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the problem that is global warming

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posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 11:38 PM
the problem that is global warming

guys both all sources (pro global warming) and (anti global warming) are spin doctoring the facts to massage the filters/create the beliefs through which the public perceives things

it's all about power and the benjamin's and the enviornmentalists know pollution and saving the enviornement is to big a battle to win without something as big as global warming on there side

it is a study in applied psychology to get people to change behavior if you don't alarm people they will not change there beleifs or raise there awareness level.

umm global warming is occuring and some ice caps are melting

response 1. okay and

umm global warming is occuring and in 15 years that 5 million dollar house you built on the beach won't be there (when they in fact are just guessing based on worst case analysis)

response 2. REALLy! lets do something

And mister honest politician and banker says well i'm glad you asked us we already had a plan umm i mean we think we can figure out a solution but use may lose some freedoms and it may cost you a few bucks, but i'm glad you brought it to our umm attention

do not underestimate the power of shaping the filters thru which people perceive info, that i described in the first sentence

btw aresols and other human action have led to a degree of global dimming which seems to have a cooling effect which may negate the other emissions from humans which may have a warming effect

*but global warming (naturally) may be occuring today and even if it is natural it still could be dangerous for humans and the way society runs today (not really animals or plants cause they have been through hundreds of these cycles) but they have to make humans feel responsible in order for them to feel guilty enough to do something and more importantly (so as 2 make a buck off of changing laws ) (and privatizing natural recources), and that is what the smart people don't like about GW and being manipulated and that is why doing this ruins the credibility of something that may be natural and a wee bit dangerous to humans in time

it would make sense to me that the chem-trails are an effort to increase this global dimming phenomena. in an effort to help cool NATURAL (not human) global warming

ok so the earth was in an ice age 10 ,thousand years ago, and after that what happened the globe warmed naturally, and the cycle's continued today , except that imagine man's emissions kind of cancelled each other out with the dimming aerosols and the warming carbon emissions, and we figured out that you know what we can slow natural global warming with chemical aerosol trails which accelerate global dimming. this is just an idea. it may have flaws but they would fund both sides of the GW issue i.e they could unofficially get pilots to fly these planes to slow global warming (at least this is the line they feed the militiary pilots), and i'm not saying they can't have other sinister intentions like creating an electon charged (ionized) plasma conductive gas out (these aerosols become ionized when they interact w/ sunlite) of the air to manipulate people thru elf waves or something.


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