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Household Situation-X Checklist

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posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 03:10 PM
This thread assumes the preparee owns a house, or that their lease allows them to make significant property improvements. It also assumes that the Situation X is a low-grade Class 3 or so, where commerce, water, electricity, and public services (like police and fire) are unavailable for extended periods of time, but that the dangers present do not require evacuation for survival.

/p = per person
/d = per day


  • 2x4's, 4x4's, 2x6's - self explanatory
  • Bricks - self explanatory
  • Buckets (several) - washing, hauling water, dirt, etc.
  • Chain - self explanatory
  • Concrete - self explanatory
  • Crowbar - self explanatory
  • Duct Tape - countless uses
  • Empty sandbag sacks - shore up against flooding or gunfights.
  • 1 Hammer/p - self explanatory
  • 1 Hand-saw/p - self explanatory
  • Hatchet - self explanatory
  • Mortar - for the bricks
  • Nails (various sizes) - self explanatory
  • Plywood Sheets - self explanatory
  • Propane Welding Kit - easiest shared resource fuel
  • Propane Xfer Kit - to salvage/scavenge/share propane
  • Pulleys - self explanatory
  • PVC pipe - jury-rig new plumbing if your pipes break.
  • Rope - self explanatory
  • Screwdriver Set - self explanatory
  • 1 Shovel/p - self explanatory
  • Socket set - self explanatory
  • Spare Handles - for brooms, hatchets, shovels, etc.
  • WD-40 - help "unstick" corroded/dirty metal
  • Whetstone - re-sharpen tools, knives, etc.


  • Baby Gear - diapers, bottles, formula, etc
  • Bandannas - for countless reasons
  • Camp Suds - soap that does clothes/dishes/teeth/hair/skin
  • 3 Cans food/p/d - 3 days worth mininum
  • 2 Can Openers (Manual) - in case the first one breaks
  • Coffee + Percolator - even if you don't drink it, barterable
  • Disinfecting Wipes - since water will be precious, cuts, etc.
  • Dry Firewood - self explanatory
  • Fire Starter/Flint - self explanatory
  • Fishing Gear - in case you live near anywhere with fish
  • Lime Powder - for the latrine outside.
  • Liquor - for medicinal, morale, or barterable purposes.
  • Potassium Iodide - Helps prevent radiation poisoning.
  • 1can Potted Meats/p/d - Nasty, but long-lasting protein source.
  • Propane Grill - Most fuel-efficient way to cook food.
  • 3lbs Salt - De-freezing, salting meats, flavor, barter
  • Scissors and Razors - self explanatory
  • Seed - heritage seeds that grow LOCAL and FAST
  • Strike Anywhere Matches - self explanatory
  • Tang - Flavoring for water, has Vitamins.
  • Tea + Steepers - Caffeine and Flavor for boiled water.
  • Toilet Paper - self explanatory
  • Tooth and Hair Brushes - self explanatory
  • Unscented Chlorine Bleach - 1 drop per liter kills most parasites.
  • Washboard - Your washer and dryer won't be working.
  • 1gal water/p/d - How to store and NOT to store.
  • Water Purification Tablets - To avoid wasting precious fuel boiling.


  • .22 Rifle + ammo - Light and accurate, ammo VERY common to scavenge.
  • 9mm Pistol + ammo - Good stopping power, ammo common to scavenge.
  • Bulk pkg Tums - Calcium source and does wonders for upset stomachs.
  • Coleman Lanterns - Uses commonly shared fuel source (propane).
  • 5 Face Particle Masks/p - Protection vs. harmful particulates/disease.
  • Field Surgery Kit - Since a hospital might not be an option.
  • Fire Extinguishers - One per room. Remember, no fire dept to call.
  • Firearm Cleaning Kit - self explanatory
  • First Aid Kit - self explanatory
  • First Aid + Surgery Manuals - If you only get 2 tech manuals, get these.
  • 1 LED Crank Flashlight/p - (need ability to recharge by hand)
  • 1 Gas Mask/p (w/replacement filters) - Protection versus chemical attack.
  • 1 Knife/p - self explanatory
  • Latex Gloves - For first aid/surgery/chemicals/+ million other uses
  • 2pair Leather Gloves/p - Protect hands when working outside.
  • Painters Tape - Tape windows up in big X's so they don't shatter.
  • Rubbing Alcohol - Sterilization, Fuel Source, Cleaner
  • Spare Glasses - Keep all your old and spare perscriptions with kit.
  • Special Meds - insulin, glycerine, seizure meds, etc.


  • 1 Backpack/p - self explanatory
  • Binoculars - self explanatory
  • Blank Journals/Log Books - self explanatory
  • Bolt cutters - in case you need to go through a fence or padlock.
  • 2 Canteens/p - self explanatory
  • CB Radio - For HR and HF communications
  • Chalk - self explanatory
  • Compass - self explanatory
  • Day-Glo Spray Paint - Create messages easily read from the air or street.
  • Emergency Crank Radio - Should include AM/FM/TV/NOAA
  • Flares - self explanatory
  • Local MAPSCO - For navigating Urban terrain without familiar routes.
  • 1 Mag-Light/p - Most reliable flashlight/doubles as a bludgeon
  • 1 Mountain Bike/p (w/cargo rack) - Light, narrow, fuel-less transport.
  • Polaroid Camera - Provide a visual hard-copy sans electricity.
  • Spool copper wire - for electronics repairs and antenna
  • Walkie Talkies - self explanatory
  • 1 Whistle/p - battery-less, fuel-less, emergency communication.


  • Air pump (hand pump w/various nozzles) - self explanatory
  • 2 Extra Blankets/p - self explanatory
  • 1 BOB/p - Bug-Out-Bag aka AWOL Bag
  • Bulk-Pack Batteries - Primarily AA's and D's.
  • Cash in Quarters - self explanatory.
  • Radiation Decontamination-Wipes - In case you get fallout on you.
  • Diesel Generator w/AC inverter - Emergency use of AC appliances.
  • Extra Sleeping Bags + Hammocks - In case you take in stragglers.
  • Fuel Cage - Keep spare fuel locked in here, away from the house.
  • Gold Ingots - Universally Barterable, highly reflective and conductive.
  • Inflatable Raft + Oars - In case you have to escape flooding.
  • Large Camo Netting - To hide your fuel cage, bikes, trapdoor etc.
  • Padlocks & New York Locks - Secure Doors and Gates from inside and out.
  • Photocopies ID & Credit Cards - In case you have to prove identity later.
  • Radiation Detector - Self explanatory
  • Religious Text - Good idea to have one of each, just in case.
  • Siphon w/hand pump - Scavenge/Salvage/Share gas/water/etc.
  • Spare Gas - For the car and the diesel engine.
  • Underground Shelter - Protect v. Tornadoes/Fallout, doubles as root cellar
  • Technical Manuals - Scout Manual, Army Survival Guide, herbs & veg, etc.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a number of things, but hopefully this is a good starting point. If you have items to add, or questions, feel free to reply to this. Several items are assumed to already be in the average household, like pots and pans, clothing, etc.

  • posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 03:40 PM
    excellent list, I'm constantly working and reworking my supplies, adding, removing, especially when I find better products

    sorry if I duplicate any already on your list, but I'll try not to.

    paper plates and cups
    plastic utensils
    garbage bags (all sizes)
    ziploc bags (all sizes)
    feminine products (pads, tampons, etc)
    mosquito coils and netting
    fishing rod and nets (if you have access to lakes, streams, ponds)
    tarps and plastics sheets (various sizes)
    ropes, twine, string

    i'll come back if i remember more

    posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 12:27 PM
    Hey thanks a lot for this list! I completely overlooked the repair/construction categories.

    You might want to consider purchasing a UHF/VHF programmable radio (since most emergency services operate on them).

    posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 08:12 AM
    Thanks y'all. Something else I forgot as a vital construction tool are sawhorse brackets. Personally I prefer brackets over pre-fabricated sawhorses, because they're cheaper, easily broken down to smaller, usable components, and if your sawhorse breaks, you can easily build another one with them. If you've ever tried to do anything even remotely approaching carpentry, you know how vital a pair of sawhorses are.

    posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 11:27 PM
    Thanks for the list. I have printed it off so I can have it with me. There are items that when your out buying supplies, you completely forget about...

    I don't think my stash will be as comprehensive but it will have to do.

    I am certainly no handy person...

    In AU it is so hard to get a gun. I am looking into it now but in an emergency setting you would need a gun... basic protection. How can anyone protect themselves without a gun??

    oh I have also sent this onto all of my email contacts as I think a lot of people wouldn't think about this. It isn't a nice thing to think about but being prepared or even a little informed is a good thing.

    thanks again

    oh just received feedback from one of my contacts regarding this info:

    Well, I guess you know that you just breached the the anti-terrorism legislation/s = plural and plenty of them, with this supposed nuclear (Bush speak -pronounced Nuk a lar) survival list. Worse Howard, has removed the option of hand guns for us Red-necks, anyway! Satire/humour therein. Meantime the laws around APEC are proof positive of declining civil liberties generally. PEACE!

    hmmm so we are not allowed to be prepared? BS

    [edit on 28-8-2007 by Thurisaz]

    posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 02:49 AM
    nice list man.. this is something to get started with,most of us (people i know atleast) dont have half of this stuff if any... looks like ill be the store on the block if anything went down!!

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