Possible Chris Benoit Murder/Suicide Coverup?

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posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 12:40 AM
I think I'm going to tend to agree with Rasputin13 on this issue. I really don't see a "conspiracy" here, even though there could be one. I'd prefer for the investogators to look into his behavior before this happend, what he did, what drugs, if any he took, ect. However it is very strange that he did that, especially since he was a pretty big name in wrestling.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:29 AM
now im just spit balling here but from what i here the wwe industry buisnes is very dangrous and you cant just leave now maybe chris did kill his wife and kids and comite sucide maybe maybe the satan guy that belives in him did but what if mr mcmahon got pist off world championship matches are big money so maybe mr mcmahon got chris killed or mr mcmahon enraged chris by saying that his fired but 14 hours before the death was found thats suspicous maybe its a cover up for something big unfourtunatly wwe superstars die eddie guerro R.I.P chris R.I.P 1999 owen hart died he was thrown i have seen the video he was thrown and that was bad also chris benoit brock sabus neck what man gets that fired up he decides to brack a mans neck also when an autopsy report was done on chris benoit had the brain of a 85 year old with a certain cancer or tuma i think it was from all the years of landing on your head i mean look at wretelmania 21 he dived 20 foot lader head first so that explains that

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Owen was not pushed, bloody hell! What planet are you on? The Sabu incident was an accident, nothing more, plus what has that got to do with Benoit killing his family and himself? Nothing, there is no conspiracy, there is no cover up.

The only valid point you make is Benoit's brain scans and the effects of numerous concussions.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 08:07 AM
Benoit had a type of brain damage that is typically found in football players and boxers. It causes depression, erratic behaviour, and there have been a number of former athletes that have committed suicide with the same condition.

They know this because Benoit's brain was studied upon his death.


The neuropathological tests demonstrated that Chris Benoit suffered from a type of brain damage called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which was found in all regions of his brain.

SLI President Christopher Nowinski contacted Michael Benoit on June 28th, the Thursday after his son’s death, to obtain permission to study the wrestler’s brain. SLI’s research has indicated there is a connection between the repeated head injuries suffered by many athletes involved in contact sports and an aggregation of abnormal Tau proteins in the brain, causing CTE. CTE’s most common symptoms include depression, cognitive impairment, dementia, Parkinsonism and erratic behavior.

Other athletes:


Recently, several former NFL players have been posthumously diagnosed with CTE. Justin Strzelczyk died in 2004 during a high-speed chase with police after apparently suffering a nervous breakdown. Andre Waters and Terry Long were diagnosed with the disorder after committing suicide. Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Webster suffered from dementia before his death due to heart failure, and was also diagnosed with CTE. It is believed that numerous concussions and other brain injuries incurred during their careers are responsible for the development of CTE.[13]

I don't know about any coverup, but this IMO is not steroid related.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

the most ill informed post in the history of ats i think.


owen hart was not thrown. AT ALL. The video of him falling does not exist. The video you saw is a hoax video. ITs a video from a now defunct organization called ECW. New JAck throws another wrestler to land on tables and that drop was about 20 feet. Owen Hart fell 85 feet due to his harness releasing early.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 02:28 PM
If one could have looked into his eyes that last day he wrestled you could see something was bothering him on a family level, I didn't watch his paper view but did the day before the paperview and he looked like he just wrestled because he was inclined through contract, something was bothering him on an emotional level.

Now he did have somethings going on with his kid, but I think his was probably engaged with another relationship. Wrestling is a lot of time on the road, do these wrestlers get to see there families all the time?

The man could wrestle, but in an apparent rage or confusion put the last choke hold on anyone and put his son to the final resting place.

Really respected the man's wrestling ability, but definately tragic for all parties there included.

Made Vince cop up real quick with the fake explosion ploy bit, I am sure that opened his Eyes why you don't fake things in less really needed. I am sure he felt ashamed for it, or at least sad for the incident it was as if the plot thickened from there.

Chris took his job seriously that would explained the hours he put into the business.
Maybe too much work and not enough play.

A touchy subject but definately an eye opener, there were many other before and after chris that had been laid to rest through the wrestling entertainment.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Steroid use is one cause. As many have appeared in the thread.

I wish to go into an unsubstantiated area.

Steroid use being a too hot an issue, the WWE had to disown it.
If it is criminal activity, then the suppliers might be exposed.

Did the suppliers do it all?

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

the main supplier/doctor who was apart of this is being brought up on like 115 charges. so hes going away for a while.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Do you think its one doctor, the fall guy, and not a network of underworld gangsters.

Anywhere there is big money there is big insecurity.
And people with drugs to take the money and ruin the dream.

Chris may not be up there with Illuminati crimes like Forestall, Tesla,
JFK and the rest but the hold on police action might be a clue.

Perhaps not a big time gang like the Illuminati appear to be, but
one just as effective. In the methods of MK ULTRA, show the badge
of the higher authority and things become unknown in a hurry.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 12:54 AM
I was just on wikipedia and this guy kevin sullivan's wiki page was edited may 6th stating that he simpithized about the death of chris and his wife but said nothing about his son just found that a little weird and thought i should share

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