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Apollo 20, retiredafb, spaceship on moon seems to be hoax

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by Erasurehead
Once the images from the Japan moon mission KAGUYA (SELENE) are released we should have a clear picture of what the object is. These images will be the highest definition images ever taken of the lunar surface. I e-mailed them asking when they would release all the images to the public and they stated that they would be released around the summer of 2009.

I know this is a very open handed reply but can you trust the Japanese not to doctor the images? Apparently the Apollo 20 mission, if it happened?, was a joint American/Russian venture.This at the height of the cold war. Who knows what deals NASA have made with the Japanese?

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by kidflash2008
This hoax will never die! I think people would notice a huge Saturn V rocket (which is more than twice the height of the shuttle) lifting off. They would also be able to see it. I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB for a brief time, and they had a night time launch of a much smaller rocket. It was quite noticeable. [/quote

At the time this was supposed to happen rockets where being launched at Vandenburg every month, putting spy satellites in polar orbits as part of a secret mission which I think was called Crystal! maybe those close by had become accustomed to the launches and payed no attention to them?

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 05:51 PM
Orbital Angle Discrepancy

The image below is one that I, Astral Highway, created in order to illustrate a blindingly obvious, yet very simple discrepancy in the sequence of events that I noticed in the fly-over video. Upon first viewing, the entire video seems rather convincing. The change over to telephoto lens from the Apollo 20 window is represented as a smooth, logically sequenced series of events and one gets the impression that there is no editing or pausing in the film as the camera is switched over to telephoto.

But something is so glaringly amiss here that I am surprised that noone has picked it up yet. Watch the video and pay careful attention to the direction the Lunar Module is heading towards. I carefully matched the moonscape that scrolls across the window with a high resolution image of the area itself. Using Photoshop, I distorted and rotated the perspective and angle of the image so that it closely matched the moonscape one sees in the video. In the distorted image, the alleged ship is pointing in an almost East to North-East direction. Yet, when the camera is zoomed in through the viewport window in the video, the entire object is pointing in a Southerly direction, the 'nose' almost in the direction of Apollo 20.

How can the video account for this? The 'spaceship' is suddenly in a completely different location than when the camera was zoomed out. It is almost as if the ship is suddenly being filmed from a completely different orbital path, direction and location. If the video is supposed to be a cut of many orbital passes being filmed during the fly-over, then I can understand the discrepancy. But the video is presented as a logical, uninterrupted sequence.

Another problem is why do the subtitles zoom up close with the camera lens for a moment when these are supposed to be a post-production element inserted after the mission?

Finally... when we see the 'spaceship' up close for the first time, the whole perspective of the scene shifts and wobbles slightly in a way that would indicate that we are seeing a small scaled model filmed from some kind of motion-control rig. It appears the motion is not entirely smooth and the camera even appears to settle on a slightly more downward tilt than it begins with, which appears to alter the angle of the object we are looking at. Of course, this could be an optical illusion due to the myriad of moving artifacts present in the image.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 02:24 AM
While some may or may not believe William Rutledge ("retiredafb") story, there still is a lot to be explained from some photos from the Apollo 15 mission.

Firstly, yes there is some kind of strange object in a crater on the moon and it does resemble the "ship" in the video on youtube.

The original photo AS15-P-9625

look to the right of the big crater and poof, theres the "ship" lying in a small crater like in the video.

Looks like something thats not supposed to be there naturally to me.

Here's something else I noticed in one of the Apollo 15 mission photo's Im sure it must be some kind of film artifact or smudge but..... looks like a tower and shadow to me.

The original photo AS15-88-11956HR


Zoomed some more

Now I know that you can see obvious marks and whatnot on the film but this one doesnt seem to match with the rest.

Any thoughts photo experts?

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: QBSneak000 Did you happen to notice the blue lights to the right of the space craft in the photos you posted?

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