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My story of God and life

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posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 10:30 AM
This is the story of my life experiences with the paranormal and religion.
I am now almost 27 years old, and my earliest memories of these things begin at the age of 8. I have lived a life full of examples and miracles that has left me with no other recourse than to accept Gods glory and embrace the Lords love.

I have been an atheist, I have hated God before and spoke blasphemies about him. I have believed in many a crazy theory and looked in all the wrong places for answers. My life and my faith have now come full circle and I am back in the arms of the one who loves me and gave me life. I hope that in reading this story maybe you to can come full circle.

My mother is a profit of the Lord. I have doubted it before and called her crazy many times but now I see this as the truth.
She suffers from a condition called Plexiform Neurofibromas. This condition was confused with what Joseph Merrick suffered from, which was Proteus Syndrome.
Joseph Merrick was the famed "elephant man". Women with this condition are suggested not to have children because of the high risk pregnancy. Especially someone with NF type 1 and type 2, as my mother has. For seven years my parents tried to have a child and they went through 3 miscarriages and lots of heartache.
One night my mother told me God came to her while she was praying and told her that she would bare a son. He told her that her son would be a man who walked in the End of Days and he would minister for the Lord. He told her to name him Isaac, after the father of the Jews, the son of Abraham.

I cry as I tell this story and I repent for the blasphemy I have done in my life because I am Isaac. I am the miracle my parents thought they would never have and I am here to do what I was put here to do. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the End of Days.

Even with the power of this account I did not embrace it and ran from it for years, and it took my own souls journey for me to realize its significance. I will now tell that story to the best of my memories ability. If the moderators feel this should be in another section of the site then please move it to where it belongs. I know that it belongs in the hearts and minds of the millions who visit ATS and might read it.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 11:05 AM
My account begins one night while laying in bed after being tucked in by my father. I was only there for a few minutes, looking around the room and thinking to myself. We lived in a mobile home and my room was on the far end.
My dad would keep the bathroom light on for me as a night light so it illuminated my doorway very well. I was a big fan of the cartoons of the time, being He-Man and TMNT. I had a lot of action figures and most of them were posted up on a short metal bookcase that sat beside my doorway.
I was looking up at the ceiling and glanced over to my right at the toys when one of them suddenly moved. It was a He-Man figure who had eyes on long stems and when you pushed up on the lever on its back, the eyes came up.

This toy turned its head towards me and the eyes moved up and down twice very quickly. It then started walking along the shelf and thats when I screamed and jumped from my bed. Before I was even out the doorway my dad was there and he flicked on the light, with my 2 year old sister right behind him.

(If my sister Vicky reads this, you know you are just as much a miracle as I am and just as important. I love you.)

I tried explaining to my dad what happened but to no avail, so I just went to sleep and wished to never see anything like that again.

The next event I can remember happened not long after the toy moved and this time I was getting ready for bed and not already in it. I was starting to brush my teeth and just put the paste on my brush when my dad told me from the living room to turn off my TV in my room. So I went and did that and when I came back the toothpaste was gone from my toothbrush. I put more on it and did my thing then went to crawl into bed when I saw toothpaste smeared across my closet door. I went and got my dad and showed him, and I was not blamed for it because it was high on the door where I could not have even reached. He cleaned it off, brushed it off as nothing and that was that.

I am not exactly clear on when exactly some of these things happened but I remember the events themselves clearly. I was around 8 years old the first time the demon came and I was 11 turning 12 the second time. The demon left my home when my mother did spiritual warfare with it and made a cross in holy oil on my bedroom door, that was when I was 8. For the few months before she did this I would be so terrified of my room I would sleep anywhere besides my own bed. Sometimes when I would waken in the middle of the night I would hear voices say my name, or just feel so frightened that I had to get away.

I slept on the bathroom floor with the light on, sometimes on the couch or living room floor and a few times I crawled under my sisters bed to sleep. I would not sneak in my parents room very often because of how mad it made my father but when I did I would wear socks so my feet didn't make a sound when crossing the kitchen floor.

For this part and other parts of my childhood, I lived in terror.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 11:42 AM
I should have realized I miss-spelled the word profit before and used Prophet.

I do not see an EDIT button anywhere so I guess this will have to do. Thank you mods for moving this thread to the proper location.

After the demon left me alone for a few years, I was relieved to be rid of it but I was a strange kind of child. I was the kid who sat alone in a corner and didn't want to be a part of the group. I loved spending hours of time alone just playing with my imagination. I was always a good artist and some of the things I drew would raise question marks of what exactly was going on in my head.

I met one my only friends and best friend in kindergarten and he was Jeremy Kidd. When I was 12 years old I had just recently got a Nintendo so me and my sister were in my room playing it when my mom called me to the kitchen because I had a phone call.

It was Jeremy and he was crying in confusion because he was claiming I had just called him and cursed him out! He was asking me why I would say the things I did when my sister came running from the bedroom and latched onto my leg, scared out of her little mind.
She told me then as she has told me recently that when I left the room she was looking at the TV screen and in the reflection she saw me sitting on the bed. She looked behind her and saw me, but the colors of my clothing were reversed. (instead of a red shirt and blue shorts I was wearing a blue shirt and red shorts).
The demon had returned.

Soon after this I remember laying on my top bunk bed coloring a picture when my closet door opened and I heard a voice call my name. A stuffed animal flew from the shelf in the closet and hit me in the face. I took the stuffed animal (a Big-foot actually) and showed my mom and I remember the concern on her face.

Things were also happening to my friend Jeremy and while I did not experience this myself I have to believe what he told me. This includes him hearing horrible sounds outside his window at night and an incident with a large knife. His step-dad had a collection of old records in a stack on the living room floor and they woke up one morning to find a knife from the kitchen stabbed through the stack of records. His parents gave no thought what so ever to the paranormal and blamed him even though there was no way he had the strength to drive a knife through the records.

He would go to his fathers house on some weekends and it was a Saturday evening when his little brother Randy called me sounding very excited and afraid. He said he was sitting on the living room couch when Jeremy walked out of the bedroom, right past him and out the front door. The thing was that Jeremy was not at home, he was visiting his father.

I went to the school library to find a book about demons or paranormal stuff and I found one dealing with various types of spirits. The book said that a spirit who could take the form of people was called a Bogart.
My atheist father got a huge kick out this, calling it the "Bad-fart" and making fun of everything I said.

This round with the demon ended when Jeremy and I went to church with my mom and after the service when everyone had left. we had a kind of exorcism. She prayed over us and cast the demon back to where it came, but she spent extra time with me and seemed extra concerned about me.

None the less, this series of events ended but it was far from the last time I would face the Devil.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 12:42 PM
I just had an entire post lost when I tried to post it.

Let me get to the meat of the story, that being why I believe my mom to be a prophet of God.

When people know things they are not supposed to know, or they can tell you things that have not happened yet and then they do, what do you think?

That is the way I used to feel about it but when this happens time and time again, and when it starts to impact your personal life it can really begin to change the way you look at it.
The first time I can remember her prophecy was after we moved to Mulberry from Plant City. We had some neighbors who were kinda shady and they had wronged my dad a few times by borrowing tools and money and not returning them or paying him back. He was frustrated and was on the brink of getting physical with them when my mom told him not to worry about it because in 2 weeks they would be moved out.
They showed no signs of leaving and had said nothing about it but 2 weeks later they were gone.
I took note of that and chalked it up to chance, not thinking much more about it.

A while later I was looking for a better paying job close to home and my mom told me that I would find a job making more than I had before within a few miles of home. It was less than one week later when I was hired at Outback Steakhouse making 7.25 an hour and it was seven miles from my home.
Another coincidence? Thats what I thought.

I then moved away from home and got married to my high school sweetheart so I was not close to my parents for a while as I was trying to spread my own wings. Things feel apart two years later and we divorced and I had a baby boy named Bryan.
for the next three years of my life I did next to nothing but playing Quake 3 Arena on Dreamcast and sleeping. I was miserable and depressed and blamed God for everything wrong in my life. This was when I denounced all faith and began researching topics like aliens and UFO's. I learned a lot in that time about ancient religions and how they worshiped aliens that gave them vast knowledge far ahead of their time.
I contemplated suicide a lot and began to try it a few times but I could never go all the way and do it. I had thoughts running through my mind that I felt were not my own of death and destruction, and of my family and son being killed. I felt I was losing my mind and mom would look so troubled and pray so much during this time, me not realizing that she was fighting my battles for me.
I eventually got a job working for Discount Auto Parts remodeling stores and working on the road. I made some new friends and had some good times and climbed out of my slump.
I was feeling alive again.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 01:26 PM
I still had major grudges against God and how my marriage failed and how I rarely saw my little boy. After Discount axed the remodeling teams I worked in the warehouse for a while but that sucked so I quit and went back to doing nothing for a long time.
My mother did not approach me a whole lot and we didn't talk much because of how I made fun of her but one day she told me something that would eventually open my eyes. She said that I would meet a girl through a job that I had who would have a young child who I would be like a daddy to. I had not been in a relationship for years and didn't give her words a second thought, and eventually got another job remodeling stores for Eckerd Drugs, working on the road again just like before. This time the teams did have female members where as before with Discount they did not hire women.
There was a certain someone who was my boss who I had feelings for and things did come close between us a few times but she was older then me and I had no self confidence or belief in myself. That job didn't last that long before Advance came calling, who bought Discount Auto and they were rehiring all of the old road crew to come back.
Advance had changed some policies and they did hire women, and after about 7 months on the job a girl named Melissa was hired and something sparked to life inside of me when I saw her. She was interviewed with her boyfriend and they were both supposed to be hired for my team, but her boyfriend wound up not being hired at all.
She had a son just about the same age as mine, and when I heard this I spoke to God and basically gave him one last chance. I said that if what my mom said was true, then he would make her mine and bring us together.
Low and behold, not long after this I had my first girlfriend in years and I didn't even make the effort for it. She came to me, and through her ways basically forced herself into my bed, and then into my life.
I had a small spark of faith returning as for the first time in a long time I was happy. Her son was a great kid and I would like to think I was like a father to him. For a year and 11 months we were together almost all of the time, working and living together.
The problems that began to interfere started after about a year and I learned more and more about who she was inside and what made her that way. I won't go into details about her personal life because of mutual respect but I can say that she was possessed by demons put there by many years mistreatment and abuse.
I loved her so much and did everything I could to make her a better person and to let me inside but nothing ever worked. My mother told me she had a demon homosexuality and I knew that she was bi-sexual and my mom did not. My mom told me that spirits surrounded her and I knew that a dead former lover and her dead father haunted her home, but my mom did not.
In actuality, she really did know.
Things began to happen towards the end that had no explanation that I didn't want to blame on Timmy or her father. Some of her personal belonging would be found broken like they were slammed against the floor and the first person she would blame was me, which would start a fight.
We got to where we fought and broke up and got back together and broke up over and over again and we were miserable for it.
That was when another man became more into the picture. He was always there as one of her long time friends, but I knew that he was becoming more than that and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
After another argument at around 6:30 am, she walked to his house and I sat on the couch contemplating my life. Suddenly, clear as day I heard her voice say through her tears, "but I love Isaac so much". I got up and checked every room to see if she had came back without me noticing, but she was not there. I know what I heard and I knew why I heard it.
But I still did not want to let go and I did not want to accept it and I lived with it for a while, until one night I was sitting on the porch and crying and I asked God for a sign, to take away the wants I had and let me go free the same way he did the night I left my first wife.
Then through the completely calm night came a strong burst of cool wind that blew over me, and made me at peace with what I had to do. I packed up and left that morning and we never were together again.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 01:41 PM
Actually, I have to take the last part back about us never being together again because a long time after that we were but thats something I am a long ways from getting to.

After leaving Melissa I moved back home with my parents again but this time I was stronger than before and not so pathetic about being sorry for myself.
One of the first things my mom said to me was that my dad was going to be in an accident coming back from the corner store and his truck would be sitting in water.

A few months passed before this one came to pass, and I told my dad about it several times but as usual he laughed about it. He was coming home from that store one evening and when he went to turn into our driveway a truck tried passing a car behind them and t-boned him, spinning the truck around and into the ditch. When I came outside to check it out, I noticed the ditch had water in it.

Again, everything happened as she said and I was blown away. This was when I really began putting full faith in what she had to say.

I will be back for more soon, its hailing outside right now and the power is bound to go out!!!

God Bless!!

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 03:39 PM
I started looking to the internet for a new love interest as I kinda had a feeling that it was where I would meet the person I was bound to be with.
I always knew inside that I was not meant to be someone who went through multiple lovers like nothing and never finding someone I would be with forever. I have had plenty of chances in my life to have one night stands and never see the person again, but thats just something that I have never done.
My method was a very lame one but I would go to the AOL members section and look for girls in my area and IM them.
Or I would go to the AOL chat rooms and hang out and look for single chicks. This one night I was talking to a girl named Rachel and we had a lot in common and we exchanged photos and everything was looking very hopeful. The next day my mom asked me if I had met anyone new and when I said the name Rachel, she lit up and smiled and said she knew I would meet someone by that name.
But I was let down big time when that girl stopped talking to me all together and I never heard from her again. But I didn't let that derail my online efforts and I noticed the horoscope feature on AOL. I had always been told by my mom that horoscopes were a tool of the devil and would only mislead me if I trusted it. But I started reading about what they claim Virgo's to be, and that more or less sounded a lot like me.
So everyday I would check my horoscope and sometimes it seemed completely wrong and sometimes it seemed to be on to something. One morning at work I checked my horoscope and it said something along the lines of, "tonight your efforts pay off and you meet someone new for love".
I got excited about that and the very same night in a chat room I met a woman named Stephanie.
She was a red head, and I always had a thing for red heads. She was very upfront and wanted to move quickly so the next night she picked me up and took me to her house. We did not have sex but we talked for hours about all kinds of things and when it was time for bed she expected me to sleep in the same bed with her.
I was already on the couch but when she said, "I want to know if you will hold me all night, thats how you can tell if someone loves you" I was very perplexed. I thought, I just met you how in the hell can you expect me to love you? But she looked so sad that I did get into bed with her and I did hold her all night. After we got to know each other more and more I could clearly tell that something was not right with her. She was, for lack of a better term, crazy as hell.
It was two weeks after that first night before we had sex, and with it being so long since I had any I thought it was awesome. On that very first night, the very first time I got her pregnant. :bash:

The next day my mom told me she saw a snake wrapped around the cross somewhere on her body and it was a bad omen. I knew what she was talking about but I didn't say it at the time. Stephanie has a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a knife on her lower leg and that knife looks a lot like a cross. Even though I knew I was getting into something that I shouldn't, I did it anyways and even if I had stopped there it was already too late. She was pregnant.

Before I even found out she was pregnant, I proposed. She said yes and when we did get the news we went to the courthouse and without even a wedding ring we got married. This was all inside of a month from us meeting and the relationship did not last past 4 months. I had very strong reasons to believe that the baby was not mine at that time and she was driving me as crazy as she was. Leaving her was an act of self preservation for my mind and soul and I realized I never really loved her to begin with. It was crazy.

I soon after that relinquished custody of my son back to my first wife following some stupid decisions and really bad moves. Just before I did that I got the phone book and looked up the number of the parents of an old friend of mine from high school. He called me back and I went to his place and through him I got back into contact with another old friend, a really close buddy named Mark. Even though we had not talked in 10 years we hit it off again without a hitch and that was awesome.

So with my son in PA and me with a lot of time on my hands, I spent a lot of time at Mark's house and soon began working with him, then I moved in with him and his girlfriend. Before I made the move to Marks my mom pulled me aside to again give me a prophecy. She said I would meet a girl who was a friend of a friend and she saw this girl in a dream. She would stand just to my shoulder, (I am 6'4" tall) she would be a heavy-set girl with shoulder length blond hair and she would have a child who needed a good daddy.

first of all, I was never attracted to heavy set people. Secondly, I had never heard anything from Marks girlfriend about hooking me up with anyone. The details she was giving me were a lot but I just didn't see this fitting.
That was until I met her. She was instantly attracted to me and wanted me and she felt something inside click when she saw me.
Her name was ........ Rachel.

So here she was, my Rachel who I was told about over a year before hand in my life and wanting to be with me. She has a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old son and her sons dad is a real nasty person who abused Rachel and him and not a good role model or father in any way at all.

I once told God in my darkest hour that he would never get what he wanted from me until I got what I wanted. All my heart desired was a woman who was good to me, loved me and treated me like it. All I wanted was a family.
For the last year I have been happy and I know that I have come full circle and it did not happen until I led with my soul and not my mind, not my preconceived notions and not my wants. I simply let my soul lead me to its mate.

There is more to this, I am not finished by a long shot but I have to go take care of some things and I will be back.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 02:09 AM
Wow.. I was just trolling around and I found this. Awesome!! really had me rapt. I don't if this was meant to be read or not but it's amazing.. and many similarities to my own path

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