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God everywhere?

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 11:52 PM
I have heard and beileive that God can be everywhere at once. It got me thinking.....since he is the creator of the universe and is everywhere, can he be the unforseen force we call "Dark Matter"?

yea i am going really far into this, but my other thought was that if he wasnt Dark matter, then he would be the atoms that are all around us. Its as if the embodiment of him is everywhere in the form of molucules so small and tiny it gives him the ability to be everywhere.

I think its kinda confusing to follow, but all i am asking is that if God is everywhere, is he just in a spiritaul,upper-dimensional force or actually in the atoms and molucules aruond us or is he the dark matter across the universe?

Just wanted to pose a theory to ya guys and see what ya say. Whatever you say is appreciated.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:58 AM
Your post makes it sound as if god is something rather seperate to us. One belief, which is mine, is that there is nothing that god is not.

Our reason for being here, and the reason for life, is that god wants to in a way cheat his own existence by creating life that does not know it is a part of god.
That way, god can experience itself from an outside perspective.
Which is otherwise impossible to do when there's nothing you're not.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 08:59 AM

I follow what your saying, instead of saying you're wrong I'll just tell you how i see it.

To me, it isn't so much that God is everywhere as much as God is everything. Everything you know, even your body, is comprised of material found throughout the universe. Our bodies, our clothes, our plants and homes, are made up of material ejected from stars or found floating in the vastness of space.

When we die, and are put into the ground, we become part of the earth again. Our bodies decompose and our nutrients are released back into the ground. Plants will feed off the nutrients, animals will feed off the plants and one day those nutrients will make their way into a new born baby. One day, billions of years from now, the sun will go nova and reclaim the earth. You will once again be part of the stars.

Everything in existence was once one and then became many. We are all one, all of us, even the beings on other planets. We are still connected, we are all still one but we choose to separate ourselves. We wish to compartmentalize everything into separations when nothing oculd be further from the truth.

I believe they say "God is everywhere" because God is everything. Everything has a purpose, like a finely tuned clock. Like a clock we are all connected and all exist for the greater whole.

My two cents.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by T0by
GOD can experience itself from an outside perspective.

This is why "we" exist, GOD can not learn from itself, thus GOD must have trillions of random models of "life" to "experience" what life is.

Sort of like a blank self learning computer, without any inputs it is just a very complex software program with no data. As data is entered the self learning computer can compare and cross referrence down to each individual letter and its position in the word and its use and position in a sentence or in a paragraph or even in an entire document of text.

This is life as we know it, constantly building a massive "data table" for GOD which uses it to modify the entire universe around us.

Thus a component of every Atom in existence must contain the theoretical "GOD Particle" that associates that singular atom back into the "GOD net" which interconnects every atom in existence.

therefore GOD is everywhere and everything.

GOD can not exist outside nor seperate from its creation because the creation is GOD itself.

The living universe, this is why it is the popular that it is very possible for man to create his own destiny to modify the future based on thought.

First you must be intune with the knowlesge of what the Universe and GOD is then you can understand how your thoughts may be used to modify future events. It is a test though, GOD knows power corrupts those that would mis-use this knowledge and preceive that it is "all them" vs the will of GOD shall find themselves on a dark path.

Those that understand it was not because of their thoughts alone, but rather it came to pass because it was GOD's will to allow it to come to pass will be enlightened with the confirmed knowledge that GOD does exist. This is a powerful revelation in ones life allowing for the term, All things are possible, through GOD.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by T0by
Our reason for being here, and the reason for life, is that god wants to in a way cheat his own existence by creating life that does not know it is a part of god.
That way, god can experience itself from an outside perspective.
Which is otherwise impossible to do when there's nothing you're not.

I think that's very insightful, T0by. It reminds me of a verse from Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne". Cohen addresses God as He watches Jesus dying on the cross:

But he, himself, was broken long before the sky would open.
Only human.
He sank beneath Your wisdom like a stone.

And You want to travel with him,
and You want to travel blind.
And You know that You can trust him,
for he's touched Your perfect body with his mind.

Jesus asked God, "why hast thou forsaken me?" because, although God had been with Jesus throughout his life, death was somewhere that God could not accompany him. Jesus had to got there alone.

Is God the atoms and molecules that make up us and everything we know? I think that God is not a physical thing but, rather, everything that we can't measure. If it's down to matter and/or energy, God is the energy that gives life to matter.

Dark matter, btw, I don't think is all that mysterious. I remember watching some special on PBS's NOVA, or something, where a scientist said something like, "Bricks could explain it. If you had one brick per astronimical unit, that'd be plenty of matter to account for the gravity we observe.".

Well, a brick ain't a whole lotta matter. Interstellar dust is plentiful yet plenty undetectable.

I dunno.

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 01:54 PM
Alright, cool! Thanks guys for your contributions. i get what your all saying, and it (fortuantly) all makes a little better sense then before. I guess what i said was a little too far out, but all in all, its open to interpretation.

So i am led to beileve that we are an extension of God, as the earth is an extension of the Sun.

Those replies were very insightful guys, thanks.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:16 PM
dark matter must exist because there is a natural opposite to all things.

Positive negative, black white, 1/0, light dark, a side b side, outside inside etc.

None can exist without the other, even good and evil must exist with the opposite.

Although the "balance of power" is always in flux, perfect balance only happens at the dawn of creation because when all is in perfect harmony all movement stops.

Thus from order comes chaos and from chaos comes order, trillions of years ? trillions x5 ? who knows but from the perfect balance all motion is created, energy dispersed reorganized combined slowed planet forming star forming galaxy forming and slowly becomes more organized from chaos comes order until perfect harmony is once again achieved and then BANG the entire cosmos breaks in a burst of energy that defies even our understanding of time and space where in an instant everything is reduced to sub atomic particles. Only to start the cycle over again.

So far all that you see there must be that which you can not see, its opposite, from elements to energy to particles there exists the inverse to everything. An atom of gold there must also exist an anti-gold atom, when the two collide they release the sum "energy" of the two atoms in a stream of sub atomic particles.

the fabled "particle beam" weapon in science fiction is non other then a device capable of firing a stream of "universal" or base anti particals more then likely anti-carbon and concentrated using magnetic tunneling. A laser beam used to create a "path" for the anti carbons to stream to, when in contact with anything containing carbon, BOOM.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:58 PM
what you describe is Omnipresence. Its not really that complcated an issue. Dont though go down the rabbit hole till you know what rabbit you are chasing...

(the use of he is for ease of typing and historical precedents!)

simple logic. If a monotheistic god exists and we take that as a starting premise, he therefore by his name and nature created all that is, was and ever will be? impossible for him not to have done.

Therefore as he created everything, the matter the space for things and matter to be in, time dimensions etc etc, everything it is impossible therefore for everything not to be made from godstuff, directly from god material, form, instruction information whatever. So yes god is everywhere and in everything because nothing can exist that is not him or a "peice" him.

From a more scientific point of view what you describe is now been shown to be true, that all things are connected, not just dark matter or matter all things have one connection to all other things, non locality has proven this beyond a shadow of doubt.

Some religeous traditions suggest we are all the same thing observing itself from differant places through living beings... again quantum mechanics non locality and the scrodingers cat experiments have proven this the act of observation actually affects a change in events and outcomes.

In the buddhist view the only main religeon without a seperate god or entity, when you reach this point of total perception and understanding as seeing all things as one, seeing all things as equal and part of the whole you become God of sorts yourself.... interesting thought?

hope helped

Kind regards


posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by MischeviousElf

In the buddhist view the only main religeon without a seperate god or entity, when you reach this point of total perception and understanding as seeing all things as one, seeing all things as equal and part of the whole you become God of sorts yourself.... interesting thought?

I believe there is a term for this but the simplified explanation is that you move from a mere participant in lifes journey to becoming an observer of life. Buddah expresses this by becoming the unmoving observer sitting against the tree as life unfolds before him he becomes aware of all life being interconnected as one.

No longer does he question, why does this happen to me, or why do I not have these things that my neighboor posses. He understand the cause and effect of all things even as the single grain of sand shifts so does the cosmos.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:34 PM
Nirvana my friend, the ending of the cycle of birth and death of spirit interacting with matter.

No more karma or sins can be committed, any not used up is erased, there is no more ups and downs the balance is now perfect nothing more to take or give. As they believe that thoughts words and actions when not seen and acted upon through this clear veiw of relaity, of oneness, cause Krama to be added to you which has to be paid back in the future and is alos th thing that draws us back to incarnate into the world and all its suffering.

(though in the higher traditions these realised people choose to carry on the cycle of life and death ad infinitum until all other beings... indeed all blades of grass to have reached that same state. they promise to stay in this world for life after life until they can teach others what they have learned and experiance.)

One thing also the buddha said which is very interesting on this topic.... about this whole thing... thinking we are differant, seeing seperateness not seeing the divine and sameness in all was because we have not cleared our senses yet... we are like

"spoons trying to describe the taste, texture and color of soup"

a brilliant teacher.

May all beings find love, peace prosperity and abundance.

Kind regards


posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 08:53 PM
Let me pose this question. What is the one thing you have in common with everything? A tree, a rock, the chair your sitting on?

The Vacuum, Atoms are mostly 99.9999.... space right. Quantum mechanichs show there is an infinite amount of energy in the vacuum. (except when they apply normalization :@@

Dark Matter was created by scientist to account for missing energy in thier equatuions, now they desperately are trying to find evidence to support thier theory. Yes I'm aware of the recent "dark ring" discovery. Just scientist trying to interprate things to fit thier theories.

Atoms may very well be tiny singularities, Itty bitty black holes. no strong force needed, just gravity, curving space time.

God is the energy in the vacuum, it exsists everywhere. Notice I use the word it and not he. The vacuum is highly structured and organized.

Indeed we are the universe becoming aware of itself.

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 09:57 PM
it's 'as above, so below' isn't it? Like the force in star wars and the Taoistic concept of everything being connected. God resides within everyone and is reflected in everything they encounter.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:29 PM
Head out to Fire Lake, who wants to go to Fire Lake? Head out... head out...

Don t like the word "God", not vague enough. It can t be a "god", the concept is too prosaic. Think its more like an "All That Is" kind of idea - like a stepped pyramid consisting of all consciousness in a gestalt - upper sections are more aware of the whole shebang then lower sections, though those selfsame lower sections are not in any way less important or integral to the "structure" - a give and take kind of affair. By definition any part of existence seperated from itself is not part of (in any absolute sense) existence, (Spinoza) so by default anyways it is all one.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:34 PM
God is everywhere, inside us, around us, and there is no place he is not.

I like Quantum Prayers- that is asserting yourselves that what you pray for will manifest itself no matter how impossible it seems. The Universe hears you, God hears you and you tune up to the highest frequency there is. You elevate your vibrations and become one with God and the universe.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe
God is everywhere, inside us, around us, and there is no place he is not.

I like Quantum Prayers- that is asserting yourselves that what you pray for will manifest itself no matter how impossible it seems. The Universe hears you, God hears you and you tune up to the highest frequency there is. You elevate your vibrations and become one with God and the universe.

Good response. You have taken your theory of God and not only made it part of your belief structure, but you are actually using it to achieve your dreams and goals. This is what I do. Its similar to the Law of Attraction, but at the same time its way more complex.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 11:04 PM
What is this thing "god" that is supossed to be everywhere? Why isnt't the idea of everywhere itself good enough by itself? God isnt doing it for you, you are doing it for yourself - you are praying to yourself! Why is it that nothing is good enough unless it is god, or money or something anything besides your own responsibililty? god if he/she/it exists would and should be completely indifferent. I myself couldnt respect such a thing otherwise. If we said Love is everywhere I would/could agree with that. Could not love be a property of the universe? What are the quantum physics of love? Love is indifferent, that is what makes it love. god would be that which has already lived as each and every one of us already/currently - in succession! - from the smallest subatomic particle to the greater conglomerate of multiverses etc ad nauseaum.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 04:05 AM
Liquid Self...

Some good points however, how as stated by myself and others above, taking known and tried logical and philsophical steps to come to the conclusion that if God exists he thereforeas pointed out has to exist everywhere. You say he thenwould be indifferant? .....

So if I hit your big toe with an hammer... it is your toe im hitting not you your real core, your personality, your soul, just your body... would you be indifferant? would you just sit there and do nothing.... or more accurately feel nothing? of course not....

An omnipresent God could be viewed like that all the universe is just his body.... so even thogh it is part of him it is just one aspect bit of him, but just like in humans the body is not us, but it is too. The universe and humans etc could be viewed in the same relationship... we are part of god, indeed maybe we allow as myself and others have pointed out god the material form neededto become aware of itself... like many spiritual traditions that state that spirit incarnates in flesh to experiance this part of the universe the material plane.

I think you would find the study of the subtle bodies very enlightening and also the philososphy between mind and body as practised in kung Fu and othermartial arts.

Kind Regards


posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 12:24 PM
Good replies, i've been impressed. Glad it's kept civil too.
Shadowflux i won't disagree with anything you said there, it all still applies.

That theory of everyone just observing itself from different standpoints usually blows my mind.
Especially if you take into account parallel universes, and or infinite universes via blackhole/whiteholes which is what string theory suggests.
That's just abit too much lol

Theres definately alot that is just too fascinating and huge to think about, but then that's god for you.
I'd take this god over a christian god any day, it's way more exciting ( No i don't think they're all that compatible, you can try and match them up if you want though) : )

I'd agree, that verse someone posted does bear resemblence. It's funny how stuff in the bible can be interpreted to match with these types of theories sometimes.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:09 PM
Really appreciate everything here that everyone has said. Things are alot clearer and theres alot more to consider.

This sort of question is always mind-blowing to me, like thinking about the universe ands stars and light years.

Thanks for all the opinions and stuff. Makes me feel at ease that my thought at least counted!

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:33 PM
I think if you read the Bible it explains it in certain ways.

God said that we were made in His own image. The shape and mass of our bodies are for living and manipulating a physical world so I highly doubt God is literally shaped like us. I believe that when he says in His image He means that we are literally created from Him, so that everything in the universe is a part of God. Which for me explained the whole 'how can He hear and answer everyone's prayers' question. Like people mentioned earlier, we are all one in the same.

I think the story of Eve's creation is actually the creation of man, or another intention of the story. I always wondered why God would make a male from clay/scratch but make a woman from Adam (i know the bible explains but i wasn't buying it for some reason). I think God is Adam, created by himself in whatever manner I could never comprehend. And God took a part of himself, a rib, to create Eve. There would be no life if it were not for women. Eve represents the birth of humanity.

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