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43.6 million Americans Uninsured

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 11:25 PM
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the number of adults in the United States that lack medical insurance grew by 2 million in 2006. that makes the total of those who lack basic health insurance to be over 43 million. While those who lack private insurance do have medical, this is at best a stop gap measure.

The number has been fluctuating between 41-44 million for the last five years. While its not trending up its still a stagering figure.

It is very clear to me that at some point the health care system in this country is going to collapse. What can be done?

1) Limit liability damage. Yes if the hospital is grosly incompetent I can see punative damages, but at some point it gets a bit ridiculous.

2) Reduce the cost of medications in the US OR make sure other countries help pay for R&D

3) Establish critiera that eliminates insured care for futile cases. How many people will keep a loved one alive who is brain dead if it had to come out of thier pocket. But as long as the taxpayer foots the bill then "why not"

4) Provide scholarships and / or loan forgivness to MD's who are willing to work in inner cities and poor rural areas.

These alone will not fix the problem, but it will go along way to reducing costs AND lowering insurance premiums so that more can afford them.
CDC: About 2M more Americans uninsured

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