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Best type of TV for HTPC?

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posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 07:25 PM
What is the best option for home theater and PC/gaming?

I had planned on going DLP projector, but decided that the cost of the projector plus a bulb or two would equal an actual TV. If someone can convince me that a projector is the best route, I'd love it because of the convenience.

I want minimal purchase price (less than 1,000USD) and maintenance costs. This rules out most LCDs and Plasmas.

It's going to be going in the basement, so being able to get it down the stairs without hospitalization is a must.

Also as it will be in the basement, daylight won't be an issue.

HD isn't needed as I don't have cable and don't plan on getting it.

I'm thinking DLP projection TV, 40-42inch as they go for $8-900, but how does LCD projection compare considering the above conditions?


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