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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 12:30 PM
Not this thread pal,this one wont be buried and I cant believe the mods put it in here,in the Hoax section.

It only took me one night of learning to understand exactly HOW right this cat happens to be.

David Hamels videos will show you the basics of how these probes work,you can figure it out along with him if you pay attention.

You will also recognise all of the parts you see in the pictures Isaac posted.

There is an ancient artifact that was made out of schist ,an out of place artifact,that is until you have watched Mr.Hamels,the late respected Mr.Hamels videos.Once you see the artifact in Davids craft in a functioning capacity you UNDERSTAND.

I will add the name and source soon,i just found it last night.

The Sumerians were right about everything almost,they just couldnt understand their creators like we today can,we can infer a lot more about them by reading history.

As a matter of fact the principal these probes use is a simplified version of what Hamel taught us,the Englishman Searl has done basically the same thing.

The "legs"you see on the probes are INTERNAL on Hamels version.But their essential function is still the same.

I am requesting that based on Mr.Hamels factual teachings and the similarities that are undeniable and intrinsic between the Hamel crafts basic parts and those of the probes---THAT THIS THREAD BE RESTORED TO WHEREVER IT WAS.


posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by whiterabbit29

I wonder if they got the idea from

Mysteries of space documentary DVD Cover ?

[img][/ img]

is it kinda similar ? to me it does

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 09:56 AM
Listen to me,you can go to youtube and follow along with an incredible Canadian man named David Hamel as he teaches you to read egyptian heiroglyphs and harness free energy as he builds a gravity craft with directions from more advanced humans.

Do you grasp my point,this isnt a maybe,you will see ALL OF THE COMPONENTS THAT ARE ON THE PROBE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ON HAMELS CRAFT.

Weight into speed.

Searl did it in Britain and it was done in Germany I believe before the war was over.

These drones ARE NOT A HOAX.

The mods must aknowledge that these are exactly like the craft Hamel was building for over twenty years.

And in doing so put this thread back wherever it came from.

These ideas were TAUGHT TO US.

By humans.The egyptians gave us everything we need in their records.

We as a species have been intentionally lied to and misdirected about history and lost technology.

Just get real,if you see Hamels craft you cant deny the truth,which is that this is free energy and that these craft are easy to build and understand because they are based on nature and a naturally ocuring energy source as opposed TO THE ILLUSION OF THAT ENERGY WE HAVE LEARNED TO CREATE WITH FOSSIL FUELS.

Fossil fuels have been our created illusion,or our CLOSEST COPY OF NATURES ENERGY.

Well we dont need a copy anymore because we have ALL DISCOVERED THE SOURCE AND THERE IS NO GOING BACK NOW.

We dont need fossil fuels anymore--suck it up.


There are many others like Hamel out there.

This is no hoax,this is one of the greatest finds ever.someone is trying to fabricate a cover story ,DONT BUY THEIR CRAP----GO WATCH HAMEL VIDEOS---THIS IS THE REAL DEAL PEOPLE.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:31 PM
Don't know in which hole you lived the last three years, but this one is proven as hoax. No matter, how loud you are shouting, to revive it.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 03:27 PM
I love it when I get the old ATS mystery delete of a long informative post.

As I was saying,yes this thread needs to be resurrected,the evidence available from Hamel in video form shows us that the parts of the "probes"that Issac provided are identical in form and function to each other.This is undeniable irrefutable proof of the connection and the absolute reality that these two technologies are directly related.

This is called proof,and we are forced by its existance to reevaluate where this information is situated on ATS.

If you look for the videos on Mr.Hamel you will know immediatly which ones to post alongside Issacs pictures of the "probes"this is IRREFUTABLE.

The concept is absolutely easy to understand and grasp,everyone that watches and listens to Mr.Hamel will "get it',and when you do you will "get"Issacs information the same way.

It doesnt matter if you were exposed to Issac or Hamel first,the information will meld for you it is undeniablely the same.

I do not know how to post the videos side by side,if you do ,please do so,then YOU will be joining ME in this effort to have this info put where it can be properly interpreted.

This information is written in the heiroglyphs of the egyptians,this is where hamel learned to understand the concepts,he teaches us how to READ THE HEIROGLYPHS by showing us how to grasp the concepts their symbolism describe.

But the real key is in the fact that by identifiing the functions of the craft or tech and putting their functions in OUR language ,Mr.Hamel---the genius,contactee,philanthropist---allowed us the chance to decipher the alien language that is on the "probes".

We know what the parts do and their function so we can assume that the labelling will delineate the WORDS THAT REPRESENT THE ACTIONS WE HAVE ALREADY DEFINED.

I say again,YES,this thread needs to be restored.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 04:43 PM
You know the truth, but you don't know, how to post a video link... That's the problem with all those people, who know the truth...

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 05:50 PM
Maybe you just dont want to be forced to support the truth,and just maybe both you and I know that if you do that posting of your own accord you cant retract that possible reality from your own list of possible FUTURES-EVER-.

I could learn to post,but why ,you are either here to help or hinder,you can only possibly be part of the solution or part of the problem,I have already shown I am here to help---help=solution.

I have done my part,for now,I will eventually learn to post videos,maybe I will pop back and post them later,or maybe I wont,but I sure will just make this thread a regular occurance for as long as I continue on ATS---BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOTHERLODE.

Google David Hamels anti-gravity craft and observe the exact features and functions of the Issac "probes".These probes are real,this is not a hoax.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 06:35 PM
Some of us proved this was a hoax beyond all shadow of a doubt long ago (page 4 if memory serves correctly). So unless these videos also outline how to produce a render with mistakes no ammount of shouting or talking up a video will make a blind bit of difference. Shouting and repeating an assertation does not make it true. Logic speaks louder than words ever can.

I could shout and claim that everyone is wrong that father xmas really does exist and lives in my loft..but that doesn't make it real or invalidate serious an in depth busting of a a hoax.

If you want to reverse this as a hoax prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that the experts that busted it were wrong. This was not a hoax busted by armchair enthusiasts, but by industry pros in the field of 3d / cgi and far beyond. Unless theres any mssive development like the hoaxer actually having the balls to come forward there's no much point in any further posting by me...I've outlined everything I had to say long ago..... in detail..and probably triplicate lol. I urge you to read the evidence in the 1st 10 or 20 pages.


posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Nothing was debunked on page 4,and even if it had been then,this is today and we have newly presented evidence.

David Hamels anti-gravity craft is the same as the "probes",videos of Mr.Hamels workshop CLEARLY show the similar parts and clearly explain their functions.

Isaac,provides enough photographic evidence to corroberate Hamels findings.

Unless Isaac was hanging around with Hamel twenty years ago and they both had the same delusion,YOU MY STUBBORN FRIEND ARE WRONG.

This issue has not been put to rest by a long shot.

The probes are real,and Hamels research is real,this thread is great,I love it,and am going to learn to post today---there is no dispute here,just an unwillingness to accept that a new reality has crept in on you who try to cover these things up.

Dont you see,numbers are not on your side anymore,continued secrecy is NOT POSSIBLE.

Google David Hamel and do a side by side of his craft and Isaacs "probe"---THEY ARE IDENTICAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 06:34 PM
The repeated mention of his full name leads me to belive this is nothing more than trying to increase google rankings. Dear god...cover things up?
Those photos were obviously fake to anyone who has any valid prduction experience of 3d / cgi.

Your arguments are invalid and one thing this thread has learned me over the years is that there are none as blind as those who do not wish to see. (If I'm any good at guessing then you'll be tempted to try and reverse that last line back at me.) Produce facts not new age hogash. That is the ONLY acceptable proof. I have a feeling you have no proof to discount the busting of this HOAX....if you had you would have produced it by now..... so feel free to continue with your spam. You cannot force people to agree with you...only proof and independant proof at that is valid enough to change peoples mind.


posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by one4all

We know what the parts do and their function so we can assume that the labelling will delineate the WORDS THAT REPRESENT THE ACTIONS WE HAVE ALREADY DEFINED.

I say again,YES,this thread needs to be restored.

For all thats worth..and said and done..thats just an opinion..without basis..and whatever substance and circular logic and transposition from Hamel is , may i say politely,..laughable.. You say discard Isaac and then say Isaac corroborates Hamel.ergo its real because Isaac and Hamel and yourself say so.. The bar is a tad higher herethan over down yonder over there Mr.OneforAll

Let the record note that oneforall .whoever all is..wants the thread to be resurrected..address the adm Mr onefor all and state your case to them..they would be hearse something concrete..and revelatory..And as much as we like debate and vigorous will find this site and its masters..have little tolerance for cunniving BullShT.

. Certainly most if not All the ones here left are not for you Oneforall..
Drum beating like that is a lousy way to draw an audience..

Since its obvious you have not gone through this thread , out of sheer laziness..or worse wanton neglect and avoidance of facts..and as your mind is obviously made up..perhaps you would like to visit a more sympathetic forum like drone team they have oodles of speculation and proof..along with a dozen not so concrete witness..After all..[Their is strength in numbers!
And may I say..right now they need all the help they can get. You may be the hero..The One.. they have been waiting for!

Even better go to" open minds" that pillar of integrity ..that has a thread there made for people just like yourself..lonely wolves crying in the wuld be he first to post on it..try ufocasebook.a very good website I might add....that thread made just to submit proof a reason association to empty.!!. The art thread is full..The remaining threads eviscerated this subject...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? And Siddharthur determined the ID of one of the hoaxers himself!! you are disingenous..

you know why its empty...because they had no proof..and their analysis was proven false by people apparently more knowledgeable than you as to what constitute Truth While at OMF read the experts thread..done by people way out of your league.

This Site this thread an obvious thorn to typical of gangbuster marketing types to stir things up to generate the expense of the truth..and suspension of disbelief..
If you can't take the time to read. the good works done here? .then LOL GTFOH..
Real Work was done here boy..not just hunches..

Resurrection?....Take the label Hoax off..?
I'm afraid..we can't do that for you..In fact..I don't think a truckful of Viagra could resurrect this..not even make it twitch..
And given the association it had with OM which foisted Serpo after being trounced here ..and admitted hoaxters such as on the Alabama may be all the more reason to lock it. just like the Serpo thread..which Springer was going to do in the first place, but allowed it to continue as we not you ..searched for the hoaxers..READ READ READ..

But like I said..Take it to the man here upstairs....
And if may I be so bold as to presume, the rest of us..look foward to him hosing you down with the golden dew of knowledge.. too.

have a nice day i

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by one4all

Hey one4all...What was that guy's name again, one more time, for us to search for in Google?

And one4all, a tip:

You probably should start a completely new separate thread all of your own to prevent topic contamination with superfluous posts by lurkers who have nothing better to do than disrupt and discombobulate the concept at hand.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:32 PM
So reading on, I discover that this particular David Hamel does not even have a Wikipedia entry, and that speaks volumes donchaknow!

You are right Sys - someone is just too lazy to research a hoax, whether it be a recycle job or whole new ballgame!

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:33 PM
WOW, Blast from the past.
This is the thread which brought me here in the first place.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 02:51 PM
Mr 3D, Sys, Klat, et al - thanks, you're likely right on (or at least close to) the target, and I commend you all for diligent, exceptional research and analysis.

So, I hope you'll forgive me:

reply to post by one4all

Mr. All-for-One: I'm intrigued. Not yet convinced by any means, but listening.

I looked at Mr Hamel's web site, viewed some of the many videos posted about him and his technology (can you at least identify ONE?), and have made, as you've suggested, some comparisons between the drones as depicted in this thread and Mr.s Hamel's devices (which, by the way, appear to have many copy-cats and followers-on).

Frankly, I don't see all that great of a resemblance as you seem to so emphatically subscribe to. Your words have interest. Your enthusiasm and perceived belief is conspicuous if not copious.

Help us believe you have merit and truth and integrity behind your words. Ok, so you do not have a working craft to drop in the ATS suggestion box. No problem. What DO you have? Perhaps a link to a few photos that offer your BEST examples of the similarity between the appearance of the two craft (or images of craft) you would like for us to consider.

Can't post? Really? You've been here how long? Please take no offense, but you seem to possess reasonable intellect and a decent, though perhaps a bit evangelical, command of the English language. Can't you take a few minutes and teach yourself the incredibly simple keystrokes needed to post a photo? A few more keystrokes will yield a video, embedded or linked, for all of us to see. It doesn't take much effort, really. And bonus: you'll add tons of credibility! How can we take you seriously if you don't seem committed enough to your cause to help yourself easily promote it?

Tell you what: U2 me with the specific links and pictures or whatever you want us to look at and I'll do them for you. That sounds agreeable, eh mate?

In the meantime, don't give up. Answer your detractors and challengers with alacrity, with facts, with something of value: information, evidence -circumstantial if not empirical, results of your research or other analysis, etc. We'll help you if you like.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics have meaning? There's a correlation with the drone glyphs? Cool! How so? Show us HOW there is a correlation. What characters? what parts? How was the translation performed? Who else has corroborated these findings? Can we communicate with them about their opinions?

Hamel's technology and our elusive Isaac's are one and the same? Awesome! Please break it down for us. We're anxious to hear and review the details ourselves. We are hungry for such knowledge ourselves and may be able to help us all understand such technology if and when and where it may exist. But we need to share such detailed information in order to understand it better and further improve our lot through such understanding.


Well, I hope my compatriots have not scared you off, and I hope I don't anger them by saying so, Mr. All-for-all.

Give us a little something to sink our teeth into! Who knows - you may even get your wish granted: You want the hoax label off? Whaddya got?

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:27 PM
Outrageo! LTNS!
Let me help us all do say a thousand words..I posted this at UCB..and I think its appropriate ..especially here. There are hoaxers, copy cats..and Free loaders..
And to be fair..

Lets look at Hamel shall we?

First off..I think besides some grammar problems..forgivable..look at me writing....I was pretty darn sure the Earth was discovered to be round a little bit more than a hundred years ago ..not less..

Reasonable men can differ as to Genius and maybe even take issue with Einsteinian physics..just as Numbers did..

we have stop at the kryptonite. A screeching halt in fact!

Why should we listen to a guy who wants to kill one of the greatest heroes of our time.
No Sir Buddy..thats where we draw the line Pal..No way he's an American..or he is working closely with another mad scientist Lex Luthor.

Im being in the latter facetious of course, but we can;t ignore on that chart..the term a primary element or condition for his Thesis..If we look at the scientific literature..we know..where that leads too.. and despite a very small number of adherents..none have passed scientic muster..but oodles in Blavatskian and esoterica literature..

Bad marketeers, Rogue Engineers, Dumb journalists, Mad Scientists..horrendous mix..with the already too obvious consequence..A Massive Fail as was that recent thread that was locked and the OP MolecularPHD ..using an almost Isaac Like foray into our forums..same dangling the carrot approach.. boogied from town. leaving behind a trail of phony Credentials..

I believe at this point and to prevent the thread becoming useless because of its length and attempts at burying any good work we all did..should be locked down..Anything new..well would be appropriately the basis of a fresh new thread..with this as a foundation for reference..if anything..
Its approaching the third anniversary..June 26th..(oops actually past)...of Caret..I am sure we know what to expect..
We can pre empt now..lest we become like OMF..God forbid..or worse The fanatics of the DRT..pandering to that element....I am certain we can fix that by closing this little portal for them to come thru.

[edit on 9-7-2010 by Sys_Config]

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 05:42 PM
I second this. This thread should be closed. Anybody, who has new evidence could post it in a new (okay I am biased: Hoax-) thread.

Let's get this baby to sleep. It is time...

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by Siddharta

I'm inclined to disagree Sid and Sys, my good fellows, on pulling this thread's plug, though I must accept minority status on that sentiment I am sure.

Take this 1-for-1 chap, for instance. Would he have posted at all had he not been motivated by this thread, its inherent premise, foregone conclusion, and titillating protagonists as espoused by us few haphazard participants? I doubt it. Would he have started his own thread instead? Perhaps, but I again doubt it.

Thus, discourse is halted, not encouraged to continue. Ideas (not proof necessarily) stagnates. The gears slow and eventually stop (or as some would prefer it: they simply "move on").

But, I acquiesce. If the deed is done, I bid ye adieu. May the path of our ethereal drones cross again...

[edit on 7/9/2010 by Outrageo]

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 12:40 AM
You are like the old school of journalism..highest of ethics. and your voice is no small voice..Outrageo .its a beloved voice of reason..and we are reasonable people..
There comes a point when discourse becomes empty chatter, and the valuable research done becomes buried by that chatter. Thats how trolls hijack threads..and soon what was sought becomes lost in the fog of that chatter.The length of this thread nearly 10 thousand posts at the current time..discourages research rather than encourages it. Serpo was locked on a lot less..And the those bought the lie forrmed their own website, paying a very heavy price now as the Richard Thielman affair , phony stolen valor artist behind that whole exo politics fiasco disaster which is unfolding even now.. sucking in the poor chap.. Bruce Mcabee..The only ones doing research here were us and yourself. Less than 10 people, probably only 5 left..
By the way murnut , a member of our ARC was instrumental in busting RT and OMF.

As I see this..This is not an infringement of free speech.its become now not a free market of ideas..but a flea narket thread for hoaxters to set up shop..sell their wares..and not pay rent..while in our backyaed..The hoax sign becomes a jaded no tresspass sign across from a great fishin hole....easily ignored..

Things need to be separated in the natural order they occur.IMO mostly a housekeeping chore...this hoax..declared hoax by A Springer..was no accident or done on a a whimsy...since that time witnesses proferred have been impeached...subjects such as leviathan aka Robert Dillashaw of Georgia,,confessed after being id d by his ip address..His part being used today as proffered at the DRT and OMF that there was some militar craft experimantation going on in Alaqbama. They acontinue even after proof of the admission..
At what point does even the most liberal of us....draw a line.Where is the harm in saying..we stop here..anything must go over there opening it only very clear and convincing evidence.
The threads not going anywhere..just preserved..

To leave it open is just like OMF leaving the Rutledge Thierry Speth, RIP, Appollo 20 moonlanding Hoax.. open..rekindling that clearly exposed hoax as with that with that Rudd fellow whose dog was allegedly killed by an ET..killed the ET..he claims..had a PHD he said and turns out he was nothing more than a Soda Jerk serving slushies at a 711..
When something as viral as this is confronted and identifed as must be quarantined just like a real one. These are not meerely pranksters,,they are web makers..with feeder videos and what not..designed to draw traffic..merely by keeping the buzz..going..Ats has its own Buzz to think about without hzving a plethora of leechers take from it pointing to their sites...
Being here gives these leechers an aura of legitimacy because everyone out there knows we have higher standards..If there is a NY times for ufology..God Bless and by golly we are it.

Allowing this drone to continue while calling it a hoax..sends mixed singnals..This is what kills reasearch into real phenomena..and we become like C2C and LMH selecting the phenomena that has the highest rating potential, and throwing out the baby with the bathwater..

If we as a forum want to go in that direction..
sure leave it open and endless,,
But I think I know you and Springer and most us who did the work here here better than that..
We are not OM we are not LMH we are not the devils helpers..figuratively speaking...and we must protect and preserce in ihe most concise and viewable manner as possible the information let it go on ..does not accomplish that..when it is already knowm and proven by our own experts here ..and elsewhere..beyond a preponderance of facts what it was..

Regards as always


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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 06:41 PM

But we have stop at the kryptonite. A screeching halt in fact!

First of all he calls it kryptonique, and this is because while working on his craft he had to build many of the parts himself because they did not exist in any store. Therefor he had to name them and their functions.

David Hamel dedicated all of the last part of his life to the world. To benifiting all of us. If you want to tell me im wrong or that its not true, take some time and actually research about him. Listen to him talk and look at his workshop.

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