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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:22 PM

Just want to mention that the Main page discussion has suffered a little bit in the process of rolling back spam/vandalism, about four sections or headers can be found in the history that are missing from the current version. It's absolutely doable to rescue all the material using the page history, it's just going to be a little "fidgety" and so on.

I am planning on restoring the missing material shortly. If anyone else wants to do it first then of course that is great. Let me mention I have this practical software called ExamDiff which can compare two text files and highlight differences, much like the "diff" button in tinWiki itself. I mean, if anyone else wants to try restoring the missing discussion posts and doing it in as few edits as possible to keep the page history simple, that software might be useful. It's free software, just google it. (Windows software.)


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