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Remote Viewers Come Here. inc: a scetch

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 11:00 PM
HI. Some Cool Stuff Before the Next Thread's Figures1-9+External jpg
Hi, I am a remote viewer (like ALL other humans). I have seen with my own eyes two months ago. I am a person NO longer logically capable of being on the fence even though I've, like you, have had faith anyway.
I am a normal [and very hot] kid; socialable, nonjudgemental, muscian, nail biter. Even further, I've sucessfully done this twice.... and after the first time, I actually felt I never needed to do it again. I've SEEN. And Yes. It might as well be CALLED Remote Live Video Footage. Seriously. R.V. is bringing up another real place AT the same time you're seeing your computer and glass of water too out of corner of your eye.

1.Time of day.
It does not matter in the end. I believe your human body is a hub for whatever the # you want it to do, frankly. Pardon emphasis. Late at night however is when we are not edgy and alert.

2.Left Eye, Right-hemisphere Brain. (no R.V. with Right Eye for most part)
I have remote viewed (2nd of 2nd time) with both eyes open. But can't when left eye is closed. I believe it has something to do with simple knowledge of right brain side controlling left side of body. Though true, rules mean NOTHING if YOU insist on using right eye. rockon

We are trained to LOOK at something, not around it or beside it..... or even both sides at the same time. Yes, one eye CAN infact look at two, three, or more things at the same time clearly logically absolutley.. PRACTICE IT. You will see results probably TOO soon
i.e. seeing pixelization and refractions of light and photons in the sky 'normally'.

that's it guys... The rest is focusing your eye and NOT moving it. The blind black spot will appear, etc etc.. The ONLY KEY, guys&gals, is not moving your eye. Our bodies, guys, want these abilities SIMPLE. Do NOT move your eye.

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 11:03 PM

I see subtle energies due to practicing Multiple Focusing/looking with one eye so dang much that these orby things may not appear to everyone AT FIRST. Trust me, YOU have it. BUT it Doesn't matter if you don't see it, actually. refer to (LEARN THIS). orb in right eye's vision centers to where I need only left eye to continue. It creates my blind spot (pre-videofeed). I have remoted viewed WITHOUT knowing its exsistence cognitively... no worries.
c. transparent orby thing originates in my LEFT eye and hell, I can't see it unless I am focused and ready to get down baby!
d. the transparent orby thing collides with the black orby thing and suck into each other like a (+) (-) attraction. Pretty cool.

2. 15 seconds...
e. The Subtle energies (resemebling those electrolites u see when your eyes are closed, except uhh.. "weirder") become wilder as the two orby things have merged.
f. "Blind Spot" begins to manifest. Colors of subtle energies are becoming blues then magentas then indigos then the most velvet of purple. hmm.. color frequencies. At this point, eyes closed or eyes open or breaking of concentration .... they don't go away for a a minute

3. 10-15 seconds....
g. "Blind Spot" is faint
h. "Blind Spot" gets engulffed now with those crazy subtle colors of Magenta then Blue then Purple...
i. "Blind Spot" bevels closer, becomes a little more solid at the same time these chaotic display of colors "mend" with the blind spot.

4. 5-10 seconds....
j. Chaotic display of colors begin to DISAPPEAR as if its job is done. (weeeird..)
k. Blind Spot looking more like a damn tv with the power off, except, the the edges are faint; NO longer able to see my wall behind this display ......... yup, very, very cool. no more transparency. More opaque.

5. 5-10 seconds....
l. Outline of 90% SOLID square is now squaring outward and becoming a rectangle in a fashion that says to me ..
Also, as it squares out, it quickly Jumps 1-2 cm's towards me and like finds its 100% progress mark. This is why I think we are Hubs more than Vessels.

6. 20-30 seconds.... (i loathe concentration!! sucks
m. "Screen" is SOLID. There is an OFF TELEVISION I am looking at in the flesh, basically.
n. RIGHT BEFORE figure-Seven, "water rippling" takes over the screen's stillness AND areas out beyond this "screen".

7. 5-10 seconds......
o. Ameoba looking things in a purposful pattern engulf and REPLACE the screen. Go
p. Water rippling ceases after this "TakeOver Screen" manifest. 20% transparent. weird. its like reverse!
NOTE: Figure-Seven is a very very acurate picture representation of what I see right before Figure-Eight.
NOTE: They look 'alive' but naw, saw no movemnt. Maybe its a "gate" I dunno.

8. 10-15 seconds............
q. Water Rippling happens again. The ameoba looking rectangle pattern fades away
r.. The blackish, purplish ameoba looking "Drape Pattern rectangular Gate" DOES NOT disappear completely @ onset of Figure-Nine.

9. 5-9 seconds.....
s. Ameoba looking purposful pattern definently may have something to do with Pixelization of final step of LIVE FEED manifestation.
t. Pre-LIVE FEED strenghtens to be 100% 'un'-transparent. (No, I can't see the wall behind. Not since Fig-6)
u. At 100% 'completed', everything in this LIVE FEED is appearing as real as the car I look at when I walk out my garage door.
v. At 100%, something amazing happens........ The "Cam" moves and pans... but only after its finished.

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