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How to double your progress!

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 10:43 AM
First off mods please sticky this thread.

First off after searching the seti message boards I found out that the stock Bonic client has a sloppy source code basically due to the fact of the wide range of CPU’s involved with the project.
After researching the issue I found there are people out there writing really good source codes for seti based on individual CPU’s AMD,P4,Core2 etc. and were highly recommended by the people posting on the Seti message board with claims of up to a 60% gain in CPU efficiency! I tried it and wow what a boost in turn around I went from Average turnaround time of .5 days to .15 days you do the math that is a great increase. You can watch my progress on our team seti website my user name for our team is EJ @ Chantel.

For comparison

The app. I’m using (Note use the automatic installer it will determine what is best for you and install it in the correct directory)

Read for yourself here (may have to log in)

Good luck and happy crunching



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