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Constitutional Rights for Citizens: Police Contact

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:46 PM
While there is an element truth to the OP's thesis, on the whole it is as preposterous as anything I've ever heard.

Why the OP can't just cover the facts without the broad and ludicrous generalizations is beyond me, but I'd be willing to bet it has something to do with the need for attention and a few points.

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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 10:53 AM
What is preposterous? You made accusations with no examples. I am allowed to mix opinion with fact, that is called an article or review and I have said NOTHING that is not backed up by fact and experience. Tell, me, Grady, exactly what I said that was so out of line? Be specific , if you can. then I will answer that, but to make broad statements like you did is so shallow, so bereft of meaning, that as it stands you have made no points or said anything that can be replied to.

The points I am making are valid ones, and correct under the law.The observations I make as a private citizen cannot be mistaken for fact as I have made clear how I feel about 99% of the cop's; MOST cop's WILL ask you to give up your precious Rights without cause or justification, just fishing for victims. THAT is a stone cold fact and if you think it is not, just ask a cop!! They will tell you that they do it and without shame ; to them it is a part of the GAME and they see it as the easiest and most effeicient way to get arrests and results: Just ask the citizen to spit on the blood of a million patriots and give away their Rights so the cop's can have an easy time of it; they do not have to investigate, or get probable cause, or work for a conviction, it is handed to them on a silver platter by the ignorant and intimidated citizen.

Most people are intimidated by a cop;that is fact. So with intimidation, lies, bullying and threats, the cop get's what he wants and the citizen is screwed; the norm for a cop these days. The Constitution means NOTHING to the forces of evil that call themselves cop's; and as long as they consider the Constitution just like that sick psycho George Bush ( remember El Jefe called the Constitution " Just a goddamned piece of paper " ) we will see more and more citizens sitting on the side of a hot road while the Gestapo Jr.'s conduct a search because the citizen was too afraid to take a stand and tell the bastards NO, NO you will NOT search me or my car without a warrant!! Hell NO!! Instead we see the wholesale giving up of Rights and the degradation of our liberties while the cop's power and influence gets stronger and stronger.

It is a sick society that worships and licks the brutal jackboots of the Constitution haters, the cop's, while griping that those of us who take a stand and refuse to be cowed by the phony perjuring, law breaking, miserable pig's that call themselves police officers are somehow the bad guys..twisted logic. Cop's should be kept on a very short leash and made to obey the laws that they insist WE obey; as it is now, the cop's break more laws in a day than most crooks, and I can illustrate that easily if need be.

But there are always lackies, groupies, frightened people who would not DARE confront a cop; these people cannot imagine what it is to stand up on your own two feet and look a filthy lying cop in the eye and back him down and make him tow the is a GREAT feeling to see the cop slink off with his ugly crew cut head held low, knowing that he has met his match, a citizen who cannot be bullied and who does NOT believe the lies and who WILL sue the jerks if they so much as cross the line with one toe. the cop's need to be treated JUST like they treat us. like CRAP, and let them see how it feels.

You cannot tell me one thing I said that I cannot give proof of being true, try me. If I have said it, then I or another person has experienced it.

And by the way, who gave YOU a license to practice psychology? Why are you attacking me personally? Cannot find a way to counter what I have said with fact? Of course not, so you resort to the tricks the loser's of arguments always resort to, change the topic and attack the messenger. Who says that a person has to have ' issues ' to be a man and take a stand and not be a coward to the cop's? You? Thats a laugh. Let's see, how about YOUR psychological make up? Hmmm..bows down to authority , refuses to give specific examples but accuses, has a pathological need for attention and a desire to be distanced from fellow citizens who are not conditioned by the government to obey slavishly..Is that YOUR profile?

Before you start getting the old ' must be some problem with YOU " garbage out as your last resort, try some facts, evidence or personal observation. If all you can do is try and insinuate that I have some issue, which is ludicrous and immature as a debating tool, then please find a thread where your giant intellect and powerful observations can best be appreciated. There are many out there that demand no facts, no proof, no intelligence, just infantile accusations and whining...have fun there but do not comment in the future if all you can do is call names and insult and insinuate things that are beyond possible.

So be specific, tell me what I said that is so far out and incredible, in detail and why it is invalid, with proofs and evidence, or face the fact that you are beyond your abilities here to make a contribution that has any real meaning. It is EASY to put down the OP with nonsense, but harder to come up with proofs and intelligent discourse and convincing repartee', yes? That is why your post failed; it has nothing of substance. Is that an indication of your whole profile?Or just an anomaly? Try again with some 'elan or Dos Vedanya, Comrade Cop and friends.

Coming soon: How to survive an encounter with a deranged cop.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 12:59 PM
link your posts. This is the same attitute i have.

However I'm canadian and although much of what you say (in regards to american law) can be used by Canadians as well, i was wondering if you had any sites in mind or could offer advice on here that pertain solely to Canadian laws and people rights in Canada?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 11:19 PM
I have read through each page of this thread with interest and delight. What a great thread!

I have had many dealings with cops and can attest to what eyewitness has to say. Twice, I have threatened cops who were waaaay out of line and they backed off.

First time was when two cops came to my door at 3:00 in the morning and asked if my teenage son was home. I answered the door with my .45 in my hand (out of sight) and hoped my son was in bed where he was supposed to be. I asked the cops what it was about and they said that some girl had run away from home and the girls mom had a list of all her friends and my son was on the list. I said, "ok, she's not here to my knowledge. I'll go get my son and see if he wants to talk to you" at which point I started to close the door and go wake my son. The female cop put her foot in the door and said, "You got something to hide?" I said, "You want to loose that foot or move it? I don't have to do you any favors, lady. You come to my door waking me up at three in the morning and disturbing my household to do your job. Get your effin foot outa my door!" The male cop put his hand on his partners shoulder and she moved her foot. I closed the door, went and woke my son, explained what was going on and he agreed to talk to them. I never flashed my gun and they never knew I had it (or that I was willing to use it if need be). She was ugly and accusatory with my son and insulting to me in her interrogation of my son and I finally I looked at the male cop and said, "You might want to keep that b**ch on a leash. This interview is over!" I slammed the door in their face and I heard him apologize through the door and thank us for our time. So you got your good cop, bad cop in the same duo at the door.

Second time was when my schizophrenic ex tried to kill me. (Never mind how). I started packing my stuff to leave and he called the cops on me telling them I was suicidal and needed to be arrested "for my protection." They dutifully came out to the house and point blank asked me if I was suicidal which I adamantly denied. They proceeded to put me in handcuffs behind my back while I stood IN MY LIVING ROOM telling them I most certainly was not suicidal. I yelled at them (not prudent to be emotional, I know) to get out of my house, they were not welcome or needed. I told them they were idiot patsys because they were doing my husbands' dirty work. He intended to kill me and after I got out of lockup he would have their police report saying I was suicidal so no surprise that I'm found dead, eh? My wrists are the same diameter as my hands so I wiggled out of the handcuffs and tossed them at the cops, repeating that they needed to leave now or I would call my lawyer. They gave my husband a sympathetic look because he had to put up with such a shrew, I guess and then one of them cocked his shotgun! They had not checked me for weapons before "protecting" me by handcuffing me and I drew my .22 out of my waistband. I was LIVID! It was an O.K. Corral type showdown there in my livingroom for all of about 10 seconds. I was screaming at them and cursing. (not one of my finer moments). I repeated that I was NOT suicidal but was rapidly becoming homocidal and that they had been told their services were not needed or wanted and that they had been told to leave. Twice. If they did not leave immediately, I would assume that they were a threat to my safety and well-being and respond accordingly. They looked at each other, shrugged, gave my husband a "you're on your own" look and left.

Both of these are extreme examples but true. They were also both within the confines of my home. I don't recommend taking such a stance anywhere else. Not even your car. I suppose it depends on how far you're willing to go to ensure your rights. I tend to be insistent in these matters and will not even let the poor Wal-Mart greeter check my receipt against what's in my bags. I always tell them, "If you think I've stolen something, then call the police, have me charged with a crime and then you can search my bags and check my receipt; otherwise, let me pass." "But it's our policy". "Your policy does not supercede my constitutional right to be secure in my papers or personal effects." I made such a scene about it at one Wal-Mart that they no longer ask for your receipt when you walk out the door.

I don't do drugs and have no sympathy for those who do but I don't like the drug dogs sniffing around my car or person. I recommend a can of black pepper. The dogs hate it. Working at a prison, we are occasionally subject to random searches coming to or leaving work. I got stopped one morning coming into work and the drug dog immediately stood with his nose in my crotch for an uncomfortably long and akward amount of time. The handler didn't say or do anything, just let the dog sit there. Finally, I said, "Ok, the dog either needs to buy me a drink or move on." They gave me a cursory and perfunctory "pat down" and let me get on to work. When I mentioned it to my co-workers (correctional officers) I asked if maybe the dog is trained to check for tobacco (I smoke on the way in to work and probably smelled of tobacco). They said, "No. The handler gives the dog hand signals to point out people he wants to search." That tidbit of info alone has made me start carrying black pepper in my car for just such occasions. "Probable cause", my eye! Hand signals is what they got unless they actually see something in the car.

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Ziggy1987

Sorry it took so long to reply..this thread slipped away for a while. I am NOt familiar with the constitutional set up in Canada. I imagine it is similar, if not better. I read many decisions in Canda that are liberal and sensible, but others that are as draconian and stupid as the USA's.

Generally, I believe that in Canada as well as the USA, you are on safe ground always refusing to answer any questions put to you by a cop. You have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. You have the right to refuse to be searched without a warrant, and Candian courts have bent over backwards to eclude evidence from cases where the cop's go too far.

However, I just read a disturbing report of a Canadian high court refusing to exclude evidence that was seized illegally merely because of the weight and amount!! They thought that letting the guy get away was too high a price to pay for the breach of law!! The US Supreme Court is about to destroy the 4th Amendment again in a case where the cop's mistakenly said a man had a warrant out for him, but did not,,and the cops searched and found drugs..the appeals court (Fed) said that since the cop's acted in good faith, even though they got a bad and false report about the warrant, that the evidence could stay.

This is a dangerous and bad precedent, and the Supremes under the demented Scalia and the far right wing nuts there WILL strip all 4th Amend. protections away as time goes on. Soon, the fascist agenda wil be in place fully. Unless we fight back, of course.

A judge in Canada recently ruled that the mere smell of pot coming from a car was not reason enough for a search..the pot, if burnt, was obvioulsy gone and thus no reason to believe that it was there!! I LOVE judges like that!! Of course the old stick in the mud prosecutors will appeal.

I believe that Canada, right now, has MORe protections for the average citizen than the USA, but the NWO will level the field soon and take all rights away as soon as they can. What we need is a territory that we can live in free of any stupid laws and bothersome authority, with a council of elders deciding the main decisions. the Indians managed to live quite well without the Feds for a long time..and what happened to them will happen to us..its just a matter of time.

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by whitewave

Fantastic!! I love your attitude. If more people would take a stand, we would not have the intrusions and crap from cop's every day. The most recent outrages about the cop's are all over the news and the police are getting more brutal and sick all the time.

You make me proud...taking a stand feels great, doesn't it? Backing down a loud mouthed cop feels wonderful, and suing and winning feels even better..taking their money and boat and savings is a thrill..seeing that defeated look on their ugly mugs is worth all the effort..simply divine.

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