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HAARP moving to Arecibo radar in Puerto Rico by 2011

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 07:43 AM
Haarp in Alaska is going to be stop and be dismantled by 2010 and be move to Puerto Rico Arecibo radar by 2011. No more proyect S.E.T.I. looking for E.T. Now the radio telescope is going to be a weapon, if E.Ts coming, they will be burned down with the super haarp antena. They started building new facility for 70million.

This document included 10 attached ones. H.R. 672, “Puerto Rico Conservation Act” that obtains it in 15 USC 3710a that obtains it in to the eyelash for Legal Proffessionals, UScode. This it authorizes in 15 USC 3710a (6) (a) that operates the National Administration of Nuclear Security in carso boricua and that by means of the Weapon Production Facility of the Department of Energy operates producing, proving, maintaining or dismantling nuclear weapons or their components. Attached the 3 are the diagram presented/displayed by High Active Aureoral Research Project, HAARP, that Arecibo included, Puerto Rico `18 of October of 1993 and the 4 are the main patent of HAARP, patent number 4.686.605 that to its end expresses that this technology can reproduce the effects of a nuclear weapon.

Attached the 5 and Dynamics is the document of CEDAR “Coupling Energetic of Atmospheric Regions”. This people describe the experiments with the ionosphere from Arecibo to the present decade. They admit that the Department of Defense of the USA and the National Science Foundation are part of their Interagencial Committee.

I included the communication that offered Thomas P.D'Agostino, Administrator of the National Administration of Nuclear Security before the Congress of the USA the 27 of March of 2007, where complaint of which its program “Reliable Replacement Warhead Project” does not guarantee that the present nuclear weapons of the USA are functional, that are the only country with nuclear capacity without a facility to produce them and asks for a new place to test and nonconventional nuclear weapons nuclear that will be ready for year 2030. Also I included the H.R. 2383 “for Safety Americans from Nuclear Weapons Testing Act” submissive by the National Administration of Security Nuclear and been the 17 of May of 2007 before the Congress the USA in which also they request a new place to test nuclear.

They present/display to us like a project of conservation in H.R. 672 of which it is an authorization to operate in Puerto Rico a facility to produce nuclear weapons. Attached the 10 Associate is a Study of Title of Property 42.849 enrolled in Tomo 976 to page 50 from the Registry of the Property of the Free State, Registry of Arecibo, in which the Government of the USA grouped 7 property acquired in the District Hope of Arecibo by means of the diz National Science Foundation that with scientific aims simultaneously that say to us that the “radar” goes away. They must know that the Government of the USA emitted a proposal of construction of facilities in the National Atmospheric Ionospheric Center, NAIC that is in Arecibo, Puerto Rico by the amount of 70 million dollars for new facilities to be constructed from the 2005 to the 2010. They obtain it in:

Link in spanish
English version

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 07:46 AM

The last year in this Committee we denounced for the first time that the United States elaborates a strategy to violate the Treaty of nonProliferation of Nuclear weapons by means of presenting/displaying legislation of environmental nature whose aim is to authorize a facility for the production of nuclear weapons. The last year such intention seted out in H.R. 1644, “Puerto Rico Karst Conservation Act”. This year continues in H.R. 672. Attached 1. These aims are reached by means of the inclusion of 15 USC 3710a. Attached 2.

In Arecibo Arecibo National Ionospheric Center locates (NAIC). This instrument is used like an ionospheric heating engineer.

The installed ionospheric heating engineer in Arecibo registers itself in annals of science from the 1974. He pretends that the use of the “Radar” is with civil aims, nevertheless, the Department of Defense included to Arecibo in his request of “Environmental Impact Statement” page 10-127 of Volume II, been the 18 of October of 1993 like part of Project HAARP. (Attached 3)

Project HAARP (High Active Aureoral Research Program) protests that it is a method and apparatus to manipulate a region of the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the magnetosfera. HAARP derives from several patents of the Government of the United States of which we are going to make specific reference to Patent 4.686.605 approved in favor of the Dr Bernard Eastlund the 11 of August of 1987. Attached 4. In this Patent of the Government of the United States direct reference to Arecibo like the place becomes from which manipulations of the ionosphere like preliminary studies and for aims of Project HAARP are made. And project HAARP protests that it is part of the system of anti-missile defense, that allows to cut the communications, to eliminate the communications of the adversaries, allows the energy production, to interrupt the flights of missiles, to destroy a missile since its activation begins, to destroy an invading ship, to modify the climate, to make connections of communications with submarines, or underground, and to make computadorizada tomografía of the Earth to locate its wealth, among other uses. But the fundamental part of Patent 4.686.605 is its last paragraph. In he himself one calls to each other: “Still to further, plumes in accordance with this invention and/or dog be formed to simulate perform the same functions nuclear ace performed by the detonation of to “heave” type device without actually having to detonate such to device.” Eastlund demands that the uses of their invention are varied, of long reach and utility that include the production of nuclear energy imitating an atomic pump without having to detonate it. The participation of Arecibo, with its Ionospheric Center has been continuous and limitless throughout the decades of the 70, 80, 90 of the last century, as well as it is it to the present one for those aims.

When it studies Arecibo in the cyberspace, this one appears including in CEDAR, “Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions” which is a description of the continuation of the experiments with the ionosphere. Attached 5. The NAIC, as well as the project CEDAR is in the cársica zone of Puerto Rico, that by chance also comprises of Patent 4.686.605 and it is as well the zone that comprises of “Puerto Rico Karst Conservation Act” and for which is developed an authorization to operate a facility to produce nuclear weapons.

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 07:34 PM
For many years I have been wondering why my beloved Island of Puerto Rico has not been ravaged by hurricanes as much as the other Caribbean islands. With the exception of Hurricane Georges several years ago, the Island has remained pretty much "hurricane free" for a long time. It wasn't until I heard about HAARP that I started to question the purpose of the largest single dish radio telescope in the world. I know that a few years ago its power was doubled, and just recently members of my family told me that funding from the Cornell University and/or government is supposedly being suspended. This doesn't make sense. I believe we are being misled into believing a lie so the powers that be can do their evil things.

I just saw a video about HAARP on YouTube about civilians investigating HAARP . In it I saw a computer screen with the name "Puerto Rico" glowing with green letters. So I decided to do a search and I stumbled upon this web page establishing a link. Thank you for the info.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:53 PM
If it's being funded by NSF then it's not a secret project.

NSF just doesn't get involved with that stuff. The budget is small enough and people well informed that you can't hide any massive big "sooper secret weapon" in there. You can't require classified management or anything like that.

It's just a normal scientific RFP.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:35 AM
Any EMF graphs for Puerto Rico on 4/5/11? USGS showed that place light up that day.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:10 AM

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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 02:53 AM
good info.

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