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"media propaganda" out to ruin reputations of internet users.

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 01:27 AM
Earlier this month I had a report on the front page of a popular newspaper (Seen Here) and on a news report on 2 TV stations as far as i know...i didnt see them, about a video that i submitted into you tube showing me and my friends coming home from a night on the town...the problem being that the video was completely misinterpreted and taken out of context in all the reports. I can honestly tell you that nothing 'illegal' or 'criminal' is taking place in either of the videos...and I correct everyone on this in a few long comments I left.
But this wasn't enough for the news paper. This morning, a new report was made about us and how we "directly attacked her" in the comments left...also a bunch of quotes which were made out to be us when they really arnt.

Correct me if im wrong, but isn't this defamation of character?

This may be a small example of Media Propaganda, but none the less...its quickly spiraling into something big.

Here is the link to the videos. Dont forget to read the comments or leave one of your own.

The picture as it appeared on the front page of the newspaper...isnt ripping videos from the you tube website illegal?

All in all, i still stick with my last you tube comment-

People see this from a different perspective, through unconditioned eyes...and realize this is nothing but defamation and blatant propaganda.

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