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U.S. border fence protrudes into Mexico????

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 09:57 PM
Accidental placement could cost federal government $3 million to fix.

Are you kidding me? Does our Government even know where our boarders are?

Securing our boarders should not be this difficult. I think they should draft a plan to build a 12-foot concrete wall straight across the lower U.S. Think about this back in the day the Federal Government created the Tennessee Valley Authority. This entity was responsible for turning around the economy in the midatlantic region and parts of north Central America. This was accomplished by building dams and other infrastructure during the Great Depression. It produced jobs, cash flow, and provided a huge boost to an otherwise dismal life for the hundreds of thousands living in that part of the world and beyond.


The same could be done here in building the Boarder wall. This would be a multi year project and would put hundreds of thousands of people to work. It would boost the economy for the southern boarder states and would provide the thing we need the most on our southern boarder. The National Guard would then man it. It could be used as the two-week duty assignment every Guard unit has to do through. Every guard unit in the states would take their turn on the wall. Existing immigration agents and so forth could supplement them.

We need to do this fast does anyone feel me here?

Thx for listening

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