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Car Bomb Terror Scare In London

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone

Gordon Brown calls for a NWO and then a few days later a terror threat. Somebody call David Shayler, I'm sure he's already uncovered the conspiratorial plot.

Do you have proof, Links ect

Or is this just built up B/S I have read on this thread?

Show me where he said he wanted a new world order then maybe I will agree with you, until then dont post fcomments such as this unless you have proof.....

Here you go......

Brown NWO Speech


posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by charlie_the_loafer

yeah sick..., i must be having a cold.
look man, if it would have blow, if it would have been in my city, if it would have been members of my family involved i still would have thought the same under the circumstances : terrorism is a government invention , if somewhere in the world there are real terrorist , they exist because of governments.

Terrorism is not a govt. invention seriously its just a tool that any organization uses to impose their views or asking for change. And supposedly "real" terrorists can also using terrorism without having to be provoked. Kind of like bombing abortion clinics even though doctors and nurses had nothing to do with provoking anybody in the first place (unless you count killing unborn children as a justification for it).

what was most people first thought when they saw the news today ? "al qaeda again, osama"
they want us to believe that, they tought us to believe that, not even considering the fact that most people don't even know who is osama , where did he came from , and so on. in their minds osama it's just a name that it's to be blamed for all these kind of events and when they see something like this on tv their mind immediatly makes the connection, regardless to what anyone else is saying or trying to point out.

just as someone wrote on a previous post : for these people governments announcements are obeyed and followed without being questioned

i didn't see todays events as a real threat so that's why some of my comments appeared as sick" as you wrote.

You don't hear much about them because you don't take them serious enough. Osama and his organization has been warning and warning for many years that they have declared Jihad and they would take on America.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by shrunkensimon
When it comes down to it, there is NOTHING to substantiate the claims that these "terror events" are the handywork of Al-Queda or Islamofascists.

If you are talking about the two confirmed car bombs that were planted in London today, then yes that's true. At this time there is nothing to connect them to Islamofacists (except that posting CBS has been talking about - that predicted the bombings today - but that's kinda fuzzy right now). However, they are real terror events, so you can take the quotes off.

No one died today.

Fortunately. But as I said, all it would have taken was for the ambulance driver to have not been looking in that direction and we'd have ~1700 casualties at the first location alone.

illusions and deceptions are all thats needed, and todays "terror threat" was just that!

The car bombs were real. There was no illusion about them.
They are as solid and as real as the computer you are looking at right now.

Originally posted by Souljah
... then my friend, you are just another blind sheep among many, who sleep, work, eat and belive anything served to them by their own government.

Hi Souljah ... how have you been?
Question - what do 'blind sheep' have to do with the two car bombs that were planted in London today? You know .. the ones that were designed to hit soft targets and to kill as many innocent bystanders as possible. Will you acknowledge the reality of those bombs? You and I need to find where this discussion can start and we need to know how much of the situation that happened today is something that you believe to be true.

Originally posted by shrunkensimon
Fake terror plots are ...

The car bombs were real.

Originally posted by deltaboy
Terrorism is not a govt. invention ...

It's as old as humanity itself.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by Souljah
And I thought that people on a forum named ABOVETOPSECRET want to learn something new in their lifetime -

I did but not from you. You tend to get carried away and jump over the wall before the facts are all out. Just becuse it may have happened before does not mean this shuld be flaged as a conspriacy so fast. Chill out and wait for the facts hell we do not know if they even found all the devices yet. They just found anouther making it two, there may be more.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 05:50 PM
International elements involved.I wonder who could be responsible?
Maybe Amish from Pennsylvania.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Souljah
And I thought that people on a forum named ABOVETOPSECRET want to learn something new in their lifetime - but I guess I was wrong again. Feel free to swallow any government sponsored fear mongering staged terror attacks - I shall not.

Riiight....and souljah the unbiased member is here to teach us all the truth of the matter through "prisonplanet"....

There are a lot of claims, and wild theories all over the internet, and prisonplanet is one of those sorry to tell you...

but keep believing the lies, propaganda and exagerations which Alex Jones keeps trying to spread...

Hey, why don't you go with AJ to ask Chavez for the truth?......

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:03 PM

Originally posted by rdang
International elements involved.I wonder who could be responsible?

Well, whoever said that was identified as a "Whitehall source" meaning they didn't want their identity to be known... hence, that claim should be taken with a pinch of salt. Until the Metropolitan Police or the UK Government confirm who's behind the attempted attack, we can only guess. To my knowledge no group has claimed responsibility and no descriptions of the person running away from the first car bomb outside the nightclub have been released - we don't even know whether it was a man or a woman, let alone anything else. The police have yet to release the details, so it's probably best to avoid speculation right now.

In a couple of months you'll be able to look over this topic and see how ridiculous some of the claims have been because the rumour mill has been hard at work (whether it be from the media or because of ATS members' political agendas).

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by Muaddib

Riiight....and souljah the unbiased member is here to teach us all the truth of the matter through "prisonplanet"....

My my great minds do think alike honest I ws thinking the very same when he used prison planet. That is why I told him to chill out and wait for the facts.

Give him a few more minutes and he will have both the US and Israel behind it

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:14 PM
I think PM Browns statement today was very interesting. He did not mention any actual terrorism at all. Everything had a slight distance to it, it was a very carefully worded statement of someone who was ensuring there could be no comeback on his words. It's not the difference between Blair and Brown (as Blair would yabba yabbered) and it's not the way Brown usually speaks either.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:18 PM
Ok lets look at some info - after all its deny ignorance - we have 2 or possibly 3 devices planted in London today. As a frequent visitor to Tiger Tiger and Quod the resetraunt over the road thats pretty scary.

For those of you familiar to my posts here you know of my years in Belfast and some intimate knowledge of attacks there.

We now seem to have had a device taken to a pound in Hyde Park (Met Police)

This is early days - and to scream conspiracy given the new PM is I think premature - we - this side of the pond - do have some contacts in the sec services and so far this seems like another fizzed attempt. Sources here speak of smoke from the car - given its local that would look like another witches brew gone sour.

For the US guys this is like setting up a bomb to go off under the WTC and not making it past Bleeker street - though we did jail 7 terrorists for threatening the "slags" at the ministry of sound (another night club)

As for Gordon Browns complicity this is a total reach - sorry guys you just need to learn a bit more about UK politics - they are actually pretty simple. His Home Sec called COBRA and looked totally out of her depth- hardly surprising given the time in office. Thankfully our security services are on these guys now - if you know London you will have a clue of the depthe of CCTV coverage in the area and the vehicle recognition technologies in place.

For now i would cool the conspiracy till we know more ?

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by kickoutthejams
He did not mention any actual terrorism at all. Everything had a slight distance to it, it was a very carefully worded statement of someone who was ensuring there could be no comeback on his words.

It was pretty early when he made it though, wasn't it? I don't think he wanted to jump to a conclusion which, for all he knew, could have been incorrect.

I think he's done the right thing to hold back a little, let the police make the statements as they came across new information and simply back them up until the facts are known. He could have been plastered all across our TV screens today, milking the publicity as much as possible... but he hasn't. He's chaired a cabinet meeting, met with the Home Secretary and got on with the job. He's not supposed to be a celebrity, he's supposed to run the country and that's just what he did. Good on you, Gordon.

His style might take a little getting used to because we got so familiar with Tony Blair being on the news instantly giving his thoughts and opinions, but difference isn't a bad thing. Both methods have their merits, and I think the Prime Minister did the right thing today. Even though he only made one statement, you know he'll have been working hard behind the scenes.

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posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 06:27 PM
FWIW a bomb is just a terrorist device and there is no link to AQ at this point but this is not IRA or even a spin off in my book - the idea of nails went out from the boyz in the early 70s - too much negative spin

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 07:29 PM
The fact that bomb was full of nails & bolts indicates was ant-personnel
device to inflict max casualties. Filling bomb with metallic shrapnel
is nothing new - anarchists in Sept 20 parked horse drawn wagon outside
Wall St brokerages filled with iron window weights. If you go look can
still see some pockmarks left by impacts of these on buildings. From
news reports looks like this was amateur attempt using what was on
hand. Boosting bomb with gas cylinders again is nothing new - Hezbollah
used gas boosted bombs in Lebanon to attack Marine barracks. The
first WTC bomb in 1993 used 3 cylinders of hydrogen - was purchased
down road from me at AGL Welding in Clifton NJ (know someone worked
there at time - everyone got 3rd degree from FBI) Terrorists will use
what is at hand to build bombs. There are many common products
which can with little effort be turned into powerful explosives. For example
soaking charcoal or sawdust in Liquid O2 turns it into explosive powerful
as dynamite. Was widely used until 1950's when replaced by Ammonium
nitrate based explosives.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 08:00 PM
We stopped them this time! I just wonder when the "Religion of Peace" (we can't call them terrorists, you know) will strike again? Hopefully we can stop them again!

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 08:12 PM
Guess it wasn't the Amish after all. "described by a senior official as a "terror plot involving lslamic extremists."

[edit on 29-6-2007 by rdang]

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 12:28 AM
Just saw Olbermann cover this. Expert he had on said it wouldn't hurt anyone standing 20 feet from the car. Incendiary only, not a shrapnel weapon. He likened it to preppie terrorists--they could afford to blow up the Mercedes, but didn't have the tech knowledge to come up with a decent bomb.

More terror war hype to mold the pliable minds of the sheeple. The media hypes it all out of proportion--meanwhile in Iraq, Brits and GIs get killed by real bombs.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 01:55 AM

Originally posted by damajikninja
Ok, so the conspiracy thing is starting to float into this one...

so lets get this out of the way...

Who had the Means & Motive? Who would stand to benefit from this incident? Is this the result of a choreographed political/psy-op event, or an actual terror attack?

Ok I will try to keep this short and to the point...

Dick Cheney, George Bush, The British Blackwater(cant recall their name its like EMI or something), BP, Tony Blair, the british Arms dealers, MI6, CIA, MUSSAD, Carlyle, Halliburton, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, American Arms Manufacturers, Rumsfeld, Blackwater, and the other mercenary groups there now. I am sure I am leaving out a bunch but it's late.

If Britain pulled out of this war and pulled from supporting the criminals in the white house and possibly start investigating the british side of this war and how Blair played a role in the Cheney-Rummy plan. It could play very badly for the Bush white house, I mean they all were recommended for Indictments for crimes against humanity and war crimes by a UN commitee already. Bush bought 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay, a country with no extriditiion treaty with US. Cheney and a few others have bought land in Peru. Looks to me like they see what is happening and that the hammer is about to fall and they must stave this off. To do this they need to keep the new British PM and his staff to tow the line for a little longer before Bush/Cheney and Co. can actually pull off "9-11 II" and start a war with Iran. They think thatthey can win the Americans support back if they can show them that Iran nuked Miami or something. By getting rid of Pace they have pulled the military blick to nuking Iran. The border bill was killed and now they have the scapegoat and reason that we will be attacked, those damn unamerican cowards wouldnt let us protect the border and refused our Amnesty, errrr I mean Border Protection Bill and now look what has happened. Everything is falling into place quickly for them now and the stage is nearly set for "9-11 II" to take place and full on Tyranny and Police State Fascism to reign supreme in America.

So in answering your question, motive and means....

MONEY and POWER is nearly always the MOTIVE!
I do not think you will argue that those listed above do not have the means. Particularly considering the other ATS post about the 260,000,000 dollar contract for psy/ops the pentagon signed in 2006 a link is HERE. They have made back-up plans, the foreign lands they have bought, which must mean that they know its crumbling and they may not be able to save it. BUT, do not think they are not going to try. Most of you know about the PNAC document that talked about a "Helpful Pearl Harbor like event" that happened on 9-11. Well there are several of these types of documents floating around again with wording like:

- a second 9-11 event would give us the opportunity to strike (nuclear) against known targets (insert Iran). -

I think the world is very close to some major changes, particularly here in America. I do not know which way they will go, meaning will the people stand up or be put in camps, but I do think it's coming to a head. This last week many senators had their lives threatened by people over that border bill, people are most assuredly close to snapping and they know it. My bible tells me that if this is the "end of days" that they will win for a while, a short while.

I think one has to be skeptical about anything they see on tv nowadays, particularly terror events. With the known history of so many False Flags and self terror heaped upon all the other lies. The only known terror events so far in London were both lies. From the MI6 agent mastermind to the dual drills / event of the 7/7 attacks to the public execution of that young man they shot in the head in the tube. You have to remember that prior to 7/7 over there, they couldn't get their version of the "Patriot Act" passed, the people didn't want it, and wouldn't have it. After 7/7 and the spector of terror and death in the tube that day, wouldn't ya know it... their terror bill passed and it did as ours did and took political and civil and human Rights from the people, but fear not it was only for their own good and to protect them.

My prediction on this one is MI6 carried it out to give the new government a warning. We can attack for real and make YOU (new govt) look weak and incompetent. I believe it will be the only warning, if they have to do it again Brits will die.

You may recall the so called Fort Dix plot here in America recently, in the end the plot was the idea of a govenment plant who conspired with the FBI to give those others the idea, plan, and means to carry it out. That attack wasn't even about Al Queada or Saudi or any of the current junk, those men were angry about Kosovo not Iraq or Afghanistan. They wanted to retaliate for Clinton's dirty little war in their nation(s). And funny enough it seems in nearly every one of these attacks that happens or nearly does, there is a Govt agent or informant behind it all.

I KNEW IT!!! I knew I couldn't keep it short, and the sad thing is I could write and post links for another 29 pages and still have information and evidence left to give. It should be easy for doubters to do a google on 7/7 and the many many shenanigans of that day.

And maybe the words of Ronald Reagan should fit when it comes to govt stopping terror plots and what not, "TRUST BUT VERIFY". The only problem with it is they have yet to tell us one truth in decades and you just can't, as a sane person, trust anything they say.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 03:28 AM
@ theindependentjournal - the most constructive post in all this thread.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by yuefo
Just saw Olbermann cover this.

Oh .. there's an unbiased news (in his case - propaganda) source.

Expert he had on .... Incendiary only, not a shrapnel weapon.

Someone needs to remind the 'expert' that the cars were packed with NAILS - which is shrapnel.

The media hypes it all out of proportion...get killed by real bombs.

The car bombs were real bombs. 1700 people in the first location and hundreds more in the second location came very close to being killed or seriously and painfully injured today.

Olbermann is just pushing his own agenda again.
Ratings must be slipping.

Originally posted by theindependentjournal
Dick Cheney, George Bush, The British Blackwater(cant recall their name its like EMI or something), BP, Tony Blair, the british Arms dealers, MI6, CIA, MUSSAD, Carlyle, Halliburton, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, American Arms Manufacturers, Rumsfeld, Blackwater, and the other mercenary groups there now.

You are all set to blame any one of these folks eh ... but no mention of radical islamic terrrorists as potentially being involved?? No mention of known terror groups that have operated in London in the past?

[edit on 6/30/2007 by FlyersFan]

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 09:25 AM
Police have a 'crystal clear' video image of a man who tried to kill hundreds of people by blowing up two cars in central London, according to reports.

Why haven't the police released the identity of the individual seen running away. Surely releasing the footage or a picture to the public would help in capturing this individual. For all we know he could be planning something similar.

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