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The End Of Money

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 06:26 AM
What happened to the good old days when we got paid our wages each week in our hands. In those days it was our money we could choose to use it how we pleased, no bank cards no credit cards etc. The Banking system we have today (UK) has been a long time in the planning.

We were sold a lie as usuall, have your wages paid into a bank, your employers said it would be better and safer for them, but it was all a lie. The real reason was to control our money to take what is rightfully ours. Direct debits, standing orders oh their so good and will make life easier, what a con. Cheque books will soon disapear and real money, cash that is will soon follow. The plan was made many moons ago by those who seek to use our money and extort it from us.

Just think of the charges levied, you get charged by your bank if you feault and you get charged by the company you owe/pay money to. These are not chance events, this has been planned right from the outset, to control our money is to control us. Eventually all we will have is plastic, thats what they want, every bank in the Uk is closing down and reducing its manned bank teller positions, eventually it will be machines only.

At the whim of the banks you will be told what you can have and not have, our money will be totally controlled by them. Why, are they the Goverment, are they elected bodies, are their rules legal, no they are none of these things, they are just a business yet they have more real power than most other institutions. Everthing we do revolves around money ergo those who control the money control you and you actions, your life and your well being.

But how far will this go, just how much will we allow them to control us, do people even care as long as they get what they want. But what if you dont get what you want, what happens to those in society who are not deemed worthy how do they survive, what about those who fall on hard times. How many people have lost their homes to greedy banks and their investors making obscene amounts of profits, the business's that have gone to the wall for same.

The gulf between the rich and poor is like the grand canyon, for many in the UK wealth is just an illusion, a thin veneer that can easily be stripped away. Why has this come to pass, why have we allowed the greedy few, the blood sucking parasites with an voracious appetite for money do this to us, there can be only one answer, we allowed them to do it and we continue to allow them to do it.

Its not so much devide and conquer as isolate and control, one wonders what will happen next.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 07:37 AM
While I share many of your concerns, I think that it has gone beyond the point now where we can (or could) do anything about it.

The electronic fund transfer system is now in full swing, and is gaining momentum. It is already too late to participate in society without some kind of electronic cash system. This has been forced upon us, like you say, and largely because people are apathetic or indifferent as long as it is touted as 'convenience'

.....they just could not see the wider picture.

And now it is too late.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by Old Man
While I share many of your concerns, I think that it has gone beyond the point now where we can (or could) do anything about it.

And now it is too late.

I will never believe it is too late. It is most likely too late for things to ever go back to the way they had been before, but certainly people will have enough of this crazy new way soon and make a way for the spirit of the oppressed to shine a light through the dark tunnel that is being created by those who seek enslavement of the rest of us.

I for one am waiting for us to have enough and act, but there aren't too many stepping up to lead a revolution, so who knows...........

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 09:47 AM
Do everything you can do. First of all refuse to use the credit/debit cards only use cash, If you own a business refuse to honor the cards. I for one am sick and tired of paying those stupid banks a percentage of everything I make, and for what, so they can cut their staff, put more monay on the bottom line while giving me porr customer service. Who do they think they are? GOD! Well maybe that was a stupid question. I am sick and tired of people saying its too late, maybe it is too late but there are still things you/we can do.

Next just for the sake of conversation how does one step up to lead a revolution against the elite of the world without being labeled a terrorist or a threat to the national security. It would seem to me that you would have to have a lot of people behind you, how do you achieve that when the media would label you as a nutcase, if they even give you the time of the day. I think there would have to be some huge revalation that proves our goverments or the elite behind them are trying to create a one world government with a bunch of sheeple. There would have to be some serious evidence that 911 or the london bombings were terrorist attacks of the elite. Perhaps the terrorists are another arm of the global movement paid for and supported by the same bankers that steal our money. I'm not saying anything new here just read the threads. Now think about this, perhaps the real terrorists out there are already fighting a revolution against the new world order, a group of governments trying to impose their way of life onto a certain region of the world. These are not the terrorists of 911 nor of the london bombings but patriots of their own country trying to expel the devil that wishes tio impose his will upon them.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 11:48 AM
I have to agree the banks have their own agenda. They are in it for themselves and what purpose do they serve? I do not think it is too late though, we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and take back control. What they want is a cashless society so our money can be in their control.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 11:55 AM

I really do sympathize with you when you say that you are sick of people saying it is too late.

But I do think it is too late.

Ok, so what can one man here, and one man there - refusing to use debit/credit cards, do to stop the advance of the NWO?

IMO, the system is already too entrenched within our financial/banking world to ever go back to using just cash. And people are being sold it more and more, on a daily basis.

Sure, I don't agree with it myself.

I am a believer in the prophecy that would indicate that this is the 'mark of the beast' which is systematically being unveiled, and as such, I believe that it is inevitable. That is not to say that I agree with it or welcome it. And if it ever comes to where I am forced to take a microchip, or revert to some kind of bartering system, I will certainly choose the latter.

I think that this system is coming. Coming to full fruition. Whether we like it or not. And refusing to use credit cards is not going to halt it.

But, whatever you do......don't take the chip!

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 12:15 PM
social structure and attitude is the key. Money gives people the upper hand over someone else, it plays right into their worries and inferiority complex, possibly brought on by the media or their parents, or whoever said that your amount of money, not how you live your life, determines how good of a life you've lived.

Some people just want to have it all, but I don't think they know why. Money is comforting to them.

Until society, i mean everyone, you and me, and even the little dark occults who run the world learn to share, there will always be money or something to that degree.

I know it makes no difference how I live my life, but I try to only take what I need, and if I decide to treat myself to something really nice, i try to give something back. All I can do is live by example and hope it picks up, same with all of you.

I want money gone. Its the next best step for humanity. But only when we're ready.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 12:24 PM
Caveman, you make some great points. I like your idea. Do we really need money? Of course, we do now. I mean in general what is money? It is just printed paper and gold and silver are just precious metals. There were the days where people used to just barter and trade for things. I am sure it will change one of these days, I hope I am still around when it does. Maybe not though.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 12:31 PM
I also agree with Caveman. I want money gone.

But not to be replaced with some kind of electronic/biometric/microchip system.

This is a lofty ideal.......but it will simply never happen in this world system.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 02:01 PM
Well, there is a way for money to be gone...but the results are not what you would be looking for as it removes you from society or society gets bombed to the point of extintion. Utopian communes never seem to work out, especially the cashless ones. Closest ones to working is the Amish and other Menonite groups in the US.

They work on a 20% communial factor in which 20% of all personal wealth goes to the church for equal distribution of 10% of the pool to all families and the remaining 10% for special needs and emergencies. Strangely enough the 10% is rarely used as more prosperous families tend to assist less prosperous families especially in times of need. Land being the highest commodity is 100% distributed to heirs unless in the case of no heirs or unwanting heir it goes 100% to the church for redistribution among members or direct sale to an individual family.

It is an odd system and many things are exchanged by barter of goods and labor on a private scale between individuals. I was almost a subject of crisis once within the community by being an outsider. Fortunately for all involved I was not injured in the fire as I had to leave early. But the guy that I worked beside all day was crippled for life by the fire. The church will always provide for him, but would have had a problem as some would have found me deserving while other would have not had the same happened to me. The not so simple solution of converting and/or marrying into the community would be met with the same debate of fair entitlement to provisions as it would settle things for some and create a new problem for others.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 04:17 PM
Cheque books will soon disapear and real money, cash that is will soon follow.

I agree with this... I picked up my fiancee from work one night around 9pm and we were hungry so we decided to go eat. We ended back at home eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cuz nowhere we looked took checks and we didn't have our check card on us and no cash. No fast food place, no restraunt that we could find that was open at that time.(Everything pretty much closes between 9 and 10 here, which sucks big time.) The one restraunt we did find only took cash, and the other one was closed cuz it wasn't Fri-Sun(Big Bar nights.)

Just think of the charges levied, you get charged by your bank if you feault and you get charged by the company you owe/pay money to.

Tell me about it... $34.00 everytime you even go negative... even if it's just a penny. We had some trouble with our bank as well... we kept on going negative even though there was money in our account. They said it was our fault cuz the money wasn't there and nothing they could do. BS... how come our statement said diffrent then? We are in the process of switching banks after that. Not to mention if you cancel a subscribtion or something from a company and they keep on pulling... Vonage did this(sucky company... phone service sucked big time as well...) AOL did this to us too. Got into a huge argument with customer service... got to the point where the bank pretty much stepped in and blocked them from pulling and told them where to go.

It is nice though when you want all your bills paid when you have the money(say my bill is due the 25th and it's the 2nd... have the money in the bank... just go to company's website or call and boom it's paid and pulled.)

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 08:57 PM
I think our whole system of economics is holding us back, every single country.

A man breaks his back, digs up rocks, the rocks are refined, metals are taken from it and then used as needed. But what happens when you start to give the resource a number? And then you bring currency into the equation? You have the valueable ore that the man mined, which we need, but his efforts are worth nothing to a certain country, and everything to another. If you move a bar of gold from country to another, is it still not gold? It's the middle-man thats the problem. The ones that gamble with the worlds resources for personal advantage.

Currency is a prime example of the greed factor. Those with the most are the least reluctant to spend. My country has more stuff, so stuff should be cheaper for us.

Does that make any sense??? And don't tell me its more complex then that, because either way it doesnt change the fact, a bar of gold in canada, or the united states, is still the same bar of gold if you move it to say...france.

Theres a huge supply of valueable resources in every country. There's no reason we all can't live in a technologically advanced, educated and comfortable place.

Bring back the barter system! 6 pelts for a pile of wood.

It seemed to work great back in uhh, the stone age! But for some reason in a world of computers, fiber optics and brain surgery, we need to make it more complex and dissadvantaging. Theres some incredibly smart people in the world, I think we're smart enough to figure out how to manage our reasources.

But the real question remains: Are we mature enough?

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 09:05 PM
We think having more money will set us free.

Money makes slaves of us all. A select few determine our right to live. But even these people got the jobs they have because they don't want to be slaves like the rest of us.

Look at the great depression, what the hell was that? A few numbers can cause country-wide poverty.

This has got to change.

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