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National Security Act 1947

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 05:12 PM
I've always pondered on the idea of the National Security Act 1947 which created many of the institutions that Presidents found useful when formulating and implementing policy and the National Security Council (NSC). The CIA was created along with the USAF at the same time. They met at the White House to discuss problems and immediate national security crises.

Could this be a tie to the Roswell crash and a holy crap factor that we better pay more attention to the skys? Also the departments of the government were collecting their own data not sharing it with others which made it harder to figure out the real picture. In 1949 the act was amended to give the Secretary of Defense more power over the individual services and their secretaries.

Also, interesting to me is the creation of these agencies:

The term "intelligence community" includes -

Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
National Reconnaissance Office
other offices within the Department of Defense for the collection of specialized national intelligence through reconnaissance programs
Bureau of Intelligence and Research of the Department of State
Department of Homeland Security
and such other elements of any other department or agency as may be designated by the President, or designated jointly by the Director of Central Intelligence and the head of the department or agency concerned, as an element of the intelligence community.

I notice Homeland Security in the list maybe it was amended at another date but I never heard of it until after 9/11 but also the act has the date July 25, 1947 weeks after the Roswell crash and the United States Air force was created September 18, 1947 along with CIA and others.

I tend to think there is some kind of connection here. Can I get some inputs on your thoughts?

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:47 PM
Yes I believe there is a connection. Have you read Richard Dolan's book ?
"UFOs and the National Security State" ?

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 07:07 PM
I haven't read that book. But I just (finally ) got a copy of , "Exempt From Discloser", on Amazon, signed by Robert M. Collins.

I was in the Navy (VA-215) and William M. Cooper was on the ship with me (USS ORISKANY) and let me tell you..I've seen some mightyweird things over the years. (I could probably write a book).



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