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Yelllowstone Question

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posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:21 PM
Didn't know where to post this, so I decided to post it here.
Why is the government hiding secrets about the Yellowstone volcano and saying they're hiding them because "we don't want to scare the public", when they have a #ing War on Terror, and our threat level is designated by #ing colors?? Explain that to me.

Sorry I may sound a little pissed, it's only because it's such a silly lie (well not really a lie because they don't really tell us anything about it) that I'm mad at them for not forwarning us for any possible danger that might be involved if incase this volcano errupts.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:26 PM
How many military bases are within the area which will be effected if Yellowstone explodes?

Maybe our troops are out of the country for a reason.

How many of our troops are in the area today?

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:27 PM
Well, the potential hazards have been fairly well documented in documentaries, research papers, etc.

That the US government isn't issuing a daily reaffirmation that our ass is grass when this thing blows isn't really all that infuriating to me.

I don't particularly think they are trying to "cover it up". Although I don't particularly think they are engaging in full disclosure either.

The imminent danger with Yellowstone is not exactly a covered up secret.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:35 PM
yeah but where are the national news stories about it??

I would hope that people who live in the surrounding areas are aware of the threat, and hopefully local news there covers that stuff....but shouldn't there be some national interest in what has been happening with the influx of earthquakes in California and the impending volcano?

i haven't scene any news coverage about it except for a 30 second spot on Fox...don't think it was even that long.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:37 PM
NOW you are talking about mainstream media.

THAT is NOT the US government. The mainstream media is in it for two purposes:

RATINGS (above all) - which now equates to drama

and spinning whatever party they think will ultimately lead to


There's no drama in covering a possibility. Luckily, for our own viewing pleasure and peace of mind, they may not be much coverage once the Big Story pops!

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:41 PM
Honestly, growin up in Montana, and visiting Yellowstone at least once a year, I remember hearing about this all the time from the guides and teachers... I remember it specifically being talked about, and one of the kids in my class did a report on it... I didnt know it was a secret...

[Edited on 8-1-2004 by Milk]

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 08:52 PM
I didn't know anything about the Yellowstone situation until I joined ATS which was a few years ago. I'm only getting information about Yellowstone from here as well.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 10:54 PM
exactly whos ass is grass when yellowstone blows? everyone? the surrounding states? how far will the estimated destruction reach? will this force us into another ice age? i cant find answers anywhere.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 10:56 PM
The government isn't hiding anything, they just aren't saying anything. And as always, a subject isn't taken seriously unless you get rich university's to study it, but they won't study it inless it's taken seriously. A catch 22, really.

Don't blame the government. Blame the media.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:37 PM
forsaken, found this site that mightbe able to give some ideas of what might happen should Yellowstone erupt.

Nuclear winter?? Never knew it could be that bad!

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:54 PM
I live in Australia and i knew about the dormant 'super-volcanoe' that is yellowstone national park years and years ago. I havnt even visited the states...

Cant be much of a cover-up if some dude across the pacific knows al about it...

posted on Jan, 9 2004 @ 12:13 AM
its the fact that they arent warning us of the potential danger - not that they are saying it doesnt exist - is what we are talking about.

would it be possible for us to drill like hell in a massive effort to make hundreds - maybe thousands - of relief holes to ease the pressure, and control where and when massive amounts of magma erupt? its 8km down, can we drill that far?

posted on Jan, 9 2004 @ 12:16 AM
"...nobody has been able to drill deeper than 15km..."

so maybe we could pull it off and ease, if not escape this possible disaster?

posted on Jan, 9 2004 @ 12:18 AM
While I remain concerned about Yellowstone, one has to consider the realistic possibilities. We know for a fact that Yellowstone will eventually explode in epic proportions. Geology doesn't lie. But...

The bulge in Yellowstone Lake may be a blessing in disguise. The coming explosion, I think as some geologists think the most likely scenarios is a Lake explosion postponing The Big One for several generations.

There's also a lot of disinformation/fear mongering out there. Rense hasn't helped...he's posted several articles, which have been passed around the net and even mentioned in some news articles that animals are leaving the park. That is simply NOT TRUE. Not only was I there just three months ago...I have spoken to folks that have been into the park as recently as Xmas...the Bison are still there folks!!!

posted on Jan, 9 2004 @ 07:29 AM
I have a cool job where I can just hang out and watch t.v., I did not hear one mention anywhere on fox,cnn or anywhere concerning the recent 5.0 close to yellow stone...did I miss it?

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