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Be prepared this time???

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 01:29 AM
There are 1000's of theories and a few snippets here and there of that morning available to the public either through personal videos or recorded television shows that morning. The government won't release all the cameras video from the region that morning. I would bet there was more security cameras pointed at those buildings than the pentagon had. But we got nothing. This is point one of my thought.

There are many people who feel that another attack is overdue including Bush and Cheney and others, and they know folks. And when it happens there will be the same sort of un-coordinated hodge podge of reports and information because of confusion and such. This is point two of my thought.

We need to start some kind of group or sign up or something, maybe ATS can help with any ideas. This groups purpose would be to record and DVR everything that morning, and when I say everything I mean everything. We coulld have people that would agree to and be capable to record a certain channel the day and day after the next attack. We could have people recording the big boy networks and cable and all that but we could also sign up people to record everything on ther LOCAL channel too, this would give us a huge repository of information and video of initial reports and original videos and news releases for going over after another attack. There are many proven edits of what the channels release about that morning when they release 911 tapes, and we don't know how much stuff was just missed that day. I think that we should prepare for the predicted coming attack. We should make sure that we capture everything about it as soon as it happens and have somewhere to store it online. We might actually want a few people on each channel, this would make sure it was captured in case the one missed it for some reason or they could be in the attack zone and not able to. We should probably have backups for those reasons, I am in Colorado USA, as my profile says, and so some people in distant places from Colroado may want to take the same channel as I in case my city is in the attack. I think no more than four per channel is needed but everyone can tape anything, don't think you can't. If 27 want the same channel I would not be oppossed to it I mean heck having people be interested enough to want to keep a record of any event is great. I am just thinking that if people try to record different channels than others we will have a better and more accurate picture from that day.

I would be willing to DVR any channel that day, but I would prefer to claim CNN if I could because it will be the one I will be watching anyways. I would appreciate you all letting me kow what you think about this and if you want to enlist yourself to taping a certain channel. Just put the channel you will DVR or record in the LAST LINE of your post so that others can see what channels are taken in some kind of default place so that they don't have to read every thread to know. If needed I could provide the server space to store the recordings online.

I only want to do these things now so that when another attack happens we have people that will start recording their channels. If we don't have a conscience plan the chaos of such a day as another 9/11 or worse would cause many to forget about recording it. Being prepared is always better than looking backwards and saying I SHOULD HAVE... I also want to say up front, being that this is a group of conspirators for the most part, I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANOTHER ATTACK IN ANY WAY. I could see people thinking later he knew it was coming or something, I don't. Well not anymore than anyone of you that also think another attack is coming. I do not however know as much as Dick Cheney and he keeps saying it's coming as well as Pres. Bush and others. I also want to say up front, I pray everyday that God spares this nation from another attack from within or without that would kill my fellow Americans. I only think we should do this so that IF it happens again we aren't stumbling around with no plan to record that days events and news for later.

Let me know what ya think and make sure to put your channel on the last line of your post if you want to promise to record one for the project. And also what should we call it? Should it be something like "Full Record Project" or more like "Operation: Archiving The SOB's"??? That one has ATS it would be Operation: ATS.

TheIndependentJournal will tape CNN for 2 days starting immediately after the next attack that Dick Cheney keeps telling us is coming. I will make that recording available to any and or all ATSers for investigative and informational purposes.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 01:52 AM
I do believe thats a good idea yet I can not take part for I don't watch tv

But I will try and get others I speak to to tape what ever they can if anything happens and make copies and pass one to me so I can upload it somewhere.

Again I must say its good to be prepared then not have anything backed up.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 02:01 AM
As I'm sure a MOD will explain, ATS policy is that they do not want to be affiliated with these kinds of actions. I'm not sure on the exact rules, you might be able to do this as long as you don't use the ATS name.

Also, it's very clear to the Bush administration that they did a poor job of covering the last one up. If they do it again, they will takes step to ensure there is no evidence pointing to them. It cant hurt to record everything though. It could actually be terrorists this time too. Such an event could even be the catalyst for internet restrictions, and the possible shut down of ATS.

Good luck with your endeavor, I can not partake because I have no vcr.


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