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Homo Purgatorium

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:05 PM
Homo Sapien
Homo Sanctus
Transmigratory Existence
The Ascension
Violet Fire (or flame)
Saint Germain
"I am a human becoming"
Catholic Exoricism Latin

One of my goals in life is to reunite the occident with the orient...

Purgatory: During this state, the souls of the dead inhabited a place where, according to their deeds, they were either happy or wretched. Those souls who required purification of their past lives would experience the purifying fire (in Latin purgatorium) more drastically than those who were more advanced in holiness before their death.

"Purgatorial fire will cleanse every elect soul before they come into the Last Judgement." Pope Gregory 700AD

I practice magic; the schooling of the mind, body, and soul of myself and others.I see things and hear that I would have missed 5 years ago.

I confess, however, I have not always lived a homo-sanctus worthy existance... and I continue to collect habitual dark fuel; though thankfully less and less each day. I am learning to collect and properly dispose of other being's dark fuel along with my own these days; part of my personal schooling and mahayana philosophy. It seems the dark forces are in abundance these days; the demons no longer hide in the shadows.

One of my meditations that I keep, like a circus performer spinning plates, is my purple flame meditation.

My flame is about 1 meter in front of me and 1 meter off the ground. Sometimes it encompasses me. It burns on sin. When I see sin in myself or my brother, I meditate upon feeding the sin into the flame. A mental alchemical exercise.

One day righteousness will rule...

Right now... my purple flame is burning pretty white-purple hot with demons... it seems to grow with each passing day.

I wish to engage in a faith based conversation with the community regarding this purple fire, transmigratory existance; jivanmukti as the advaita's would call it... pergatory for the catholics.

As a side note, I also keep an alchemical white flame surrounding myself and loved ones. It burns with good vibration; a large (when I can manifest it so) bubble in shape; surrounding/protecting/nurturing. Between the two flames I exist... in my opinion we all exist. That is: gṛhiṇo bhūta-rakṣejyā

Consider the wordlist above required googling before engaging, and necessary for discourse... I'm a 2012'ver... so feel free to bring the Mayans into this.

tribus verbis te volo

I am,

Sri Oracle, Homo Purgatorium

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:22 PM
Homo Sanctus .
That intrigued me.

The only reference I found was Here

JBNI believes that Homo Sapiens' learning through physical struggle should end, and that new humanity, Homo Sanctus, will advance through polishing of mind.

Seems they are here to help, but have an agenda :

For well over a decade, the products offered by JBNI, under our physician's only brand name BIODRUX , have been sold globally to medical professionals, clinics and managed care. Recently qualified distributors and pharmacies have been added to our clientele in an effort to further make available to the public, products which are currently still in the nutraceutical catigory.

From Here

And, when a statement such as :

There is no danger of over-dose.

From Here shouts to me that it's purely natural
and can be consumed by the public, without paying for JBNI's

If I'm off-base, let me know.
I'll apologise.


posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 03:18 PM

JBNI believes that Homo Sapiens' learning through physical struggle should end, and that new humanity, Homo Sanctus, will advance through polishing of mind.

JBNI is a company who's 'mission statement' encompasses Homo Sanctus philosophical structure. It's purposes, goals, and activities are oriented towards such from a bio-pharmicutical perspective.

"We are changing the human condition through dynamic biomedicine"

Their goals seem to be oriented towards replacing synthetic pharms that are most widely used with more natural proprietary alternatives.

It would seem that those involved in the organization are approaching life from a Homo Purgatorium perspective.

Here is some more info on Homo Sanctus:

Fritjof Capra

When a bishop dies in the Catholic Church he is declared "homo sanctus"... holy man or saint. Symbolism. She must first bless herself...

homo doctus is another word that could play into the discussion; "a learned man"

homo civilis sanctus ; a man of the holy city; a man of duty
homo moralis; a man of ethic


- Sri

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 07:21 PM

the idea that all the properties of a given system (biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) cannot be determined or explained by the sum of its component parts alone.

From Wiki.

Holism. I agree.

Sri, you are on to a big part of the cover-up, IMO.

Reference Asimov's PsychoHistory.
Any individual cannot be predicted.
The IDEAS and BELIEFS of a society as a whole
MIGHT be predictable.

Another vague reference.
Magicians, Illusionists.

Religions used them.
Now, governments use them.

Smoke and mirrors.
Look behind the curtain.

Awesome thread, I hope more people get



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