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Dreams of UFOs

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posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 05:02 PM
I had a dream of UFO's chasing people in the street downtown, and I had to hide in a basement, but a craft flew up to the window, stared at me and flew off, i woke up after that.

Also recently I posted I had a sighting of a light open up in the sky and something flew out of it very fast.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 05:14 PM
I had a very vivid dream a couple years ago of hundreds of lights moving around in the sky. Then a huge white beam (miles wide) hit the city. I started running into my house, then the shockwave hit and I woke up.

I was surprised to have such a violent dream, since I usually don't have nightmares and I have no fears of aliens or ufos.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 07:22 PM
I have had dreams of UFOs, and they were never ever good.
They always started with me at home, on a farm years ago. I felt safe and comfortable, until I would look across the field and there were hundreds, fleeting across the hoizon. I would run to the bushes and hide, but there were so many and the fire and flashes that came from them was every where. I forgot to mention that the beginning of the dream would start off with daylight, as soon as the UFO's appeared it was dark...
I dont know why, but it scares me to think of the dreams. I have to admit, not once did I see an alien in any of the dreams, that I can remember.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Foxe
When I was younger, before the knowledge of UFOs entirely, I had a dream of a malevolent UFO that was fire-red. I was in the floor of my grandparents house that night, in my dream I woke up from same position, but the room was hot and red. Buzzing with energy. I looked out the window, above, there was a massive circular craft. Around it was a hurricane of energy, sucking inwards to the craft like the eye of a hurricane. I was slowly pulled up and away, even though I was able to hold onto things. I lost the rest of the dream do to time loss...but I won't forget that.

There are others I've had, and oddly enough; the thought of Square craft is a reminder statement. I've dreamed of them as well, they were always used as probes on small scale or 'mother ships' in large scale.

Thats no dream - fire red / vortex ? damn thats like a friend of mines documented abduction testimony.

Thats not nice AT ALL !

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:28 PM
Had the dream again this weekend, more subtle, no close up of ships, just the stars in the sky beginning to move and then I was awake....damn.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by just theory

Thats So Weird. I thought I was the only one to have dreams like this. My recuring dream is of me and my family and all the people in the town. Next thing you know, there are spaceships just whipping by real fast right above us. All of the emergency sirens are going off. Right after the spaceships go past, the U.S. Military is following right behind shooting at them. All the people are franticly running for shelter. After the battle, the Military wins every time. But then you see little star like things way up in space that (My guess) is the mother ships. The U.S. Military then starts attacking them in space, then they explode and little pieces fall to the ground. Everybody ends up cheering and are happy again. Weird thing is, I have this same exact dream about 1 - 2 times a year and for the past, well, I dont remember, but quite a few years.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:22 PM
I never dream about UFOs. Even though I hang around here and consider myself a sceptic believer.

However a month ago I did have a dream which was pretty clear. It was more like a memory.
It took place in the apartment I lived in with my parents when I was around 10-12. The interior as I recall it from the dream was pretty accurate to the real thing. I remember actually thinking that in the dream, hehe.

I was standing at the kitchen window looking out over the low hanging curtains. You know those people have to obscure the basic view in from outside.
It was night time and hour or so after sundown and I was looking up for some reason. Then suddenly the first craft appeared. It was the triangle. Completely black, but it had lights running along the edge all around. It almost blended into the nightsky but I could just make out the shape.

Having hung there for 15-20 secs it was joined by first an orb. It was big... almost ½ the size of the triangle and very luminiscient. Not like the sun, because it didn't hurt my eyes looking at it... you know, very bright but soft.
After that came a cigar. Looked kind of boring next to the other two, but the scene was... weird in lack of a better word. I was stunned...

My dad came into the kitchen, as I turned to look at him he walked up to me and stood behind me. I remember saying "Dad look...?! what is that!?"
and I looked at him again for an answer. I could see that he saw them too...
He answered "what... there's nothing there... come it's time for bed."

I was baffled as you could understand. When I turned to look out again then cigar was already leaving and a sec later the orb floated away in the opposite direction. The triangle more or less vanished instantly...

Even though my dad pretended not to see them I knew I had seen them. I went to bed and that's the last I remember.

Memory wise I can't place that scene happening for real. But it sure felt like a memory in the dream.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:39 PM
ive had dreams of u.f.o.s as far back as I can remember also... they are fantastic dreams... it is like a parade in the sky ,,,no two are alike.. and they perform fantastic fly overs.. some have even crashed at times ... but it seems no harm is done.. my dreams are in full color..... and I have the ability to know that im dreaming.. and allways remember saying to myself ..... man ... what a cool dream... better than any movie ive ever seen... have never seen aliens in them.. but have seen other people in them ... like they were just going along for a ride... in my dreams , they come out of nowhere.. unanounced... and just decide to perform for the people below... I wish i could be more colorful in my description of the dreams... cuz they are pretty amazing... I wish i could dream them everynight.. (smiles.. as far as u.f.o. from another planet being here for real... I dont believe there are.. have been a u.f.o. bufff.. all my life.. and the more I look into it.. the more of a skeptic I have become.. but love dreaming about em.. its a fantastic thought..

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 08:33 AM
for a week straight...about.....4 months ago, i had dreams of UFOs every night that week....i dont remember which order they were in...and i cant remember all the exact details. the first one i can remember is,
i was at school...and all the students were in the...i would say...courtyard, but its hard to say...and one of my brothers friends told me "holy # look at that!"...and there was a flying..cage, with arms coming off of it with pincher type attachments, after that one passed was followed by several classic disk shaped UFO's, and some that i wont even try to explain...i would say they had a shape. but it wasnt real, if that makes any sense, i dont think there are words to explain them. during the time these were flying by, the intercom came on and said there was an assembly in the gym....and everyone ran to the gym..and i followed..on the way to the gym, there was an extremely strange girl staring at me on my way to the gym...i knew that ive met her before, but i have no idea where, but when i woke up i had no idea why she looked so familiar to me, anyways, thats the end of taht particular dream.
the second i can remember was very, very short...i was in the desert with my mom, all the sudden there was just saucers...they didnt fly in they were just there all the sudden, then dissapeard by what i can explain it as collapsing in on themselves, and that was the end
the last one i can remember scared the # out of me because it started with me waking up..and it seemed incredibly real..and i thought it was..considering it started with me waking up..i thought i really woke up, anyways..i immediatly looked out my window and to the west, and there was 3 orbs. as they came close to my house i saw there was in fact 8 of them...they were very small...maybe the size of a basketball, so i ran outside to see just what the hell was happening...they were arranged in a perfect circle rotating clockwise, they were coming to the ground fast...and they smashed into the ground but bounced back up and hovered about half a foot from the ground..still in a circle, and still rotating....i saw there was words on them, but i cant remember what it said, if it was even english. i was standing literally right next to them, all the sudden they shot up and hovered above my house and clustered looked like a cluster of grapes, then they started to glow neon type blue. when i looked at it, it felt like i was being pulled towards it...i wanted to take a picture so i went into the house and got the camera, i have roof acces from my room, so i went out there...and started taking pictures, but everytime i pushed the button to take the picture i had, what i would explain it as, a flashback, when i took the first picture the "flashback" i had was, a craft landed in the backround...and sat there for a few second...and beings started to appear, and the only way i can explain it, which probably wont make sense is, they burned into existice, they were wearing cow skulls or something as helmets, but they were much, much bigger than a cow skull..and had giant curvy horns, that was the end of that flash, then i was out on my roof again wondering what just happened..but i wanted to get as many pictures as i could, so i took another..and had another "flashback" i cant remember the exact details of this one...all i can remember is, it was like i was being drug thru a tunnel, and i could see the light getting brighter towards the end, i couldnt move anything but my eyes....and i could see what looked like cave drawings on the sides of the tunnel, the kind cavemen drew, but i cant remember what the pictures were...i wish i could, end of flashback.
i looked at the glowing cluster above my house..and the light was getting very intense, i took one more picture, this flashback it the most confusing part of this dream, it was a lake...and a person floating above it in a purple robe, and all he said was "i can let you see through the rain" (cont.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:07 AM
alright..apparently i cant post for another 12 hours if im annonymous, anyways im the person that posted those dreams for about a week straight, ill leave off from "i can let you see through the rain" , this confused me more than anything tahts ever happened in my life, i was also extremely terrified, so much that was was trembling, but it was..intense trembling, like a seizure, but i could still walk around, i was just extremely shakey. this trembling was after that flashback, i was on the roof again. the camera said "memory card full" so i went back in the house, and started to go downstairs to show my mom the pictures, it was EXTREMELY hard to walk because i was shaking so much from fear, i told my mom everything that happened and turned the camera on to show her the pictures...when i went to review pictures it said "memory card empty"...i was pretty much pissed...cuz if this was real like i thought...again because the dream started with me waking up...a false awakening, so i thought all this was real, and no one would believe me because there was no pictures to prove it, my mom didnt beleive me...and i asked her how she could possibly of not seen those craft...she didnt answer..thats when i woke up for real, seeing those craft isnt the strange part to was the flashbacks....especially the purple robe guy floating above the lake telling me "i can let you see through the rain", ive tried to figure out what he meant by this from the minute i woke up, until now...and it still makes no sense to me at all what that means, and i still dont know why him saying that terrified me that much.
i can remember many little peices of dreams from the rest of that week, but i cant remember the rest of the dream to peice the hole thing togother.
if anyone has ANY speculation of what the guy meant by "i can let you see through the rain", please..speculate away..any theories on what he meant would help me very much. i know it has to mean something..otherwise i wouldnt be thinking about it so much, thank you.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
they burned into existice

thats supposed to say existence

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by steve-o

if they really wanted to destroy us, they would have and they easily could.

they are completely benevolent.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 03:27 PM
I couldnt believe my eyes when i saw this thread. All my life i have been dreaming about UFOs and all my life i asked friends and family if they have the same dreams, and the answer was always NO.

These are very realistic dreams, that i am able to remember in detail, and i am a person whose dreams are normally foggy, rather symbolical, and hard to remember. But these UFO dreams... They re like watching a movie. Except that i m in them and i feel terrified, helpless and hopeless.

They always seem to follow an end-of-the-world scenario. There s a war in the sky, with tens of thousands of aircrafts, but i can never tell who s fighting against whom... Also i see no aliens in them, but im very convinced all the time those crafts are not from this planet.

Its weird... I can understand that these dreams come simply because i have an interest in UFOs and aliens, but then again, why dont i ever dream of actual aliens? And from what i read here, few people (if any) dream of aliens. And also, why are these dreams so vivid and real, unlike most of my other dreams? Hm...

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:33 AM
Firstly, I am 42 year old male and of perfect sane mind and soul and dont normally believe in aliens etc... Today I just did a quick search of the net about a dream I had as a child of around 7 or 8 ( way back in 1973/1974) and found this site. The memory of this dream has stuck with me all of these years. The dream is like many of the ones mentioned here, looking out of my window and seeing these craft/ships in the dark cloudy sky. Sorry I dont rememeber the exact shapes of the objects etc, but I do remember there were large ones and smaller ones fly around, not randomly but all in straight lines ( much like traffic on motorways or freeways). I do remember feeling very upset at the time about the dream but my mother told me not to worry about it.
Please bear in mind as a child I lived in rural Ireland were we did not know much about flying saucers and had never even seen a highway/motorway.

I have never mentioned this dream to anyone for fear of them thinking I was loosing my marbles. However a few nights ago our child came into our bedroom at around 3am and said she was looking out her bedroom window and could see spaceships outside, but they have flown away now.

I can not tell you how quick I jumped up to look out the window myself.

is it possible she had the same dream?? I do not want to ask her much about it for fear it might upset her.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:09 AM
For this first time this week I had a dream i saw multiple ufos in the night. It was light 3-4 light bright orbs. It was very vivid and strange. Infact I dreampt i then caught it on my cell phone, all very weird, seemed so vivid.

I remember listening to Dan Akroyd about his first ufo sighting. It was a mass sighting in California. After the event many of his neighbours had Ufo dreams as well as Dan. So maybe Ufo dreams occur post a ufo sighting due to some psyhic phenomena or may predate a sighting?

who knows interesting stuff

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:19 AM
This wasn't my dream but my friends, who has witnessed many types of ufo with me. Anyway in his dream Jim was in a bed having sex, when suddenly he noticed he was making love to an alien! He looked left and right and there were loads of other male humans having sex with aliens. This sort of turned him off, at this point a trap door beneath him opened and he fell back to earth.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:49 PM
I had a very vivid and realistic dream with the same feeling of hopelessness afterward I have read in this thread. I stepped outside a house unknown to me with a clear view of the coastline a few miles away. I saw a Triangular shaped ship cruising slowly toward the coast and while this was happening small blue colored sort of electric balls began falling around me and disintegrating with loud crackling sounds. They weren't really causing damage just disintegrating when they came into contact with anything. During this chaos I called to my family who joined me in the street along with many neighbors unknown to me to watch the Triangle and we all noticed these things I can only describe as "drones" about the size of chainsaws going house to house about 6 feet off the ground. As we were watching and hiding from these drones everyone heard a loud "powering up" sound and we looked as the Triangle shaped craft turned slowly and darted out of view instantly. The crackling stopped within a minute or two and the drones were gone from our general area. We went back inside the house and discussed what we saw with bewilderment and excitement for a half hour or so. It was during that discussion we heard a huge explosion and again ran outside. The same blue spheres were again falling from the sky but this time no drones. At the coastline an even larger craft was hovering and you could see smoke from where the nearby explosion must have happened. This huge craft then turned on its' side and sort of transformed into a huge destruction machine. It landed on it's side looking like a kind of under construction high rise and from a distance it started razing everything around it. The fearful feeling of flight or die came over me instantly squashing the previous feelings of excitement and my first instinct was to grab my wife and son and flee. Not knowing where to go but realizing staying there meant certain death to all of us. I was awakened by my dog during the dream panic at around 5:00 am and have had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since that we are insignificant to whatever these things were and whoever controlled them. Knowing that we could be made extinct at any time by them. I never saw aliens in my dream. I am 43 year old married male with a 5 year old and this is my first dream ever like this. I have never seen a UFO. I am not so arrogant as to think we are alone though. This was truly scary and ever since I cannot start a day without some sort of google of recent ufos. God bless us all.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:57 PM
I had a dream, it was strange and i dont know where it came from, it happened lasr night, today is june 12 2008. I woke up several time in the early morning.then went back to sleep u know put the snoozer on. anyways last thing i rememeber is, im in a intersection, a road.. you know 4 ways... and all the trafic stops and then sll the cars start moving to the side like who ever is coming we need to clear the space... in my dream i thought it was motorcyclrists... you know how they travel in groups.. well then all the cars move asidw on the road.. and all these vehicles come through, at first i think fbi, gov cover up and then more people come forth some are walking others are driving... it feels so strange\, next thing, this weird gray-borwnish weird flying.. ufo lands.. like itsa floating it the middle and it has this weord energu around it and all the people either disappear or die i dont quite remeber and then i wake up. i dont understand it. i need closure.. has anyone esperiances this kind of dream? the ship was strangle looking maybe i can draw a picture... let me know..

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:37 PM
Happy Friday the 13th. Last night I had a dream about a UFO attack. It's dream #4 about aliens (that I can remember)

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:23 PM
I had what should have been a UFO or a flying craft dream the other night. Only it wasn't a typical space craft. It was a white panel truck that flew. They didn't really say much and seemed to be upset with me.They took me to some place far away from home but it only took a minute or less to get there. Some girl I used to know asked me how I got there or back so fast. The only connection I have about a flying panel truck was the one supposedly from NASA which wasn't white but more of a blue with NASA on the side when they got their Apollo tapes back in 2002.(unofficially of course)

I've had a few occurrences with people who were supposedly from the NSA that had badges. But, later I recall seeing one that was really from NASA. I doubt they have badges, just as the NSA doesn't either. Even if they had, that doesn't mean they were really from NASA anyway. Maybe they were the Men in Black? Delusional? probably.

Next, I'll be seeing badges with ATS on them.

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