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Searl Effect Generator

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posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by masterp
Well, where is it? where are they?

Newman s still around, trying to patent his technology...

Part of an email from his associates.


1) Over 40 experts -- physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers/technicians ---
have tested Joseph Newman's energy machine (also known as the Newman Motor/Generator)
and have signed Affidavits that it performs as indicated.

2) Dr. Roger Hastings (Principal Physicist with Unisys) has conducted hundreds of hours
of testing on Joseph Newman's Motor/Generator and has signed Affidavits attesting
to the operability of the Newman Motor/Generator. Robert J. Matherne,
a physicist from Entergy Corp, (and who was instrumental in the development
of the nuclear power plant at Taft, Louisiana), has also
attested to the significance of this new technology.

3) Joseph Newman has constructed many operational prototypes
of his technology over the years, ranging in size from 4 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

4) The energy machine will totally decentralize our access to energy
and will have a profound socio-economic impact upon our civilization.
The energy generated by this machine is harmless, non-polluting,
and will replace ALL present forms of energy generation. With the energy machine,
every consumer could make a one-time purchase of a unit that could be installed
in one's backyard and virtually unplug themselves from local utility companies.
The energy machine could also be utilized to power all air, land, and sea vehicles
and would eliminate the polluting effects caused by the internal combustion engine.

5) Joseph Newman has published a book entitled THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN
in which he discloses all of his theories and the technical processes relating to the
construction of his energy machine. It is important to Joseph Newman that
this knowledge be preserved and disseminated.

6) Joseph Newman has been working on his concepts for over 30 years.
He submitted his Technical Process to the U.S. Patent Office several years
before he constructed the first operational prototype of his energy machine.

7) The energy machine is a physical embodiment of Joseph Newman's Technical Process.
Joseph Newman hopes that someone with the requisite ability will use his mechanical innovations
to formulate a mathematical extrapolation. Such an accomplishment would be similar
to the manner in which Michael Faraday's mechanical work led to mathematical theories
developed by James Clerk Maxwell. [Although Michael Faraday was
"mathematically illiterate" (his own words), he was a mechanical genius.]

8) The theories of Joseph Newman also represent a precise, mechanical explanation
of the phenomena of magnetism (not otherwise currently understood)
and the principle of "action at a distance." When one understands the nature
of the energy discovered by Joseph Newman, then one can understand
how it would be possible to build a technical application capable
of harnessing such mechanical motion (energy). As Maxwell explicitly stated:
"The energy in electromagnetic phenomena is MECHANICAL ENERGY" and consists of "matter in motion."
Joseph Newman describes the fundamental mechanical essence of a magnetic field
as a massergy having a "gyroscopic spin." Such gyroscopic action is fundamental
to understanding the mechanical nature of electromagnetism.

9) Technically-speaking, what Joseph Newman teaches is that one's goal
in the construction of one of his operational Motor/Generators is
"to have the LEAST amount of current input to create the GREATEST amount
of atomic domain alignment within the material of the conductor,
thereby causing the GREATEST magnetic field to be created."

10) The energy machine of Joseph Newman is far more efficient than
conventional nuclear energy and does not release any harmful
radiation or emission. This invention can be used to power the home,
industry, or to produce electrical energy for flight at a small fraction of today's cost.
As Joseph Newman states: "The finished prototype of what I teach will
drastically change the world for the good of humanity, more so than any invention before this time."

11) Joseph Newman has developed a precise and fundamental mechanical explanation
for both magnetic attraction and repulsion as well as Fleming's Rule. An understanding
of this explanation is what originally led him over thirty years ago to began to
truly understand the mechanical essence of electromagnetic fields
and enabled him to create an innovative technology
capable of harnessing the energy contained within these fields.



The A & E (Arts & Entertainment) Network aired a national Special entitled
"Conspiracies" which featured the revolutionary technology of Joseph Newman.

Joseph Newman has been featured on the CBS Evening News, The Tonight Show,
ABC/CNN National News, LIFE Magazine, PBS's "All Things Considered," in thousands of
newspapers/ magazines across the world, and on hundreds of radio talk shows
presenting his revolutionary technology.

Better than 30 physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers, and electrical technicians
have signed Affidavits attesting to the validity of Joseph Newman's revolutionary invention:
an electromagnetic Motor/Generator that could supply every America's home, farm,
business, automobile, and appliance with electrical power at a fraction of the present cost
and enable you to become energy independent.


"The future of the human race may be dramatically uplifted by the large-scale,
commercial development of this invention."

--- Dr. Roger Hastings, Principal Physicist

"If the manner in which Joseph Newman conducted his experiments
and the results were made known to the industrial or engineering community
then, in my opinion, several companies and/or individuals possess the expertise and capabilities
to construct the hardware required to fully exploit the apparent capability of his new concepts."

--- Dr. Robert E. Smith, Chief, Orbital and Space Environment Branch
George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA

"You have opened an area in Astrophysics which may revolutionize
the magnetic energy problems which is now the most paramount problem
in future energy and space travel. I do believe with proper research

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posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 02:03 AM
Hello peoble! I really wanted to ask this question since the first time I heard about the antigravity disk SEG:

to make it lose its weight and take off, how much voltage is required?
is it about several thousends volts? and what rpm should it run..

one very strange thing is althoug you can read Seral had made hundreds of remote controlled flights of the craft more then 30 years ago.. nothing is talked about take off recently these days..hmm

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by Freezer

About Newman:

Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?

For over 20 years Joe Newman (born, Joseph Westly Rogers) has been promising to demonstrate a device that produces more energy than it consumes. Many people have contributed time, materials and money to try to make this happen and many have concluded that Newman is dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts.

Joe has rented out whole stadiums to demonstrate claims of over unity. Joe claims there is a way with magnets, wheels and wire to turn parts of copper atoms directly into energy. Joe got national attention in the early 80's when he had a number of backers trying to get the patent office to grant him a patent for a big heavy machine he said would make excess energy seemingly out of thin air. The main complaint people had was that Joe would demonstrate a device that both had input power (often batteries) and produced output power. Joe has claimed that over 30 scientists and engineers have signed excess power affidavits - some have since recanted.

I offer a $10,000 prize for proof of Free Energy. But when I called up Joe to try to set up a time where he could try to win my money, he just cursed me out and threatened to physically assault me. Joe who is last known to be in Arizona is only one of many people who have claimed to have Free Energy Machines. Many people who have bought his $80 book, have tried to follow the instructions to make their own over unity machines - and failed after years of effort. Joe has run for president, claimed to contact UFOs and runs a radio show where he talks about God giving him messages and much patriot style rhetoric. He also operates much the same as Dennis Lee.

And some updates on Newman on that page:

1/3/2000 Newman has predicted major catastrophy for the Earth in May of 2000
4/99 Newman asks for $3500 down for a free energy machine to be delivered in July
5/00 Newman starts trying to get towns to pay him to prevent tornados
7/01 Newman under orders from God decides to start "NEW ISRAEL"

Other links proving to you that Newman is a crackpot:

An independent review of Newmans FE demo in Phoenix

James Randi's investigation of ZPE and Newman

Mistakes on Joe Newman's Solar Panel Test-Results

From all the above, what I see, with my simple, low IQ mind, without using knowledge of physics, astrophysics or metaphysics, is that this Mr Newman, for the last 20 years makes his living by claiming the he made the free-energy machine and then taking money from donations, advertisements, from the sales of his book and from investors.

What all the above prove to us? That Mr Newman is certainly a very clever man

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Jade Falcon

To my understanding, Searl is a professor in Munich but is on sabbatical leave in UK while he perfects his machin. He has BA degree, got at age 14!, and is Member of the Institute of Physics Instructors.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by leviterande

Actually John Searl claims that about forty experimental Inverse Gravity Vehicles were built (not hundreds, who make up such B.S. figures anyway?) as I understand it, he basically reused the SEG engine that powered them to develop control surfaces with many version of the hull disc shape. With regard to voltage, indirect estimates were based on the ionization of the air and the colors of excited gases, the crafts gathered impressive potentials of several hundreds of millions of volts at about 100amps, that is much more wattage or energy than the Apollo rockets. The best source of info it seems now is the searlsolution website.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 07:51 AM
I have seen quite a few videos of Searl and his SEG but I still have not seen a video where there are no wires. Those plastic things with the coils all around the rings and magnets looks an awful lot like an electromagnet pulsing energy at it from an external source. Why doesn't John do a video where there are no wires coming from anywhere? He can make a video like that and show the camera looking behind, under and over the table showing no wires, then I might buy it. But for now, it seems like outrageous claims with minimal video evidence which seems to be showing an electromagnetic pulsed motor, that's all.
lso, his claims of the Searl disc floating off into the air and crashing into the ceiling sounds like a fantastic amount of energy produced by this SEG, but I would love to see evidence of this floating disc. There are a lot of claims out there, but video evidence is pretty convincing, do you agree? I really do want to believe Mr John Searl, and I do think he is credible, but I'd just like to see more convincing evidence. -Sam

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 08:36 AM
I would love to see Searl prove his device works to public, but the fact is that he hasn't yet. I remember reading about his work about 5 years ago on the net and its still at the exact same point, where nothing has been proved and he is still looking for funding. I wish him all the luck in the world and hope this device is shown to work after so long.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by masterp
I have to jump in here. Okay here goes, masterp, gravity,magnetism(electromagnetism,more correctly),the strong and weak forces are all phyiscal properties that occur naturally everwhere in our phase of this universe. They are intricatley and intimately related to one another by the mere fact that they all act upon the universe similarly at an atomic and sub-atomic level, they are all examples of binding forces at various levels of mass. The effect of all of these all look very similar at varying degrees of proportion. Okay numbers guy, while I agree with Searles claim that this type of engineering is possible and plausible we simply do not have the technology to create the frictionless rollers neccesary for this to be active technology today. I believe that it could be done in an anti gravity situation but when you have the force of gravity acting upon the whole apparatus it is simply not possible to maintain a zero point energy surplus when gravity is a factor. There will be an energy drain simply because the operation is taking place in an area where gravity is present, so the whole apparatus is functioning against gravity and therefore will lose its kinetic energy,while its potential can never be restored fully for free. It may work for very long periods due to to the extremely fine roller surface but the effects of gravity and friction simply cannot be over come and eventually the potential must be restored by means of an outside source. Unless Searle has found a way to augment or by pass the most basic laws of physics it is simply science fiction, nothing more. Also the fact the he is asking for cash makes him even less credible, IMHO.

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by Schmidt1989

Free energy is always a lie. FYI. Energy has to come from somewhere.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by spookjr

I think you should all actually read the searlsolution web pages, there you can make out that it is an open system which mean it gather energy from the outside as would a solar cell, so at least in theory energy is not a problem for it as goes. Notice also (if you know electromagnetics) the design can forms a magnetic bearing due to the eddy currents of the roller as they orbit. I think we go on and on uncovering the merits of this device if one has a technical eye for it, but unless Searl get the resources that were available to him in the past, it will be no show for us and we will just have settle for high gas prices.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 06:15 PM
The thought that free energy may be created with mechanical or magnetic means with the available pieces of technology people try to use today is a lost cause. It cannot be done that way.

There is a possibility, so never say never. The sole hope of this method relies on newly produced forms of teflon, reaching out of the box with fluid dynamics and the use of recently available ferro-magnetic fluids. That is enough to do it within the commonly known laws of today.

Its possible but its going to take some new approaches and new discoveries to mix with the old. Might be tomorrow, might be 100 years.

Look to MIT and the 24hr solar energy breakthrough. Several old parts mixed in with a few new ones. People just have to let go from trying to re-invent the flywheel so to speak and reach out in different directions.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 06:15 PM

Originally posted by dave420
reply to post by Schmidt1989

Free energy is always a lie. FYI. Energy has to come from somewhere.

I think you should all actually read the searlsolution web pages, there you can make out that it is an ‘open system’ which mean it gather energy from the outside as would a solar cell, boat sail, or hydroelectric dam, so at least in theory energy is not a problem for it as goes. Notice also (if you understand electromagnetics) that the design can form a magnetic bearing due to the eddy currents of the roller as they orbit. I think we can go on and on uncovering the merits of this device if you can look closely at it with a technical eye, but unless Searl get the resources that were available to him in the past, it will be a no show for us and we will just have settle for high gas prices. Yet there is hope, work is finally being carried out in Thailand to develop and mass produce it.

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Sorry Anon guy, but I have read everything I can find about the Searle device and I must maintain my opinion that this device is nothing but sci-fi as of yet. While I do agree that this device has huge potential, it requires an operational premise that defies at least 2 known physical laws. electromagnetic eddys simply do not explain away the basic flaws in the(granted) ultra fine engineering.
This device, operating under the strain of earthly gravitation cannot generate power for free. It may be able to generate power at an efficiancy greater than any known technology but free, with no energy input, no, sorry. Even in a zero g environment the laws of inertia must come into play,let alone on the surface of the earth. However I hope he keeps trying. Also highly suspicious of the anon post, I am surprised that you did not ask for my credit card number.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by spookjr
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

I am surprised that you did not ask for my credit card number.

[edit on 14-8-2008 by spookjr]

You can't slam right into the scam so fast! Obviously you aren't familiar with Nigeria.

The fish has to bite before you set the hook.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by forsakenwayfarer
Hello my name is john and i would like to offer you the deal of a life time, all I need is your credit card number or a checking account number and I will transfer the fund immediatly.
Just kidding, its funny though, this guys' device has huge potential but he needs to launch it into orbit before the true potential can be explored. In that respect I can understand why he needs more money.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 11:22 AM
No need to be sorry, just try to keep an open mind because we talking about a concept that is way ahead of its time. Consider reviewing subject matter better, after all how could you misunderstand what the role of the eddy currents are if you really knew the subject well enough? All I meant is that it does make for a magnetic bearing which is consistent with Searl’s observations and that the rollers do not touch the Plate’s surface which can be explained by electromagnetic theory. This is a good thing to know because that suggests that it is not science fiction to those that understand the physics that make it possible. In other words, it is not impossible except that the state your mind make it so for you, but not for me if I unnderstand it better, thats the point everyone should consider.

With regards to inertia, well pay close attention… “THE ROLLERS MOVE AT AN INSTANT RATE”, in other words they do not accelerate from the start. The implications of this breaks new grounds, since it implies that inertia is electromagnetic by nature and it can be inverted, making it proactive and not just reactive as usual. Now this is interesting, so let us dare to consider what an inversion of inertia can do for us. Well given enough energy to power it, matter could be impelled and thus provides a means of propulsion… think about it.

Keep in mind that nature exhibits dually or makes possible mirrored images of matter and forces, so why not for inertia or gravity? Be careful now; don’t just assume that it is impossible.

With regard to energy, well that’s where the SEG hold the most promise for those that don’t like pollution and hate high prices at the pump, it converts ambient sources of energy like temperatures of the environment which is why it cools everything around it as it draws electrical power out to the load. This temp drop is really not a problem but an ideal solution since we will never be able to use up the abundance world’s energy contained within the atmosphere; be it temperature or radiation from the sun. I don’t think the SEG will work in environment in which the temperature is absolute zero and no other forms of radiation around it because it must have kinetic energy to work with. Yet that is not a problem for it either since neither here or in space is empty of electromagnetic energy or radiation.

Why the cheap credit card jokes anyway? I never believed this is the place to find businessman out to fund anything, I though this forum was about just gettng better informed...

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by Goldenegg
Unless you have seen the completed device in operation, you have no idea if the engineering is even viable, have you seen it operate, have you seen it generate power,have you seen the "instant start" of the rollers, have you seen this supposed magnetic bearing in operation, have you seen this device run with no energy input and produce an energy surplus, have you seen this? If not then I suggest you get off of your high horse and ask the almighty Searle for a demonstration,and dont forget about me because I want to be there.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by forsakenwayfarer

your garbage.... pathetic how u can think so in the box and yet try to sound smart on your posts... moron... go join the government then

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:11 PM

Originally posted by masterp

Originally posted by Freezer
The motive of politicians is money.

Perhaps, but writing yourself in history books is also a motive, as history proves.

Yeah, so is staying a politician, but more importantly, so is staying alive. (and your family staying alive too)

You really think they would just let a free energy device come into production?
Not the politicians, but the big bankers, oil companies, battery companies, energy companies.

I don't see anyone stopping Steorn or Searl or 100s of others claiming free energy.

No, but then they do not have a device working worldwide yet either.
Also, a major consideration that wasn't a factor before is of course, the internet. Without it, who is going to hear about your latest device? The press? The newsmedia? No chance! (unless to ridicule it -note piss taking smirk on presenters faces, whenever ETs, UFOs, Alternative energy etc etc)

Magnets would be a great source of energy if it could be harnessed as Steorn has claimed. Magnets last hundreds of years which is more than any of us will live.

Reality says though that magnets do not work the way Searl says. There is just no way to construct an 'infinite' magnetic drive.

Please explain. These are not your off the shelf magnets you know (well, you should if you've read up) These are highly specialised, amalgams. They are a combination of materials with very tight tollerances. 'Magnets' in the normal sense, they are not.
And what is 'reality'?

They also can be easily remagnetized.

Yeah, and with what energy?

So, we have a generator, containing highly specialised composite 'magnets', running for around 200 -300 (even 400) years, producing (accessing energy from ZPE field) energy. Then they degrade.
Based on the above, do you think that remagnetising the components, would 'cost' more than what it would produce over centuries, even decades, even days?! Come on..

Free energy? The classification is irrelevant. I think there are many free energy devices which have been invented and have been surpressed.

No free energy devices have ever been constructed or suppressed. Don't believe every nutty conspiracist out there.

So you are nutty are you? You are on a forum, on a website which is specifically orientated towards conspiracies. You really ought to think twice about 'throwing stones in glass houses mate!
And you have absolute knowledge and proof that supression hasn't happened? History is litterred with examples of people being 'silenced' by whatever means, and not all in the alternative energy field either.
We are humans, 'they' are humans, what more proof do you need?!

No scientist have debunked Joe Newmans machine.

I do not see him suppressed or anything. What happened? is he a hoaxer?

He's still trying to get a patent 30 years later poor guy.
Go look through the many patents online which describe ways to harness energy from earth.

Patents don't mean anything, especially in the US.

I agree. Patents are a useless, pathetic pandering to the powers that be. Asking 'permission' for official recognition, is both a waste of time and a pathetic 'cap in hand' exercise to the tosspots who think their # smells of roses. Open source is the 21st century, mature way to highlight your work.

Its not free energy we are after, its the available energy all around us.

But most, if not all, free energy investors claim overunity...for example, Newman claims 1000% efficiency. That's free energy.

Mate, nobbling your electricity or gas meter is 'free energy FFS.

The energy is NOT free! It does not 'just appear' from nothing. It is being extracted, by unconventional means from the all pervading energy field, once thought of as 'the ether', now almost universally referred to as the Zero point energy field. (or quantum energy field)

There's not even a debate anymore that the energy around us exist, its finding a medium or method to transfer it into useable current. If tesla could do it 100 years ago we can too.

Tesla did many things, but he did not invent a free energy machine. In the conspiracy turmoil, the truth about Tesla has been greatly twisted.

Oh? How elaborate please. Of course, i want concrete proof of you assertion. (if it's good for the goose and all that!)

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 08:17 AM
Searl is a freak. He has been at it for 60 years with no success. He discovered something but is unable to replicate it. That is the truth. He dosent know anything.

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