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The Alien Agenda

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 01:56 AM
When I was a child,i was nearly abducted by a being claiming to be capable of manipulating our color spectrum causing them to become invisible to the human eye.(my rescuer was one of them as well)Have you noticed how many unsolved disapearances there are? They take us and keep us alive in orbs that slowly disolve us into a living mass that they feed on.
I was also told their agenda was to terraform the planet in order to bring about an invasion that would eventually lead to mankind being enslaved.I had asked at the time why they were waiting and was told that if we knew what they were doing and that they were really here and if we could see their terraforming machines that we had the ability to destroy them.They told me that they have been slowly terraforming the planet in order to keep from being detected.And that it would take approximatly 47 years to complete.i was told this when i was a child.Nothing more was said about that.Nothing that i want to repeat here any how.
I can tell you this much.They resemble us,at least as far as they are bipeds.They have arms and legs like we do.But they are smaller in stature,and they have six fingers on their right hands.And a sleak skin texture that resembles scales.Their actual color is a mix between black and yellow.And they give off an oder like dust or the smell of dirt.They could be in your home now watching you,but you wont see them because they remain outside of our color spectrum.You know that feeling you get late at night,or when your alone and you feel like your being watched?Its them.
Sometimes when they are watching us and we are busy doing something and completely involved in it they like to scare us by appearing at the corner of our eyesight,but when we turn to look we cant see them.Remember,to them we are nothing but cattle.A food source.So they think this is fun to do because they are extremely monevolant(sp).
They do have a base set up in mexico,they need the heat.Its Like a snake or a lizard will crawl up on a rock during the day to heat itself.They are cold blooded but not reptiles.
They have been terraforming the planet for years.Their base and terraforming machines are hidden from our sight.It is not within our color spectrum so we cant see it,but if our Government were to use its satalites with infrared or thermal imaging they may be able to pick it up.The only problem is that the heat of the sun melds with their technology to help keep them hidden.It would literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack.The best time to look for them is during a rainstorm,and right at the peak of sunset.
They move by bending reality and opening up passages from one point to another.Ive seen it done and its very frightening.Sometimes we might catch a glimpse of this and see it as a quick shadow or reflection.
This is all Im going to say about this for now.If i reveal any more it could cause me to be seen as a threat to them.Im still pulling these memories from my subconcious.It was along time ago that this took place.I had lived only 200 miles from the mexican border with my family at the time.But I have recalled these memories most of my life.In fact it was an ongoing joke with my family that as a child i would always ask to see peoples hands in order to count the fingers.And woulnt trust anyone until I had.
Make what you want of it,but Im telling you the 100% truth.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:13 AM
Dear GodzHor2,

There is no uniform agenda. Some ETs are loving and positive. Others are imbalanced. It is our duty to enter into relationship with those ETs who are loving an spiritual advanced.

Dr. Paul Daniel Payne, Emissary
The Fellowship of Yeshua

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:35 AM
Spirit connect, good to see you around still.

GodzHor, I'm not quite sure if this was told to you in an altered state of mind, but a good rule I've found to live by is, if something is trying to impose a world view on you, and the root of it is fear, you may want to take a step back so you can clearly see the whole picture..

I don't think a race much more advanced then us, capable of terraforming a planet, would be also capable of cloning whatever human bodies they needed to be dissolved in an orb.... Just one possible answer to why the aliens likely don't want to turn us into a a tasty smoothie treat..

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 04:49 AM
This is as valid as anything else I have seen...I am certain that at other wavelengths contain more information than we are able to see with our naked eye the Mexican airforce video confirms that. As for them feeding on one way or is the way of the world the weak are prey for the strong.
Singular or numerous EBE's are without question furthering their agenda and we the are attempting to curtail their efforts with HAARP and Chemtrails.
I say kill them if you can..if they want to be friends and step out of the shadows then fine..if they choose to remain hidden then I choose to regard them as hostile until they prove otherwise. Hunt,shoot , kill and then expose for all the world to see..THEY ARE HERE and SOME are very bad guests

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 05:50 AM
If you guys read the Lacerta files, it fits very well. This reptilian race is feeding on us, "eating" our fears and energy resulted by it. Why so many wars? Here is why!

So what this OP said fits perfectly with that story. The reptilians are known to not have any affection for humans, they look at us like cattle indeed. Still there are reptilians which are fond on us, so in a sense they will fight a lot among themselves about what to do with us. This race is very competitive and aggresive.

They said they evolved on this planet in the undergrounds. There are many races of reptilians which have no blood connection to these ones. I think the ones the OP talks about are the ones which live on this planet.

It is said there are reptilian races which govern entire Universes. Ours is not one of those.
This reptilian race which lives on Earth it is said to be here since 65 million years ago. Just after the dinosaurs went extinct they evolved in caves and now they are ahead of us by million of years.

They like the Sun, yes, they have some sort of orgasm when standing in the Sun. Just like normal reptiles lol. Also in the Lacerta file we learn about Atlantis and Lumeria, human civilizations far ahead of us which existed on this planet, but were destroied. We are NOT the first "modern" civilization.

We might just be destroyed again. But we have free will, God gave this law in this universe, so we must be carefull what we do with our destiny. Only our mistakes will get us killed, invaded or destroyed.


posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 06:51 AM
Hi, GodzHor2!!

spiritconnect is pretty much right on as far as I've learned. There are many different races visiting our planet now, and who have been visiting for thousands of years - maybe longer.

The majority of beings are benevolent. They are both physical and non-physical; although, to differentiate between these two will become more difficult in our near future. We're seeing our notions of reality quite pulled apart at the moment, and this is going to continue.

There are intelligent, malevolent beings that do feed off of fear. They try to perpetuate it. Their time with our race is coming to an end.

I don't know what to think of reptilians. I've read a lot about them, and there hasn't been a clear picture painted of them yet. Are they physical? Are they non-physical? Are they malevolent? Are they benevolent? The answer to all of these questions is yes - they are all of the above.

The greater message that I am seeing about our future is that these negative energies (baddies) have held sway over our race in different forms for millennia, but they are leaving, soon.

As I understand it, there are waves of energy coming from what those in the know term as the "source", or creator (god). These energies are affecting, that we can observe, the earth, the planets in our immediate vicinity, and our sun. They are also affecting the human race, and every being on (or in) this planet.

There are also many races of beings, physical and non-physical (as well as the earth itself), who are guiding and aiding us through this process. These beings are mostly benevolent. What really counts is that the greater force/numbers are benevolent, and the positive changes we are undergoing will not be altered or deterred by these negatively oriented groups.

In fact, these groups are being ushered from the planet. From what I understand, these negatively oriented energies are not going to be able to survive the higher energy levels that we are entering; that is if they area able to survive the forces that will physically, or otherwise force them from the planet.

There's a lot going on right now, but any plans of any malevolent race are not part of that process and, as I understand it, some of these negatively oriented beings have no idea what's coming for them.

If you're interested in the reptilians in particular, which I think could be a guise or costume as opposed to a lizard man (although, as I understand it, benevolent and attractive lizard-humans do exist), you might watch a Youtube series of interviews with Peggy Kane.

Peggy Kane claims to be using Reverse Speech to contact what she calls the reptilians, which are non-physical entities she says shares a plane with deceased spirits (could be a lower astral plane...if you're into that sort of thing...). I'm not sure what to think of it myself, except I love a happy ending. hahaa

In Peggy's understanding, the creator, or source, is sending a force to remove these negatively oriented beings from the earth. Peggy says that this energy is coming in the form of Planet X (Nibiru), and it will wipe these negative beings from our planet. Whatever the cause, it will be nice to see the earth cleaned up.

Here is a LINK to a 24 part video interview series. The videos are in 5 minute parts. See what you think.

Otherwise, love is the theme for what is transpiring on our planet, and in our galaxy (probably universe). Let that be the prevailing energy in your life, not fear.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 07:47 AM

You are right on the mark.

The Zetan-Reptilians you describe, along with the Praying Mantises also reported by abductees, which the Greys and Nordics serve, are all part of an empire which subjugates (i.e., harvests) worlds like this one that are unable to defend themselves adequately.

At least one member in the Disclosure Project of Dr. Steven Greer attests that there is a large alien base in the Moon; this adds to the theory that the entire moon itself was artificially constructed long ago. Moreover, retired Army Sgt. Clifford Stone has said that there are "probably twelve or fewer" fully-operational underground and underwater alien bases around this planet.

You are not alone in this. Many feel as you do about the alien agenda unfolding.

Get yourself some night vision goggles. Like this. Then you will be able to see them coming.

Before they can officially take over, they need to complete their long-term breeding program in order to produce an occupational army of Hybrids.

They worry about the technology that is being developed and know that their time is running out. Eventually, gravity wave propulsion systems - which they use - will be achieved here and the common citizenry will be able to escape the quarantine and report back as to what is really happening.

There are also spiritual forces at work to offset their eventual takeover.

All of the above spells a horrific war and revolution in the not-too-distant future

Oh is the answer. But only of the advanced kind.

Those who evolve into God Realization through their pursuit of Heart Chakra Radiance (see signature link) will have the ability to make a major difference after they Ascend or expand into The Light after death or astral projection. They will have the telekinetic ability to put up a much better defense than we have now. The aliens have no shielding or teleportation ability. Future Ascended Masters will have both as well as the capability to dissolve matter into light, which in itself is a form of teleportation.

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 07:25 PM

Originally posted by HaTaX

I don't think a race much more advanced then us, capable of terraforming a planet, would be also capable of cloning whatever human bodies they needed to be dissolved in an orb.... Just one possible answer to why the aliens likely don't want to turn us into a a tasty smoothie treat..

The thing about cloning is that i dont believe its possible to clone a soul.As it is what makes each person unique unto themselves.I believe that should aliens clone a human what they would get would be nothing more than an unfeeling creature that had no self motivation and acted purely on instincts.See food=eat.get tired=sleep.Although they may be capable of doing the labor any alien race may need slaves for,i dont believe clones would have the full dna that allows aliens to gain whatever nourishment they receive from us.And in my humble opinion,why bother with processing your own food when you have a grocery store next door?Seems like a waste of time and energy and resources to try and clone humans when the earth is full of them ready to be harvested.I certainly acknowledge your point of view but im just not able to agree with you when I know from the experience that what i saw was real.I cant tell you why they do it,just that they do,and to us it would be seen as gruesome and horrific,but to them its just survival.
Also,I have no clue as to why humans are slowly disolved over such long periods of time.I know alot of this sounds nuts.I would be one of the first to try and disprove this if not for one thing.It actually happend to me.I was a very young child who made the mistake of trying to catch a look at one of them.And for that I was nearly abducted.
I'd love to be able to pull out a video or photos or some kind of evidence to back this up.But when i was a child there werent video recorders.And i didnt have a camera.All i can say for certain is that we lived 200 miles from the mexican border so i believe the base is some place near it.And soon after this happend,my family,lifelong residents of texas moved to iowa and have never gone back.Its like Ive already said,take it however you like,but i know its 100%true.All I ask is that you keep an open mind.And give me any insight you might have that i may not have noticed.It IS helping to talk about it.Reading your posts has helped me to realize that some people will listen and give me some good feedback.I need that because it's letting me dig this up and relive it.And maybe i will find some way to convince people to look for the base in mexico.THAT would definatly be the greatest thing that could happen.Finding it would be like a burden lifted from my shoulders.I guess I'd know then that Im not just a wingnut with an over active imagination but someone who really had this experience.I bet this is how columbus felt when he tried to convince everyone the world was round and not flat and that he wouldnt fall off the edge by sailing to the horizon.
Just remember this if nothing else,if you get one of those creepy Im being watched feelings and smell dirt and think you might have caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye,dont go looking for answers.let it go!

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 05:26 AM
@ GodzHor2

There is just one problem. I don't think that going back and finding that place is such a good idea. Why?

Well, some reptillian said that when someone finds an entrance in one of their bases he/she will ussualy get killed. But that happens rarely since the human eye can't see the entrance, it is hidden. Even if it is in front of your eyes all you might see is a tree.

So first of all it is very hard to find that place/base and secondly you might get killed if you find it. So be careful!

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 10:57 AM

Originally posted by Pericle
@ GodzHor2

There is just one problem. I don't think that going back and finding that place is such a good idea. Why?

The purpose for locating their base would be to destroy their terraforming abilities,resolving global warming and stopping or slowing any imminent invasion they have planned.
I believe the best way to search for their base is with satallite imaging using thermal imaging during a rainstorm.I personally would stay the hell as far away as i can get.I dont wanna be next on the menu.
thanks for your feedback!

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 02:55 PM
I live in L.A. right now and I'm trying to leave. I don't think I'll make it, but I've seen this in my dreams. I've always felt them around and I feel them sucking my dry. It's been very bad the past year, I don't know how long we have. Is it something to do with the flouride in the water, are they a part of that?

I've had this vision lately.

First Bright lights, then fire, lots of it, everything burning, then spirits flying overhead and ultimate peace as I've never felt before. Padre Pio's look under pius xii's dream sounds similar...

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 03:42 AM
If you feel the need to flee than dont wait.I think your concious mind has seen them and was unable to accept what it was seeing.Its remained hidden from you but when they are close your sub concious mind can sense them.If this is true then i can only believe that you are marked and may not "get away" unless you move fast.

Your feedback regarding padre pio was enlightening and interesting.Thanks for posting it! Im going to go back over the entire page again...i think I may have overlooked something.
Ive heard some of the rumors regarding flouride, check this out..

There was a story prevalent in post war Holland that the Nazis had experimented with fluoridation because a secret research study had found that fluoride made people more docile and thus more accepting of dictatorship. A Mr. Perkins, an American, was alleged to have discovered right after the war that the I.G. Farben Company had discovered that this effect of fluoride was caused by damage to a particular part of the brain. This was the kind of bizarre story that never made it into the history books because no one could ever document it. The story may seem credible to some because fluoride is a component of many high strength tranquilizers. (p. 51-52) Although this story was never used in any of Dr. Moolenburgh's anti-fluoridation campaigns, it probably did a lot to sway public opinion against fluoridation.The full story can be found HERE under MOOLENBURGH'S SUSPICIONS.

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 10:00 AM
Ive seen some programs on The Discovery channel regarding UFO sightings in Mexico.One of these also showed what appeared to be flying Aliens.Does anyone have any further information regarding this? i believe it may back up what ive been saying about the base in mexico as well as the abductions.

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