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Dreams of UFOs

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 02:39 PM
I also have had similar dreams with similar emotions to others here.

One common theme is seeing various lights/moving stars in the night sky, far away... with a strange atmosphere. Sometimes pleasant sometimes uneasy sometimes exciting.

Recently one that felt scary, I was coming home from what seemed to be my office in Dubai when people were acting panicky and large grey discs started descending towards the ground very close by and around the city. I remember feeling dread, hopelesness and was searching for and trying to phone my girlfriend who I just wanted to be with before "bad" things started happening. It really didn't feel good.

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 02:49 PM
Yes I had several dreams about UFO´s.
Most of them as a kind of invation on somewhere.
All the time felt fear and amazed.


posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 06:43 PM
Well, here it goes...I have had many dreams over the years featuring alien space craft. Archetypal or not, they are quite lucid or rather appear more real than when I wake, only to find myself in bed far far away from the experience I just came from.
Glancing through the various responses my particular dreams are uncannily reflected. It's all there: astronomical phenom; terrestrial and extraterrestrial space craft in swarms; varied air strikes; and yes, box-like probes with a purple glow. The over all mood collectively is this is beyond our control, to release any fear and take it in with awe and astonishment of the last or the greatest forth of July. Good or bad, it is happening. We are seeing what we are seeing at this very moment, all speculation aside.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by frami12

I had a dream about a UFO a couple of months ago. I was at my old house where i used to live, and it was late in the evening. The sun was setting my mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen next to where I was looking out the back door. I was looking at the moon, because it was unusually bright, then a small blue light started to form on the moon. I yelled for my mom to come and look at the light, but she ignored me and kept cooking. The blue light started to get bigger and bigger in the sky and then I started to realize that this wasn't normal. I started to feel scared and I knew that whatever was in the sky wasn't here on good intentions. I continued to watch the object it got closer and going from left to right, then it stopped and started to make a buzzing sound. I started to get a headchange like you get when you're drunk and the room started spinning. Something was wrong with my body and I knew it had something to do with the UFO. My mom looked over at me with a fearful expression on my face. She asked me if I was alright. I had no idea what was wrong with me. Then I fell on the ground, and woke up. When I woke up my heart was racing and I was sweating even though it wasn't hot at all in my room. Ever since I had this dream I can't help but think that something happened to my body since then. I can't explain it but I feel like I have changed since that dream physically. Ever since then I get these hot flashes all the time, if I get too hot I start to get dizzy and itchy all over my body. Before my dream I never would feel this way before. My bedroom is kept around fifty degrees F and I don't get cold easily. I never used to be able to stand the cold like I do now. I can walk over to my friend's house when it's only ten degrees outside with a thin jacket on and not even have to zip it up. Even when it's windy I don't get that cold. A couple of years before this dream I had a similar one that I can't remember all that well. If anybody has had an experience like this where they feel that a dream physically changed their body then please contact me at I would really like to talk to someone that has had a similar experience.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:32 PM
I used to have dreams of UFOs when I was younger. Maybe like 10 to 8 years ago. Now I have dreams were the sky is weird. Ill look up at the sky and something will be very wrong. Either there will be a giant planet, two moons, a huge star system that looks like its about to crash against Earth, one gigantic sun or one gigantic moon. I always get a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach after seeing the sky so incredibly different. But if you look into the sky at any point durring any dream it will be filled with all sorts of odd things.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by Vikturtle

I'm Frank413 and your dream really surprise me, I was younger (don't remember well my age but it was between 12-14) but I have an unusual dream, usually I don't have dreams or I forget them but this one was different and here is my story:
I remember it like a muted movie, don't sounds, just images but it is the most vivd dream that I ever had, i get out of my house to the street (was afternoon because the sky was orange) and everything looks like usual except that I don't remember saw any person, I was alone and began to walk up the street when suddenly saw the regular circular craft in the sky but it was so far that it looks really small and something comes to mind "I wish have a camera for take a picture to the first UFO I've seen" then it moves and hide between the houses and I ran up to see it again when suddenly it began to be closer and closer, I was so impressed that I saw it and I began to walk backward but I doesn't saw something at the ground and I fell down to it but never stop to see the craft it was a giant craft coming, it pass overhead so I stand up and turn around and it was there in the sky going to somewhere when suddenly something drag me, it feels like flying but it wasn't, it was like if something shoot me through the sky, I pass the big craft that I've seen before and I was going upper and upper, I thought that I was going to fall and die when suddenly I woke up in my bed around 6PM.

What surprise me is that the craft pass overhead like in your dreams, I thought I was the only one when suddenly I decide to check out in Google, imagine my face finding this in the first page that Google put me

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by Vikturtle

My UFO dreams are extremely realistic. So far I've had 3 of them. The last one occurred in October 2008. It went like this..

I stood next to a blue car looking north and talking to some unknown person across the street. I could not hear their words or my own but the conversation seemed non threatning. When I turned towards the south a shiny chrome saucer swooped down between us. It flew in from the north and headed south hovering over a brick house. Then it left without making any noise. I didn't see any aliens inside the saucer but the occupancy may have comfortably seated one being because it was about the size of a car with an obvious bulge in the middle but not translucent.

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:28 PM
Wow, allot of people have been dreaming about seeing lots of ufos in the sky. I have read, and heard tons of predictions from people that have seen visions and even said they were taken to the future..which was really close time line, and said that they saw what looked like a awarm of bees in the sky but the bees were ufos, and it was like and eclipse of millions and millions of ships...

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by ATSGUY

They have a way of showing you the future. I have noticed some of my dreams show a complete take over of very deep red planets sitting in our atmosphere. It looks like you can touch them they are so close. There is no barrier or anything to obstruct your view. The new Planets just sit there for everyone to see its very different glancing into a vast colorful outer space

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 01:25 AM
I have had many many ufo dreams. Just last week, i heard myself saying, ah yes the headaches are frequent and ufo's are coming again or something like that. And I wasn't up for it.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 07:15 AM
ok I've had 3 experiences with what I believe to be ufos. the first was a dream, around late 2008

I don't remember what the majority of the dream was but it was regular. At the end though everything went black and there was a single light maybe about 3 times as big as the north star. It slowly moved closer to me and as it did it became clear that it was really about 6 or 8 lights in a circle and it just kept getting closer and then I woke up.

The second wasn't a dream. This happened Jan. 26, 2009. I was driving my sister to school and I was pulling up to a stoplight and I was facing the sun. So I just glanced up to see where the sun was and to the left of the sun I see what I at first think is a star. Keep in mind this is around 8:30 in the morning I look away for a second pulling my sunglasses below my eyes look back up and see in vanish within a 2-3 second period. I ask my sister if she saw it and she said "see what?"

The 3rd happened last night. it was a dream. My brother was at the back door at night walking the dog. I go over there and look at the sky and I see what I think is the north star, then it starts to get bigger or better yet closer I yell at my brother "look thats the light I saw the other day". and I couldn't see it right overhead but it goes over our house. all I could see was a light blueish purpleish tint coming from somewhere over our house. Then I run upstairs to my room(other side of the house) and I can barely see the light from there. Then the light quickly floats over the my window and seems like it kept getting closer but I woke up. I woke up around midnight.

All of these experiences were very very very vivid and realistic. During the last dream though it didn't feel as if they were "trying to get me". I was simply afraid b/c there were unknown lights over my house. I didn't get the dread feeling that everybody has.

Maybe its an off theory but if there ever was an "invasion" and a war against humanity I don't think it would be against all humanity. Rather a certain type of human. Those who would allow or advocate the continuance of our warmonger like characteristics. They would get rid of the cancer in our society. I don't know it's just the feeling that I get.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:46 PM
I've had quite a few UFO dreams, and every single time I get so scared that I tell myself 'please let this be a dream, please let me wake up'. In many instances of the dream I know I see the UFO but I pretend that I don't, almost so that the UFO's don't notice that I notice them. I know it's weird but it happens every time.

One vivid dream I remember is being outside, and the sky was like bright orange and suddenly this enormous metallic craft emerged from the horizon and I believe there was about to be an all out War of the Worlds. Really strange. Last night I had a dream that it was night and I was by a lake, and all of the stars were out and suddenly these brighter lights appeared and were zipping all over the sky, there was a few of them flying around and the person beside me kept telling me to look at the UFOs flying around and I refused to look because I was so scared, then I woke up.

I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced UFO dreams where they didn't want to look directly at the UFOs out of fear they would be noticed?


posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by ScRuFFy63

im flying in space approaching this massive rock, then we are right up close to it, scratching and chipping at it, then all of a sudden a door opens up in it, and people get out of it and ask if they can come to earth , we say yes and they begin to hug us, i then say "but you will have to go into quaranteen for six months,

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 09:09 AM
I had a dream on april 19th 2010 where I was with my friends at a museum or something. As we were leaving, I was the first one to head outside for the cars. The rest stayed inside for something. I remember it was really cloudy with oddly light-grey clouds. For some odd reason, I was compelled to look toward the skies. I spotted a small black object far away. As I focused on it, I noticed it was a UFO. The crazy part starts here: as I spotted it, it seemed as though it saw me. It quickly flew toward me. As it was above me, it slowed down and slowly passed directly over me before taking off. I saw the bottom with great detail: It was about the size of a frisbee held at arms lenght over my head, It looked like plain steel plating, no lights and had just a circular door on the bottom. The terror of this dream feels so real, I almost am afraid to fall asleep again.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:50 AM
I have had dreams and encounters i think the dreams are more scary than the real life encounters i had a dream of war the other day where there we're thousands of bombs coming over the city watching from mums place scared the hell out of me but one dream i had was quite scary was about an abduction i did not want to go my lights were on but very dim i looked out side and on the street the lights were all dim and the place i was supposed to go was really far away and i was totally upset and did not want to budge. An other dream i had was actually quite nice i was in a car with 4 others driving and i didnt recognise them and i asked one in the back who they were and they replied my friends so i kept driving then shortly after that i saw a pack of U.F.O's around a jumbo jet and i woke up but i was not scared and also was in a time before i was born which i really enjoyed. Another dream i had was over my mums house i saw a triangle craft above the court where she lives and woke up after that but a week later my mums neighbor told me he saw a strange object flying over some houses there so that got me amused.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 07:33 AM
Okay so this isn't mine (Its my GF's) but I do have these dreams for time to time. Still I find it odd that she would have dreamed of such a thing even thought she doesn't thing about these things and I personally told her I don't want to involved her in this kind of stuff.

Anyways here you guys go, any ideas on what this means is cool.

My GF:

I just had the craziest dream. Like it started with me seeing these lights in the sky at my house back home. They started out looking like regular lights then I went to the window. I was like oh... its just a huge plane thats close. But the thing got closer and closer and it was black and not shaped like a plane at all it was huge. There were green lights all over the place and I freaked out. Then it jumped to the house being invaded by these strong half human-half alien things. They were tall, strong, and fast. The one I was fighting had these sharp mini sword type things and kept throwing them at me so I couldn't get close to actually fight. So I kept dodging the sword things. There were others fighting with me but I don't remember them. I remember the dream stating on sub, but jumped around alot. It jumped to me and a few others running into more mercenaries in a mansion hallway kinda the one I lived in the old dorms but bigger and more elaborate. We were fighting but this time a little better. Then I jumped to small human groups like mine taking a secret powder our scientists made to temporarily induce evolution for speed and strength that helped us fight against them. Then it jumped to them stealing it and me and the others being held captive in a huge meeting hall, where all of the worlds leaders were signing away their countries to the aliens and I was yelling for them to fight but they were cowards and wouldn't listen...thats when I woke up.

They looked human but not... they were tall and muscular but lanky I don't remember their skin tone but their eyes were slightly pointy like someone who had a lot of eye makeup but didn't. They looked half cyber-half tribal with an almost dread lock looking hair, but it wasn't hair.

So thats it word for word

I originally thought of predator because of the dreads, but then I remembered the terra papers (which I read about a week ago) and it kinda sounds like one of those aliens.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 08:32 PM
I have only managed to read through the first couple of pages here, as time is running short. So I'll add my own two cents and finish reading up later...

I have many vivid and bizarre dreams, but one in particular that I remember concerning UFO overtones has struck me as odd.

I was attending some kind of a gathering of people, in a very modern-like home, split level. Everyone seem to know each other, and seemed very friendly to me, but I had a growing feeling of homesickness wash over me. The host of the gathering (or one of the hosts) came over to me, and although I cannot remember having an actual verbal conversation with him, the gist was that he understood I was beginning to feel unhappy. It was kind of agreed that I would be 'dropped off' back home.
I remember feeling regretful that I couldn't come with them (they were all going somewhere as a group and I vaguely remembered being initially excited and intrigued, and flattered to be invited), but I was very happy that I was going home.
A short time later, the host lead me down the back stairs of the modern home going towards where a basement would normally be, however it wasn't a basement. A door at the end of the stairs opened and I stepped out on to my front lawn and turned around to wave goodbye, feeling relieved that I was home again.
As I turned around I saw the entire structure, which seemed mostly to be made of transparent windows, was floating above my head. I waved to my host and he said goodbye, and most of the people waved casually to me.
I watched as it floated higher, and then started to cruise away towards the horizon, still outlined with the dying light of the late sunset. Then I watched it accelerate rapidly up and disappear into the darkening sky.

IMHO that was a UFO dream. It was exceedingly vivid. I can still remember the way the light glinted off the windows, and the emotions were quite strong for me.

Even for me, it was an odd dream. Many freudian interpretations to contemplate...
Two cents contributed.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 08:44 PM
I have had many dreams of UFO's, government and air force personnel showing me strange materials, (in this one I saw a piece of brushed aluminum looking metal that was discolored like it had been overheated or heat treated in some way) and one dream saw a reptilian that was doing things to people and it asked me if I wanted to volunteer for some tests, of which I laughed and refused...

Usually in the UFO dreams I have, I see a light through a window or am outside and see a lot of crazy objects buzzing around doing the usual right angle turns and zig zagging around at impossible speeds, and all the while there are other people, citizens running around in awe and fear during the whole thing...

And during it all the only thing I am thinking is that I want to try and get my hands on some alien tools or artifacts if I can...

And in most of these the detail was very clear like a lucid dream would be...

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by alienreality

i just dreamed i was standing out side my apartment with my buddie and my brother smokeing lint of some sort it is confuseing right now since it took so log to figure out how to #in post, but we were looking up into the eastern sky and saw what appear'd to be a giant orange circle which was filling in with tiny orange lights which appear'd to be a burning comet of some sort then it flipped in the sky and became this giant mothership star shaped ufo hovering then flying over my house as i caught a glimpse of it before i ran into my house then woke up. i have similer dreams and all of the same vividness. i have dreams im floating, ufo dreams just crazy vivid dreams in general that i could probably create a movie based on them. its just weird. but for some reason when i go to sleep drunk or on dextramorphine i have these dreams

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 09:23 PM
I have had my very first dream of a 5-6 foot tall brown gray alien in my dream, at least i think it was a dream. You can see my thread story :

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