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Soultions to crash of the U.S. Economy?

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 05:41 AM
I'm sorry if this shouldn't really be on a new thread, but I felt that I was typing more than a comment on the article:

"It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun"
by Richard C. Cook

Here is a key extract:

What is likely to happen? I’d suggest four possible scenarios:

1. Acceptance by the U.S. population of diminished prosperity and a declining role in the world. Grin and bear it. Live with your parents into your 40s instead of your 30s. Work two or three part-time jobs on the side, if you can find them. Die young if you lose your health care. Declare bankruptcy if you can, or just walk away from your debts until they bring back debtor’s prison like they’ve done in Dubai. Meanwhile, China buys more and more U.S. properties, homes, and businesses, as economists close to the Federal Reserve have suggested. If you’re an enterprising illegal immigrant, have fun continuing to jack up the underground economy, avoid business licenses and taxes, and rent out group houses to your friends.

2. Times of economic crisis produce international tension and politicians tend to go to war rather than face the economic music. The classic example is the worldwide depression of the 1930s leading to World War II. Conditions in the coming years could be as bad as they were then. We could have a really big war if the U.S. decides once and for all to haul off and let China, or whomever, have it in the chops. If they don’t want our dollars or our debt any more, how about a few nukes?

3. Maybe we’ll finally have a revolution either from the right or the center involving martial law, suspension of the Bill of Rights, etc., combined with some kind of military or forced-labor dictatorship. We’re halfway there anyway. Forget about a revolution from the left. They wouldn’t want to make anyone mad at them for being too radical.

4. Could there ever be a real try at reform, maybe even an attempt just to get back to the New Deal? Since the causes of the crisis are monetary, so would be the solutions. The first step would be for the Federal Reserve System to be abolished as a bank of issue and a transformation of the nation’s credit system into a genuine public utility by the federal government. This way we could rebuild our manufacturing and public infrastructure and develop an income assurance policy that would benefit everyone.

I have a number 5 option to add to Richard C. Cook's list. How about:

5. A North American Union? Yes I know that the USA is in effect a North American Union of States, but why not further strengthen the ties between Canada, The USA and Mexico? If the USA wants to remain an economic superpower, maybe it should consider sharing the burdens and rewards. There are already legislations in place for a joint policy on boarder control between Mexico, Canada and the USA, I don't see why a further economic policy couldn't be implemented, this wouldn't remove nation sovereignty, but rather improve relations and living standards (for Mexico at least), not to mention re-enforce already loose alliances (the Iraq war hasn't done the USA any favours when it comes to making friends.)

We Europeans have had to suffer the strife of war for centuries, now we are making strong steps towards a Union. There are of course those who fear change, who shout of NWO's and conspiracies of control. As long as the system has local, regional and national assemblies of elected representatives, how can Unions be a bad thing?

I've always thought that humanity can't progress unless we unite. Here's an interesting article to look at about civilisations:

The Kardashev scale

We the people, have to always protect our democratic rights, if we get lazy, people will take them from us. I'd ask the board for any thoughts about the EU? And a possible North American Union? Is it such a bad idea?

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:41 AM
No one interested? Okay fair enough.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:23 PM
I dont think well see another depression, technology is awesome, and theres alot of nice rich people as well as bad ones who im sure would do alot. But either way, we need to maintain our system of property now, i think its fair.. a crackhead who cant get a job shouldnt be placed by a government into a large house he cant manage. I think working for something teaches you to respect it. something our president needs to understand. One thing is for sure, there will be war if these enemies within get there way. All they(nwo) seem to want is to mock the american people, and provoke them daily with news that more problems are coming our way. And you can tell they are just mafia style because of what the president is doing, hes there lil doll.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 03:49 PM
this is similiar to trying to not get drunk after you did 5 back to back shots of tequila.

the issue will be the magnitude of the crash and i would not look to save the country that seems rather naive to me (you can't stop an agenda) but put yourself in the best possilbe position to survive during and after

buy gold and store it offshore or overseas buy a gun, gold has fallen in the last few weeks and it is a good time to get all in gold. the dollar seems safer (even a good bet) short term as there is a bunch of negative press put out to the masses (always a clear sign) but you might want to wait 2 more days and make sure fed doesn't do the right thing and cut rates to save what's left of housing sector now. dollar is not safe medium or long term (3months plus) i would say GOLD and other precious medals and a few other currency's like the eur lke silver also get out of stocks, and emerging markets could take a beating as well.

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