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Have aliens solved the geometric progression of overpopulation on their homeworlds

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 01:01 AM
We all know that according to scientific measurements done our planet can properly sustain a human population of approx. 3 billion inorder to be in harmony with its natural resources properly recycled that is, and with its wildlife and natural enviroment when properly managed. Now that is if we want to be able to survive another 10,000 years, the time maybe necessary to become technologically advanced enough to start exploring the universe. The aliens had to come this problem aswell at some point in thier history most likely, and had the whole situation under control. The way I see things is that the insects will survive and rule this planet in the far future, the aliens surpassed the problem of the geometric progression of over population on thier worlds, otherwise they would have destroyed themselves before having the time to beat things like FTL travel etc. Aliens also have a history of problems that they overcame. Im a first contact witness and spend a lot of time thinking about them, we must learn fast and let the scientific community make some important decisions quickly, global warming, extinct species, natural resources dissappearing, why, overpopulation, and different countries doing what they want, anyways the aliens could teach us so much I have a feeling, hopefully they make make a move soon, time seems to be running out quickly for humanity. Ill never forget my ufo sighting, it got me really thinking, well I wonder what some of the others think about the geometric progession of overpopulation of the dominant species of a planet like ours and its responsibilities.

Ps. it is interesting that insects can be easily cyrogenically deepfrozen and revived years afterwards, maybe we should leave a message for them for thier future

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 01:47 AM
I don't know if population modelling is as simple as geometric growth. We're certainly not in a predator/prey model and for the time being our population is expanding. Even a simple geometric model would have an upper limit before the model collapsed, we can't sustain unbounded growth as time continues.

The only way to constrain the population, as far as I know, is to make sex less enjoyable.

Perhaps, ET managed this, so without any sexual urges, he was able to concentrate on exploring the Milky Way and using his brain for learning, rather than for satisfying base desires.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:08 AM
I didnt think of that solution, sounds better than war, but yes we cant continue increasing the population, the days where the pope told kings to tell thier people to make many children so that we have many warriors are over, just like the earth aint flat anymore, my idea was to have no more countries and the world working as one, or all countries abide by some kind of rule not to overpopulate, its going to take a radical solution, and many people wont be happy with the decision. I really wonder how the aliens solved this super important problem.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 07:42 AM
What geometric progression? As soon as a society becomes prosperous enough to provide retirement benefits, population growth stops because people don't need kids to support them in their old age and women don't really enjoy having a kid a year for twenty years. IIRC, in Europe population growth, such as it is, is entirely due to immigration.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 07:52 AM

Just read this:, I think it does a pretty good job of refuting the concept of overpopulation.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 08:58 AM
Some of this has been explored in the SciFi works. Niven comes to mind in the Ringworld series.

The basic problem is not one of "natural" resources per se as one would hope technology, space travel, etc would allow that to be overcome. The real sticking point is one of energy in and waste heat if things really get elbow to elbow. In a nutshell you can calculate the average energy need per person and with some other math the amount of waste energy that need to be dissipated per person. That can work to the totals and the population that will reach those totals and the real problem is a planet can only provide and support so much energy in and wast heat out....

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:14 AM
I think maybe its possible in the future to educate kids about population, and overpopulation and the problems it might cause, and to advise them, teenagers and adults to only have 2-3 kids and no more.

They can have a choice to have more, but if they are educated and use their brains they would realise its wiser for the worlds future to have less kids, but it would still be their choice.

So you still would have the important freewill, but you would also be eduacted about overpopualtion and your kids future. Therefore making you think hard.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:29 AM
The most advanced alien worlds that exist in our 3d world, there population may not reproduce through sexual means. There continuation exists basicly on science, and therefore they control how many are born etc...

Thats my answer

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:24 AM
I guess the scientific community has a lot of work cut out for them in calculating numerous enviromental issues. How many forests must remain for enough oxygen lets say for example, what is the real limit of our world population for this planet, what species of animals must survive, the tolerance of oceanic polution and probabally many other calculations that havent even crossed my mind. But even once all this knowledge becomes rock solid, who is going to make sure the rules are abided by, for example what do you do with a country that doesnt care about these statistics, and the future of humanity, whats the punishment for denial, whats a scientific community without teeth. Not sure free will works, besides the issue is much to important to take that risk, dicipline usually works well but who will impose it. Some say the world population will stabilize in about 15 years at about 9 billion, so what, even if that were true, 9 billion is enough to destroy the planet in about 100 years.
Watching a cnn report about there being only 10 percent of the forests left in malasia, I couldn,t beleive my eyes. I doubt that an advanced alien world would allow this type of negligence to happen, and the many other ones happening in our world today. One solution I envision is a worldwide scientific community with military teeth. Really like yours comments and opinions, I have a feeling some great ideas might surface on solutions to this problem. To answer Tezzajw, I prefer space exploration over sex anyday, just wish they would of abducted me during my sighting, I would of been extremely happy, the only problem was the creature I came face to face with was very small, so I guess there wasnt enough room for me in the ufo.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:37 AM
We don't need the aliens. We already have a solution to population growth, and it is working only too well, with non-immigrant populations declining in many developed countries, and fertility rates going down dramatically everywhere.

The solution can be summed up in two words: working women. When women work, many delay childbearing for 10 years or more, resulting many fewer children. My wife (who has a doctorate) was 39 when she had her first child, and that's not at all unusual any more.

Replacement fertility rates are about 2.25 children/woman. In many countries it is less than that. It would be less than that in the U.S., except that the immigrant populations have a higher fertility rate.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 11:01 AM

Originally posted by widukindHH15gran
We all know that according to scientific measurements done our planet can properly sustain a human population of approx. 3 billion inorder to be in harmony with its natural resources

I LOVE when sentences begin like that. during WWII the fascists + nazis used such sentences to justify atrocities... and scientists usually do not agree on anything anyway...

let's assume for a minute there are Aliens in the cosmos. why would they ahve the same structure as ours in terms of society? maybe they commit mass suicide when they reach 50...

why would they be 10 000 years more advanced than we are? do you remember what a mobile phone looked like in 1990? nothing like and Iphone... so maybe that flying a saucer is not so far away after all

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by widukindHH15gran
To answer Tezzajw, I prefer space exploration over sex anyday,

Well, I'm never going to make it to the stars, as I much rather prefer sex!

I'm not going to create anything revolutionary when I spend my free time with a smile on my face.

Population control = sex control, which is something the aliens have managed to master.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:40 PM

LONDON: Humans will have to colonize planets in far-flung solar systems if the race is to survive, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking said in an interview Thursday as he was awarded a top honor.

"The long-term survival of the human race is at risk as long as it is confined to a single planet," he said in a radio interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. "Sooner or later, disasters such as an asteroid collision or nuclear war could wipe us all out. But once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe."

Have to agree . We must colonize space

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:41 PM
Sorry here's the link

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 05:45 PM
Your the kind of person I would get along real well with highfreq. Stephen Hawking mentioned this a few years ago actually aswell, and I always remembered what he said and understood him so well when he mentioned this the first time. As I was starting this thread last night I was thinking about what he said and wanted to mention this aswell, strange coincidense he rementioned this thursday, I guess he understands the human overpopulation problem aswell, which will hinder our success of space travel, we still need some time to develop that type of technology, element mercury if lasercut and resealed solves the g-force problem, but yes just to get to the triple star system alpha centauri our nearest solar neighbors will be quit a feat regarding the propultion system. My whole point though is the aliens succeeded, which suggests its possible. Humanity needs to listen to great minds like Stephen Hawking, and those that dont understand must be educated, my mind is like 5000 years from now, but the things are going now I give humanity about another 200 years, and thats being very generous.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 07:25 PM

Originally posted by choubix

I LOVE when sentences begin like that. during WWII the fascists + nazis used such sentences to justify atrocities... and scientists usually do not agree on anything anyway...

Maybe they did say it but some extent it's true. It doesn't take a scientist to see there are more people on the planet than our social-economic structures can maintain. Does that give us right to exterminate them en masse? No! When we begin to overpopulate nature has her own mechanism's of killing people off through AIDS, disease, famine and natural disasters.

This is one reason why I sometimes wonder if sending food and aid to 3rd world countries is really a good solution. My uncle always use to tell me the best thing you could give the people in the 3rd world is truck load of condoms because maybe if there wasn't so many of them they wouldn't all be so hungry. Like I see on TV, people in the 3rd world saying they can't feed there 8 kids when they only have $2 a day to live off. If they only have $2 a day to live why are they having 8 kids?

It's a difficult one to call because I know what it's like to be with nothing and in need of help so I do sympathise with them but on the other hand by enabling them to keep having more and more children you'r sentencing generations upon generations to a life of misery, suffering and starvation so what's the solution?

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 08:52 PM

This is one reason why I sometimes wonder if sending food and aid to 3rd world countries is really a good solution.
It isn't. I was in the Peace Corp in west Africa. The food American Aid sent there was either left to spoil on the docks where it was unloaded or it went on the black market and was resold for profit.
See my posts in a parallel thread on Population control in Social Issues today at Population control.
In it I discuss factors governing why the modern affluent couple does not have children and why the poor have so many kids. Also why rich countries can clean up their own environmental problems and why poor countries can not. I gave examples of both and suggested solutions.
I left that thread when the discussion turned to selling licenses for a human hunting season. Hope you can do better here!

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 11:38 PM
Aliens obviously solved this problem through genetic engineering!

The changed their physical forms so that their heads are so large, the females absolutely refuse to have sex, for fear of giving birth to gigantic-noggin-laden children.

The females stay away from their males. That's why you don't see a lot of lady-greys with big grey hooters.

... sorry. had to shake that image out of my mind.

The key to our survival is technology. Not intelligence. Because, obviously we are not intelligent enough to just take the logical steps needed to avoid overpopulation.

We have proven time and time again that we are able to acquire technologies, without increasing our intelligence. Let's hope that this will be one of those times, before the planet becomes "standing room only".

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:30 AM
Just read your comments plumranch, I realize I made a mistake, madagascar, not malasia, ten percent of the wildlife habitat left in madagascar, yes what a dam shame, its why Im a bit more concerned about wildlife and the survival of thier habitats than about humans. I believe in two things personally, nasa, and the protection of our enviroment. You know back in september 10th in 95 the night of my sighting, when the ufo stopped above our heads I was screaming at and flicking my lighter at it and making all kinds of signals towards it above. I knew it was watching the commotion I was making, I remember getting down on my knees and holding the lighter between my eyes and looking up towards it, I wanted it so badly to come down, my two friends that were with me were so scared they were long gone back in the woods. The ufo took off 5 minutes afterwards and shut off its light a bit further in the sky,
I was so upset going back through the woods that it didnt come down, but wow what happened then in the woods is something right out of this world, the creature that stopped me in my tracks about 6 inches in front of my eyes as if to say, look, it was the most beutiful creature I ever saw, a completely lit up bright light bioluminous dragonfly, I blew on it softly and said to it softly, you are so dam beutiful, It remained hovering in front of my eyes looking at each other for about 2 minutes. Then it zipped down next to my right hand and I got a good top view of it, head thorax and abdomen were lit up like a light bulb, then it zig zagged in front of me about three feet and shut off its light. Not sure if this was some kind of super technology probe, but the ufo showed me something very special. The things I said to it is personal, but one of them was, be careful, because it looked so fragile. So I immediately knew the advantage I had knowing the truth during this first contact sighting and that the ufo was alien and not some secret goverment project. Ever since that night I started studing astronomy books, FTL travel, super string theory, universal expansion, etc. It would be so wonderful if man one day could travel and explore just our milky way for a start. And like stephen hawkins, I agree with him that once we have achieved this, and found three or four habitable worlds, humanty will be fairly safe from then on. highfreq gave a link to hawkings comment its worth reading it. To get back to the subject of this thread though, yes africa and the poor must be helped, condoms is a good idea, but I think we need the scientific data of enviromental conditions aswell, how urgent is the overpopulation situation, before we can start proposing solutions on how to control the overpopulation problem. You know if we can mine helium 3 on the moon we will have solved our clean energy problem for one thing, we wont need to cut down our forests for ethanol cultivations. A shame money is going towards war, imagine if the money went to nasa instead, our future might have a chance, something else that might help is a major ufo landing, maybe it might bring humanity together, I pray for that to happen everyday. Something tells me it going to happen, its only a question of when I guess. Maybe they will show us then how beutiful the diversity of life is in our universe, I got a little taste of it, and just wanted to share with you why and where Im coming from with this overpopulation problem.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:45 AM
There about umpteen hundred different kinds of aliens in this apparently infinate universe. How they handle their population is anyone's guess. But they probably do it well and effectively. With IQ's hundreds of points above ours it is probably an easy matter. The asexual ones probably have it easier than the sexuals. But then again with enough IQ you can probably handle anything in that regard!

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