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Dreams of UFOs

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 09:30 PM
I cannot believe what I am reading.

I have been having recurring dreams very similar to others here.

There are about 5 or 6 of you that are having the same series of dreams as me.

Mine are recurring, but each time in each individual dream, a little bit more gets revealed to me.

Beginning about 2 years ago, i had the first dream, which was me standing looking up at stars. The air was crisp, clear and cold and the stars were sparkling blue. It was so vivid and so real. All of a sudden they started moving. I became frozen with fear, and I woke up.

The next dream was a month later, same scenario, but instead of waking up, after the stars moved, I could see them start to sort of dance around, and move. They moved so fast, it was like great distances were nothing. One moment they were perhaps miles away, and the next moment the light would swoop down towards me at blazing speed. I felt less fear, but still woke up.

The following dream, again perhaps 3 weeks later, I saw the same thing, but this time, I realized there was some kind of battle going on, but couldn't tell who- or what- was fighting. It was confusing. For a moment I was afraid, but somehow, I knew the fight wasn't involving me personally. Its like I didn't feel in danger.

Next came another dream, where - for the first time, I saw something resembling a craft- like a constructed vessel, white and silver, and filled with light. Same sequence of events, but further along the "story" every dream. There is a brief aerial battle, some fighter jets involved, the clear night sky as the backdrop, etc., and the increasing clarity of actually VIEWING the craft- whatever they are.

There were others, each one very brief, and each one with just a little bit more information than the one previously.

Most recently, I dreamed that all the other things happened, in pretty much the same order, except that towards the end of the dream, a tiny "craft" (if you can call it that) swooped down very close to me, and ejected something out from the bottom of it, very forcefully- like two identical twin mechanical -looking devices. They roughly resembled the shapes of something like an ocean crab. For some reason, I found myself on the ground as these two things were ejected almost on top of me. The little flying craft sped away, but the two "crab" things landed on my hands. I recoiled in fear, yanking my arms back- mostly startled, but not afraid. It was kind of like the feeling you get when a lizard jumps on your arm. You are startled but you don't fear for your life. Anyway, when I flung my arm back, the "crab" was thrown back and away from me, landing right next to the other "crab". I scurried to my feet and looked down at these two THINGS for a half a second, trying to focus my vision on it, but I woke up right then.

I am almost ANTICIPATING the next dream, just to see what is going to happen next.

How weird is this?

I am still in shock to read the similarity between mine, and others' dreams. I will be watching this site closely from now on.

I'd like to discuss this with others.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:45 PM
After I posted the above, I went ahead and registered.

If anyone is having the same kind of dreams, I would like to network with you.

Is anyone having these dreams like "episodes", where each new dream brings a little bit more information or revelation?

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:26 AM
I used to never have dreams about ufos, but since taking on the subject matter, I do occasionally now. One dream I was positive I had figured out how they work.
In the same dream I was also able to finally convince a friend ufos ARE REAL, because we witnessed one together

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 05:27 AM
Hi, I've had a lot of UFO dreams too.

The weirdest one I've had would be one that I had I think earlier this year or late last year, I can't remember. Well in the dream I was at the place where we lived (we don't live there anymore, my family moves around a lot). It was a hostel where my parents used to work, so it was quite big and had lots of supplies like food, medicine etc. Anyway, I was in my room in our flat which was our area of the hostel.

I looked my window and there were UFOs outside. The sky was red, although that was probably because of the dirt which was red-coloured. There were also red pebble, rock things just outside my room (they were used instead of grass for the garden). Well when I looked at the ground, there were aliens there! And they were the same colour as the pebble, rock things. But the aliens didn't look like the greys do, they were pterodactyls!

When my family and everyone at the hostel knew there was an alien invasion, they used the hostel as a place to hide out. And since there were a lot supplies there, well it was a good choice. But then the dream ended.

Now the weird thing was, that not long ago - about a few months ago I think? - my sister had a similar dream. Almost exactly the same, except the aliens (who were still red), were raptors, like in the movie Jurassic Park III. I hadn't told her my dream until a few months ago, when she told me about her dream. Really weird, but maybe it's because we watch that movie too much I don't know lol.

Well another dream I had awhile ago, aliens were once again invading Earth (I have a lot of alien invasion dreams), but this time they were in moon-looking ships. I was in a forest/jungle with my sister and I looked up at the sky and I saw a big moon, then I saw another and I thought "Huh, that's weird, there's more than one moon". Then I saw more of all shapes and sizes coming closer to Earth. All looking almost exactly like our moon.

There was an airport runway in the middle of the forest/jungle and the military was there. It looked like they were getting ready to fight the aliens that were coming. There were also military people coming down from the sky in parachutes too, and I think the aliens were coming down in parachutes too, I can't remember. But I thought it was weird because it made them look like they were coming from the same place.

Well the aliens eventually made their way down. Me and my sister were out with the military people and I got my bag (a bag that I use in real life) from a jeep and me and my sister ran into the forest/jungle. We were trying to hide from the aliens, and then we saw one. It was invisible though, well almost, and it looked really weird. It was really tall about 3-4 metres? And it had a stooped posture with long arms and it was really skinny. And that's all I remember.

Also there was one I had where I was near the beach in the city near a tall building which I think was a hotel or apartment building. It was kinda broken at the top but people still lived there. I forget exactly what I was doing, but I was doing something which took up most of the dream. I think I was trying to save someone or something and I could fly in this dream as well. Well near the end of the dream, I was up floating over near the top of the building and there was a bright light that was coming from a spaceship watching me. If the light was on me, they were able to watch me and study my mind. After that I can't remember, I think that was it. I then decided to look out my window and saw Venus and it was really bright and looked like the light on the spaceship, like they were still watching me and I just found it very weird. Even though I'm sure it didn't mean anything, it just felt weird.

I have had plenty of other weird alien and UFO dreams too. And every time I dream, it's always detailed and in full colour. But I don't think they mean anything though, I just think I have a very good imagination
.Though who knows?

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by Vikturtle

I first must say that I rarely dream or if I do I don't remember them. In my lifetime I've had less than a handful of dreams that I remember and when I do, I remember them in great detail. They typically involve events that haven't happened yet.
I have to say that I have dreamed the exact same dream as you. I begin by viewing the clear night sky, with stars all over the place, and soon lights that I thought were stars begin to move in very close and in formation, all heading in the same direction. There is a massive flotilla, farther than the eye can see in both directions. As they come into view I can see that there are too many different types of craft to count. The dream ends with thousands of craft filling the sky from one end to the other and the sense of more coming.
I've had this exact same dream at least four times.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 06:50 PM
I've only had one. I was very young, so young, that I barely remember anything from around that time. But we lived in a "haunted house," so to speak, and I had a very vivid dream that I remember clearly to this day. No aliens, I just remember walking down the large wooden staircase in this house, and stopping at the back porch sliding glass door. I pulled back the drape, and in our backyard, sat a fairly typical UFO, by our only lone tree. I watched it for a few moments, and then a panel on the side opened, and a bright white light came out. That's it, I don't remember anything else about it.

It was just weird to me for a couple reasons. One was the house. My parents bought it for next to nothing, because they were told flat-out, it was haunted. Which they laughed at, but we moved out 6 months later, because it was haunted.

And that was the one event that stood out. I still don't know where I would have even seen a UFO before then, that would have stuck in my mind so solidly, that'd I have such a vivid dream. And by vivid, I mean it seemed quite real.

I've pondered having some sort of hypnotic therapy since, to see if I could get to the bottom of it, but honestly, I don't trust it, and I don't know if they'd plant stuff in my head, or if it would be worth a hill of beans. So I just go on with life, curious if it was anything than a very strange dream.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 02:34 AM
Ok, I happened upon this site because I was searching for UFOs in dreams. Before I begin, this is one of those dreams where you awake and have to regain your bearings. This dream was beyond vivid, so vivid in fact that I swear that this could probably go into a parallel reality post. Here's the dream that I have to share:

It's night time in the country and there is snow on the ground (I'm almost 30 and I'm currently stationed in Hawaii, by the way). I'm riding in a blue 4-door king cab truck with my father, my wife and someone that might be my brother. He didn't have a large part of the dream. Well we're driving on a 2-lane highway down the street and it's pretty dark outside. Suddenly we see 4 huge balls of light fairly low to the ground ahead of us. As we appraoch, it turns out that these lights are the boosters, rockets (?) from a VERY large ship. This thing is as large a a football field, rectangular and is moving relatively slow. I tell my father to slow down so i can grab my phone to take a picture.

I'm nervously fumbling around with my phone, as I don't use that feature often, and I'm thinking to myself this is one of those moments when you need to have a REAL camera on you and of course, you don't have one. I even reamarked to everyone in the truck about that. The ship veers off to the right over a field. That's when we see how large this thing is. Lucky for us, the road turns ahead so we turn right to follow it. This thing is pretty big so it's not hard to miss it in the sky. We pull up to a cafe and it's one of those small-town cafes where everyone is there and it's packed.

Across the street is a large factory of some sort and beside it is a pond that borders on the treeline and the highway. My father has to use the restroom and I get out to see if I can get a good picture of the craft. I walk across the street to the waterline and I see the ship is headed towards the factory. I lift my phone up to get a pic and I through the screen on the phone I see this massive, I mean MASSIVE mother ship. There are white ripples encircling this mother ship that I can see on the little phone's screen. I can't see this ship with my naked eye, so I'm not sure if it was a cloaking device or what. Well, the ship we were following docks with the larger ship and I walk into the freezing water to get a better shot with the camera as the tree limbs are blocking a perfect shot. Before I can take the picture I get this sense of dread that I've never experienced in my life.

Suddenly I see dozens of these large craft undocking from teh mothership. You could see these with the naked eye. I turn to run just as one of them blows up the factory across the pond from me. I'm thinking that this is how I'm going to die and the blast wave throws me back. I land in the soft snow, get up and RUN to the truck. My wife has pulled the truck around and I run in to get my father.

I catch him coming out of the RR and I'm dragging him to the truck by his shirt. We get in and peel out as these ships begin firing at numerous targets in the area. We're booking it down the hwy and we can see fires aglow in all directions in the distance. A stray laser blast (?) forces us off the road and into a field that leads into a thicket of trees. We hit a tree and crash, we're all fine, but stepping out of the wreck, I get this sickening feeling that we're not alone in the woods.

Ok, I was not watching any UFO videos or reading anything about this prior to bed. Words cannot describe how vivid this dream was. I mean seriously believe that somewhere/somehow this was actually happening and I just got my wires crossed... I think?!? This dream was seemingly in real time and I remember having complete memories from life in that reality while there. We also had normal conversations that really aren't that exciting. I just figured that you all might get a kick out of this. Thanks,

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 05:47 PM
Im Courtney Craig and im 16. I fell asleep in my car the other day and my dream was sooooo scary. ok in my dream i was in my garage with my father and all sudden i saw a ufo and i told my father "wow imagine if it came toward us" then all sudden the ufo came toward me and it tryed to take me. i felt the weridest energy oe somethin on me. i was moving away from the ground, i was soooooooooo scared! i tried to came back to the ground and everything then i woke up.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 05:57 PM
I've had two E.T. dreams with physical side effects for two days afterwards. I can only imagine many of these beings have the ability to transcend dimensions.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by Vikturtle

No big interest in UFO's but have noticed dreaming of in the past few years.
Not very often but enough to notice. Recently had a couple of dreams about UFO's....erratic moving lights that impressed me enough in dream to take notice of ....Couple of weeks ago I dreamt of three stars that in my dream I identified as Orions Belt....I never studied the Constellations or Astronomy.
Looking at three stars and lights moving around stars which struck me as unusual.... a few nights later another dream about UFO's...again Orions Belt.
I remembered UFO's from previous dream in the second dream....the Orions Belt thing came up twice. Researched afterwards a bit on web.....must have picked up info from History channel or something....antmanbee in seattle

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 03:49 AM
I've had two ufo dreams but they are unlike all of the ones I just read.

The first was a rectangular white boxed shaped craft. Each side was about 15 feet wide and it was probably about 70 feet high. In this dream the craft was on the ground and only children were around it and on it. It had a stairwell on it with bars, metal steps. I remember alot of kids walking up the stairs and swinging on the bars waiting to go up and inside. I cant say how I knew it was a ufo, we just knew and were saying to each other, lets go into the ufo.

I dont remember going inside. One vivid picture I recall is seeing from above the stairwell and a girl walking up. All the kids were around the ages of 8-12 years old. It was also during the day.

I also had a feeling of no time in this dream. It was like time had stopped so that the aliens could examine the children. When they are finished they would leave and time would resume.

My second dream, I saw this floating orb outside my window and thought, hmm, thats a ufo. At that instance a man appeared in a leather jacket and dark glases and said "I thought you didnt believe in ufo's." Then he attacked me and we started a fight in my bedroom, into the hall, falling into the bathroom and into the tub. I won the fight and the dream was over.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:35 PM
i used to have a 2 recurring dreams from the age of 7-13. one dream was where i was as a child walking up a street with square paved pavements and i had a bag of sweets in my hand and as i was walking i heard a really loud humming / vibrating noise behind me, i looked around and saw a craft silver in colour hovering and the next thing being sat inside it with a few beings around me like they were discussing amongst them selves and acknowledging me they were friendly and i didnt feel threatened or unsafe and then the dream ends . and another dream i used to get alonside the latter dream is where i am standing holding hands with an adult / being not sure and standing on the edge of a massive huge crater , there were others surrounding the edge just looking into the crater and the dreams ends .
but i can remember the dreams so vividly frame by frame and especially the humming noise , that is very vivid sound. i am now 40yrs old.

so to this day i dont know why i had them dreams and then they gradually stopped.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Yes. Me too. The dreams take place with the night sky and fighting between alien aircraft and our government. Very vivid and some low to the ground, i.e. low enough to see the craft. Also, i have had the tornado vortex dreams as well. Wierd commonality to it all...

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:35 PM
RE:I am almost ANTICIPATING the next dream, just to see what is going to happen next.

OK, wierdest!! My dreams have been on almost identical timeline and progression... but get this: a few night ago i had another one, it progressed (fast forward after the night battle) to where everyone was lined up. You had to fill out and present paper work on yourself,, ss#, etc. we all were in a line almost like going thru a turnstile and everyone was require to imprint/scan their palms. i woke up when i was second in line. very interesting!!!

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by SeenMyShare

me too

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 04:03 PM
I've been having very lucid/life like dreams for as long as I can remember. The first time I ever woke up from a dream and was not able to move or talk was when I was about 6 or 7.

I had a continuous dream every night(well, it seemed like everynight!) for the next two or so years about this....I want to say, woman? All dressed in black with a hoodie type thing covering her face. I just remember always "being awake" but acting like I was still asleep whenever this thing would come in my room.

The dreams were ALWAYS the same whenever this thing would appear. It would always be me in my bed being dragged out of my room, my house, and then the next thing I would remember is being in a cold dark/greyish enviroment and being dropped down this grey brick colored hole where I would ALWAYS wake up right after being dropped down that hole.

Now i'm 20 years old and haven't had "that" dream in so long!(thank god because it scared the crap out me! heh) Lately though, I've been having dreams that always involve UFO'S and more often than before, I wake up not being able to move or speak, while I feel this funky energy all around me. Like someone/something in my room.

The UFO dreams are ALWAYS me being back at my home in the near future with my family where I don't know exactly whats going on but the sky is always weird looking. Like a storm is coming, or there's a huge fire in the distance and theres a feeling of being scared but not really knowing why. My neighborhood in these dreams always seems desolate, like people hightailed it outta town in a hurry.

Last nights dream was just too odd. I was in the backyard with my brother around nighttime when there was a huge star in the sky. The star then started turning into a UFO and we started freaking out. The UFO was a diamond shape with one side a redish/pinkish color and the other side was a neon green like color.

The colors got brighter and brighter and then the UFO turned into a single BRIGHT yellowish color(like a shooting star) and zoomed away. Right after that happened another one showed up, and repeated the same thing. After that we were running around trying to find our little sister when the next thing I remember is my family and I in our car trying to speed out of town because the people that were still in town started going bat#crazy. Like those zombie movies! It happened randomly to people putting them in a state of confusion then turning into this crazy person.

I don't remember who was driving but since we were going so fast we ended up losing control and crashing. I remember that crash so well. It's freaky because it was like A REAL car crash. The car spinning when it loses control and then bam, it rolled on its side, with the glass breaking everywhere. I remember getting out of the car (and my neck was my and looking towards the freeway where there were TONS of buses going one way.....then I woke up.

I know this post is all over the place but these UFO/end of the world dreams are getting more constant and its always the same. Always back at home with my family, with a weird looking sky, and a feeling of being scared.

I've never really believed in any of this stuff since I've always told myself "it was just a dream!" but damn....these dreams are TOO real. Does anyone else have similar dreams????

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 05:03 PM
I been in so many incidence in all aspects of the word I will not go deep cause you never know who is watching, so I will share only one dream with you guy's.

War!! bombs, missiles, tanks, machineguns going off like it was the WWII but in this case it was UFOs. The sky was red full with these flying saucers. Troops from all over the world were combating these saucers, there was no harm at all to these objects, F16 chasing these phenomenon and visa versa. The most amazing thing for me was civilians fighting armed against these entities. Together all kind of civilians with The World Nation Forces ( I even saw the shoulder patch on a soldier)

It was really scary woke up in my sweat thinking about it for many weeks. so if any of you had something similar let me hear about it please.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 09:25 AM
I came to this forum after having an exceptionally vivid dream last night. I have never dreamt of ufos or aliens in my past but last night I had an interesting dream that started with seeing tornado vortexes(ive had these types of dreams my entire adult life). The dream then became more interesting, it was daylight and I was in my house looking out a window and noticed a group of 12 triangle shaped objects in the sky flying together...then as I kept looking I noticed many bright orbs which were much more brilliant than the sun. At that point I became curious and went to my backyard and I noticed that the entire bright blue sky was absolutely filled with flying objects of many different shapes and sizes, some huge, others seemingly tiny. One thing that sticks out in my mind was when I looked directly at the sun (yes not healthy but anything goes in a dreamscape) and all of the objects seemed to be converging around it...the interesting part of it was that I felt no fear. I did feel a sense of sadness for the way life used to be and a timid curiousity for the way life would become. It was as if they were all gathering and there was anticipation for the moment that something would happen, whatever that was. I will keep reading this forum its amazing how there are similar themes with everyone here!

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 10:42 PM
i was looking on the inet for the first time about a recurring ufo dream i have, as i had one last night and a few nights ago. i have always had these dreams but they come and go throughout my life in spurts of a few then none for a while.

my scenario is very similar to a few on here, i am outside with a few random people from my life, its night, the stars are all out bright and beautiful, then they start to move a few at first then all of them and more and it horrifies me, more things happen but i only ever remember the stars starting to move and then legging it to hide. these dreams are always of the variety of dream that makes the next waking day seem surreal. maybe i should document them the moment i wake up so i can remember some other bits.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 10:53 PM
Heh. Cool subject. Personally I believe most dreams of UFOs are just from the thought of them, and it being quite the extrodinary subject I believe that it provokes the dreams. Kind of like if you watch a scary movie, you might have a nightmare. Anyways I think this is the case for most people.

My first dream of an alien I was 3 years old, it was right after watching the movie ALIENS when it first came out. I went into a seizure and it remains the most vivid dream I ever had, flashing colors, big aliens, chasing me.

Now, as far as UFOs go....heh..... let me tell you.

I witnessed a UFO with my grandfather, mother, and other relatives here in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1997. It was unremarkable. Dodged from side to side of the sky instantaneously, dissappeared reappeared, it even felt like time around me was being shifted in a way.

6-7 years later.

I have a dream of massive tsunamis, considering i'm back in California on beachfront property. Blah blah crazy stuff.

I had a pretty cool dream, I was at this trailer and these space craft we're shooting at us and we we're trying to fight back.

But as far as having a dream like miss goodchild, no.


just wait for them to come.

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