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Ron Paul.. Silently Growing Popularity?

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posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:31 PM
I saw something.. amazing perhaps.. over the weekend.

I was driving to the store and I just happened to have to go through all the traffic heading into Wright Patterson Air Force Base.. nothing unusual about that.. the 4th of July is on Wednesday so Saturday Wright Pat held their fire work display..

However, what I was floored by was the fact that there where dozens of signs lining roads, people waving banners.. passing out bumper stickers.. there was even a booth .. not sure what they had at the booth, I just saw this all going through traffic.

No other candidate from any other party had any thing like this, the media did not report it at all when giving details of the event the next day.. which did not surprise me..

But now more and more I am seeing Ron Paul bumper stickers ect. on peoples cars..

The media has ignored him, who I would say has to be within the top 6 candidates popularity wise.. hell look how much Barack Osama -- I mean, Obama, has gotten and he didn't and doesn't have a shot in hell.....

If anything has ever, ever screamed CONSPIRACY .....

Its the treatment of the Reps, Dems and the entire Media industry against Paul.

Why is the institution of this government working hard to prevent his recognition from growing??


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