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my 1 year contribution.

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 07:59 PM
hello all today i made my one year contribution to the music world, first time buying a cd in about 5 years. let me tell you it felt ok.

I don't download music as much as i used too, not enough time or just don't care. i normally just go over to my friends house who load their computers with music and just take it from them, that way its "sharing"

Anyway the reason i bought two cd's today was because i drive around all day locating bell and gas lines. Just a part time job to hold me over until i get my career job.

After about 1 month driving with my broken ipod, it would play music but sometimes just stop playing sound, it got stolen from my car. So for the next 2 months i was listening to the radio, im to lazy to make a cd although the car can play mp3 cd's anyway i bought 2 cds today and it was about $30. All i have to say is if i listened to the radio any more i would go insane. why do they talk so much. play music, tell us what song your playing , play the ads and shut up. i was going crazy.

So now i can download music for another 5 years with out feeling bad.

Pease... i bought the first busta album and old school xibit. i have no idea why.


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