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Flight 93 Eyewitness - (Visit from FBI)

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 10:01 PM

YouTube Video Link

This is an interesting video of an eyewitness driving in her car who witnessed a "small white plane". (She seems to know more than an average person about planes). She gave her eyewitness account, which was a "small white plane" which was "flying low".

She reported it and then the FBI came and visited her and ridiculed her by talking down to her.

The last part of the video is in regards to the "Let's Roll" story.

I kind of find that (Don't flame me, finish reading this before you do :@@
it would be convenient for such a story to of taken place on United 93. Because then whenever anybody challenges the official story, it's easy to make them seem like an ass for trying to change this story of "heroes". Particularly after those movies and books that came out, the slogan, etc.

Because whenever I do I know people always say "You are just harassing the heroes which prevented the white house from being blown up!". No, I'm honouring their deaths by demanding the truth.

Anyway, thoughts on her experience? Or the 93 story?

P.S.: United 93 the movie, I was reluctant to watch because I expected it to just portray false information, but even if it did, the movie is really really well made

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