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Searching for answers to anomaly witnessed in night sky 10 years ago, HAARP?

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 11:33 AM
We live in south-central Colorado. Our altitude is about 8000 feet. The population of our county is around 7000 to 8000 the majority of people reside in the small town located here. Vast areas surrounding this small town are sparsely populated most of the land is used for cattle. We live 8 miles from town.

Our area is located under a military airspace operations area called the
LaVeta MOA.

About twenty miles northwest from my home is an ARCO CO2 drilling operation located in a remote rugged area.

My husband’s job requires him to be on call frequently at all hours. The last week of September 1997 at about 10 pm my husband called me from his cell heading north along the state hwy near our home he gave me a location in the sky in which to look.

I went out, phone in hand, looking in the direction he indicated. My husband was saying something about glitter, flashing lights and the abundance of air traffic near the mountain northwest of our home.

What first caught my eye was in fact the air traffic I was watching one plane in particular tracking it as it headed from east to west. As I watched this plane it seemed to stop in mid flight that’s when I saw “it” a tall oval shaped concentrated cluster of stars hanging in our sky. This was the “glitter” my husband was referring to.

The plane appeared to settle into the border of this oval that is when I noticed all the other air traffic heading in this same direction and doing likewise. They all seemed to take positions around the oval like numbers on a clock face.

Immediately I began making observations to somehow explain what I was seeing. The oval rather large about the size of a tall storm cloud clearly visible stood out from the surrounding normal inky night sky. I could see the big dipper hanging low to the east of the oval. I observed the Milky Way over my right shoulder. There was no moon that night or it had not risen yet. I did not have to look up high in the sky to view this phenomenon. The oval was quite bright as I could see it’s light reflecting off my nose. It did in fact resemble a cluster of glitter.

Not being able to explain what I was seeing, I think I was in shock I went inside not knowing when the oval disappeared. Later that evening we sat outside witnessing the most vivid display of northern lights and an extremely bright long-lasting meteor all in the same location of the oval observed earlier.

Throughout the remaining week we observed much stranger lights larger than any aircraft lights and amber in color.

The last night of the week I was wary about going outside at night I would only glance out the door. At around 10:30 pm I saw an amber glowing shape hovering above or sitting on top of the mountain peak in the same general area as the previous observations. I shut the door turning off all house lights looking out the window I can only describe what I saw as large, glowing, amber in color and gyroscopic in shape. This was just too strange for me I left staying with my husband working in town.

We have seen nothing like this before or since. I have searched the web for answers. The only sightings of star clusters I can find are visible with telescopes. What we saw was easily viewed with the naked eye.

I began reading about HAARP. HAARP was in fact testing a prototype in 1997.

There is an ARCO connection to HAARP technology. MIT physicist Dr. Bernard Eastlund, instrumental in the development of HAARP technology for ARCO, became president of ARCO’s production technologies.

I wonder if ARCO was doing testing at this remote ARCO site near our home?

It is my understanding HAARP technology is linked to Northern lights.

Has anyone found any images of a HAARP array in action? Could this have been the glowing amber gyroscopic shape I saw at the mountaintop?

November of 1997 our area was hit with the worst blizzard we have experienced in the 23 years we have lived here. Followed by a severe drought.

We inquired amongst others that reside in our general area about that week in September and what we referred to as military lights in the sky. We got some strange responses from a couple of people who obviously did not want to talk about it or speculate as to what it was they saw.

I’m just trying to understand what it is we saw be it natural or science technology at work we need to know. If this oval cluster was in fact a scar left in the sky by HAARP technology it was quite intense. Any help, observations or conclusions on your part would be most helpful. We are open-minded and would appreciate any and all responses. I have posted the events we witnessed on several boards and have gotten no responses at all.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 09:23 PM

The above is a picture of a test at the haarp facility in 2004. The little white dots in the images labeled "on" are the effect that haarp produced.

Have you had a look at the haarp website? They have quite a bit of real time information on the site. You could maybe check the activity details against your dates.

Some pictures/video would have been nice. Is their a specific reason you didn't take any? If you did, please upload them.

ARCO own the gas field that haarp is powered from, if I remember correctly.

Keep in mind, that some of the processes that haarp is alleged to be capable of, could be achieved by satellite, too. Or, in conjunction with satellites.

Anyhoo, good luck, your story sounds interesting. Any corroborating evidence you have, would help. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 12:00 PM
Thanks so much for your kind response fingapointa! I did in fact go to the HAARP website and found a timeline of HAARP program milestones. They were doing prototype testing from 1995 through 1997. During 1996 they completed modifications. The timeline includes a science campaign in early 1997 with upgrades to 48 element (FDP) 960 kW made in late 1997 through 1998.

Pictures would have been most helpful. This was 1997 and all I had was a stupid pocket camera that never had film in it. I have since bought a camcorder and keep it loaded and charged at all times. I mean we are very remote we lived here for 10 years before we could even get phone service! I'm lucky to have the slow dial up connection I have.

Besides that we just never believed in conspiracies or UFO's and such we just always attributed strangeness in the night sky to military. We do live under the LaVeta MOA and have become accustomed to military activity.

We live just over the pass from the San Luis Valley, Colorado there are numerous stories of cattle mutilations and strange sightings, which again we attribute to the military.

I have read that Tesla relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado feeling the altitude was conducive to his experiments. I wonder if our altitude had anything to do with the ability to view this phenomenon?

I must thank you again for your response. The image you posted was nothing like what we saw. I can only surmise your posted image was taken with a lens more powerful than the human eye. I will continue my searches.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 12:09 PM
Here is some information on HAARP from Nick Begich. He has written a few book on it.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 12:20 PM
Thank you etshrtslr I have heard of Nick Begich. I have not read any of his books but I will check out the website you posted.

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