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Qigong, the Sternum & Root Chakra for TK

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posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 08:58 PM
Younger, I would "flex" this area 'behind' my sternum(middle & behind my the rib structure) to get warm; I thought it was neat. Physically, you could tell as I effectly get some goosebumps.

Years later, I found I could "flex"/"contract" an area near my privates- spinal base. Definitley root chakra for lack of better term.

Qigong Mater John Chang has a known video of him talking about having these two areas' energy sources merge in the middle, and, he had chosen to describe it in the simple merge of Yin & Yang.
He then demostrated shocking crew members, and, the interviewer with electricity through not only his hands, but his stomach especially. He, in another video, forced air/wind(?) to knock leaves off a small tree.
U-Tube Video of John Chang: Shocking Tv crew & interviewer, and, "Fire-TK"

Its wild, but hell, so is catch22 awareness

Any one able to do these experiences: flexing/contracting some "invisible" or "seemingly non-motor" 'muscle' in these two areas, guys&gals?

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 11:12 PM
That area you are contracting which you believe is your root chakra is actually your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) which is the muscle that stretches from your groin to your ass. We use this muscle when going to the toilet and also during sex. If you exercise this muscle it will add girth to your penis or allow you to tighten your vagina, it can also stop you from ejaculating if you clench it tight when your about to cum (its really hard to do though) and will give guys the ability to have multiple orgasms, it also helps girls to have mutiple orgasms, climax faster and also squirt.

The area you were talking about near your sternum could be either your lungs or your diaphram.

I believe what qigong mastger John Chang does is different to tightening muscles. He works with energy not muscles. For example, I could clench the muscles in my arm or hand all day and not have any kind of energy come out of them (besides the physical kind). I think he sends energy up from either his root chakra or the ground, and energy down from either his crown or the sky and has them meet and collide in the middle, from there he sends it outwards through his hands. I really wish he'd talk and share more about how he does this, as i believe he is genuine.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 06:07 AM
Good information. Your chest area is also the general location of the “middle Dan tien” a source of energy. One goal of Qi Gong is to raise the lower Dan tien (two inches below your navel at your lower guts) energy through the spine via the “Thrusting Vessel” (Chong Mai) up the spine to any part of the body that needs healing. This includes to your more spiritual upper Dan tien of your brain. Remember the Yi or conscious mind must lead or guide the Qi or Chi (energy) never push it. To open the Thrusting Vessel one should envision a cylinder raise up through the center between your anus and sex organ. Of course you must first know how to guide your breath. At first the breath journeys from your mouth down your front to your Thrusting Vessel then up your spine over the head and back down. An over simplification I am afraid. Chakra is an Indian term not Chinese.
What you are describing concerns a very dangerous art of “wind cycle”. I have used it only with Iron Palm to gather temporary strength. Strength to bend a car door open to free some one injured in a car wreck or to fell a giant with one punch to protect the life of an innocent. Enjoy the journey. Shalom.

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