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UFOs & string theory

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 10:26 PM
..i want to ask why does the work of mainstream science have a credible rep, when it seems (to me) that science doesn't abide by its own standard of proof which it demands of the UFO community? EX: string theory: a very complex idea, understood today by as many people as understood the theories of relativity (both of them) a hundred years ago, and that aint many people.. there are many theories that explore radical ideas about the existence and behavior of subatomic particles.. one says that there are (were) possibly 23 dimensions that exist (or existed) in the relationships of protons, neutrons, etc.. hard to follow, but, o.k.. its a theory, everybody has one and the right to talk about it.. what pulls my hair out is the adulation and prestige these theories have attracted.. everybody from stephen hawking on down is yacking about various string theories: how they came to exist, why they're not observable today, etc..

the problem is, THERE IS NO PROOF THAT STRINGS EXIST[ED] IN THE SUBATOMIC CONTEXT.. UFO skeptics holler, "where is the proof of your UFOs and aliens?" i want to yell back, "where is the proof that subatomic strings exist?" forget about proof, neither is there any EVIDENCE that subatomic strings ever existed.. this is all a bunch of ideas, words on paper.. there is not one itty-bitty piece of evidence that subatomic strings ever iexisted, or exist today, but it's a great way to get your name in a physics journal.. subatomic strings are the rage and all the buzz iin physics circles (squares, too)..

what hypocrisy, what disengenuousness, what bias! the world of ostensibly honest, integrity-bound, methodical scientists are bouncing all over the place, all ga-ga about subatomic strings, for which there is no proof.. yet, when shown pictures of UFOs, burned patches of earth in well-defined, peculiar shapes, some of which show the presence of above normal radioactivity, thousands of descriptions by all kinds of people (including law enforcement and commercial and miliitary pilots, and recordied videos of radar tracks), "scientists" frequently have one explanation for it: swamp gas..

it bothers me greatly that physicists and other scientists
are so interested in subatomic string theory (there are many respected theories for which there is no emperical evidence, i just picked this one) for which there is no "footprint", no residue, no known effect which can be attributed to this theory, yet, the boxes of UFO reports, still photos, videos, personal accounts by highly-trained professionals are so easily dismissed by supposedly open-minded practitioners of the scientific method.. UFO proponets are set aside as being merely gullible by those who engage in scientific work to investigate string theory for which there is no known tangible artifact or record of credible observation..

and people ask me why i dont trust authority!

i do not necessarily believe in UFOs, aliens (as invasive bacteria or e.t.s), abductions, conspiracies or roswell.. i am not a UFO "nut"; i just want to know the truth;
i believe we ere not being told the truth about these poorly-understood phenomena;
i believe the govt. has not been truthful with us about such observations;
i believe the govt. has little credibility in this area for many reasons; the easiest example is project bluebook; an admitted plan of deception, discreditation and deceit;
i believe the govt. (every agency, from the white house down to the postal service) has contradicted itself in providing info about UFO events;
i believe the govt. is a poor liar, especially when it fights so hard to prevent info from being released about events which it denies ever happened., why are they so adamant about not discussing things that never happened?
i believe the govt. is using "national security" as a cover-up for hiding the truth about UFOs.. after 60 years, the lies, the excuses, the shielding of the truth from everyone is really getting old..

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I think you need to read up on String Theory, sir. And I will bet you almost anything that UFOs are where they got the idea for string theory in the first place. We have reverse engineered these craft, learned about gravity modification, zero point energy, free energy, etc. The reason they believe in string theory is because they have learned that the universe operates on a bunch of vibrations and resonance. It's quite amazing actually. Michio Kaku is light years ahead of Einstein, but Einstein was brilliant for his time. The universe isn't nearly as complex as they once thought it was, and soon they will probably realize that conscious/subconscious thought works the same way as the rest of the universe does. They are looking for a simple formula, a universal field theory, to easily explain it all.

I think the media and the government try to cover up the UFO situation, but I think the scientific community is very much aware of it. Science calls for evidence, and there is overwhelming evidence without any question that UFOs and ETs exist.

All of our searching and seeking the truth is a beneficial part of our evolution. I think it is on its way to becoming a more spiritual evolution than a technological one. Because after all, how has technology brought humanity closer together? It hasn't, it has made everyone less physically sociable, especially the teenagers today. Everyone wants more and more and more and is never satisfied. A one man income in the 50s could take care of a family of 5, but now a two person income can't even provide for themselves. Our world and way of living and thinking is in need of a major paradigm shift. Satisfaction will come from knowing our true place in the universe and how we are supposed to act -- globally, locally, consciously, ethically, etc.

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 07:30 PM
OP I think your wrong in the sense of string theory, as no one has ever stated that it is the end all explaination of our universe. They are just theories, just as there are theories about ufo's and extraterestrials. The difference is, the scientific community has a high school mentality. Scientists, at least the majority, stick with the current "hot topics" to do research on. And if you ask why, it's because they need millions of dollars to do their research.

I've never liked how the scientific community shuns people for having beliefs that differ from the mainstream views. Sadly though, this is how it is. If you would like to see some other theories tested, I suggest you fork over a few million bucks to some scientists that no one in the mainstream agrees with. Most people just don't invest their money on the lunatic fringe, they stick with mainstream ideas.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 09:31 PM
UFOs work on the Maxwell equations he never published.
Lorentz in 1910 put the force equation in for the complete set
of equations.

And exhibit some of his equations that I review in my lecture
on YouTube. The text is on the left at YouTube or in my ATS profile

Also the plasma power electrification is in the range experimented
by Tesla but never developed.
It is believed Nazi Germany may have built the saucer or
UFO motor as we know it or may not know.

String Theory makes me think of the Fourier Analysis that solves every
equation with a series of sines and cosines.
And might be helpful for solving the Bessel vibration in the propulsion
spiral coil.

About UFOs, William Lyne says only he knows the secret due an
innocent leak in security that only he knows.
Not sure what it is but he found a celestial navigator repeater with
a Nazi emblem in the center in New Mexico.

If ST can explain aether then the book set might come up to speed
on how the UFO works.

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