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Death Beam (1981)

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 05:01 AM
Indulge me, if you will, an exercise in semiotic foraging whereby I take a cold war era pot-boiler spy novel -Death Beam (1981)- and use it as a sieve through which to filter by association the facts, theories & speculations surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001.

First, a few links concerning the author...

Robert Moss as CIA propaganda agent.

Robert Moss as adopted Mohawk "active dreaming" guru.

A disillusioned follower

Audio interviews

Perhaps there are some valuable tips for reading his novels here

Now let us proceed " infer occult connections between twenty-year old cases and what was happening today..." (pg.160)

A date and location heading begins each chapter. The first three chapters that take place in New York are
1, 9, 11 (foreshadowing the year, the month, and the day)

These chapters begin as follows:



New York, September 6

There was a line at the door to the Cafe Carlyle...

Carlyle Group meeting on the morning of 9/11/01 in Manhattan;
source: final paragraphs of this
Guardian article & this CBC article.

pg. 110


New York, September 18

"It was a fix," Melanie Toussaint fumed as they fought their way through the mob of fight-goers at Madison Square Garden.
There was a threatening rumble of anger from many of the fans who shared their disappointment with the champion who had bowed out, with only light injuries, after only nine rounds...

Perhaps, according to one of the more outlandish theories, these 110 story towers were "fixed" at birth.



New York, September 24

Jimmy's toy cars were arrayed in lines, four deep, in the hallway, just in front of the door. He was now engaged in lining up behind them the entire miniature cast of Star Wars...

The toasted cars of 9/11.

To briefly summerize the plot of the novel: a team of American, British, and Israeli intelligence agents, members of a loose-knit spy cabal known as "the Club," race to prevent the launch of the Soviet doomsday weapon Razrukha, the Death Beam satellite, on the kill date of November 7, which if successful would fry millions of Americans within a hundred mile radius along the Eastern seaboard while leaving buildings and infrastructure intact. Though this detail departs from the nature of the attacks of 9/11, there is a notable parallel to the kind of exotic weapons some speculate were used to do the job on the WTC, notably as the beam weapon utilizes a micro-nuke as its power source:

"The basic source of energy for the weapon is supplied by fusion... a controlled, mini-thermonuclear explosion." (pg.337)

more details: "...the flux-compression process by which the energy generated by a mini-thermonuclear explosion would be converted into electrical power to produce the beam..." (pg.330)

links for a few of the speculations.

[edit on 1-7-2007 by 0ivae]

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 05:13 AM
If, as Judy Wood and others argue, we can rule out jet impacts and fuel-fires along with conventional explosives and cutters as the cause of the WTC demolition, thus leaving exotic DEW and/or micro-nuclear weapons as the cause, the suspect perpetrators then can be narrowed down to two factions, namely the two Cold War superpowers who had developed these weapons: the U.S.A and the U.S.S.R. (or its Russian Federation remnant), the latter of course being the great villain of Death Beam. But the Soviets had been exploring DEWs far and beyond the particle-beam weapon depicted in the book.

Essentially, Moss' moral of the story is that the Soviet research and development into these areas is so far in advance of the U.S. that we had better get our act together and support Reagan's Star Wars programs!

Yet, there is a pro-Israel/anti-Arab dimension to the novel as well. Indeed, an Arab terrorist plays a role in the November 7th plot, as the Soviets deploy within the U.S. a Palestinian (disguising himself as a wealthy Saudi) whose mission is "to disrupt the decision making mechanisms of the United States." (pg.32)

Ushinsky, the Russian defector:

"Sammy Hamad... a sabotage agent of my department. He is currently living in your country, preparing a uniquely ambitious operation...
"We studied a number of possible scenarios to disrupt military communications in the event of a crisis. The marshal said we should try to ensure that the brain of the United States was not functioning on November 7. He asked specifically whether we could arrange to sabotage the computers on which Strategic Air Command depends." (pg.74)

Thus the confusion and
chaos in the skies on the morning of 9/11.

In the final chapters, Sammy Hamad is pursued at the "Camp of the Martyrs. near Al-Gheidda, South Yemen". Note the phonetic similarity to Al Qaeda, a good seven years before the alleged founding of the terrorist organisation. But also pertinent: Usama bin Laden's father and family patriarch Mohammed was born in the Hadhramaut region of south Yemen.

Despite his Yemeni origins, Mohammed bin Laden became a Saudi national hero when his construction company renovated the Grand Mosque of Mecca, the design of which the World Trade Center complex was loosely based upon by its architect Minora Yamasaki. It is primarily for this reason that Yamasaki would be commisioned to design several projects for the Saudi BinLadin Group.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 06:34 AM
Interesting the mention of Yamasaki using the Grand Mosque at Mecca as his model for the WTC, and I'd agree. He also built the Woodrow Wilson School of Int'l Affairs at Princeton and it is a dead ringer for the mosque.

Which leads to the question, Why do you want these quite symbolic American buildings to echo the holiest site of Islam?

1981 is pretty far back for planning/foreknowledge of 9/11 though. They had it in a bottle for 20 years, down to the date and the toasted cars? The towers were only finished a decade earlier.

9/11 happened 11 years to the day after Bush 1 gave his infamous "Toward a New World Order" speech at the UN. No coincidence there.

But that doesn't mean they'd already selected the date back then; rather that once things were set in motion for the end-run, the symbolic import of the date (and slew of other symbolic elements around 9/11 [IX XI]) made it an overwhelming choice.

And as for Judy Wood, she's half-mad. But half is quite sane. She has pointed out many real anomalies but her thesis to explain them is way out there.

Definitely 9/11 wasn't a conventional CD, but it's still unclear how unconventional it was. Quite a few of the pieces conflict re: nukes and DEW upon close examination. It was intricately planned and executed, save WTC7,
but just what the exact mechanisms of destruction were is not at all easy to explain.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 02:03 AM

Which leads to the question, Why do you want these quite symbolic American buildings to echo the holiest site of Islam?

I should defer to this video for one speculative answer to that question.

1981 is pretty far back for planning/foreknowledge of 9/11 though. They had it in a bottle for 20 years, down to the date and the toasted cars? The towers were only finished a decade earlier.

I'm not suggesting that this indicates fore-knowledge. What I present here might be called an unintended case of remote viewing? Given the author's enterprises into "active dreaming" (a form of RV?), it seems appropriate enough to go down this track in reading his novels. Perhaps the scene with Jimmy's cars lined-up (a completely gratuitous detail in the story) is someting that came out of a dream that Moss just haphazardly threw in there.

Then again, active dreaming, remote viewing or whatnot could be all bunk. Given a different set of historical circumstances, I might have read the novel and come up with a completely different set of startling coincidences. At the time of reading Death Beam, I had also been reading a couple of books on 9/11: Wright's The Looming Tower and Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon, not to mention countless web-pages on the issue.... it has become a bit of an obsession with me lately. So my brain was quite susceptible to associating these so-called synchronicities.
Is it just a fruitless amusement then? Some of my friends would say so... but no. By jumbling up the details and theories about 9/11 and sending them through the sieve of this book, they come out re-arranged in such a way as to suggest other ways in which they could fit together...

For instance, to state the obvious: a Russian involvement in 9/11?
One case that could lend itself to that hypothesis would be that of Vreeland, who was sent on a mission in late 2000 to Russia concerning...

SSST [Stealth Satellite System Terminator]. There are five different individual and unique defensive and strike capabilities of the system. The only portion that I have publicly spoken on is one frame regarding actual current orbiting satellites, which are not at this time owned by the US government. On advice of counsel I cannot discuss the other components.

This one component is a satellite system. Within the confines of the system there are multiple, deployable space/orbital EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] missiles that are not aimed at the ground....

Oh to be a fly on the wall at Kennebunkport right now.

Definitely 9/11 wasn't a conventional CD, but it's still unclear how unconventional it was. Quite a few of the pieces conflict re: nukes and DEW upon close examination.

Please explain. Since much of this technology is truly "above top secret," we can only guess at precisely what kind of destruction it is capable of...
So we really cannot rule out a type of weapon if we lack the specifics of what it does. Rather, we are only at liberty to rule out the technologies whose physical properties we can specify, if those properties do not fit with the results: the evidence in the form of of a pulverized WTC 1 & 2.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:25 PM

Originally posted by 0ivae
Please explain.

Afraid you'd ask that. It's the area of 9/11 that most intrigues me for some time now. In general, I'd refer you to the several mini-nuke threads here; the latest one, still going strong, has a great deal of info about the WTC anomalies and how even pure fusion pocket nukes don't explain them. The lingering hotspots are the core mystery, pardon the pun. the energy required to melt and maintain molten steel in the sub-basements for weeks is truly staggering, but you don't see any EMP effects or bystanders dropping from a neutron blast. Very strange. And I don't see how a DEW would improve your chances of explaining that.

I think we won't figure out just what was used at the wtc ever. it's undoubtedly cutting-edge tech and highly classified and we simply don't know enough to even guess right now. Or it was the consummation of everything known about conventional explosives--an unparalleled tour-de-force of good ol' bombs. Just don't know which.

When you posted the video link I thought it would go to that video, and I do like what he does, barring his forays into Donald Duck and the Simpsons. There is definitely an occult/numerological/symbolic/just-plain-weird dimension to 911 that shouldn't be underestimated, and in fact my first thread here was on exactly that.

As for the idea of subconscious RV creep, well, who knows? The Pentagon was (and undoubtedly still is) very interested in RV, enough to fund it better than the official 911 report ever was.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 03:55 AM

There is definitely an occult/numerological/symbolic/just-plain-weird dimension to 911 that shouldn't be underestimated, and in fact my first thread here was on exactly that.

I didn't know about the Feast of the Martyrs...

Feast of Coptic Martyrs:
Ironically, the attack of September 11 occurred on the same day that Coptic Orthodox Christians, throughout the world, were commemorating the "Feast of Nayrouz", which honors the memory of the martyrdom of Egypt's Christians throughout the centuries. The Coptic calender bigins on the first day of Thout, called "Nayrouz" a Persian word, meaning "the beginning of the year," which coincides with September the eleventh five centuries, when Gregorian calender replaced the Egyptian (Julian after adoption from Alexandria)in 1582. It commemorates the start of the tortureous rule of Diocletianus, in memorial of tens of thousands of Coptic martyrs. His reign is considered the era in which the church offered absolute witnesses to Christ, when the souls of martyrs departed to paradise and kept shining as bright stars therein.

I mentioned that the scene where the "Club" hunts down Sammy Hamad is at the "Camp of the Martyrs" near al Gheidda in Yemen.... in fact this takes place at some sort of cafe or restaurant, as Hamad is chased into the kitchen.... a feast of martyrs indeed.

Another thing about the kill-date in the novel: November 7. Note, this is the 11th month of our calendar, but the 9th of the Roman, while September is the 7th.

We could go on interminably about symbolical, numerical, astrological coincidences... but my better judgement says: resist that.... Such is precisely the methodology of seduction whereof "they" entrance into submission....

Just stick with the physical evidence, even if ultimately inconclusive, we nevertheless are much closer than we were but a year ago...

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:56 PM
It was thru dreams and my fooling around with that i started to take iovey people have no idea how up the keester this guy is in to the occult...that said..its a fact that theres laser beam weopons...he even had a band years ago called "DEATH BEAM" ironic! its a fact that deskes/ computers/all the plumbing/ steel beams/ concreat dissipeared at the twin towerers....and i dont think will ever in our life times be told how it was done...but the number thing seems to be a reacurring thing thru out history... whats up with that for any of you a.t.s.ers out there?

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 09:09 PM
sorry for posting your name the wrong way bad.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 10:20 PM
O.k.....lets play this game folks....a movie JUST..came out with jim carre..not a big fan of him...but when he did this i i did this back in 91..i did a cabel access show/ one eposod/ called netwerk-23...thats how i know this no. workes in the bigger picture of life in general..cause lug nuts that dont know math stumble for eterinty like pinnocho crying for his blue fary...and you know he got his legs burnt off///and he got swallowed by a whale..where he met his dad!.....that in its self should be a magore suck this is a big shout out to number people....current 93 want you to buy there drark holes at the sky cd..but the devel told me to say that..daveid tibet is hard core catholic cat loving end of the world jesuse style kinda guy...go figger?

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