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Tyrone died and went to hell

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 05:52 AM
Video Here

Tyrone is a fella that was in a car accident. He had a near death experience - he died and went to Hell. He was able to come back because his body was in a coma. This is a 10 minute video telling his story.

I have read a few other NDEs about people who went to hell. There aren't as many stories about them. Would YOU admit that you deserved Hell? The few that have admitted it are brave. They end up changing their lives and saving others from ending up there. I applaud them.

So .. did Tyrone go there or was it hallucination? He said he wasn't expecting Hell so I dont' think it's a matter of him seeing what he expected.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 06:20 AM
Other hell NDEs

Also - We have a video tape of a TV show - Mother Angelica Live - where she interviews a priest from Kansas who had a NDE. He died .. and was sentenced to hell. Yes, hell. He was in a car accident and during his time being dead he encountered God who said told the priest that he had lived for himself instead of for God. He was going to go to hell but Mary interceded and asked for a second chance for the priest. God gave it to him.

When the priest told people about it they all were astounded because they figured he'd go to heaven because he was a nice guy and he did his job well. But it seems God's judgements are different than human judgements. The priest changed his life and now lives FOR GOD instead of for himself.

SIDE NOTE - I thought I'd post this about NDEs of Famous people None of them report hellish NDEs, but I thought you'd find it interesting anyways.

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:46 AM
Nothing personal in what I have to say. Not attacking the messenger.

Fact is though, I don't believe people who go public with the 'I Went to Hell' stories (and there have been several doing the rounds lately).

I suspect there's an agenda.

It doesn't take a genius to debunk these stories.

We have no idea what/who 'god' is. It would be fair to say that 'God is in the eye of the beholder'. Your god is not my god and our god is not the god in whom our neighbour or workmate believes. God is open to interpretation. There are as many different versions of god as there are individuals who believe in god.

Regardless of who or what god is, however, he is responsible: the buck stops with him.

We did not create ourselves. We are not responsible for the way we are.

And before people begin tapping out replies to the effect that I'm promoting 'denial of responsibility', please hold off a moment.

If I bake a cake and that cake fails in whatever way -- who is responsible -- the cake ?

Nope. The ingredients may be at fault, or the cook, or fluctuating temperatures in an old or faulty oven, etc.

We are cakes. The ingredients were added the instant of our conception. Those ingredients are carried in our DNA and our DNA traces back, ultimately, to tens of thousands of individuals who preceded us.

We all have (for example) murderers, heroes, cowards, bastards, saints, ugly, beautiful, clever, stupid, healthy, unhealthy, etc. people in our family tree. We may bear no resemblance to our parents. And why should we --- our parents are just one miniscule link in the chain of our DNA.

So, when we hit this planet, our destinies, to a large extent, are already decided. We aren't freshly baked individual cakes, hand-fashioned by a very busy god. Of course not. We're just a continuation of something.

The situation could be likened to a scientist who creates a pair of hybrid-mice. They're placed in a cage in a laboratory. The scientist goes to lunch or is called away to assist on another experiment.

In his absence, the mice breed. When he comes back, he discovers the cage is filled with hundreds of the creatures. Under pressures caused by scarcity of resources, space and general anxiety, some of the mice have become vicious fighters, some are submissive, others play both sides against the middle, some eat their young, some are homosexual, some are rapists, some are slovenly, some preen themselves excessively, etc. etc. The scientist discovers that many of these traits are heritable.

He's amazed to discover so much has occurred in the cage in such a short space of time, but from the perspective of the mice, the scientist's half hour lunch has seemed ( to them) to be millions of years.

In the scientist's absence, the mice have developed systems of law, beliefs and sciences related to both life in the cage and also in the wider laboratory. The mice (in what seemed to them to be millions of years) decided that homosexuality, for example, is a 'bad' thing. Vanity and hoarding of resources are also considered by the mice to be 'bad'.

The mice are convinced that the scientist (their creator and god) will agree with them and will punish them for their crimes and supposed failings when he returns from lunch. The older and more influential mice teach the young mice about 'the creator's Will', generation after generation. To confuse the issue further, various groups of mice each have their own version of what the scientist wishes of them and what he will and will not 'do to them' upon his return.

The scientist, of course, is unaware of the beliefs held by the mice. And contrary to the mice's expectations, he's not at all repulsed or judgemental about *any* of their behaviours when he returns. He finds all of them interesting. And he's fascinated by their behaviours and by the intricate rituals etc. they've developed. Some, for example, have attuned their consciousness to the grid-patterns of the cage walls. Others worship the yellow plastic feeding bowls, whilst others group together and refuse to communicate or breed with those not of their group.

As far as the scientist's concerned, there *is* no 'wrong' way for the mice to be. He admires the ways in which they've adapted to their environment. He understands perfectly why some (those who inherited certain traits) are dominant and others not. He nods in understanding as he watches the scavengers, the hoarders, the manipulators, the rowdy, etc. Each has found a niche.

Granted, the actions of some are detrimental to others. But that's to be expected. He notes with interest, those which are altruistic, those which are opportunistic. He observes that many of these traits are inherited. The mice are simply obeying the dictates of their DNA. And his interest is further piqued when he discovers that many of the mice actively attempt to override their DNA with what they believe and/or have been conditioned to believe are 'good' qualities.

" Fascinating, absolutely fascinating." he muses.

Just then, another scientist enters the laboratory and sees the multitudes of mice in the cage and says: " Gee --- yours multiplied fast ! "

First scientist replies: " Hell yeah. How are yours going? "

They wander over to the second-scientist's cage, which contains numerous odd creatures. " It'd be a laugh if yours ever saw mine ! " says the second-scientist to the first.

" Yeah. Wonder what they'd think of each other? Maybe we should run a pipe between the two cages with a cat-flap at either end? Wonder if they'd venture into each others' worlds ? "

" Good idea ! "

The first scientist goes back to his cage of hybrid-mice and scoops up several dozen to create a bit of room for the others. The remaining mice say to each other as the scooped-up mice are lifted out of the cage :
" Well they're dead. " (the mice remaining in the cage are nervous --- scared of being removed from the cage and the only life/reality they've ever known).

Meanwhile, the scooped-up mice are also afraid -- scared of what the scientist (their creator and god) is going to do to them. They've been warned all their lives that fighting and sex and stealing and telling fibs etc. are 'bad' and that they'll be punished by the scientist when they leave their world/the cage.

So they begin wailing and begging the scientist to forgive them.

The scientist looks down at the little creatures in his hands and says: "What are you crying about? There's nothing to be afraid of."

" Please don't send us to Hell. We didn't mean it. We didn't mean to do the things we did: they just happened so quickly -- or once we'd started down our paths to ruin, we didn't know how to turn back. But we didn't mean it, honest. "

The scientist shakes his head fondly: " Listen guys, will you relax --- please ! You did great. All of you. If I'd wanted goody-goody mice, I would have put two goody-goodies in the cage from the outset, now wouldn't I, huh? And if I had, you and all your ancestors would have been goody-goody peas in a pod. And what would I have learned from that? More to the point --- what would you have learned ?
Don't you see .... I was conducting an experiment. We're all going to learn from it. And you guys made that possible ! It's thanks to you that progress can now be achieved in other spheres ! You're heroes ! I know just how difficult it must have been for all of you down in that cage."

The scientist carries the mice to the garden and lowers them to the ground. Again, the mice begin to wail and tremble.

" What are you crying about now? the scientis asks.

" Where are we? We're scared. Is this Hell ? "

The scientist chuckles and shakes his head: " Nope. There's no such place as Hell. You're in the garden, that's all. Enjoy. "

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:58 AM
Awesome post Dock6. I also think there is an agenda or maybe thats what they really perceived? But as far as NDEs go, they can be explained in a natural way, it is not proof of life after death. It could be as simple as the brain making up for the lack of existence.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:07 AM

Originally posted by Dock6
Nothing personal in what I have to say. Not attacking the messenger.

No problem. But thanks for restating that anyways.

I'm just bringing ya'll the story to discuss.
I have no opinion of belief or disbelief on this particular one.

I don't believe people who go public with the 'I Went to Hell' stories. ... I suspect there's an agenda.

We are all allowed to agree or disagree .. to believe or not believe ... as we see fit. I FULLY understand your suspecting an agenda. However, with this fella, I dont' see what it could be. With the priest that came back, I don't see what it could be. It's humiliating to tell others that you totally destroyed your own life and that God didn't want anything to do with you. If these folks were on Jimmy Swaggert and bringing in $$$ .. yeah, I'd immediately not believe them. But I dont' see it here. (at least not yet).

It doesn't take a genius to debunk these stories.

Considering that they can't be proven to be real .. I don't know how we could absolutely prove that they aren't real either.

How can you disprove something that is so etherial that you can't even prove it to be real to begin with? Ya' know??

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 12:40 PM
I've read that people who die or who have NDE's get the experience according to their beliefs and their most influential state of mind in the time before they died.

In fact, experienced OOBE'rs talk about fake heavens and fake hells which people end up in, only temporarily though, until they start to realise the illusion of it all, and that it's just something that they attracted to themselves based on their constant frame of mind and their beliefs. These OOBE'rs try to make those deceased people realise that the heaven or hell they're living in is an illusion, thus trying to free them from it so they can go on with their spiritual evolution.

I personally don't know how much of this is true (because I (my astral self) was only once able to go further than the building my physical body was in during an OOBE), but it does feel pretty true to me.

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 10:53 AM
I went to hell once. I was so insane, Satan was like, "Ok, f*** this! Get him out of here." lol

True story...ok not really, that's just what we say about ourselves in my Platoon.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 11:07 AM
I remember reading a story of a reverent that had a near death experience but his was kind of funny, he said that he believed to be in hell when he saw a figure walking to him from the light looking like the lucifer or satan of religious believes, but when he ask what he has done wrong to diserve hell, the figure took its mask and told him that it was just a joke to him because he was to much hell bound in his preaching to people.

The figure he saw was of his already departed father.

BTW just another story of experiences by near death experiences.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 11:12 AM
Interesting topic. I myself have never had a NDE or a conscience OOBE. However about six months after my mother died I had a dream about her, in that dream she told me a great many things of the afterlife and what it really is. It was an odd conversation as my mother was a devout Christian in life and in this dream she told me not to worry cause heaven and hell do not exist but there is a place that you go after the body quits working.

So after that dream I have never had a fear of dying.

As for NDE I am not certain what causes this. It perhaps is the last vestiges of chemicals entering the brain and a hallucination takes place and during that hallucination you enter a dream like state where your interpretation of what is happening to you plays out in your mind as it prepares to shut down for the first time in its existence.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Im sorry to disagree with you but God is not "in the eye of the beholder". Logically, it may seem that way however, if God really did create the universe, then it would also follow that God is beyond logic. This is a hard pill to swallow at first, but there is a way to make this swallowing much easier.

Jesus Christ stood as the exclusive bridge between God and man. He basically stated He is the way to the Father, and that there is no other way to the Father except through Him. Bascially, if you repent your sins and turn away from sin (to the best of your ability), Jesus will be with you when it is time for you to be judged by God for your sins. It is the free gift of Jesus within you that will acquit you from your sins.

If your accept Jesus you will know God, otherwise, you will spend your entire life trying to rationalise with this issue in vain. Please, don't be left out in the cold my friend. Repent today!

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