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Building a better more functional society?

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 06:12 PM
Building a better society?

Since this world is run buy power hungry greed mongers who manipulate the world.

What would you change?

I’m starting to think that just leaving society as we know it isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds. The worlds being changed into something that seems inescapable. Its sad really, just getting away may only buy some time until the inevitable accurse, where there will be no place on earth to hide.

But what can we do about this society? It seems any time some ones stepped forward to enlighten the world have all be killed or assassinated so diplomacy is out as it was known. Just can’t scream loud enough. Every thing is controlled. Its seems we may never have our piece and tranquility we’ve always wanted. Well we have to fight, right? But no ones will to stand up to the oppressors because the very people that oppress you sustain you. Yah yah yaaah around we go in the Mary “go” round there’s no getting off tell the ride has stop and its full speed ahead. The only way off is to jump and that usually mean you won’t survive. But there are other mean of getting off with out injury. Using our brains for one, throwing something in the gears and braking the machine that keeps it going. Pure fantasy right.

If a group of people suddenly resin up and took over the power of the world cutting off their heads and kicking them into space. And order is lost, every ones running around like head less chickens.
Every one has banned together in small communities and you’re the leader.

So you’re the leader of the free world its your task to change this place we live in now into something functional in a unified and in peaceful manner. Money has no meaning any more the currency is trust.
What’s your plan of action??

But here’s the dilemma, every ones angry and in a bad mood, there are people starving, rioting over scraps of food.

How are you going to get their attention? How are you going to make them understand?

Do you have a plan? Are you open to suggestions? What do you have?

We are all ears!!

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:49 PM
Money is gone and the people have already formed into small communities. Most of the work is already done. Eventually the small communities will develop structures that suit their members and become largely self sufficient.

The major difficulty is to prevent greedy people from assuming too much power and going back to the heirarchial structures that are the major cause of the world's problems today.

I would make no attempt at all to reproduce the materialistic, wasteful style of living which is abused by some in the world at the expense of the rest and concentrate on providing a minimum standard comensurate with sufficient food, housing and medical care. Strong efforts would be made to maximise the human component of every task to ensure value in all produce. Only when the human component becomes draconian would machine production be permitted. Everyone would do a reasonable day's work comensurate with their abilities and physical condition. Luxury items would be prohibited and all clothing would be manufactured to a common utilitarian standard allowing for some personal preferences but not permitting a clothing heirarchy to be established.

All honorifics would be abolished to be replaced with the non-gender, non-elitist "citizen".

I would get all the communities to contribute to an egalitarian bureau of auditing. The first task of this bureau is to audit the food suplies of every community and ensure that food is shared to those communities which have been short changed during the transition period. Only the minimum of food will change hands to ensure the survival of those in need.

Once the transition period is over, the auditing bureau's over-riding task will be to oversee each commuity to ensure that no one individual or group acquires too much power and destroys the democracy of its community.

I would set up regular, routine sharing conferences to ensure that knowledge which is in abundance in a community is shared with the others. Knowldege and expertise will not be permitted to be sold and must be dispersed free of charge. Any major facility such as hospitals which may be within the boundaries of a particular community will be required to provide services free of charge but the communities who partake of its services will have to contribute such as providing staff, food, laboratory, repair services etc.
Communities which have high-level education facilities must offer those facilites free of charge to surrounding communities. The surrounding communities must contribute to the education facility by providing teachers, food etc in the same way as for hospitals. Lower-level education is the responsibility of each community.

Each community will be permitted to deal with slackers in its own way.

All entertaiment of a violent nature would be severely restricted. Any violence depicted would need to be done in a totally realistic way including the effects on the community and individuals and the people producing the work would have to be able to convince a panel of community representatives that it is absolutely necessary to the story and also offers benefit to the community.
Entertainment involving non-kinky, non-violent, safe, heterosexual sex between consenting adults would be less restricted to put it more clearly into the role of normal human behaviour and take away much of the obsession ( and its associated problems) that society has now.
Communities would be encouraged to maximise religious freedoms and to keep church and state well separated. All communities would be monitored by the auditing department to ensure that all members of the community remained in that community of their own free will. Any dissenting member would be relocated on request without penalty providing the destination community was willing.

My overwhelming desire would be to empower every individual to enjoy a long, productive life free of fear and unfairness.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 12:53 AM
Excellent post long winded and to the point. This is what I want to read. Now to find the common goals and ideas in every ones replies and elaborate on them to where we all agree on a similar out look. Lets brake it down to essentials and then others.

Starting with…
4.Health care?
6.Natural resources?
9.Law and order?
10. Transportation?
11. Waste management?

Try to answer them by way of numbers so we can paint a clear picture. Please no one liner responses. Thanks looking forward to more responses.

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