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A Convergence Of Views

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 10:05 PM
"reputable" science and the feds have united, or so it seems, in a unique combination of 2 forces which historically have polar-opposite views towards the truth.. there is science, which ostensibly searches for the truth and is honor-bound to present it whenever and wherever the truth is found; and there is the govt., one of whose goals appears to be to cover-up or re-write the truth as it sees fit and for whatever period of time suits it..

o.k., and what is their unique common view? that UFOs are "swamp gas".. is this a coincidence? do opposites really attract? think about it.. science has been here since--forever.. science has searched for the truth, verified it, reproduced results to confirm it and published the results for peer review.. and there is uncle fed, a bad liar if ever there was one.. its strange in that science ought not to have any govt. strings attached for any purpose, except when science is needed to develop a weapon.. but now, we have an apparent union between the two to discredit any discussion of UFOs.. is this weird or what? which benefits from this partnership? is it symbiotic or parasitic? has there been a "quid pro quo" exchange? the question is so great, i cant get a handle on it, except to repeat the saying, "if it looks bad, it is bad".. "reputable" science and the feds have expressed the same view about UFOs since the beginning.. i dont know what that means, if anything.. i just believe this is not a coincidence, that there is something more going on than a mere convergence of views that happen to involve UFOs..

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