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what i thought was a ghost was an alien

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 01:41 AM
it all started when i met a woman at the bus stop back in 1991. I saw her and didnt say anything to her, as we rode the bus We made eye contact and that was it. When i got off she got off also. i said hi to her and within a few minutes i was going back to her house. We had a thing for about one week until she was telling me about an evil spirit that would come to her house and torment her. i was 23 years old and at the time I just assumed she was a little crazy. so after that i never went back to see her.about 1 year later my friend and i was about to get into his truck when i heard a voice in my head. It said " waiting, waiting for you. It said it twice in a monotone voice. The hair stood up on my neck and i felt an evil presence. I could see my friend looking around with Frightened look. We both got into the truck and he sped off. we concluded that we both heard the same thing. I decided we should confront this spirit and find out what it wanted. So later that night we had sat in a circle and started into a trance like state. then i remember traveling through what i perceived as space following a light orb. then i saw a square formation below with strange writing on it.Then A face of an alien appeared in front of me. it was startling but didnt frighten me. then the orb appeared and we continued on.And then i got to a point where i knew i couldnt go any further. At that point i opened my eyes. what felt like a few minute was five hours later. my first thought was , obtain knowledge.And i felt a very positive
energy. my friend then opened his eyes and he was very negative about everything. So after that i didnt see or hear anything like that again. my friend never liked talking about it. So about five years later i was working with a guy and he invited me to his house for dinner. so i said yes and off we went. he also brought another guy i had just met that he had hired. this guy had the same birthday as mine, i thought that was cool. later we started talking about the unknown and i asked this guy to tell us anything that ever happened to him. he was hesitant at first but than he started telling me the same story i just told u. i stopped him and called my friend and had him tell this guy what happened to us. i hadnt said anything about it to him. he was quite freaked out when my friend told him. the wierd thing is my friends birthday is 3 days before mine this guy was with his friend at the time and his birthday was 3 days after his. than the real shocker to me was he was seeing the same woman that i told u about just 5 years before this.

So I ask anyone that has had anything like this happen to them, please share your story. and also want to know what the 3 day differences in our birthdays may mean. ive had lots of other experiences in life but this is just one that had to many coincidences. I need more input on this, I will not disclose my birthday just yet, i need to see if it means anything first.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:08 PM
well, i see ive gotten no replies. So either people think that im full of it, or because im so new to this site that they dont want to hear anything i have to say. But i can tell you that this was real and I am not crazy. There is more to this story, i have just given you the basics of it. I know that there is alot of bull storys floating around and people are tired of hearing it. all Im asking is for Input on other experiences relating to this one. because if aliens are waiting for me , i want to know why! I also feel that all my ghost experiences are all related to this. it has all come to me just in the last few years.I am trying to make sense of it all. I am not afraid of it i welcome it. I feel i am stronger than they are. I am very strong minded and try to look at both sides of everything. So please Just give me some Input.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 02:54 AM
You should try posting this in aliens/ufo topic, you will most likely get more people reading and relplying on your expierence.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 07:53 PM
Im new here and was under the impression that if you didnt have proof of what your talking about , you coudnt post there. So it appears i need to be educated a little more on how and where i can post.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 08:02 PM
Interesting story. Have you had any other UFO/alien related things happen to you in the past? What do you think the alien wanted to show/tell you? Do you ever have any thoughts about future events, etc? Thanks for the interesting story!

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 08:58 PM
Well, im not sure if ive had alien related things happen. but i have had a few ghost encounters. and as i said before , I havent disclosed all the facts because i wanted to get some input on others that may have had this experience first.

I did feel like when my friend and I confronted this being, i had taken the positive half and he had taken the negative half. I say this becausewhen i awoke from this state i felt totally positive, and when he awoke,he was totally negative.That lasted about one week and i felt like i had the answer to a question i didnt even know. but i also knew that there was one piece of the puzzle not answered and i wouldnt find it until i left this world. now the woman i spoke of told me that this being would not only torment her but get pysically violent with the time i lived in a trailer park that always had conflict. I came to assume that this being didnt like woman and thrived on the conflict that arose from there.and when i was following this thing what i assume was space, the barrier i spoke of was like being at the edge of the universe.And i knew i couldnt go any further. The feeling i got from this was the same as dreams i had when i was very young. the only way i can discribe the dream, it was like i was energy traveling through a tight space and the entensity would build until it was so great that i thought i couldnt go anymore. but it would start again and slowly build up. then i would wake up in terror crying and my parents would ask me what the dream was, but i couldnt explain it at the time. Ive always felt out of place in the world and have always had a fasination with the unknown and ufos and aliens.even before i had any real knowlege of what they where. And ive always been able to see things before they happen. from dreams and thought right before they happen.But the older i get the less frequent they are. My problem is i have a lot to say but i am no writer. so it is hard for me to express myself and explain things that are unexplainable.i have just found this site and i am hoping that by sharing these things with others it might open a new door for me to be able to express my self better.My other question is if i put this in the wrong thread, than how do i get it moved to the right one. This is all new to me and i just need a little guidance. Thank you for having a great site where i can get all the things on my mind out in hopes for more answers.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:31 PM
I'm writing this here instead of my thread so I can pull this to front page again.

They also pulled me over here to skunk works I think the reasoning being we cant prove anything.

Sleeper's thread also should have been pulled over here but it seems that he has a large thread so they leave it over there.

What saddens me is the name skunk works sounds as if what we have to say smells wrong and I do not really like that.

I know what I write is what I have been shown and told by another species of life one that is much more intelligent then ours and the information I shared deserves better.

I look forward to what you have to tell us.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:21 PM
Hello again. Let me start by telling you about how the events leading up to this experience and the events afterwards may be related.

When i was very young around 5 years old i would have moments of visions that at the time i didnt think about much because i thought they where normal. I can remember hearing voices telling me goodbye. It never scared me , Or made me uneasy. Looking back on this i can only conclude that the voices where departing souls. another thing i remember is always seeing ideas in my head and always asking questions to my father about these ideas. He would always have some negatives to why they wouldnt work or how impossible they where. So being told these things i would forget about them. But later in life i would see these things become true and be very disapointed i didnt have the means to do them myself. My ideas had to do with magnetics and the applications of them. I didnt watch tv much when i was young because my mother would make us kids go outside all the time. So my thoughts where coming from myself and not tv or even radio. Then when i was 7 years old we moved to los angeles california. North hollywood to be exact. Thats when things starting changing for me. I started having night terrors and sleep walking alot. I also would be sitting watching tv and i would feel this energy in my thumb and be in some strange trance. My view of the room i was in would become very strange. Like everything around me would be in a box as best as i can describe.

Then my interest Of the unknown became greater over this time. I started having discussions with my father about stuff like ufos and ghosts. He was always telling me good reasons why they didnt exist and at the time i couldnt see why he always doubted all i spoke of. But then one day i asked him about things he did in the air force. He told me one time about a huge craft that was seen by him and others at wright patterson air force base in ohio back in the late sixties. He says it was the size of a football field and silent. He also said that it was at night and the light from it lit up like daylight, But you could look at it and it wouldnt blind you. He says at the time nobody said a word about it because back then you didnt go around saying you saw these type of things. Then he said a few hours later the base was put on lock down and the level the base was put on was the same as if we where at war. Then he says huge trucks came onto the base with something under tarps and was taken away to somewhere on the base. They where huge flatbeds and there where more than one of them. When i brought this up to him just a few years ago he denied ever saying these things to me. I figure that because i was young he didnt see any danger in telling me then but now that im older he wouldnt dare indulge any info regarding these things.

So, when i was nine i was playing baseball in the street in front of my house and went to retrieve a fowl ball. When i returned to the street i was hit by a car. Broke my femur in half and fractured my ankle. When they took me to the hostpital they injected me with morphen for the pain. When i awoke 24 hours later my mind was in a new state of thinking. It was as if that was the first day i could think clearly. Very hard to explain. And than my experiences started getting frequent. I was sleeping outside one summer camping out. We did that alot back then. I saw an object very low in the sky, looked like a green glowing football that was pulsating. Not moving very fast and not very big. I thought cool, i think i just saw a ufo. The next day my sister tells me she seen this object going by her bedroom window. She descibes the same thing. I have to note that i did live just a few miles from the burbank airport. Lockheed had some very huge hangers on that facility at the time.
Now onto when i was 13 years old. This was in the early eighties. Had met some people that lived with there grandmother Not far from where i lived.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:57 PM
They invited me over to hang out one day. When i got to the front yard of the house, I got an evil feeling and the hair stood up on my neck. Something was telling me not to go in. So i never did. That same year my friends where having a party there and they took a picture of one of my friends on the couch. When they developed the pic. later they noticed a figure peaking around the wall from the kitchen. I seen this pic. and it was an energy in the form of a skeleton. the skull was very evil with fangs and there was a hole in the left side of the head. and part of the eye socket was gone. i assume that it was a gunshot wound. The guy who lived there was named jim. he plays a key role in a later event. Moving on. when i was sixteen i was at a house just 4 blocks from that one. The guy was telling me about a ghost that was there and he was freaked out and fed up with it bothering him. So he yelled out, "get the hell out of my house, i dont want you here" And within a few seconds of him saying this, maggots started appearing out of the carpet. He flipped out and we started to tear up the carpet to see if they where coming from underneath. They where not! this was very thin carpet and No way they could have been there without us seeng them before. Anyhow, he moved the very next day. The previous occupants moved because they where scared of this ghost also. Then when i was 20 years old i was at a friends house. he lived on claybourne st. behind his house is the back side of burbank airport. There was 5 of us there and one guy that someone brought with them none of us knew him. Now ill tell you, I am a nice guy And i normally dont have bad feelings torwards people even if i dont like them. But there was something about this guy that made me feel like i had to be mean and say rude things to him. My friend was doing the same thing. Another guy was standing in the doorway looking up in the sky with both hands in his pockets. Then i seen him start backing up slowly and all of a sudden he fell straight back hands still in pockets hitting his head and busting it open. His eyes where rolling in his head. The guy who lived there, charles, he went to him and was on top of him saying dont you die in my house!. Then the guy opened his eyes and said get the hell off me and stood up and left without another word. The other guy who we had bad vibes against was gone as well. Charles and i headed out the front door and i felt this evil presence come over me same as the feeling i got from the house where i saw the pic. My stomach got real tight and something was forcing me to the ground. I was down on one knee and when i looked over my friend charles was also. There was something strange in the air that night. We left and went to another guys house and was telling him what happened. he was shocked because someone else had just left his house and told him the same thing happened to them somewhere else in the area. I have been at peoples houses and felt the presence of something and said something about it, and they would say things like oh i know thats just our ghost.So ive always been able to feel them wherever i go. Then when i was in my early twenties i lived in northridge california. And my father was staying with me at the time. He had brought this woman home one day. her name was chara. Her boyfriends name was jim. The same jim who lived in the house with the ghost pic. One friday he was really acting strange and kept saying he had to go to his mom. he left and headed to hemmit california. His girlfriend said that his mother had been dead for a few years. That sunday night I woke up in complete terror. The feeling was so strong that i woke my girlfriend up. I dont remember nothing in vision but the feeling was very evil and strong. The next morning i got a knock on my bedroom door. I said come in and it was jim. He looked Scared and looked straight at me and said, "You where there and you made it happen"

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 11:32 PM
Then he turned and walked out of the house. I have never seen him again. And have no idea to this day what happened to him in the desert. Then came the experience with the woman and the alien i spoke of.

Now, i have traveled a lot And everywhere i have gone people who meet me and talk to me always say that something about me tells them that someone is watching over me. I have been to different Types of churches and looked at many different religions. And even people from these meetings ive had tell me that they sense im am very spiritual. I dont think that i am, but these are what others see in me. Mostly due to the outcome of how things happen to me. So ever since the alien encounter i had, I have thought much of my life and all that has happened. And my conclusion is that these ghost experiences may be related to the alien . And when i talked about seeing things before they happen, Sometimes they come as a word or a quick vision. Those things come true right after I visually see or think the thought. Example: Driving down the road and i see a vision of someone cutting me off, Within a less than 10 seconds it happens. That was a visual.
Example of A thought. I was bowling one day and the word Heart attack hit my brain. I thought what? Then within 5 seconds the guy next to me dropped to the floor and had a heart attack. Now thw ones that are very big are the dreams. Years ago i would dream of places and scenes. Later in life i would be somewhere and "click" There i was in an exact place i had dreamed about. Happens alot to me. Now when i have these dreams they have great meaning when i wake up. And i just know at the time i have them that they are things to come. My latest dreams have been quite disturbing meaning that if these are things to come, I believe we dont have much time . My last dream that had this feeling was so bad that i wish i hadnt seen it. I will tell you. And most people will say that i am a nut. but i dont care. Something will come from the sky and great disaster will follow. From what i seen there is a power of some sort that is controlled by a hand held device. In my vision of this I am actually Saying " I will do your deed master" Now ill tell you in my present state of mind i would never bow down to anyone or anything. But in the vision i have this devise in my hand and pointing it towards the sky. It is like some energy beam that makes a giant swirl of electrical clouds. I have no idea what this means and now am hoping for more visions of what comes after.
I have told you most of the important things that i have experienced. But there are so many other things its hard for me to write down my whole life. And on another note, I am not an idiot i have an I.Q of 137. Not a genius. but not stupid . I am very level headed and live a normal life. as normal as i can considering the State that our world is in at the moment. Oh, my father is 66 years old and when he gets out of prison in three years, ill try to press him for some facts about what happened at wright patterson. And no. i wont indulge why he is in prison. So dont ask. And my sister says that my father told her one time that he never had sex with our mother. Butyet he had 5 girls and me. If you knew my father you would no he is not a man that jokes, he is the most serious person i have ever met.
Ive always wondered if My sisters and i where part of some alien Inplantation plot with help from the military. The way my life is, i wonder.
Thank you for listening to my experiences and i dont blame anyone who thinks im a nut. Maybe i am. Just dont have the answers. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 10:26 AM
Well, from the way you have written and explained things I believe you.

I think you are putting things together but I think we need to try keep an eye on the bad things you saw.

What did you feel this object was that came from the sky? Meteorite or a ship/craft of some type. I would like for you to think about this and rewrite everything and describe it in detail if you can. Can you tell when this was to happen, visualize this and try to see where, when, what, who, how and write every detail.

I know something horrendous happens by 2046 but I don't know what. They are going to try and correct this... this is why many like myself have been sent back here to help the human race survive.

I have a question I want you to think about. Do you feel you are living where you are supposed to be?

I have talked with experiencers and some have said that they live where they are because they feel this was the place they were to be for some reason. Others said they moved because they had a sense they were in the wrong location and they had to move to a specific place.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 02:26 PM
The object i saw was very small. No bigger than 3 foot. football shaped. Had a green pulsating glow. Traveling just above the roof line of the 2 story building i lived in. And it was traveling very slow, I would say around 5-10 miles per hour. When i was young i dont ever remember being scared or having bad feelings from anything i heard or saw. It wasnt until the house with the evil presence in it that i felt that way. And i must say that the question about me being in the right place is very relevant. When i lived in california i always had the need to come back to ohio. It took me many years to make it back here. But i have to tell you, I dont know if this is even the place. Something is not right about it. Its as if a frequency Change has occurred. I feel there is some type of manipulation occurring that is very wrong.

Let me talk about the evil things that i encountered in california. The house that i spoke of was one of the first houses built in the san fernando valley. I have always felt that these evil beings where trying to possibly break me down and take over my goodwill. I think they are all connected and followed me for years. But i always kept them from doing this because something in me is much stronger than they are. Most of my life has consisted of helping others in there time of need. i myself dont have much and i never think about becoming something or having more than i do now. But i get satisfaction from knowing that ive helped others.

And back to the subject of my father. All them years that i thought he didnt believe much of what i said, I have just recently found out that that wasnt the case. I was discussing something with him last year and i started getting upset because i thought him being so closed minded was bad. He then told me that most of his life he only was playing devils advocate. He never wanted me to believe Something without me hearing all views. And that my decision should be based on what i felt was right after hearing all sides of the arguament. So now i realize that if he hadnt have done that than i would most likely only believe things from a one sided viewpoint. My father has always been somewhat mysterious to me. There are so many other factors in my life that could be the reason why I have these experiences. It is hard to write about it all because alot of it still doesnt make sense to me. Ive often thought that writing a book would be the way to go, But not yet because I need more answers first. I am not the only one in my family that has had these type of experience. I am just the only one that lives my life following the path that i feel is being laid out for me. The younger of my sisters have a deep connection with me. We both have thoughts and feelings that are the same at the same time. She lives in arizona and i live in ohio. She calls me and we talk about these things quite often. It is very Strange how we are always thinking the same things. And our dreams are often the same. She is very lost right now and i am the only one that can get her feeling that things will be alright. Ive been discussing certain revelations with her and she is starting to See that there is a connection with what she is experiencing and what i have told her. Something big is about to happen. But the disturbance i am feeling is very bad. But i also know that my spirit is stronger than anything that will come. I feel that nothing outside of the physical world is stronger than me. I have no doubt of that. Thank you again for listening to my experiences and thoughts. Ill let you know more as they reveal themselves to me.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 04:57 PM
Putting this together is not easy.

What people have to understand is when this occurs from the time you are just a little one... you don't know any different.... this is just the way you think life is. It never occurred to me to say or ask anything at all.

We can only do our best and follow the path we believe we are being led down and whatever is to be, will be.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by observe50

You are absolutely right, Putting this together has not been easy. Here it is a year since i last posted on this topic and i can say my life has change a lot. When i first found A.T.S, I felt like i had found the answer to so many questions i had. But sadly it only has made it worse. I have seen So many people come on this site and Post so much bull that it makes threads like mine and many others less credible.

I did learn to write a little better and not clump all my words in one giant lump
. I have not opened myself up to let anything wierd or unexplained happen to me this year. I closed my mind and have been taking care of my family.

One thing hasnt changed for sure, My dreams are very vivid and i dont like what i am seeing in them. I have always been able to see things in dreams that come true later in life. The one dream that really disturbed me was a dark figure standing infront of me, I raise my hand towards the sky and say, I will do your deed my master. And some power emits from my fingers and causes a giant vortex in the sky. It looked like a violent storm to me.

Then in the next dream I am observing from afar and i see What looks like a crane with a coil of some sort pointing down towards a circle. There are people all around it and a person is led underneath the coil. I can sense that they are being punished. Then an electic bolt shoots down onto them and vaporizes them.

These are the types of dreams i have everynight. Quite disturbing and so real to me. I am a very sane person with lots of common sense. So for now on i will post all my dreams in hopes that I can make some sense of them as a whole.

Maybe i have a tumor and dont know it
. Im not joking, Ive always wondered why i have so much going on in my head. And for the record, I dont drink or use any type of drugs. So dont even ask.

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