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An on the fence skeptic no more

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posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:19 AM
My wife always claimed ghosts followed her and she could see them. I believed that she saw them, but without my own eyes seeing it, it was not real enough to me.

So I'm out in the kitchen getting some cheese and crackers, and I look over to my cats who are by the front door and the door to our bedroom. I see one of their furry mouse toys drop straight down about 4 feet to land near my cat named squeaks and of course he plays with like this is normal.

I started calling out to all of my family in the house, and they are all in the family room watching tv. So it wasn't them I determine, I grab the nearest thing I can swing at a home invader, my broom lol. I quickly check out the rooms near the front door which is our bedroom, the front living room, and our walk in closets. There is no-one there.

Cats just don't throw things in the air straight up 4 feet. It was also possible that the toy was lobbed at a high arc from my bedroom so that when the inertia of the throw ended it would land straight down.

I have eliminated all possibilites within that slim chance the cat could toss that thing chest high about 4 feet straight in the air. i just know my cats well enough that they keep their toys close to them to swat at not toss them in the air, and I've never ever seen them toss things in the air. That's more of a dog thing.

I wasn't scared at all, I am actually super excited this is that burden of proof I've needed to really really believe that ghosts exist.



posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:34 AM
Interesting story.

I'm sure you know the behavior of your cats better than I do. But yes, cats can toss a mouse 4 feet straight up in the air. Our female cat will attempt to "kill" a catnip mouse by tossing it with her paws at least that high. And she's the second-smallest cat we've had.

Have your cats ever seemed to react to someone who's not there? Beyond the usual staring into space routine?

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 03:04 AM
It's hard to say if the cats react to things not there, I often find myself looking where they do "out of curiousity" and I just assume it's a fruit fly or something I can't quite see. It has dawned on me before to track my cats in that way, but not for more than minute since I'm ADD lol.


posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 03:14 AM
Something else just occurred to me regarding this. My cats were all laying around on their stomaches lounging as my fat cats do. I think that's what struck me that is was near impossible to blame on them. For a cat to toss a thing in the air, and then flip back over to their stomaches before it landed is quite a feat that I hope I would have noticed at the time. What struck me as odd is that they looked relaxed like they were not playing before the mouse dropped down.


posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 03:17 AM
Cats tend to 'play' with their prey sometimes by tossing them in the air- I have witnessed my cat play with a dead mouse this way (tossing it into the air) so I do not find this story extraordinary sorry.

Take care,
- Naz

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 03:24 AM
It's cool Naz, I'm not trying to make any believers here. All I'm really saying is that this event, and how I witnessed it, was significant enough for me to become a believer.

Thank you for your feedback.


posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 08:59 AM
ADHDsux: looks as if your life might become a lot more interesting :-)

We experienced substantial paranormal activity for several years, in one house in particular.

Then we bought this place. Brand new, never lived in. It's been pretty good --- the paranormal stuff has been rare. Nice break from it, touch wood.

A year or so before we moved-in here, we adopted a ten-year old cat. She was way beyond the playing stage and was happy to sleep her days away on a comfy bed.

She had her own routine. I'm sure you know what I mean -- you get to know your pet's every expression, habit, peculiarity. It's second-nature.

This place isn't large, so nothing escapes attention.

One night, instead of trotting back upstairs to her bed after her feed, our cat instead walked to a corner of the living room. Normal corner: just two regular walls which meet at a right angle. As it happens, it was a perfectly blank area (for that 'uncluttered' effect). So, two blank walls forming a corner.

She remained still for a while, staring intently at a point on one of the walls, a couple of feet above the floor. I watched her, wondering what on earth could have captured her attention.

For a brief while, it seemed as if she was tracking something invisible. Her eyes were following something on, or in front of, the wall. I peered intently to see if there was a tiny insect or even an ant. But no, nothing.

Then suddenly she attacked the wall. I mean attacked. She fully launched herself at that wall. She was at full stretch, body extended, claws out and ripping into something.

For a second or two, she seemed to hang there. She was hissing and yowling-- really wild, or angry as if she were in a fight to the death -- with a blank wall !

Alarmed now, I called to her loudly and ran towards her, to break the spell. She was oblivious to me, to everything except this invisible 'thing' she was fighting.

Then, still howling and hissing, she suddenly dropped flat before tearing up the stairs, ears flat to her head.

I flew up after her. She'd already made it to a room that was occupied by another member of the household, who asked: ' What did you do to the cat? She's acting all weird. '

I replied that she'd just attacked the wall for some reason.

We both stared at the cat, who was already on a bed, her body tightly tucked up. She looked upset and had 'gone into herself'. She didn't want to communicate or be patted.

Returning downstairs and curious about her weird behaviour, I examined the wall. Called the others down to look at the claw marks in the wall.

We still don't know what caused our cat to attack the wall. She'd never attacked that or any other wall before, nor did she ever do so again.

If you had x-ray vision and could 'see' beyond that wall, you would find a small store-room. It is fully lined with modern tiled floor, securely-locked with a strong well-fitting door, and contains neat shelving and some barely-used power-tools. No-one was in there or in the vicinity and the area surrounding is secured with a very high fence, alarm systems, etc. It's a new place, very clean and well-maintained -- no mice or other cat-attracting creatures. The walls in this entire complex are solid and well-constructed: no gaps or holes or badly-aligned elements. The corner of the room in which the incident occurred, is very well lit. I saw absolutely nothing on or around the area which could account for the cat's behaviour.

Yet something was there, albeit invisible.

She was a very intelligent, mature animal. Attacking the wall was very out of character for her. I took evey possible scenario into account and via process of elimination could find nothing at all to account for our cat's actions.

I'm convinced 'something' was there, something of which I was unaware and invisible to the human eye, but which was regarded by our cat as a threat or intruder.

As you say, ADHDsux, it's not a case of attempting to win converts. These experiences are almost always impossible to prove, in any case. They fall into the category of " You had to be there to see it for yourself '.

In one of T.C. Lethbridge's books, he mentions sitting with his wife in a walled garden of his home, high above a valley. Their cat was clearly watching something attentively. But what it was watching lay on the other side of the very thick stone wall. Lethbridge stood up and looked across the valley and saw a cat slinking through the undergrowth on the other side. He estimated the second cat was directly in line with his own cat's focused attention. In other words, his own cat was watching another cat. Yet between the two lay a thick stone wall and a deep valley. Lethbridge's own cat clearly didn't need to actually climb on top of the wall to sight the other cat, as we'd be required to do. Instead, it was able to 'look through' the stone wall and across the valley as easily as we see through glass.

Interesting animals, cats. If only they could speak and tell us what they see and know.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 09:49 AM
something similiar happened to me. I was home by myself and i was downstairs in the TV room, looking for something in the TV stand. A rolled up sock comes out of nowhere and smacks me right in the back of the head. It came with the force like it was thrown from the top of the stairs that were about 15 feet away from me. I ran around the house to confirm noone was home. And nobody was home, i found it more humorous then scary for some reason.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:14 PM

i threw my socks through this portal in my closet the other day

apparently the other ends in your house


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