harm than help, and trying to BEGIN a movement by playing to that crowd is suicidal. I learned that one the hard way long ago.

On the mass marketing approach - been there, done that, and I watched almost no good come from any of those efforts, largely because free energy WAS NOT delivered. That is part of the conundrum. Most of the people involved in those efforts just wanted to be the first in line for their free energy machine. Relatively few really helped all that much, and many tried harming the venture in order to chisel their goodies from it:

What you two suggest is what I have been a part of, on and off, for more than twenty years. When I saw the steep downsides to that approach, I decided to try something different. Maybe my efforts will be futile too – many think so today. Maybe one day, Dennis, Greer or Brian will land the buffalo and I will cheer, but I decided to take a different approach, one that I hope can complement their efforts. I have provided a lot of the “meat” to back up what they are talking about.

Dennis today tries mobilizing the herd under the banner of religion. He used to be a part of the “Patriot” movement. I have seen Brian and Greer play the nationalism card. I want no part of manipulating people, playing to their ego dynamics, trying to herd them toward their own salvation. I am seeking sentient beings. An I.Q. of 168 that refuses to acknowledge reality is not all that sentient, and is an example of how easily the emotions override the intellect. My brother with an I.Q. of 75 is more sentient than that. I am looking for people who care, first and foremost. That is the hardest thing to find, not people with what we call “intelligence.”

As I have said many times, I am looking for needles in haystacks. Dennis has said that his (sometimes) high-profile effort has been like looking for nuggets in mine tailings, and he keeps doing it, and joyfully. That is awesome to witness. I am looking for the nuggets in a way that is not as risky, and the nuggets I am looking for have a slightly different shape. I cannot afford to keep doing what people like Dennis, Greer and Brian do. I salute their efforts, but I had to take a different path. I refuse to play the martyr. I have already burned up most of my life on this stuff. Those men have all survived outrages that most people can barely imagine, and all expect that they will be murdered before it is all over.

I lead trips to go watch UFOs – I know that seeing is the best remedy to denial and “skepticism,” but I do not bring “skeptics” to those events, as they have to have the right attitude to begin with – if they are not seeking the truth, but instead are looking to justify/defend their self-serving beliefs, they will almost always find what they were looking for.

When I have tried contacting groups like Jones about my stuff, I get back silence about 99% of the time, as have the others like me. In fact, I contacted Jones not long ago, in the wake of the revelations of E. Howard Hunt’s confession about the JFK hit:

That was RIGHT down Jones’s alley. I never heard a peep back from him.

Again, it is so hard to find anybody home with the lights on, on an issue that will dictate the near and long-term fate of humanity.

Thanks for the advice, but I think I will still slog along in forums, once in awhile trying to interest groups that I think might be interested. At some time, probably in the very near future, people are going to wake up to just how important energy is, and then maybe work like mine will get a larger hearing, but you two are right, the Survivor crowd will not be in my audience.

We’ll see how it goes. Thanks again,


posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 11:32 AM
Well, people need to see something or else masses won't even touch it. It's because people got almost immune to all the (political) lies and false promises going on for years. I am aware free-energy is not only possible but real, and devices already developed, but i am not following one single web page about it.

You can get more intellectuals thinking about working towards it by creating more web sites, with different theme or writing articles. One approach which would work in USA very well -- call it Jesus-energy "sent by God, because he fears terrorists may steal all the oil". Well, people think like that anyway.

To be honest with you, i think you have a lot of information and research available, but your plan is not really good, unless you want to wait for better times, maybe after some economic crash or world war.

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 10:46 AM
Hi sb2012:

I respect your opinion on my approach. My work is not for everybody, and I am NOT trying to reach the masses. It is that simple. Until a nucleus of sentient integrity can be formed, no free energy effort, or anything else as “threatening” to the world’s power structure, has a prayer. Again a hundred people (only one hundred people!) of high integrity and purpose could have brought free energy to the world long ago. In my adventures over the past generation, I may have encountered a dozen so far, and some are now dead:

When you begin burying your pals whose lives were shortened by this pursuit, a different perspective comes into play. Until you have been there, you cannot know what it is like.

Personal integrity is the nub of the problem, and again, I learned it the hard way long ago:

So, I decided on a different approach:

There IS stuff to see in the direction of free energy, but people have to get out of their armchairs to experience it. I take people to where UFOs fly over nightly.

and I present video footage of what we saw:

That is a paradigm buster for most people, and makes the idea of free energy a little less outlandish. But I have recently encountered truly insane resistance to going and seeing for one’s self. That crazy denial is part of the problem.

I’ll give you some statistics to show you why I am not feeling that my approach is entirely useless. A few hundred thousand people have hit my site over the years. This year, about a hundred thousand will. And the only “promotion” of my site that I do is making posts to ATS and some other random forums where my work has been discussed. Of those hundred thousand, eighty thousand will stay less than thirty seconds. They were looking for video footage or something other than what I present. They immediately leave and seek what they were looking for. Another ten percent stay for only about five minutes. So, ninety percent stay for less than five minutes, and I wish them the best in their surfing. The remaining ten percent, however, stay a bit longer. Another six percent stay up to a half hour. About four thousand people will read my site for longer than a half hour this year. Every day, about three readers spend more than an hour on my site (they may stay for several hours, but my stats do not tell me anything other than it was longer than an hour). That is the audience I am trying to reach, and I AM reaching them. Again, there are not many out there TO REACH with a message like mine. About forty thousand of the visitors to my site this year are getting there by a direct link (like from an email) or a bookmark, which means that many readers keep coming back, time and again. The traffic on my site is always greatest on Monday, when Americans go back to work. My work is a drag on America’s productivity. : - ). When I openly interacted with the public, with an email address on my site (I stopped doing that in 2002), I would hear some amazing stories from my readers. One day, I heard from a guy who worked in a medical facility, and he spent three very intense days at the office reading my medical racket essay:

(spilling over into two posts…)

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 10:47 AM
and then got out of the medical field altogether. I would periodically hear from people who would stay up late at night for a week or so, reading my site, and then they would contact me about how they would never see the world the same way again. I would hear from college professors who were debating my work. That was when the traffic to my site was a lot less than it is today, and many of those responses were before I hired a professional editor to help take my work to the next level. Every essay on my site is somebody’s favorite part of it. Just a couple of weeks ago, some private forum began reading and discussing my account of Dennis’ adventures:

because it got a few hundred visitors in one day - an unusual volume (it is not even linked from my home page). I am only one guy, and am reaching some people whose world is sometimes rocked to the core. People have had personal paradigm shifts after reading my work. Some people that I respect think my site is unique on the Internet and perhaps the best information site out there. Others want to kill me. The approach that you keep suggesting I have been a part of, more than once. My initial introduction to alternative energy was technological:

and what Dennis did in Seattle stands today as the most significant effort yet made to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace.

I know of nothing else that came closer. They pulled out all the stops to wipe out our company in Seattle (Dennis became radicalized when they killed one of his employees ), and then I helped Dennis rebuild in Boston ( ) and then the venture ended up in my home town, when the rocket started taking off again and, after offering us a billion dollars to go away,

They REALLY pulled out all the stops ( ). By age thirty, I had seen enough for a few lifetimes, and somehow I recovered to the point of spending 12,000 hours of unpaid labor creating my site. I had to forego parenthood and other “frills” to do it.

For those whose eyes and minds are opened, there is a hell of a lot of meat to digest on my site, and that is what I have to offer. Books have been written about my days with Dennis (and he has been smeared By Diane Sawyer, among others). I am not interested in writing another book or doing a speaking tour. Greer and Brian have published books also (and our themes are very similar). I have no interest in following that path. Brian got bankrupted playing the publishing game.

Greer got to the Big Show, after interacting with the people who run the world:

and right after he had U.S. Congressional hearings on the ET issue, that “less benevolent” faction of the global cabal killed off Greer’s team, and Greer barely survived the experience himself:

Right after America invaded Iraq, Brian O’Leary invited me to help found the New Energy Movement, and I joined up. Just as we began planning our conference, some very strange things happened, culminating with Gene Mallove’s murder:

Today, Brian has publicly admitted that Mallove’s murder is what convinced him that America was no longer safe for people like Brian, and a few months later he moved to Ecuador. I understand and sympathize. I have friends around the world who encourage me to leave America, partly for my own safety. I am not ready to give up on America yet, but some days I come close. So, I work my twelve-hour days at my day job, and come home and write stuff like this, and my wife is a saint for putting up with her husband’s “obsession” with trying to right humanity’s ship before it is too late.

However, I regularly interact with people who want to use me as their battering ram to make a public dent, by making movies, publishing books, doing speaking tours, etc. I always decline the invitations. What none of them seem to realize, in their seemingly well-meaning naiveté, is that they are asking me to risk MY life for THEIR crusade. No thanks. MY butt will get shot off, not theirs. Dennis and Greer will willingly take the bullet, and I tell them to go look up Dennis, Brian or Greer, but they never do. What is up with that? I confess that I am not entirely sure.

For those whose eyes will only open to slogans, watered-down books (there is no way that my site’s material can be effectively presented in a book), movies, cartoon characters like Captain Abundance or somebody delivering a free energy to their home, they ARE NOT my target audience. It seems that they may be your intended audience, and I wish you the best in engaging them. No approach seems likely in today’s world, and the lack of personal integrity in the human species is the reason. The enemy is us.

Good luck on your approach, and I have to try mine.

Thanks again for your input,


posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 12:26 PM
What kind of a society it is, when intellectuals and inventors need to run for their lives? What's wrong with all you people who read stuff like this and do nothing? Yes, i know what's wrong, you are pathetic dead zombies who will march to the next camp when instructed to do so. Full of fear all the time.

This was for readers who don't even bother to register and just lurk around the forum. Well, i am glad site is receiving traffic and some people decide to actually read it, which is a rare event today. Not only that, a lot of people don't even bother to watch videos longer than 15 min and God forbid you show them 2 hours video. Sad, i am starting to think like most of you who tried and saw no great effect, even when technology could save us from modern day slavery and suffering. You see, they don't need brainwashing machines, people are already brainwashed and i wonder how much sanity is left in them.

Maybe it's too late for anything, except for some idiotic riot-like "revolution" on the streets which will help government to push martial law. Thanks to most of the conspiracy "leaders". They "expose" but just enough to make you angry or put you into apathy, but they will never expose everything or make you do something except upset you and suggest "not to be afraid to use guns" (Alex Jones said that in 2006).

You said good luck with my approach, well thanks but i am not going to mass market free energy. Maybe steam engines, i think people don't need electricity anyway, TV they can watch at public places and at home you don't need electricity to fart on the couch and open the next six-pack.

posted on Jul, 13 2007 @ 09:10 AM
Hi sb2012:

I know the frustration that you feel – all too well. Again, the approach that you are suggesting, Dennis, Brian and Greer are trying, at one level or another. However, Machiavelli’s observation is as relevant today as it was five hundred years ago:

You are right – it does not have to be free energy. My education in this stuff began with the world’s best engine for powering a car:

and my accelerated learning began with Dennis, who was “only” marketing the world’s best heating system when I met him:

No free energy there. After I helped spring Dennis from jail in 1989:

I pretty much bowed out of active involvement with him, but ever since, he has kept trying to get me back into the game (he still does). I always tell him that I have had enough for this lifetime. Riding in the saddle with the Indiana Jones of alternative energy was a rough ride, let us say (although I did get back together with him for a few months in 1996-1997 – a mistake on my part – I cannot live in the eye of that hurricane again).

Dennis has been making another run at it as I write this, and how I find out about it is pretty funny sometimes. Just last night, one of my hiking pals, who has heard all about “Wade’s World” for five years, sent me this email last night:

“Saw a commercial on TV for this website - wondered if you are familiar with
the technology?”

I had to laugh. That is Dennis’ latest attempt, and he is aiming for the couch potatoes who are tired of high gasoline prices. As always, I wish him the best. He is in his element when doing that kind of stuff. I’ll stay tuned, but watch from afar.

The Big Boys have been very vigilant on the high MPG stuff too.

but times are changing, and Dennis keeps knocking on the door any way he can, has tried the windows and even the chimney, so maybe this time will work. I have never met or heard of another like him.

Be well,


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posted on Jul, 13 2007 @ 12:57 PM
I wish him best too, but i have this feeling people need to change first, i am not sure if this will go peaceful. Politicians and religious leaders today are corrupted and full of lies, except Buddhist and some others, but people in general behave just like their leaders behave, they are too corrupted and look for the first opportunity to rob someone. I am not sure if this would change more than 50% of people, even if all leaders get replaced by honest ones. Seems to me people need some kind of violent crisis first in order to change and wake up.

Well no worries, all society is driving towards one anyway. Immense hate propaganda is now launched against Islam and ME in general, US will most probably experience some kind of race/civil war and even economy crash, EU will experience more riots, especially if ME crisis escalates. And most funny, all this problems are not even problems, just created out of greed and corruption. People think crisis in Africa or Palestine is hard to solve, but in reality they could establish peace there in a few weeks.

As i said before, steam engines are what society today deserves.

posted on Jul, 13 2007 @ 09:26 PM
That website of yours is depriving me of sleep

Anyway, did you happen to catch Larry King Live tonight ? Topic was the 60th anniversary of Rosell crash.

King asked the following question to each of his guests, "why cover it all up ?"

I was so frustrated because the guests werent giving any answers to the why. I was literally shouting at the tv "FREE ENERGY you idiots !"

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 07:33 AM
Hi sb2012:

Yes, you may be right about what is up ahead. I am trying, in my own small way, to avert a global catastrophe. The ME crisis is particularly insane to me, when I know that FE exists. Global civilization could unravel in a hurry, with the climate changes, etc. Each one of us can only do what we can, and the mirror tells us if we did all that we could. Dennis’ gasoline/water combination is close to what you are recommending. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe, for soul reasons that I am not privy to, humanity NEEDS the big karmic blowout that removes most of us from this planet. If it comes to that, I would rather not be here for the show.

Hi admriker444:

Sorry to be making you lose sleep! : - )

The UFO cover-up has not always had the cover-up of free energy as its motivation, if what I have read is true. There was fear of a “War of the Worlds” reaction in some corners. The scientists themselves were also blown away, as the Brookings Institute warned against in 1960:

This reporting by Gerald Light, on the reaction of scientists to ET craft, particularly the below excerpt, has always rung true to me.

“I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description. The reality of the ‘other plane’ aeroforms is now and forever removed from the realms of speculation and made a rather painful part of the consciousness of every responsible scientific and political group.”

See this page, where I extracted it:

However, just like all wars have had an underlying economic rationale, when all the rhetoric and propaganda was stripped away, the Big Boys called the shots in the Roswell days too, and ultimately their motivation was one of control, and they exert their control over humanity by pulling on our economic levers (easy to do in a world of scarcity). What Victor Marchetti had to say about it was perceptive:

I believe that the economic motivation for covering up the ET situation today is paramount.

Depending on what you have read on my site, you may know by now that I am a CPA by profession, so I also know the kind of indoctrination that your mother went through. Of all my pals from school, I am the only one who really overcame his business school indoctrination. I began asking the embarrassing questions soon after I graduated:

and about the time I was rescuing Dennis from jail, I was also seeing the S&L Scandal go Prime Time, and I realized how worthless my profession was:

My experience is that people only open their eyes when their hearts are open:

Love always has been, and always will be, the answer. My I.Q. is a few points short of yours and your mother’s, and speaking from the “genius” range, I can say with confidence that what the West calls “intelligence” is overrated. The “hells” of the astral plane are filled with brilliant minds:

and plenty of “dim bulbs” live in heaven. Some of the stupidest utterances I have ever heard have come from some of the most “intelligent” people I know. However, they have bought the self-serving BS of the Wall Street Journal and other propaganda organs, believing, for instance, that setting up sweatshops in Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere is because the “capitalists” are trying to help those people by sending their capital there.

A more ridiculous and pernicious notion is hard to find, but I have watched such inanities regularly issue from the mouths of the “educated.”

When a John Perkins, for instance, exposes the game for what it really is:

the capitalist crowd wants him burned at the stake.

The ideal is where high “intelligence” and a healed heart co-exist, but the heart is always in charge with the masters (at least in their best moments – I consider Jesus’ temple tantrum one of his bad days, and it led directly to his death).

Perhaps the best account I have seen of the “other side of the veil” is Helen Greaves’ “Testimony of Light,” which clearly demonstrates how our hearts determine where we go on the other side, not our heads (Dannion Brinkley’s account is also stunning, as are those of many other NDE-ers). When humanity decides to put its heart in charge, then heaven on earth will be around the corner. But in a world of scarcity and pain, it is a tall task. That is the root issue of the free energy conundrum, IMO:

Be well,


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