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'who' is really responsible for our cutting-edge physics breakthroughs?

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posted on Jan, 9 2004 @ 01:18 PM
The following MS-Word documents are composites made from interesting posts at Dr. Sarfatti's yGroup :

(1) Can the Cosmological Constant / quantum gravity -- be explained by other than superstring/M-branes or loop gravity? 'Yes' according to a senior Lawrence Livermore Labs physicist although Dr. Sarfatti has his reservations => .

(2) On-going debate about 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' being some sort of cosmic "mirages" plus Cutting-Edge Ideas in Physics => .

(3) Is it possible that ETs searched for children who demonstrated high-IQ in physics & math whom they would "download" new science to? In his book "Area 51 - the Dreamland Chronicles" ( ), David Darlington cited a folklore about the so-called "Men from Mars" -- Teller, Szilard, von Neumann, Wigner, de Hevesy, von Karman, Polanyi -- who seemed so superior to their peers as if they were from another world. Dr. Jack Sarfatti has his own personal experience along these lines and knows that similar experiences have happened to some of his colleagues as well => .

Dr. Sarfatti's expansive website is . In addition, I have archived some of his essays at and .

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