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Saucers in the sky - 60 Years on

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 09:22 AM
I've just seen this on the BBC website and ive got to say its a terrible piece of journalism, its just so one sided and does its best to make all of us who know that what we have seen is true and not some star in the sky or odd cloud, to be complete nutters.

Some people have posted already saying there is no new footage out there or why its not been openly discuss in the media if its real, why cant people understand the media is controlled and they need to look at this stuff for themselves?

the whole article can be found here:

David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism, has spent 30 years studying UFOs and the sociology of the flying saucer sighting.

He is no believer in little extraterrestrial men, but believes mainstream scientists should recognise the rational explanations for sightings are themselves worthy of study.

"They wouldn't touch it," he says. "It's got such a bad press. Anything that people don't have an immediate explanation for - it must be little green men."

The "ufologists" who study the phenomenon comprise both sceptics and believers. They seek to "resolve" each incident, explaining away each aspect. And there is a wealth of explanations for most sightings that is as fascinating for sceptical enthusiasts as the notion of space visitors.

Cold War projection

Sundogs, or strange refractions of the sun in another part of the sky, burning space debris, weather balloons, ball lightning, meteors, disc-shaped or lenticular clouds, mirages, even the planet Venus low in the sky, are all classic methods of resolving UFO sightings.

But underlying them is a need also to explain people's desire to believe that a UFO sighting can be explained by alien activity. The timing of the start of the golden age of the UFO, in a Western world recovering from World War II and gearing up for the start of the Cold War, is significant.

"We were projecting things to reflect our fears and concerns about the Cold War," Mr Clarke says.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 09:54 AM
i think it accurately reflects the history & current situation regarding ufos.

You think the whole media is controlled by who? a coalition of 200 countries all surpressing alien information? Or is it just the bbc? If the UK government controls the bbc why are they always threatning them with legal action over anti-government stories?

why if they are controlled did they report the sighting of the pilot over the english channel recently?

another claim by a believer that does not reflect reality

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 10:19 AM
60 years and no disclosure

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