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The Greys didnt like the idea of getting filmed

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 03:57 PM
Alright so i have always been pretty confident that my sister gets abducted by aliens. i have always had a fascination for anything paranormal and as a teenager i had read enough information to know the signs of abduction, and my sister fit the mold. anyways, recently we were talking about it on an instant messenger, after she had told me that her 6 year old son had come to her and told her that people were taking him at night, and his brother sometimes as well. Well this made me give her the idea of trying to film one of the abductions by setting up a video camera in their room. The next day i asked her if she had done it yet, and she hadnt, so i told her to get it set up ASAP so we could see if anything got on tape. so the night after that i asked her again, and she told me something very crazy. this was back on april 20th, and i am finally getting it posted. let me know what you all think:

(this all starts with her telling me about this black shadowy "thing" in her her hall...)
prity_kity (03:32 PM 04/20/07): They are seriously short, and intimidating, even when you can't actually see them.
prity_kity (03:32 PM 04/20/07): prity_kity: I walked right through it
evo80 (03:32 PM 04/20/07): you didnt see it
evo80 (03:32 PM 04/20/07): did it talk to you telepathically
prity_kity (03:32 PM 04/20/07): It appeared like a shadow.
prity_kity (03:32 PM 04/20/07): yeah, it was like a thought in my head- like speaking to myself
evo80 (03:32 PM 04/20/07): yes i know what its like
prity_kity (03:33 PM 04/20/07): It was just darkness
evo80 (03:33 PM 04/20/07): did it have the profile of an alien or just a short thing
prity_kity (03:33 PM 04/20/07): like an edgeless shadow
evo80 (03:33 PM 04/20/07): yes but was it the shape of something or a mass of black
prity_kity (03:34 PM 04/20/07): I looked right at it, it startled me, and I walked through it.
prity_kity (03:34 PM 04/20/07): I couldn't tell through the curtain
evo80 (03:34 PM 04/20/07): why did you walk through it if you saw it?
evo80 (03:34 PM 04/20/07): you thought it was your imagination?
prity_kity (03:34 PM 04/20/07): It's like it was hiding in it, it was blowing
prity_kity (03:34 PM 04/20/07): No, I was trying to ignore it
evo80 (03:34 PM 04/20/07): oh
evo80 (03:34 PM 04/20/07): what did it say about me?
prity_kity (03:34 PM 04/20/07): When I walked back thru it was gone
prity_kity (03:35 PM 04/20/07): the words were "tell him to back off- and your face came to mind
evo80 (03:35 PM 04/20/07): lmao
evo80 (03:35 PM 04/20/07): little (censored)
evo80 (03:35 PM 04/20/07): so you havnt set up a camera yet?
evo80 (03:35 PM 04/20/07): are you scared to?
prity_kity (03:36 PM 04/20/07): They are just as intimidated by you, they know your smart, or that you have a pretty close idea of them
prity_kity (03:36 PM 04/20/07): Kinda
evo80 (03:36 PM 04/20/07): yes i was going to say that i am not afraid
prity_kity (03:36 PM 04/20/07): I just want them to leave me alone
evo80 (03:36 PM 04/20/07): i want to confront them and ask them what they are doing with you guys and why
prity_kity (03:37 PM 04/20/07): Please do
prity_kity (03:39 PM 04/20/07): They know you're smart
prity_kity (03:41 PM 04/20/07): I always end up with small bumps on my hands
evo80 (03:45 PM 04/20/07): remember my shadow person story, with the movie poster
prity_kity (03:45 PM 04/20/07): yeah
evo80 (03:45 PM 04/20/07): well thats when i was told somethign telepathically
prity_kity (03:45 PM 04/20/07): Mine appear as my own thought, but said by another- if that makes sense
evo80 (03:46 PM 04/20/07): yes i understand
evo80 (03:46 PM 04/20/07): what are these bumps
evo80 (03:46 PM 04/20/07): on your hands
prity_kity (03:48 PM 04/20/07): Just a single pencil lead tip size bump
prity_kity (03:49 PM 04/20/07): I had 2 holes in my hand at your house
prity_kity (03:49 PM 04/20/07): The next morning they were gone.
evo80 (03:49 PM 04/20/07): you got them here?
prity_kity (03:50 PM 04/20/07): I noticed them the morning I left to go the

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:42 PM
I don't like the shadow figure descriptions. I quit 'mowing the grass'
because I thought it was attributing to paranoia and that I was just seeing things. I hope that not everyone is being for real with these descriptions of them because I can't sleep at night, I wait until 4 or 5 in the morning.

Everyone's description of 'solid shadow' or 'shadow with form' matches what I saw in my bedroom. I have never had an 'abduction' experience or even thought of the possibilty of me having had one. I have had 'ufo' sightings though.

Shadow figures are very frightening to me right now. I tell myself I am ready to confront them if they appear but I am not.

Extra-dimensional beings are scary if they mean harm. I do not understand them.

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 10:41 PM
I had a few experiences with shadow figures when i was young, i think around 4 and a half for the frst one, and 10 for the second.

ok, the first one was on christmas eve , i was very excited for santa and couldnt sleep, i had already stayed up 'till 11pm!

i got up to see if santa had set out the presents, when I saw a black shadowy figure with completely no distinguishable physical features whatsoever. It was arund 8 feet tall and was sifting through the presents under the tree and making a noise that almost sounded like deep grumbling as it pushed things aside, as if looking for something specific. I dropped my blanket and ran for my parents room, as it turned around it was emenateing black smoke. It made a lound noise, that sounded almost like a big dog barking, but more echoeing and drawn out. It started coming towards me and i jumped into my parents bed and woke them up. After i was calmed down my parents walked me back to my bed and the shadow figure was gone, my parents didnt even hear all the noise. I fell asleep soon after and continued christmas as normal.

My second sighting was at our new house after we moved. I woke up to take a piss and a small cat like shadow zoom across the hall in a trail ofblack mist, i ran after it and chased it into the living room, it them sat on the couch and looked at me. All of a sudden it let out this loud screech that wreaked havoc on my ears, the pain was unbearable and the sound dissapated and the creature flew through the window into the night.

now i don't know what people have to say about this but i think we've got a whole other race on our hands, hiding in the shadows where they blend in, and coming out at night to use the cover of darkness to skulk around.

Or the more probable theory is that the reptilians or greys discovered technology to cover themselves in shadow and stay hidden for scouting missions.

or the most probable theory is that this is my imagination and im just being paranoid, ormy experiences were dreams, but if it was a dream, hw can i remember it so perfecly... i guess ill never know.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 10:53 PM
I'm going to go out on a limb and say I believe all of you guys. I've heard too many accounts of living shadows for me to think that they are just made up.

BTW, evo, is your avatar original artwork?

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:05 PM
I've seen what people call hat man, in the middle of the day and with my Sister. Other family members have also had encounters, most of them outside.
I found this link interesting. Though I haven't come across any of the "dark watcher" cave paintings.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:18 PM
To sum it all up she didn't set up the camera? Is that what I'm getting? Because that doesn't help at all. I need to see footage of an actual alien abduction to believe any of that.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:31 PM
Evo i say if the alien things are abducting your sister and scareing her kids you should go over to her house one night and kick some alien ass man. Just whip out the shotgun and blow a hole in the dam things head.We would finally have proof they exist aswell with an alien corpse =D.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by uberarcanist

BTW, evo, is your avatar original artwork?

[edit on 29-6-2007 by uberarcanist]

haha i wish i could draw that well. no its not original artwork. strider is just my favorite fighter

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by evo80

Originally posted by uberarcanist

BTW, evo, is your avatar original artwork?

[edit on 29-6-2007 by uberarcanist]

haha i wish i could draw that well. no its not original artwork. strider is just my favorite fighter

THAT wasnt the question we want you to answer!!!
Anyway, whats with the title? There is nowhere that you state you've attempted to film them.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 11:56 PM
i would love to go to my sisters house and figure this all out and get something on tape. i live in colorado tho, and she lives in kansas, so its tough right now. an update to this whole thing tho is that the few other times i have asked her if she has set up the camera, she tells me things to the effect of "i just dont care anymore." it makes me wonder how her attitude changed so drastically, and its my belief that they are giving her those thoughts, kind of like mind control. i expected it to happen, and i was trying so hard to get her to act first by setting up a camera. i asked for a non-violent confrontation with these things, and told her to tell them that as well, but nothing has happened. i am building up vacation time at work, so maybe soon i can get up there.

and Oregongal, i have a crazy "hat man" or shadow person story. it is 100% true and just insane. time manipulation, telepathy, and nausia were involved.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by hikix

THAT wasnt the question we want you to answer!!!
Anyway, whats with the title? There is nowhere that you state you've attempted to film them.

i said they didnt like the IDEA of being filmed. they didnt let it happen. they basically told my sister to tell me to "back off" because they knew what i was trying to accomplish. and i honestly believe that they have altered her thinking into not caring about it anymore. she was upset before and really wanted it to stop, and now its just no big deal? doesnt make sense. i think the whole thing is very interesting, and of course i am very eager to get to kansas and do it myself, but i work two jobs to pay the bills while i go to school and raise two kids alone. so time off is not really an option, especially for an out of state trip. but once i get some vacation time built up, and in between quarters at school, it may be possible and i will let everyone on here know first if i do get something.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 12:15 PM
i doubt its aliens if it is though i doubt moving would do anything they would probably just follow them. if it is aliens though id watch out especialy for the reptilians they have been reported to supposedly kill people just for the heck of it. but i believe that there are ghost or creatures in an alternate reality whose dimension occasionally overlaps with ours allowing it to be partially visible.

heres a links for further reading

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 03:50 PM
you guys want to know somthing scary? well listen to this. i was spending the night at one of my friends house, and we decided that it will be fun to sleep on the trampoline. needless to say we were on a really bad suger rush and we didn't go to sleep till after midnight. we looked up in the sky cause the suger rush was waring off. anyways we look up in the sky and there are weird stuff flying around right above us. there were objects that looked like they had no lights but we still saw them and they were moving super fast, faster then anything that i have ever seen. and there were bigger objects with blinking lights that were chasing the lightless ones. it scared us good. my friends mom just says that there sattilites, but me and my friends arn't so sure. what do you guys think?

also one morning i woke up from a short night of sleep and i get one the computer and come to this sight. i'm reading something about marking of an alein abductions and i found something that scared me. i don't remember exactly what it was, but i think it was some thing about weird looking bruises. so i look at my stomach and what do you know. there is a upside down cresant moon just beside my scar from surgery. needless to say that got me thinking, what the heck did they do?! ever since then i have had a little tiny voice trying to talk to me throgh my mind. i talk back to it in hopes that one day it will go away. but i don't think thats going to happen. what do you guys think?

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by evo80
Alright so i have always been pretty confident that my sister gets abducted by aliens.

You too?

Sorry could not resist it...

Interesting description, fits in what I have seen, slightly. Not entirely.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 04:44 PM
Don't know if it will help anyone but I've had to deal with sleep paralysis for ALL my known life, up until very recently.

It was so common that it eventually became a joke in our house that nothing 'could wake me up'. My parents for years wondered why I never woke up straight away and always looked like I had been seeing some scary # or dreaming weirdly.

I put it down to my birth; I was born extremely prematurely and suffered a considerable amount of surgery and have always taken heavy duty medication, so I guessed that the muscle relaxants I took were to blame, but it just never really fit.

I then got heavily into the occult and started seeing these weird shadows around the house, most often when I started to consider moving away from the occult. I never believed in God because of the way my life had begun and how it had progressed. Anyone who's had chronic pain will tell you you either get into the mindset that you are made to suffer, or you pull yourself out if it (some people also commit suicide it gets to them so much).

I eventually found religion, and I'm now a Christian, or about as much as I can be. Interestingly the duration and presence of the shadow people INCREASED as I became more mindful of God and started to believe, which I found odd.

I, due to having had some weird experiences, had some idea of the paranormal, and so immediately, I considered these things were daemons. Praying seemed to make them back away, but nothing really worked for a long time, until I remembered reading something about fairies and that they dislike iron and various other substances (salt and vinegar, always have a snack handy :lol

So, I sprinkled some salt near where they appeared next to me (round the outside of the bed), put some vinegar into a bottle and blessed it with the Christian suggested method (search Google for suitable prayer) and then I got a big hunk of iron rod and propped it next to the bed.

It all stopped so suddenly, that I now have TROUBLE sleeping. I've become an insomniac (and for what its worth I do take rather heavy duty medication, so sleep should be NO trouble). I am as sane as the next person however, my medication is for chronic acute pain not anything mentally.

I noticed that they DO still appear, but as soon as they come within a certain range they seem to be unable to enter the 'field', like they're being magnetized by the iron or something weird. Salt is also technically a 'metal' and many cultures believe vinegar has some weird astral properties, so don't dismiss it out of hand before you try it.

It may help you, it helped me (in so far as they don't 'paralyse' me anymore, and I can now rest easy knowing they can't come within about 6' of the iron/salt/vinegar/bible combo by the bed).

Its worth a shot and you've probably got some iron nails (not galvanised, not chrome plated, standard, plain old iron), salt and other assorted seasonings around your house.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 05:29 PM
does that honestly work? i only thing i have on my bed are a few stuffed animals and a bible. thats intreasting.

posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by ejsaunders

Its worth a shot and you've probably got some iron nails (not galvanised, not chrome plated, standard, plain old iron), salt and other assorted seasonings around your house.

hey i will definitely pass that on to my sister. one other thing she has always complained about was sleep paralysis, and the feeling that beings were around her. sometimes she would wake up unable to move, and sense that she was not in her bed. her and i have had a lot of paranormal stuff happen to us since we were kids. a couple of these things i have posted on here. in fact just last night i saw yet another floating, glowing spider thing, but this time it got to the wall and stopped for a couple of seconds at the wall, before going through the wall and disappearing. nobody seems too interested in those, but they have the ability to wake me out of deep sleep somehow, and they always are moving away from me slowly. still trying to figure out what they are...

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 03:40 AM
haha, seems that you had a little house ghost..
children are more open, so they can see them.
there are different ones, mostly they protect you. perhaps do a little research of your house history, perhaps something unusual happend sometimes.

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 04:28 AM
slightly off topic, but not really. does anyone know why tapping noises late at night go hand and hand with alien abductions?

it's freaky reading this thread, i meet many of the abudction criteria as well despite having no recolection of it besides shadowy figures in my room as a child, i used to hide under the covers extremely terrified. i had frequent nose bleeds as a child and have always had sinus problems. wtf...bastards.

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 04:31 AM
I have not read through the whole thread, honestly I don't want to. However the first 3 or 4 post that I did read reminds me of A LOT of things I was told as a child and grew up hearing about. So I guess I really just have one simple question.... are you sure that what you are dealing with is aliens and maybe not something more demonic? I do not want to get religious or anything, but like I said your stories are very similar to things I was told as a child, but never fully convinced about.

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