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Drug war is stupid and insane

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 03:02 PM

Cops took half this couples house, charging a teacher for growing 65 plants. Now it is logical to say, teacher-school: easy market right? Well fact is the constitution says nothing about the government having a right to tell you or your kids not to smoke/grow pot, though you as parents hold that right, the government has no legal authority. So the Drug Policy is touted as law, and subsequently a drug war comes about. To replace a war on alchohol. To keep the public in submission to the government MAFIA which is currently spending (waisting) our money and resources selling us all out in the process. And still America sits on there asses. So now its logical to take half a house, and make the owner get mortgage..sounds like the drug war is merely a mafia enforced scam to me..

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:06 PM
Basically, all wars are stupid and insane.

Which means humans are stupid and insane for becoming involved.

Before the 'war on drugs' ...... there were no drugs, or very few. Younger people probably believe there was always a sizeable percentage of the population hooked on drugs. But that's not the case. Prior to the 1960s, approx., the only people who used drugs were those who'd become addicted unintentionally to prescription drugs (morphine for example, as result of injury or medical conditions) and some musicians: jazz musicians, reportedly. In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra starred as a drug-addicted musician in a movie entitled 'The Man With the Golden Arm'.

Looking back now, it seems this was just another instance of the Powers That Be 'telegraphing their shots': i.e., introducing their soon to be launched agenda via a movie starring someone who was then a 'major star'. The movie was used to familiarise people with 'drugs'. Until then, virtually no-one knew or had even heard about 'drug addiction'.

Can you imagine it ..... a drug-free world ? Can you imagine teenagers (and others) having absolutely NO knowledge of --- or interest in --- drugs ? Well, that's how it was, just a few decades ago.

The drug industry (because that's what it is) didn't exist. Nor did 'easy divorce'. Men went to work. Women ran the home. Kids went to school. People spent only what they could afford. They saved. They planned for their future. There was no nudity or foul language or explicit violence in movies or tv.

There were problems, for sure, but it pales in comparison for what passes as 'normal life' today.

To learn what 'normal life' was then, you need only watch tv and movies of the 50's and 60's: Gilligan's Island, Father Knows Best, the Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver, Bonanza, I Love Lucy, Bilko, the Maxwell Smart show (can't remember the name but it was a 'spy' comedy), Fonzie, etc.

These people bathed --- even the supposed 'rebels' like the Fonz ! Homes were clean and so were people's mouths ! Parents then were concerned about their children doing their homework --- not whether or not their kids were taking drugs.

" Drugs? Drugs? What do you mean? What kind of drugs? Asprin? " is what parents even a few decades would have asked if someone had suggested their kids might be taking drugs.

How things have changed in such a short time, thanks to those (mostly in government, the whore media and the 'entertainment' industry).

First they popularised the concept of drug use via movies, tv and the media and 'celebrities'.

Then they waited for the sheep to become curious and experiment with drugs.

Then it was simply a matter of ensuring supply matched this new demand. Supply of course, reaps unimaginable profits.

Then they pretended to launch a 'war on drugs'.

Now, according to the OP, they're uitilizing the 'war on drugs' to seize drug-users' property.

Gee, wonder what would happen to the drug-industry if more and more people decided that yes, they could survive without drugs ?

How hard is it? How come no-one in my family uses drugs? Are we geniuses? Funny, no-one's ever accused us of being particularly brilliant. Could it be that as a parent, I simply did my job? It's not as if there weren't lots of drugs around when I (and my kids) was growing up.

How hard is it to ask yourself: " Why would I put this crap in my body and mind? What will it actually achieve? Will it make me smarter, healthier, better, richer? Would I be wiser to steer clear of this stuff? "

Years ago, I completely severed contact with a valued friend who was not only a drug-user but who was also bringing drugs into my home and who repeatedly attempted to get me to use, no matter how many times I threw them out. That individual began on pot and gradually extended to chemicals. They lost their own children and spouse (and family members and numerous friends) in the process. Now, after two decades of drug-use, that individual is a trainwreck: long-term unemployed and unemployable; a hypochondriac who long ago lost everyone's sympathy; on welfare; begging for somewhere to live; loathed by virtual everyone who comes into contact with them. Not kewl now. A wasted life and only regret to fill their future. Flat broke and no hope of ever having their own home. Looks gone. Opportunities gone. Sex appeal --- GONE. Children alienated. Their spouse is happily married to someone else. Their former friends are embarrassed to have even known them. People evade them. They have a criminal record. And all for .... what? For what? For a few moments of feeling as if they're on top of the world? But what about all the swift slams right back to earth?

Drugs are for the incredibly stupid.

They're not kewl.

Drugs do not solve problems. They cause problems -- endless problems.

The ONLY 'war on drugs' worth a damn are the wars on drugs that WE launch when we determine that we will NOT go down that path and will NOT allow any opportunity OR opportunists to tempt our children down that parth.

When WE fight the war on drugs at personal level --- THEN the government and its goons and mafia will not be able to lead us by the nose to personal ruin that echoes down through several generations of our own flesh and blood.

So don't bemoan those who cry about 'unfair' government penalites based on drug use.

Instead, fight drugs at personal level.

Those who use drugs are simply providing the 'authorities' an excuse to act, to seize property, to incarcerate, to split up families, put kids in strangers' hands, etc.

Is it WORTH it? That's what people need to ask themselves.

WHY -- HOW, is it worth it? is the next question.

Save your own lives. Take your lives back!

USE your lives, instead of throwing them away.

Save your minds, keep them pure for genuine as opposed to temporary chemical experiences !

Or not. Your call.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:21 PM
weed doesnt have anymore adverse effects than ciggarettes and it makes you lazy but it lands thousands in jail next to murderers and extortionists but well just keep letting it happenn as long as a governor can say hes gonna fight the drug problem and get votes for it

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:21 PM
hard to give an opinion when you(Dock6) hit every base and slammed the nail through the wall lol!

and for all you pro weed ppl (how natural can weed be when it is fertilized with THC!!!)

get off the pipe and off your couch, join the real world!!!

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:27 PM
thanks for the pep talk, fortunately im merely a cannabis supporter and mild psychedelic supporter, nothing more. Its good that your clean and comendable, yet im not incredibly stupid, just sometimes like anyone else who is human. And no i dont do stupid drugged up things, i create intelligent music, and art, plus work a good job, so im no drop out, i relax with my non alchoholic refreshment, because alchohol makes me feel crappy, this doesnt. I dont use to excess either. So the drug war props up these heavy using addicts, that are a small population, and they hold up the socialy created thug as an example of why they need to take away a teachers home. Its great you can keep your family off drugs. And this country yes would be better off without a slew of kidney killing pharmeceuticals and crack/meth. But seriously, people have freedoms they are born with, if a guy/gal wants to walk down a dirt path and enjoy the summer sun high and leave people alone, i say who cares. obviously not the men with black helmets from another country here on a suspicious basis in the first place to enforce my countries so called constitutional policies? I dont think so. The Drug War is merely an attempt by monarchies to control yet another faucet of our society, victimizing us into wandering into there waiting and wanting arms. On that basis i would promote full on cracked out riots in the street, just to wake people up to the facts. Unfortunately that would just get spun in the media, and wed all look bad again. So ill just finish by stating that the Federalist system is making a mockery of our laws, our founding documents in the name of engineered fears through a body of elite members in a secret orginization spanning the whole of our system. Its a sick and perverted goal of england retaining a foothold on our property and values. The queen is a dellusional old wench. and those that serve her here are nothing but sellout prostitutes. (I just inhaled..tough sh** nazi controllers)

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:34 PM
You said it, mastermind.

There's a "war" on illegal drugs, yet the legal drugs that are WAY more harmful are being pushed on the public. Brought to you by big Pharma, of course.

I've never heard of someone smoking weed and shooting up a school. Anti-depressants, on the other hand...

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 05:39 PM

originally posted by Mastermind The Drug War is merely an attempt by monarchies to control yet another faucet of our society, victimizing us into wandering into there waiting and wanting arms. On that basis i would promote full on cracked out riots in the street, just to wake people up to the facts.

Mastermind: I made a mess on the keyboard and had to make new coffee, lol !!!

... an attempt by WHO -- 'monarchies' (???) --- to control yet another 'faucet' (freudian slip there?) of our society, victimising us (WHO is 'victimising' you except you, via your actions?) into wandering into their ' waiting and wanting arms' (sounds like a love song).

And as solution, you'd promote 'full on cracked out riots in the street' ???

Hell, Mastermind (great nick, really appropriate) --- are you actually a 'cracked out' member of the drug-police who comes into ATS to promote drug-use and violence ?

Am I wasting my time by suggesting that people try life without a crutch or several crutches ?

Do drug-users remember life BEFORE drugs?

Like the old song: ~~~ 'Got along without you before I met you ~~ gonna get along without you now '

Drugs, alcohol, fantasizing, pretending, denying -- they're all crutches.

They claim: ' Oh, I just use pot to relax'.

Uh huh. But they'll GET you for doing that. THEY will get YOU. THEY will hurt YOU. THEY will annoint you with a criminal record and that's NOT good for YOU or YOUR family. THEY have the power to put YOU in jail where Mr.Big will rape you in the shower stalls. YOU will get hurt. NOT them.

They have the power. You do not.

That's a simple equation. No point arguing the issue. THEY win. YOU lose.

'Fair' has nothing to do with it. A lot in life's like that.

Semi-bright people steer around such obstacles as often and as far as possible.

You may as well head-butt a steel post several times a week.

*It* will win, every time.

Is it fair that the post is made of steel and you're just made of putty? You still get hurt. You can play that game life-long if you like. But 'fair' plays no role. Any more than if you ran into the jungle and bit a tiger on the ass. It will lick you, time and again. When do you learn? Or do you just keep biting the tiger and saying how 'unfair' it is that the tiger is bigger, meaner and has longer fingernails?

Even if you get a head-butting, tiger-biting rabble together, you still won't win. You'll walk away the loser.

Wouldn't it make MORE sense to stop head butting posts and biting tigers?

Were you born head-butting posts and biting tigers ?


When did you begin?

And when did you come to believe such activities were included in your 'human rights' ?

When will you come up for air and realise that you could spend your life more productively?

It's old but as true as ever, no matter how much we hate to admit it, and that is the old adage: ' You can't beat City Hall'. ('city hall' means 'authorities', those will power, those who are therefore not required to 'play fair'.)

By using drugs --- you are playing into their hands.

You weren't born using drugs.

It's a habit you acquired. You acquired it because you saw or heard others doing it and thought you'd try it too.

And now you're right where the authorities want you.

You're handing yourself to them on a platter. Why?

You had/have choice. You have that. You can choose to exercise your right to choice ... or not. If you chose 'or not', you are setting yourself up as a victim. They don't need to do it. You're doing it for them. Why?

Cracked out riots in the streets will simply give them further opportunity to eliminate you.

Why are you making yourself victim to them?

Why not determine to become independent of them AND their drugs?

Then your life is your own. They won't be able to touch you. And your life and opportunities etc. will expand.

People say they use drugs to 'relax' and 'unwind' and 'deal with my uh -- sh*t -- ya know.'.

We all have sh*t. It's there to be dealt with. Drugs don't make it easier. They might seem to, but the truth -- as we all know -- is that drugs merely postpone the inevitable by making things seem temporarily ok.

It would be fine if they could come up with a drug that made life seem great on permanent basis ! We'd probably *all* take that one.

But at the moment, there are only two permanent, mind-altering things I know of: insanity --- and death.

Like those options? Nope. Most people don't. Maybe that's why they're not having much success marketing them under their accurate titles. Instead, they market them as 'drugs'.

[edit on 28-6-2007 by Dock6]

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 11:34 PM
The Drug War is stupid and insane, in its current incarnation.

Dock6, I agree with you that drugs are often a "crutch", but weed is the least of our concerns. What about prescription drugs? What about meth? What about all that cheap heroin coming from Afghanistan? We have bigger fish to fry than some guy smoking a joint on his couch.

You make a good point, though, you can't beat City Hall. You have to become City Hall.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 12:32 PM
HowieO: You do not help your side by making incredibly inaccurate statements: Weed fertilized with THC ? C'mon now; THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) is an element of the plant which affects certain brain receptors that are cannabinoid sensitive by nature. THC is not a fertilizer!!

The poster who laments the ' good old days ' had better recall also that alcohol and prescription pills were being abused in the same percentage of the population that now has an addiction problem; about 1 ( one ) percent of the population has a severe drug problem at any time. This number has remained constant for decades. People with a tendency, either inherited or aquired, to seek oblivion will find a way no matter what the laws say. these people do not want a buzz, but to escape reality as much as possible for as long as possible, and this is caused by deep seated issues that must be dealt with before any real change can be expected.

It is NOT simply a matter of free will and wanting to be a good parent, etc. These people are driven by urges that are so ingrained that no amount of rational convincing will sway them from their desired oblivion.

We can count on one percent of the people always having deep seated issues and that those people will consume whatever is easiest to get if it accomplishes their goals of numbing a tortured mind for a while. You cannot legislate them into stopping, you cannot punish them into stopping, you cannot shame them into stopping. What you CAN do is leave them the hell alone and not throw them in cages for being weak. If some guy wants to ruin his life, so be it. As long as he does not impact others in a violent or illegal way, then let the poor guy suffer in peace.

Drugs will always be there; the idea of a " Drug Free America ' is a chilling reminder of a " Jew Free Europe " that other facsists in the past dreamed of achieving. Only repressive and rights destroying laws can impact the drug scene in any real way, and even that would fail. You are talking about a persons most deep and intimate feelings and problems, and they cannot be resolved by punishment or stigma. No way.

The youth see the idiocy immediately: Some drugs are dangerous but legal..some are not dangerous but illegal. Some were illegal and now are legal due to politics. Some are now illegal that were legal; due to politics.
The government grows cannabis on a farm in Mississippi and distributes it to a number of patients across the nation for proven medical necessity, while at the same time denying the medical efficacy of cannabis and arresting the sick and dying in their wheelchairs in states that have approved it for medicinal reasons by the WILL OF THE VOTERS. This blatant hippocracy is not lost on the kids, who see the warnings about all drugs as unreliable since the Govt. lies so blatantly and with no proof. How can anyone respect a law like that?

And yet some would ask us, the patients who benefit from cannabis for medical reasons, to stop and suffer so that the issue would go away eventually when all people stop..Yeah, sure. you have better odds of winning ten lotteries in a row than expecting those of us who know the truth and deny the lies of the politicians and corporate bosses who do not want competition from hemp, Big Pharma who wants all of the profits and cannot patent a plant and so gives multimillions to the ' Drug Free ' foundations and other scams. Guess who the biggest contributors to the Drug Free people are? The beer and liquor bigshots!! Thats right. Of course they claim that alcohol is not a ' drug ' just a ' choice of recreation ' for adults.

Alcohol is the deadliest drug ever known to man, with thousands of deaths a year and untold harm and tragedy associated with its use; not one human being has ever died or become seriously ill from ingesting cannabis. So why not CHANGE THE STUPID LAWS and seperate soft from hard drugs and TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM?

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:00 PM
what im saying is the drug war is wrong, immoral, moreso than drug use itself. Sure there are crazies who freak out..then again, is that as bad as taking a country to war over a lies, killing thousands in the process? Or putting people in jail for tripping when they are peaceful? Im not promoting drug use, but im promoting the freedom to choose to do drugs without some A-hole putting you or me in jail for it. Stop twisting my words, you can understand perfectly what im writing above..if not, you must be on something.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by Dock6
Before the 'war on drugs' ...... there were no drugs, or very few. Younger people probably believe there was always a sizeable percentage of the population hooked on drugs. But that's not the case. Prior to the 1960s, approx., the only people who used drugs were those who'd become addicted unintentionally to prescription drugs (morphine for example, as result of injury or medical conditions) and some musicians: jazz musicians, reportedly. In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra starred as a drug-addicted musician in a movie entitled 'The Man With the Golden Arm'.

That is not true at all, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was created in the 1930s and prior to that the Bureau of Internal Revenue's criminal investigation division was responsible for drug enforcement.

The DEA was not created until 1973 when the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (Dept of Justice) was merged with the Office of Drug Abuse Control (FDA). We had tons of drug problems prior to the WOD in the 1980s, ever hear of The French Connection? I think that was the mid 1960s.

Weed may be harmless, but heroin, coc aine, meth, etc are very very dangerous and we need to stop them. I have nothing against legalizing weed for medical purposes with a docs note but for gods sake we need to do something about meth. That # is terrible.

[edit on 4-7-2007 by ChrisF231]

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:59 PM
Dock6, your argument seems to be that drugs do not benefit people in the long run, but rather harm society. While I agree some drug users only harm the nation, what is to be said for those who keep to themselves? What about those who use certain drugs for therapeutic, medical reasons? And what defines an acceptable drug and an illegal drug?

If a person is using certain drugs on their own property, harming no one but them, who are you or the government to tell them they have no right to do so?

If smoking a joint gives someone just an hour or two of relief of the nausea and severe pain of chemotherapy, it would be WRONG not to give it to the person.


What you have yet failed to recognize is that we are a pharmaceutical-fueled nation. These legal drugs cause far more problems than the illegal variety.

These goal of these pharmaceutical behemoths is to discredit natural healing methods, such as marijuana, in favor of exponentially more harmful synthetic drugs, all because they have the ability to CONTROL the latter.

New charges and accusations state that the pharmaceutical industry is committing genocide and was built with the primary goal of controlling health care systems around the world and systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with profitable, synthetic drugs and patentable therapies that could be sold to patients at sky-high prices.


The war on drugs is a vast marketing scheme, or propaganda, if you will. The point is to create a defined GOOD and EVIL in the world of healing. Those that cannot be controlled well have been defined evil, and those that can be produced in a lab for eventual profit are defined good.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 03:32 PM
Let Ted Nugent give you the lowdown from his own unique perspective from inside the music industry.

[edit on 7/4/07 by makeitso]

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by howie0
(how natural can weed be when it is fertilized with THC!!!)

"fertilized with THC"?

THC is not a fertilizer. THC is the naturally occurring chemical compound that gives Cannabis (or, if you will, Marijuana) its' psycho-active properties.

THC is the abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol,.

Again, this is a naturally occurring substance found in "pot" and it is the reason that people -- potheads, if you will -- smoke marijuana. THC - specific receptors in the brain bond with ingested or inhaled THC to provide the user with the effects that he/she might be seeking.

There is enough misinformation, in regards to cannabis, out there already. I could not sit back and allow an error of this sort to be made without addressing it.

I am not making any value judgments in regards to marijuana/cannabis use. I am simply making a correction in regards to your assertion that THC is, somehow, not natural or, for that matter, a fertilizer of some sort.

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