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New atack on USA for 2007

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Lets say that I am going to be a nice Guy again and try to explain you patientiy the point,

Have you ever counted the statistics of all the injured people, plus the dead ones, and the ones that are still carrying terrible consequences of physical or psychological trauma, like the relatives of the victims, of the very extensive list of domestic Terrorists incidents that have occurred in America since 2007?

I suggest to give a carefully checking to the list I have posted here in my previous replies, and I warn you that the list is incomplete, that there are incidents that I didn't have time to include on it, plus the ones that were fortunately stopped on time, like the massacre was going to occur in Florida, just in March, and one student smartly prevented on time.


If you do that simple arithmetic exercise, possibly you are going to realize that among all together there is practically another 11 of September that silently and slowly have happened in America, in front of our eyes, almost undetected, committed with anesthesia, but anyway as lethal and dramatic than the one of 2001.

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by khimbar


for what?

what I am gaining of this?

I am spending my time and tranquility trying to prevent tragedies, or warning of incoming natural disasters, that nobody else have even the tools to predict, or economic collapses that can ruin the lives of many and you are saying to me that I am exploting, that sounds ridicule, that is pathetic and absurd.

I suggest you to reflect and medidate carefully, and investigate carefully the background of a member before to come here with so bold and false accusations.

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by The angel of light
During the remaining months of this year I am viewing the occurrence of a terrible act of violence in the Country.

Just stop. You can't take a (wrong) prediction for the year 2007 and twist it so it applies to 2013. Your prediction failed.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by Foundryman


My prediction failed according with your very personal standards because the Presidential candidate Obama was finally not killed by those three criminals isnt it?

Since those 3 fanatics, among others, they were unable to reach their target before the secret service could stop them isnt it?

Who do you think you are to deny facts or say in a free society who can talk and who cannot do so, just to accomodate the "reality' to what it is comfortable with your system of ideas or beliefs?

After all, what is my great "mistake" here? Because indeed Barack Obama was threatened continously since 2007, as here the the following links clearly states, and in a way never before other public figure in his role ever was, as it is published by functionaries of the secret service:

Pls read and open your mind:


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Turq1

It is clear that you are ill of possibly jealously or incomprehension, or something similar. anyway just thinking in
what is acceptable for you

I came here to express my sorrow and how shocked I felt on this horrendus event and you decided that
I was not so good or sincere after all, just because I didn't request your permision to talk here? isnt it?

Do you have friends in Boston? have you ever being there? well I have known people that is currently directly affected by the chaos that city is now dealing with.

Let me tell what I think is my only fault here, perphaps is the one to resist the conventional explanation that this massacre is another isolated one, and so the result of just sudden and unpredictable and also uncontrollable madness that every certain time "normally" occurs in any society.

Common, open your eyes and see that the rate of massacres that America has now is producing more deaths and other casualties, damaging the life of thousands of people annually than the ones areas of declared conflicts are causing in the same period of time?

Is this normal? if you think so your opinion is respectable, and if you want to continue thinking in that way to calm your concious that is your problem, but I am not agreed and no body has the right to try to harrass or discredit my good name for that.

America is perhaps a unique country at present, in which any person can buy guns or explosives without being tested in its background at all, so also the only nation with armed mad people walking in the streets!

I believe this tragedy belongs to a social phenomenon that is creating a major trouble for the American Society and has causes that can be fixed and so it is possible to control and eventually stop it if we understand its dynamics.

I work daily in a University campus, attending also daily spaces that are crowded of young people, and naturally I am,as many others, afraid of that more of these incidents can continue occurring without any solution to stop them, listening from judges or authorities the same empty phrase: "don't worry is just madness".

The best way to honor the victims of this tragedy is not to allow that their sacrifice engross a mute statistic, as it has happened with all the others ones occurred since 2007, of what it is supposedly the "normal" criminality or madness rates of a modern society.

I would suggest you respectfully to try to know better others before to be so quickly so judgemental.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

worst. psychic. ever.

You give charlatans a bad name

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by Argyll

Skeptical member, as your own avatar, claims, tell me when have you ever given credit to any psychic or seer at all?

Are you talking about charlatans?

Don't make me smile please.

Now about your grading of my skills,

Well I do not expect to receive any special treatment from you,

I am sure Nostradamus himself might fail to satisfy you too.

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

Skeptical member, as your own avatar, claims, tell me when have you ever given credit to any psychic or seer at all?

Yes I am very skeptical....I don't recall ever giving credit to any psychic because I haven't seen one give a truly convincing prediction.

I don't mean to offend you, but, I've read your predictions......they are amongst the vaguest I've ever don't actually manage to predict anything at all specifically.

I'm not in the least psychic but I can make educated guesses....just like you do
and I'll bet that I have just as much if not more success than you do.

I see you added this to your post after I replied.

I am sure Nostradamus himself might fail to satisfy you too.

......I think he was even vaguer than you!
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posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by The angel of light

What are you gaining?

An audience for you charlatan ways and ego reinforcement that you're special I imagine.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 06:33 AM
wow some of the comments in this thread are appalling.

thx for sharing your dreams/predictions anyway. I feel a lot of these issues are on most Peoples' minds due to the times we live in...could be the reason you are dreaming these things?

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Thurisaz
wow some of the comments in this thread are appalling.

thx for sharing your dreams/predictions anyway. I feel a lot of these issues are on most Peoples' minds due to the times we live in...could be the reason you are dreaming these things?

But the prediction in this thread never occurred in 2007.
The OP is now claiming that this prediction took place in 2013.

The OP seems to have a big ego too, Thinking people are jealous. What Jealous of what? whats to be jealous the OP called it for 2007 and its now 2013. There is no prediction here. Just the OP churning for attention.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by amraks

This is a forum to share experiences that every can have around dreams, whoever have a dream can come here to share it, nobody ever have said that if I come here and post my impressions on a personal dream is because necesarily and automatically is a claim of Prophecy.

When I opened this thread it was the year 2007, not 2013, I was commenting a dream I had at that year that I
believed refered to the timeframe we were living then.

Dreams can be not only glances of future, but messages of what is occurring distantly in the same time,
a kind of telepaty or distant viewing, this is very well known and has been tested exhaustively since the time of Carl Jung until the best epoch of the parasychology laboratory of Duke University.

There is in Virginia, by the way, an entire archive with alot of written evidences of the many readings based on dreams that Edgar Cayce successfully gave along his life and that support the existence of this phenomenon. This is a reality, now that not all the people experience it and also not all the time, is something also true.

I still think that my impressions on that dream refered to the plots of terrorism that were taken place in the country around a possible boicot by fanatic groups to the Presidential Election, and I still think that these impressions took material form in the multiple threats that the democratic candidate of that time, Barack Obama received, and that now are part of the History of the period.

I have posted here in some of my replies reports of the secret service from 2007 that clearly refer to this situation. Now, those death threats unfortunately converged just a year after this dream was posted in an attempt of Assasination against Barack Obama during the Democratic Convention in Denver Colorado.

If I decided to come back to this thread, as soon as I watched the first reports of what it happened in Boston, was because the crude images on the Tv were extremely similar to the ones I saw in my dream of years ago.

Of course 2007 unfortunately had its own sense of tragedy, the one of Virginia tech, and the other three or four grave incidents of massacres committed under similar circumstances that year.

My only dared Claim in this thread since the Boston attack happened is that I think we are living abnormal times in America, the social order is really degraded, the violence is in many aspects as grave as in the 1960's, to deny that is to pretend to hide the Sun with the hands.

I believe the so called Domestic Terrorism is an extremely worrying phenomenon and any attempt to try to convince us that it is statistically normal or routinary is a grave mistake. I assume my responsiblity to have told here that, but we must not accept that this is just the responsiblity of another isolated mad fellow acting lonely, and that later in a court is going to claim dementia, to close the possibility that this might be part of any kind of conspiracy or a grave social problem. .

Perhaps in 1960 it was possibly in America to tell to the people that the brutal assassination of four major figures of the civil rights cause, including one President of the USA in clear way of reelection, and other in clear way to be elected, by the way siblings, was always the result of the action of lonely mad assassins, but in this decade those unbelievable explanations are simply unacceptable.

I am so sorry if this offend you or anyubody else, but I have not yet accostumed myself to the idea that the periodic massacres we have in America committed, practically every 1 to 3 months in average, by supposedly mad people are normal. I respect that there are other members here that possibly think in a different way, they do not see any link in between what happened in Virginia Tech in 2007 and what occured in lone Star college just less than two weeks ago or now in the principal universitary city of the nation, but when I was child these things never happened so frequently, neither in 1970s or 1980s

As an example of what I am talking, let me refer that In 1973 the very famous psychic jeanne Dixon, that predicted publically and successfully the death of JFK, since 1956 ,and also the election of Kennedy and Nixon as Presidents, shared a personal dream about that there will be terrorrist attacks in the future of the continental USA.

Many people attacked her saying that she was out of her good mind, that never was going to be something like that in any place of America. That is just an example of how unlikely were terrorist attacks or massacres of any kind in America, although now there is a campaign on the media trying to wash our brain with the idea that this always has been the same we see now.

Dixon reamains still now, in spite of that horrendus campaign to try destroy her reputation, as the first of the clairvoyants that described vividly a clear picture of what it perfectly might be the 11 of september of 2001, 28 years in advance of it, that can be read in books like: The gift of Prophecy or My Life and Prophecies. Her proved ability as a seer deserved for her the honor to be called as personal adviser of 3 President of the USA: Richard Nixon, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

There is people that never in no way will accept that dreams can contain powerful intuitions, they are what is called religiously ateists, but to react in a so violent way against others that anyway have showed in the past to have seen something meaningful in that way, is not only intolerance of the worst kind, is immaturity and also fanatism.

We are not living in the time of the Holy inquisition or the witches hunting of Salem, we are in a modern epoch in which the research on parapsychology has advanced a lot since that obscure past.

There are written records here in ATS or BTS , just check my profile to see that my intuition certainly works in many occasions, look to it carefully, I defy anybody that seriously wants to audit them, to give the most rigorous inspection to it and tell me if there are not many cases of successful perception of unknown facts occurring in that time, or in the near or distant future of those threads. Read on them and later possibly you are going to realize who is really here comming with charlatanism in a so agressive manner to try to repress the right of free speech of other members.

Again, dreams are natural, and sometimes they can be premonitions or thought tele-projections, it is scientifcally accepted, it is not only part of the many interesting myths or legends of the popular culture, or spiritual mystic experiences refered in the Bible, and if you feel tranquil I am perfectly concious that this happen to other sensible people too.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by Thurisaz

Yes Dear Thurisaz,

I believe so, and moreover that we are living in a time in which there is a progressive global spiritual awareness, that is what I have told extensively in my relatively new thread on the 30 aniversary of the so nice book the Celestine Prophecy, of James Redfield.

In 1993 that book was a seminal paper predicted that in the transition in between XX and XXI century more and more people around the world were going to start to experience strange sinchronicities that might only explainable by taken concious of their spirituality, of the reality of the existence of our immaterial and eternal nature, that might force them to awake to a new dimension only perceptible through the most superior of our mental skills.

According with the extraordinary lucid argument of Redfield, when this situation arrives to what he called critical mass, when the amount of people start to arrive to the level of not thousands, or hundreds of thousands but perhaps millions around the world experiencing this strange premonitions, telepaty, omens, lucid dreams, this will push our entire specie across the entrance gate of a new stage in our spirtual evolution.

It does not matter how we call that next higher awareness that is coming to us, the climax of the Pisces age, the Nirvana, or the messianic age, or the New Jerusalem, what it really matters is that when this becomes dominant in the collective inconscient we all are going to see clearly that we are not just material beings, but energy ruled by sophisticate information patterns and mathematical models working all together granted by a higher intelligence that rules the Universe.

So this phenomenon is not a game of who has the bigger ego, but who has more open his mind to feel the spiritual change that is coming soon.

here is that thread is you want to take part on it:

You know why two people that are infront of exactly the same half of glass of water react so differently? one seeing one half empty glass of water and the other one half filled glass of water? due to their different perception of the reality conditioned by the dominant thoughts they have at that time in their minds, one judges using positive logic while the other analyses the same event through the zoom toward negative aspects of a negative logic.

That is precisely what have ocurred here in this thread on this week, I posted my sincere impressions of my sorrow of what happened with many innocent people in Boston, trying to give some light in the middle of the darkness that this tragedy, trying to arrange some cosmos of internal harmony toward that caos the situation, brought to us, but some people decided to carry here all the negative energy they took from the same event to start a battle of insults against me.

here another thread of the same year of 2007, in which I also mentioned a similar meditation around the supernova event of that moment,

If I am an exploiter of others tragedy, as I was falsely accused here, it seems I am a very rare kind of it, since I use to try to project a hopeful perspective to my readers, even on the middle of the most dark of the possible scenarios we are experiencing. I did this in 2007 when the country was still shocked with the Virginia Tech massacre and I am doing so when many are so confused of what is going on here after this Boston terrible also massacre.

thanks for your comment,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 01:43 PM
AOL is the real deal.

posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by JamesofOz

Hi Dear JamesofOz,

It is always glad to see you coming here, after a very heavy week in ATS and BTS trying to deal with the reactions of the community to one of the most dark and sad episodes of terrorism ever recorded in the History of the Sports of the American History.

Today finally the first results of the exhaustive hunting of the suspects by the authorities in Boston, sadly in the other of the most emblematic University campuses of the country, the world famous Massashusetts Institute of Technology.

This morning we have seen through the multiple reports of the media how one extreme young man, a foreign student that came to America from Chechnya, a small country in the north Caucausus that since many years ago have caught the attention of the world, for their fierce and unmerciful terrorist actions against Russia, was shoted by the police after resisted arrest being one of the principal suspects of the bombing on Boston the previous week.

This is a fact that again force us to reflect deeply on why we are affronting this kind of situations in the academic community of US? why we are dealing periodically with the same kind of stuff? mad fanatized students that are killing a lot of innocent people? Why after six long years and along two different administrations we have not seen the end of these horrible acts?

One of my first questions, and I am sure many more people is right now perhaps asking the same right now, is:

How many more of these same tragedies are needed to happen to understand that we have a problem, that
there are needed more controls?

It is so dificult to understand that in spite of the lack of weapons control also there are US authorities granting student visas to people coming from areas in which we know by sure there is Islamic extremism, from communities that are under political fanatism living chronically.

How a student coming from a region that has extremely clear ties with Terrorism could come to the USA to Study in a University without being carefully checked in their background?

Without being cleared of psychological tests in order to see if he might be a fanatic using a student visa to enter to the USA just to create troubles?

This same student of the University of Massashussetts in Darmouth was arrested before in 2009 for asault, why he was again in the streets?

How could somebody with his criminal record continue attending an American University after to have committed asault before in the USA, why his visa was no revoked immediatly?

Who is in behind these actions? it is likely that his student and his brother, who at these moments is still escaping from the authorities prosecution, might be not acting alone, but perhaps being manipulated by somebody else interested into create chaos in the USA.

We have suffered just a week a go a major National Tragedy, but Chechenyans have carried out several acts of the same level of violence in Russia along years, why American authorities extended Student visas to youngsters comming from a region that we know by sure is exporting Terrorism to another nation?

Again, I think this is time to make a necessary reflection of how many mistakes and gaps of security and surveillance and carefully migration controls are involved in to have created the circumstances that allow these terrorists to be able to do this in America, to repeat the same kind of madness they have done to other many times in cities like Moscow or St Petersburg, where also hundreds of innocents were murdered by these international organization.

It is also intriguing the fact that these students are Muslims, what connection exist in between that fact and the Terrorist activity they performed in Boston? who is in behind all this? why a very well known Terrorist organization that never before acted in America is now doing so? is there any link or alliance now in between the Chechenyans and Alqaeda?

I hope that today later or the next week neither the police authorities nor the government will tell us that this was another isolated case of madness in an American University, that would be unacceptable, here there is enough material to see, even for the more skeptical, that it is likely that we might be affronting a machiavelian terrorist strategy carefully planed and developed to transform the Universities, Schools and colleges of this country in war scenarios, since we are dealing with this kind of massacres since 2007! a so clear trend never occur by chance, there must be intellectual authors somewhere still free and planning the next terrorist incident.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev might be just one more instrument, or tool, one of the multiple arms that has been used in this bizarre terrorist yihad that has been carried out since 2007 in the Academic spaces in America. To send this case into the archives of madness incidents in US Colleges would be a very fatal mistake, Please open your eyes!.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by JamesofOz
AOL is the real deal.

Hi Angel of Light.

posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 03:28 PM
In the past 40 years I have dreamt about total destruction of the world “none of them happened”, total happiness and joy “none of them happened” either.

Just to learn that “tomorrow” is unwritten, trust me dude whoever you are or whatever you might you think you are. You cannot predict one millisecond a head of you let alone minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years for that matter.

Stop lying to yourself, us and the world around you that you can see what is coming, there are no future (only past and hopefully NOW “which is past already”).


Just to add I am also licenced astrologer as well…
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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by amkia

I believe generalizations many times mislead us to learn something more in life, I respect your point of view, but there is a moment in life in which anybody can experience strange synchronicities, the occurence of dejavou is more frequent of what perhaps you suppose.

I am pretty sure that in Boston, there are at this precise moment many people reflecting on what they did or what they didnt do that prevented them to be exactly in the place of the bombing at that fatal moment.

I know at least one real personal story, I am going to share it here just because I think not only you but other readers must know of it. By the way if there more people of Boston wanting to share their paranormal experiences occurred in the last week please feel free to come here and reply.

This was told to me by a friend named David;

David was planning not only to be at the marathon, but even considering to participate on it, he trained for some weeks or even months very seriously, with discipline and regularity to try to be in good shape, and he was pretty enthusiastic with the idea to take part on the athletic competition.

However, his plans changed in the most unexpected way just 48 hours before the tragedy. He was in Boston but he is one of the many students from other towns of cities attending classes there, so it happened that he was called from his home town by his family to be informed that his beloved dog was so sick and that they were expecting , from the diagnostics of the veterinary, that it might die soon.

David forgot all his previous plans, forgot his desire to take part on the marathon, his many hours training for it, he packed rapidly his stuff and traveled just less than two days before the tragedy, as it is said in Boston, to outbound in direction to one of the towns located in the west of Boston, using the train, to visit on time his dying pet.

David was in his house with his sick old Dog, when the tragedy happened, he realized by watching the TV that he was extremely lucky and that nothing happened by chance in this life, his old dog eventually died but not before to show to David that even a Dog when it is attached with the bounds of love to a human being, can foresee the future.

David now thinks that his dog prevented him to experience the terrible tragedy by becoming ill in that way on that precise time frame, he is convinced that it was an act of love to him. Is that a coincidence?

Well, I left to you and to the other members of the forum to think on that, of course I wouldn't expect you arrive easily to conclusions that contradict your own system of ideas.

Thanks for your reply,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 03:45 PM
Events happens (in whatever you may call it the future) based on what we have done in the past personally or generally.

What they say…. Karma and payback is a B!tic*… don’t know about the whole world but what happens here is the pay back of the very nice behaviour of the U.S of EH in the past.

If you ask me…..? There is more and worst to come. Just wait and see.

My predictions perhaps….


posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 04:09 PM
There are of course hazards that may affect someone’s (future) required foreknowledge and depth of belief on (personal level) like “sudden sneezing”, most Muslims believe in it as a sign of warning for bad omen.

Bu then again, it is all about faith, tradition and cultural belief; it has nothing to do with the reality or whatever soup we are swimming in it in general.

Observing and studying of all mumbo-jumbos of astrology plus religious, cultural, tribal, traditional, and psychological for almost 30 years led me to one point and I told you about.

Tomorrow is unwritten, what we see today is the result of our actions at some point of time in the past, do you think a mother or father holding their dead kids (killed by some adventurists) with their tears in their eyes and sigh of helplessness and condemnations would go unnoticed in the court of God..??

Moses law no matter your belief… an eye for and eye… (Let the whole world goes blind then) pay back and karma do really exist. Be aware of it.

Now.. What prediction? If you are wise enough to know where it is coming from..??

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